Monday, February 27, 2006


Saturday, February 25, 2006...

Okay! So, now i'm following the

OLYMPIX. Only because there is too

much round=ball on the othre channels!

And Sasha Cohen is a Golden girl in

my book for putting on her rouge and

that skimpy blades on her

delicate feet, in a far=off country, and

she only fell on her Adipose like once!

Courage, Sasha, we'll show 'em in

Vancouver. Othre Americans are doing

at least as well, by our medal=count.

[and yes~i have skated on ice my own

self, so i know how difficult it is.]

^end of schports report^

Kay was in the colonies briefly and

gave me a shout from her VA condo...

By which i mean that her assistant

called after my welfare and She took

the fone from him after a bit. Good

Harry to look after my seester between

Terminals! They werk well togethre,

on any continent. Veritas.

Sunday, February 26, 2006...i missed

three (3) letters in the NYT puxxle. It

sometimes happens. The engineer is

back in town, briefly, and we'll more

than likely Accomplish some good

thing. {TwasEverSo!} Too bad it's so

beeching cold this week=end. *brr*

Speaking of fine deputies: i'm gonna

miss Barney Fife. Hane took me to


NAUT @ The Grand and i lost my

lunch. But it wasn't Don that made me

ill---it was the Zero G scenes. Well, he's

riding high now & i feel much better.

OR~at eighty=one (81) years, the

Colonel would be apt to say,"That's a

good run." ~skaterlyslac~

Monday, February 27, 2006...and we

shan't forget Marshall McCloud or

the Night Stalker either.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


February 21, 2006...LOTTO SCHMOTTO!

i'd like my dollar ($1) back; i've never even

been to Nebraska. [the news=people are

using surveillance footage to figger out who

purchased that ball=power about

unnecessary EAVESDROPPING!] Never mind,

i hope they take the annuity option and put

the money to good purpose. G bless 'em^

Fambly Mystery Solved! There are No extra

spurious A's in the natural name, Catherine.

She was born & baptised just as you see it,

regardless of the DIOCESAN cherch title.

Or the saintliness which accrues to her, come

what may. I busted anothre perfectly good

metal file=box with a claw=hammer to find

the Truth of the matter. Regardless of that^

we'll continue to address her as's

shorter & percussif. Six (6) pounds, Fourteen

(14) ounces & 18.5 inches long @ 0501 AM

near the circle cottage---she couldn't Wait to

get into this crasy werld with all that Hair.

The Year? i'm not gonna divulge that. My b'ful

seesters know how young they are! *smack*

And speaking of hair---Why is it that nearly

none of us boys can cultivate a decent Beard

or Moustache? It all grows good below the hip

and above the eye=ball if even in all the wrong

colours. It pondres me genetically. But i'm gonna

try, one more time, to look as scraggedly as i have

a chance to do. {The razor is only a basin Away.}


Saturday, February 18, 2006


Friday, February 17, 2006...

Gubernatorial candidate only Votes

in 4/9ths of State=Wide Elections

[but we'll forgif him acause he's a

foot=ball Hero] Many voters cannot

even schpell gubernatorial...

Glower forgets to send Valentines;

Doesn't get any Either ApologiƦ

National & Local Airports on high

alert for all incoming extraditables

Torino thot to be model of car except

by Olympic enthusiasts...

And that's^ the slac=news, mostly

THOT: "i'd live in a trailer if the

Administration weren't hoarding them."


Saturday, February 18, 2006...

eureka! Here's another wedding foto^

from the mists of History. {It seems the

good schtuff is BURIED under detritus}

"Mixed Media", Bim calls it. Yet~only

every 8th or 9th thing is werth even

looking at. Like a half=used bottle of

donnatal lying on the bottom of one

of those schteel file boxes. Explains

some of the naps Hane used to take

just after lunch. de mortuis nil nisi

bonum... OH~and just in time for

Presidents' Day, a prayer card 4 JFK.

[smaller & smaller things] Hold the

best & shred the rest~archivoslac

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


15 February, 2006...

Pit=Bull wins @ Westminster!

Wild Cats tear up Huskies!

American women Can curl!

Michelle Kwan almost skates

better than Wayne Gretzky!

Glower who doesn't pay attenxn

to sports publishes report with

far too many exclamation points!

Also~small birds hunted badly in

TEXAS. Or so i've heard. ^pull^

(Schteelers win Extra=Large super

bowl, Again) Sun melts lingering

schnow in Mid=Atlantic schtates.

[end of sports & weathre report.]

Altho we never owned a puppy of

our own, the Matriarch was all up

into watching the dogshow on TV.

Even when i was jumped into a gang

in 1994, Hane could not pull herself

away from the prancing canines. It

made her happy somehow to see all

the Breeds on parade...the Patriarch

and i were never ones to deny our fair

rheumatic girl her simple Pleasures. She

deserved as much, considering the kennel

broad=cast always fell on the amorific

Day when we shoulda brang her flowers.

I have a near perfect picture in my

mind of Mac looking after lost kitties

in the after=life, and his Wife judging

all the angelic pups before her...when

the both of them aren't busy

INTERCEEDING for human souls!

Peter Benchley brot fish.


Saturday, February 11, 2006


A valentific re=posit from the deep...

Take Heart! Glow bright! We have

come 2 a good middle. Imagine what

especial dremes & posits will arrife!

My newest favourite latin frase:

~castigat ridendo mores~

Saturday, February 11, 2006...

And to think, i don't even own a

DaViD player. Rent too often from

Netflix, service slows down

The popular DVD company sends frequent users to

the back of the line. --Michael Liedtke (AP)




Washington | The government concluded its "Cyber

Storm" war game Friday, its biggest-ever exercise to

test how it would respond to devastating attacks over

the Internet from anti-globalization activists, underground

hackers and bloggers.


Participants confirmed parts of the worldwide

simulation challenged government and industry executives

to respond to deliberate misinformation campaigns and

activist calls by Internet bloggers, online diarists whose

"Web logs" include political rantings and musings about

current events. ...(AP)...


Editorial: some=one please tell the

gubment & the corporaxns that without

voters or subscribers, they wouldn't

have the cash to influence their close

friends on Policy matters. *wink*

More=over, as a line=on Glower @ the Inter=Web...

i may have put out more fires than i've schtarted. It is to

be hoped. And yet~i'm only rantly & scantly musing about

such things. Plus+, i only read one (1) news=papre.


Thursday, February 9, 2006



«Change is the only Certainty...

and even she is Mutable.» ~slac~


[about me:] a natural filosofer who

likes 2 write & paint & occasionally

create music...but the com=pooter

makes it difficult @ times; Plus+,

"it's hard 2 be Universally regarded

and loved..." Ask any=body.


OR werds 2 that effect^


Counters? i never cared 4 them anyway. Fotoes? Kodiak used 2 be in charge of those but the Beast has retaken its domicile on the servers.


Glows? They are scattered far & wide in a diaspora of Protest with ill=will. Most of them are neither cowed nor curtailed. The meandering mitzvah^


This page is under reconfiguration...Schtill~after three (3) years of Glowing, that is not such an unusual Occurence! [They date=up the rules every Time WE on-log...] Yes, Kayy, there has been a change of flavour in Glow=Land. It's a good thing...perhaps. Advise of theAdvise^^^ *filosofislac*

Tuesday, February 7, 2006


MARTIN LUTHER KING Day 2006...speaking of Widows who

are not in the best of health, i heard that CORETTA's kids

are having unique hardships with their Mom. And she has

more of them than we did. A blessing on her in her time of

need! I'll pray fervently that she comes 2 a good Middle.


My reading: Wisdom 3:1-6,9

"The souls of the just are in the

hand of God, and no torment

shall touch them..."


Tuesday, 07 February, 2006...

I suspect that All the Angels travelling from our Sphere

to the next Are grateful to have such a mild MATRIARCH

to guide them...a suffering yet selfless shepherdess.

G & J Bless our Sister on her happy reunion with Martin.

Love the Love~~it is Our safe=guard. Always.

Monday, February 6, 2006



Saturday, 04 February, 2006...BIM and i had the fine day

out Again Yester=Day. We no sooner walkt into the HAM

FAM diner, when a woman named IRIS ran up and kissed

him on the lips! Seems my brother has a doppelganger

called DAVE who does the nursing thing [and that is the

noblest thing which Humans do]. Then, we had the very

nice greek lunch & toddled forth...

The puxxle perfekt...

Thot: "fiduciary?? I thot i was the concierge!"

Observaxn: There was a foot=ball game & somebody won.

Extra Thot: "Taxes?? I thot you said Texas!" [anagram]

TITLE: Hunting the schtray dogs...

Text: i would write & posit more but my dremes are

arithmetical and my Days are filled with Perfect Action.

Forgif the For=mat & read-the-deep...



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