Monday, July 23, 2007


Sunday, July 22nd...correction!  DOW & JONES were real names, like PASS & STOW. mea culpa  The bird report: Yesterday, on the Yard i saw a yellow finch.  No camera yet. The gallavanters: Turtle went to some kind of hippy festival yesterday, while CAT took in the Broadway show, Gray Gardens. [it's about two eccentric BOUVIER women who live in a hovel.]  Any=way~G bless 'em for travelling in opposite direxions; my wanderlust is currently in remission. {i walk the good}  The all-cowardly report: two (2) items schtruck me from the Martial News...On more than one occasion, radical male Islamists have tried to schlip through security dragnets by donning burqas or chadors, with heels yet! These characters should try being a Moselem woman for real one time. Might change their incendiary minds. Also, the chief of media for the terrawrists in IRAQ is either an actor OR imaginary. i don't think ordinary Baghdad citizens were fooled. Although~ it had some of our people pondering... "he's dead! he's captured! he's just betend!"  These^ are the lengths they'll go to.  Monday, July 23rd, and7...More gallavanting: i neglected to mention that the Colonel and his bride are in the old country--namely, IRELAND. Lots of my relatifs have been to the UK, but i haven't gone yet on account i'm afraid they'll crown me a native son or somesuch in one of their nations. [if i could prove to be WELSH they might even put me in a spy movie..."the name's mac~slacbac, mac"] Travel!

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