Monday, December 20, 2010


Sunday, December 19, 2004...^We are appraised and

apprised of the Light which comes into the World; WE

Anoint it with our brief tears. Immanuel.

Sunday, December 19th, 20-10...the LORD has done

great things for me And happy, blest & Glorious is

that Name! i am put in mind of that BEATLES' song

which goes like this: Mother Mary comes to me,

speaking words of Wisdom,"Let it Be." [done unto me

as You, GABRIEL, have commanded.] My own Sister

MAISY sent me two (2) packages toward CAT's haus

and i pickt them up Aday. {i shan't open them until

the 25th} At the office Christmas party, KATHY of the

cleaning contingent gifted me a pair of schteel-toed

Oxfords; ROSE [anothre mothre of mine] sent me off

with a passel of food from the self=same Party. Can

anyone not gain weight and Graces from the Season?

i am thus surrounded by gifts & Invitations! STONY

wants me to sup with him & his on Xmas dé...CAT will

have me the following Saterday for Pork und Kraut.

{it'll be the third Tradition of such} i scarcely Believe

the Year is ending, and i end it Glowing not so good!

i'll recovre of it, Eventual. The stalag is undecorated

but werking in fine Ordre; it is Ever like camping from

day unto day. My beard is a fine mess which i believe

i'll Winnow for the first week of Twenty-Eleven, right

down to the roots. {it has kept out the cold, this year}

Happy Joyous Holydés! Survive the Solstice...



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