Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Tuesday, October 23rd, and7, New epoch...  That RUPERT MURDOCH is a clever fellow! While the Red Sox were pre=empting the SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY, his 'news' channel was covering yet anothre Republican debate. {i'll give you three guesses about which of these drew the larger rating}  i wish the mantle conservatifs would stop using the names of RONALD REAGAN and HILLARY BLAINE in the same soliloquy--it's nearly sacriligeous! And, yes, the Beantown Boys pulled a pennant outta their chapeaus. Such miracles can occur, randomly.

My EUROPEAN relatifs have retourned safely to the beltway environs; they are settling in and waiting on their container. i sure hope it all fits in their opulent squirl=cage! More as more presides...

The Pennsy Legislature is schtill behaving badly.  They killed a proposal for a constitutional confab, tabled a bill to shrink their size and budget AND submitted a less=than=stellar Open Records law. Some of these remaining cronies are just putting more staples in their catafalque.  {i'd be more angry if i weren't so deeply Disappointed and Ashamed} Well, Keystoners vote again soon!

Cat Hi Boo.

Slak* hey

Cat What are you up to?

Slak* not the much

Cat Not too much happening here.

Slak* getting ready to start a chili

Cat Sounds good.

Slak* after my walk

Cat It's chilly today.

Slak* many layers!

Cat Good.

Slak* fires abating in california

Cat Good.

Cat Got the email from Groper.

Slak* chekya a lil lata

Cat 7 ok

^imp Edited for nomenclature^

While i'm praying for MALIBU and PAKISTAN, i believe i'll schtart a bigAce badAce booeyChili...it'll schpook my neighbours as the Night of Souls comes to the Walley. ~hotlyHaunted slac~

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