Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Novembre 29th or there=abouts.

Happy happy Joy joy 2 the name

sake, Liza Hane! [Betty Hane??]

Twould be indelicate of me to

indicate her natural age--it might

be between consent & concern.

{She is better than me @ many

things, including embarrassing

close Relatifs.} Arching Beauty!

Emma is new & there ain't nobody

coursing in the opposite direxn.

Birfday smooches on my girls.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Secret: the Matriarch was born

a Capricorn, but you could rarely

ever 'get her goat'. Astrology~feh.

Content? Here i've spent countless minutes editing

out the brand=names on this Glow and my Hosts

throw up these banner ads on top of my page. If they

had asked me what products i might like to advertise,

that woulda been a differently coloured Horse. Truly.

As it is, some of my best friends are fleeing their Glow

pages and i don't blame them. But you know the slack:

i'll play the dog with the dish=towel until things return

to a finer state. Heck--three (3) years ago i didn't even

know what this Inter=Web thing was good for anyhow.

But to put one of my four=letter Titles on it: CASH

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Extra Content: It's time once again to schtrip the Bird

and boil the bones for...SOOP! And Turkey Salad [or

in my case, Chicken Salad]. With all the troubles in

the werld, i am heartened that many many people had

a good & gracious feast. It should happen more often

all=togethre on this hungry angry planet. Veritas

PLUS+, y'all won't get the really cool remaining Holiday

Gifts of love & life unless you cultivate that Attitude of

Gratitude, moment by moment. It's redactif that way.

Blessings beget blessings like Horrors beget horrors.

It's up to US to choose the nobler Path. Just Saying.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Giving=Thanx, Two Thousand and Five...PROLOGUE:  Maizy is in Virginia with BOTH her grand=kids, on that shore.  Kay is state=side and feasting in Carolina [nuffin could be finer.]   The Left-Coasters are probably chowing down on Mideast food.  The Engineer is retourning to the Walley from a long assignment in New Hampshire. Far flung the Fambly, yet perfectly placed.  {The Old Man had a fair habit of travelling South=Ward around the Holidays; his children are adopting it, inadvertently.}TITLE: cat lap

MOOD: greasy, like a Roasted Chicken

MUSIK: SUPERTRAMP, Crisis? What Crisis?

WIDEO: Knot's Landing [?!]

ANAGRAM: nuclear iran=unclear rain

JOKE: "Dr. Freud! You must help me; my wife believes she's a Labrador Retriever." "Hmm--and how long has your wife suffered this peculiar delusion?" "Ever since she was a puppy."

THOT: "black friday? You won't catch me camping out in the chill=wind @ the local WALMART; and not for the obvious current reasons...i have a fobia about being trampled."

TEXT: Friday, November 25, 2005...Regardless of all that^  It's good to have my markedly major brother [the Engineer] back in=country. Many grand things will be accomplisht becos he is near @ hand. {Evybody should have such a 2nd Soul} And other Blessings which would naturally accrue in the present Season. Like pussy=cats curling on the lap, like succulent bird meat falling off the bone, like thankful messages to the Heroes attempting to preserve PEACE in faraway places...These are the appreciatae of the Conditions which prevail. THANK YOU

Lord of all things 4 this^ evyday in evyway. *Blessings* OH! And warmer weathre by SUNDAY game=time, if possible. Extra Note: J & J and grand=nephew Wyatt were somewhat waylaid in Connecticut by a hinky alternator; schtill, They were gladly taken in by their best nearest Relatives. THAT too is an especial mitzvah! Happy Holiday~unkachickenslac~

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


November 22, 2005...

Who shot JR? Kristen.

Who shot JFK? Oswald.

Who shot John Lennon for no

good reason @ all? A thoroughly

mis=guided man who read that

Salinger novel too often.

Are guns bad? YOUBETCHA.

[meanwhile, Arlen's hair is

growing back the good; he tried

to be the first Jewish President.]

Brine & Baste those Birds!

And watch out for the eaters

of Hasheesh. Veritas

Monday, November 21, 2005


November 20, 2005....epipause...AND speaking

of BIRDS, i am too bright currently to acquire an

eleven (11) pound Gobbler for a singular person!

Perhaps--i will schtuff a chicken instead. And

mourn the absence of Maternal kvetching.

Pertinence: Is there still a fleegling blinking AD

@ the Top of this page? Becos~in schpite of their

good intentions, my MASTERS might could be

contributing to my latent epilepsy/catalepsy...

That would be a very bad thing. All=Togethre.

{the up=rethink of such an occurence is that

Slack would post less, fall behind the more of

spurious e=mails & search resolutely for a better

provider of Content. Just saying^} *wink*

I can tell that the Holiday=Season is upon us by

the movies playing on cable channels; THEY have

ten (10) months to program the Especial films, yet

we don't see them until after the latest election.

[When did James Bond become a Holiday staple?]

Something is awry in HOLLYWOOD yuletide!

Title: *fade*

Mood: cool & drippy

Anagram: yuletide=dilutely

Musik: AC/DC, Back in Black

Movie: Girl Shy, 1924, Harold Lloyd

Thot: "if you Read the Deep, or the Archives, the

Banner advertisement disappears. Scant consolaxn."

Text: Monday, November 21, 2005...OOPs~i have

also run out of coloured ink for my Printer. I'm not one

of those persons who print anything & everything

coming off the pooter. {it's a secondary Recycling rule

not to generate paper only to shred it later} Besides,

this Page has more than enuf colour for evybody!

Meanwhile & else: my Parish neighbor and customer

Morrie tells me that his wife, Shirley is winding down

her schtay @ the nursing home. She is on COMFORT

CARE from the Alzheimer's and fading fast; they had

fifty=seven (57) good years togethre. Not counting the

past two, when "Early Shirley" began to fade from our

Collectif existence into her forgetting werld. G Bless

her on her journey back to perfect memorableness in

Paradisic Elysium! A stern bunch of my Paregoric

Angels is forming a gantlet for yet anothre cool gal...

As for the larger contingent of misguided abductors,

bridal bombers and assorted political prevaricators:

CUT THE CRAP! The rest of us are tired of your

shenanigans already as We try to renovate this

planet/space=ship. There's no more time to waste on

mopping up your fleegling messes. Get a Shunky.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Tuesday, November 15, 2005...

Pre=cursif & Prologous Political schtatement:

OH! They're scrambling now. I think that Elexn

thing put some fear into their unctious adiposes.

I'm speaking collectively, of gourse, nation=wide.

{Democracy is like Sex; it's only dirty if you're

doing it right.} Rest Not! Constituents are now

obligated to keep the entrenchants off=balance

until the next cycle of Rebellion/Revolution. Both

parties should continue to be largely nervous...


TITLE: A Double Shower

MOOD: blustery

ANAGRAM: spot the pots; span the naps...

MUSIK: Billy Joel...on the ride home

WIDEO: Modesty Blaise (8 o'clock, FMC)

JOKE: A very old man was examined by a young

internist who was surprised to find the codger in

perfect health. Naturally, the fresh=faced Medic was

curious to find out what made the elderly patient so

long-lived. "What's your secret, sir?",the youngster

inquired. The old one replied,"Well--I sleep well and

eat gourmet foods and make love to as many women

who would entertain me." The Internist made notes

of what was said but was not quite satisfied by the

Answers. "No, really--to What do you owe this fantastic

Longevity?" To which the old man replied,"To tell the

absolute Truth, I just love serving as a pall=bearer at

DOCTORS' funerals."

THOT: "WHAT? Sauerkraut is good for chickens?! And

i've been putting it on my weiners!"

RATIO: diadems per diem

Wednesday, November 16, 2005...i wonder if the Crows

fly intentionally against the wind; are they doing aviary

aerobix? It's true i didn't get many customers to=day,

owing to the grey rain. Slacking in the shack with old

puzzles and local radio...i don't mind the dreary wet when

it schtays mostly outside. The soaking also cuts down on

the schweeping up! SO, rainy days are good prima facie.

Evidentiary Filler! And colder, brighter days will come...


Sunday, November 13, 2005


Veterans' Day, Two-Thousand and Five...It is well remembered that during

the First Werld War, at Christmas, ALL hostilities were suspended for a

period of between 26 and 38 hours. And that the combatants on either side

took Time out from killing each othre to sing songs in Praise of that special

Arrival long ago of a mere infant who changed Our faulted history forever.

Would that such a moment could be repeated again this Year! Honour^

Speaking ex tempore of that same Person: It is noted that Emanuel held no

malice toward Roman Centurions nor Guards. When HE was captured in the

skull=garden, Simon took the occasion to draw a small Judaic sword and

sliced off completely the ear of a Latin Constable. J placed his fingers on

the resultant wound and just as totally HEALED that orifice which Peter had

been so rash to sever And the rebbe Admonished everyone that,"Those who

live by the sword shall verily perish by the sword!" Such a dark night.

On a brighter, earlier Day of that same era, the Great Teacher was

approached by a certain Centurion [a Roman in charge of one hundred

soldiers] whose natural daughter had fallen ill to the point of Death.

This powerful military man spoke plainly with an obvious subjugant,

"I have heard that you are a great healer. I have the charge of many men

in my company. I say to one,'do this' and he does this; I say to another,

'go there' and he goes there, even at his own peril. So, I ask you only to

give the word that my child might live." To which placation, the Son of

Man said simply,"Go Home. Your daughter is Recovered of affliction and

asking after You. She is well." Veritas humanitas ex persecutius...

{my Latin is dull & my Aramaic is even worse^} Peace & Mercy^

Saturday, November 12, 2005...Hey! Hey! This is a Fambly Page. It's not

political or religious. To say Nothing of intelligent design. [alright--it

might be a schmart page, but i'm danged if i can suss out any purposeful

design.] It's more like fly=papre~~catching the Random things which adhere.

Yeah...that's it. Reflecting the nuances of a capricious Epochal universe.

More like that than the othre thing 4 sure OR some such werds. In the form

of COMPLETE SENTENCES they should be! Mind the patois. {Somewhere in

the nation, fourth=graders are presenting a report on 'the log'. They'll

probably receive a C minus.} EXCELSIOR!

Wednesday, November 9, 2005


By the time you read this, you should

have already voted in the most important

municipal election since the last one.

We only get the mayors we select, here

in AMERICA. [there are no inconsequential

elexns; there are only lazy Constituents.]

PLUS+, in a certain sense, the Supreme

Court of the United States is comprised

of individuals who once had to run for

LOCAL positions. Think about it. *hmm*

On anothre topic alltogethre: i rescued an

article from the Washington Post which

explored the Use of Glows/blogs as therapy.

That was a very interesting article^

WAIT! My girlfriends Judith and Pamela

were quoted @ length. The Slack has rarely

brusht this close to Inter=Web fame! And

not 4 a lack of taking certain bronzes in

periodic categorical Contests. *humility*

Irregardless~my girls post the Good and

that alone 'Happies my Heart.' Veritas

- - -^pro=log^- - -

Title: dark wet leaves...

Mood: drippy OR sappy

Noise: Rachael Ray

Thot: "So what if your encyclopædia is

40 years out=of=date? 80% of the info is

correct & the other 20% you already know

from experience." 11/09/2005...

Or so i told my customer Carl when he

brang a box of reference boox 2 the Yard.

Alright, i didn't actually say that^ but i

thot it...and in my universe, Cogitation &

Expression share equal footing. Descartes!

With the visible algebra yet. Use/Mention.


Saturday, November 5, 2005


Happy Happy Joy Joy! Tania has

done it again for the capsizer.

Emma Grace came into this werld

[such as it is] on Novembre 2nd.

She is my first grand=niece and

i'll bet she is byooooooteeeefull!

Apparently, Virginia is for Lovers

and growing famblies. Such a

wonderful blessing all=to...

Saturday, November 05, 2005...

Meanwhile, here in the key=stone,

my election message is unchanged.

VOTE often & early to CLEAN OUT

the insanely greedy legislature and

its line officers. They've had more

than enough opportunities to give

back the money they've already

stolen. This kind of representation

we, the people, will no longer stomach.

AND, we're gonna remember the same

in future Elections. Unretain the

complicit JUDGES and go from there.

See you @ the Polls; Register!

Of=the=else, i am behind much but

i'll try to ketchup and post more

frequently. It's not so much a Promise

as a guiding principle^...for future

generations of b'ful babies such as

EMMA. ~avuncularslac~


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