Saturday, October 13, 2007


Friday, October 12th, and7, New Epoch.  Schports: the Filadelfia Athletyx were so astounded by the early fold of the New York Metropolitans...that they did the same t'ing!  The othre NY team was eliminated as well, sad to say. Beantown is represented & i have many relatifs who partake of the Cod.  Never mind~i don't even know the Leagues.  MARION JONES has opted to retourn her Gold Medals. And retire from Track & Field.  These^ are also sad occurences; i wish her well. Too high a Price is paid when Glory is gained thru chemical enhancement. It's nearly time to ban steroids across the sportwerld.  At least Professional Wrestling is schtill Pure and realistic. [i hardly watch it.]

International news: If nobelist JAMES CARTER comes to your Village, ya betta let him pass!  This guy is serious about Democracy all over the place! i'm glad to see my friend [i met him once] schtanding up to bullies in his middling Age.  He mighta had as much vinegar when he ran the whole country (US '76), but i won't complain of it.

That ALFRED NOBEL committee will give their peace prise to almost any=one! They just handed one to OSCAR winner Saint Albert Gore (Junior).  Holy Crud! When do i get mine? No matter...AL deserves the accolades, presently. It's quite possible that losing the Millennial Elexn at the REHNQUIST Court was the best thing that ever happened to him. {editorial rhetoric^^} And without his lovely bride, TIPPER, we wouldn't know which record albums to buy... Peace!

Saturday--the Customers did not whelm me over, but i missed my ride by mere Moments.  {he who walx too early, walx at length...}  Wish me luck on the puxxle; i have slipped one lettre in each of the last three (3)?!

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