Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Wednesday, August 29th, and7, New Epoch...A Harvest BONANZA! One of my customers brot me an Orange and a Peach...and three diet sodas.  [i save the diet sodas for the Turtle and his crew]  Anothre brot me Turkey with masht potatoes?!  That's a hot home=made meal, just for being a nice guy.  OR something like that.  Made my bindles heavy to carry the fruit and tonics into Town...  But, Wait! As i was climbing the hill home, i saw my friend, BRENDA, from the bingo days. We had a lot of catching=the=up to do AND she gave me a Cucumbre from her sister's garden when she droppt me at the Apt. i might haf to give up grox shopping all=togethre!? At least for the fresh.  What will happen for good Amorro? What=ever it is, i probly don't deserve it. Yet~i like occasional and efficacious surprises. They^ cling to me.

Cat~ hey there

Slak* tanx for evything, ta

Monday, August 27, 2007


Monday, August 27th, 2007....the Turtle is some=where in RENO [like JANET].  i've been confused about his destinatus almost since the Day he left. Having never, ever been to NEVADA my=own=self, i don't yet appreciate the difference. Never mind~he travels so fast & furiously that it pondres me that the werld schtill turns under him! He's a good egg in the long run, iffen you like long runny eggs. At least he's found karaoke...

Meanwhile, why is evybody so Anxious to retourn to TEXAS? Karl? Alberto? maybe it's acause the Old Man/favoured Son is soon his=self gonna take a needed vacation on the CRAWFORD ranch. Somebody's gotta lick the envelopes for the upcoming Wedding!  Of gourse, i'm not paying that much attention to the desertions. Not while i have to fret over the sentences of Nicole, Lindsay & Michael...among othres^. TEXAS is flat; i've been.

Novembre Fifth, two thousand and eight:  THOMPSON/GIULIANI edge out CLINTON and OBAMA. First lady promises to call for a recount after disputed CONVENTIONS and wild Primary leap-frogging. HILLY squanders chance to become first woman President.  House and Senate consider convening first constitutional convention this Century...  {slac is not well known for political prognoses; does not follo schports that closely, either}it's an interim entry^

babaloo raining?

*slac not currently

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sunday, August 19th, favourite feature of my i-Job is how i can turn the Power off in the middle of a song; my least favourite feature of the shuffle is the headset cord. i spend roughly half my listening Time untangling the darn thing! Thereyago & thus-it-is... Farm Report: Cukes! Fresh tomatoes! i no longer have my own garden, but my customers have been kind enuf to bring me some of their Bounty.  Also, some=one threw a perfectly good zucchini into one of the roll=offs...i didn't retrieve it.  Bug Report: flies & butterflies are abundant as well as an ugly green cicada-like Creature. Gnats are also ubiquitous this year [no-see-ums which fly into any orifice for no good reason at all].  the TURTLE report: the Engineer is werking and living in ELVIS' second home, Las Vegas. Viva!  What's that thing people say about missing a person terribly when they're gone YET wishing Desperately that they would leave after they've hung around for seventy (70) or eighty (80) days?  i laff, i kid, i Love^ The Turtle is an invaluable resource whenever he is close=ta=hand. Tanx^  Weather Report: good jazz=fusion groop. Who knew that Walleyites would be breaking out light jackets in the middle of August? Today is cool, drixxly and dreary [my othre lawyers]. Things are much more distressing in remote locales...i Pray for balance while i calibrate my Time=Machine. AL! HILLY! Schtop warming the Globe already once!  WE get the democratik/environmental thing^  Laundry Report: a load of darks, presently Drying.  Soop Report: Chicken! it's fully brothed now and i shall soon be sautéing Celery, white onion & Garlic for the next fase. {Yes, i bot two cloves of the bulb for just this Purpose--i'll go light on it tho} *simmer*  Forgifness! TURTLE and i some=how missed Cousine DOLLY's kick=adipose nuptials in Ol' KENTUCKY. Really~WE coulda woulda shoulda ought've made it and there is no excuse for us to to miss a Party...we'll haf to make it up to Her and BRY immediately, if not sooner. Young & Beautiful~i wish i was!^ ~slac~

NB: i'm publishing on a SUN=DAY acause i don't haf a puxxle in hand...Plus+, i misst two (2) lettres on the last one.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Saterday, August Eleventh, And7...SHORN!  the heat=wave broke yesterday just in time for me to get my wings clippt [i have wavy hair].  In keeping with a recent Resolution not to write about the horrible things in the News, and there were too many, i'll talk about my pleasant Day at the Parish Yard. The cat=lady and i boarded the j=bus with one of my favourite drivers...i bot a punchpass from him to save Cabbeej. [he had suggested it last month.] As i was walking to the Yard, i met a fine young lady with brown hair & headfones walking her rabbit. I mean to say, her fluffy twelve pound black & white bunny was in a pet schtroller contraption which i'd never seen Afore. Naturally, i exchanged pleasantries with her about her pet riding in such grand schtyle. MORRIE was running his riding mower when i came upon him, and we waved at each othre.  Werk at the Yard was easy and breezy, altho a coupla Gentlemen in a pick=up almost made off with my fork & shovel. No Contraband...  i was also Fortunate to be visited by a classmate who gave me a ride back into town at six o'clock.  In a brief schtop at Paddock restaurant, my former Neighbour, WALT, came up to say hello.  [he's always lived about a block from the Hovel]  i told him i would try to Visit him during the week of the Faer. All=in=all, a very nice day!More=so when you considre that the werld is careening towards chaos in a cat-box. i wondre if Amorro could possibly be brighter...hmm.  Perhaps~the haercut did it? ~slac~

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Thursday, August Second, and7...Hotter than the hasps on the hinges of heck! OZONE Dé!  The bus=rides were free and i took advantage of them. i took the a=line to CITY HALL for a visit to the Credit Union; i took the a=line all the wé NorthWest to check my Pressure at the Grox schtore. [104/72p72] Then, i took the j bus back to the Apt. Three rides in two hours and it didn't cost me a Dime. {which is nice acause i didn't have the schtarting fare anyway}  Iffen it happens again amorro, i might use more than two bus=lines! And, yes~it's hot enuf.  Yesterday, around closing, friend GARY brang me a hot=plate of Meat=Loaf mit noodles and vegs.  Baby peas & shoe=peg corn^ if you must know.  GARY is entirely too kind to me alltogethre. i shall haf to schtart retourning equal Xian favours presently. The little brown hare was waiting for me when i opened the South Gate; it must know my Routine. Of the Hovel i can only say that the third floor now has an AER=CONDITIONER in the North window. I never had the need of one in all the Years i schpent there AND i schlept on a foam mattress!?! The place loox good, out=wise.  ROCKY is probly gonna haf to learn this bus thing soon her=self...she is currently, intermittently, sans licence. And her Patronic progenitour is somewhere in the middle of the Nation, driving.  Much will happen for Good to this, my Fambly, in the CAULDRON of anothre Year of Changes...  ~theWild-Rider~slac~


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