Thursday, August 2, 2007


Thursday, August Second, and7...Hotter than the hasps on the hinges of heck! OZONE Dé!  The bus=rides were free and i took advantage of them. i took the a=line to CITY HALL for a visit to the Credit Union; i took the a=line all the wé NorthWest to check my Pressure at the Grox schtore. [104/72p72] Then, i took the j bus back to the Apt. Three rides in two hours and it didn't cost me a Dime. {which is nice acause i didn't have the schtarting fare anyway}  Iffen it happens again amorro, i might use more than two bus=lines! And, yes~it's hot enuf.  Yesterday, around closing, friend GARY brang me a hot=plate of Meat=Loaf mit noodles and vegs.  Baby peas & shoe=peg corn^ if you must know.  GARY is entirely too kind to me alltogethre. i shall haf to schtart retourning equal Xian favours presently. The little brown hare was waiting for me when i opened the South Gate; it must know my Routine. Of the Hovel i can only say that the third floor now has an AER=CONDITIONER in the North window. I never had the need of one in all the Years i schpent there AND i schlept on a foam mattress!?! The place loox good, out=wise.  ROCKY is probly gonna haf to learn this bus thing soon her=self...she is currently, intermittently, sans licence. And her Patronic progenitour is somewhere in the middle of the Nation, driving.  Much will happen for Good to this, my Fambly, in the CAULDRON of anothre Year of Changes...  ~theWild-Rider~slac~

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