Friday, January 30, 2009


Friday, January 30th, +9...

Where does the continuum go? There's

gonna be some kinda big game on SunDay

already again once. i may watch it in

bits & pieces Acause the PRESIDENT is

a schteelers fan. Mondé will mark a firm

hash=mark for the Colonel; it's a numbre

of decades between two (2) and nineteen

(19) which he's been gracing the Earth.

{somewhere in the OT it is said,"The day

of a person's birth is not notable, but

the day of their demise is of report."}

The PATRIARCH=in=law [babaloo] had his

celebration Yesterdé i owe him a

Happy Happy message. id est, i shoulda

coulda woulda oughten to have done some

thing Nice for him while he was Visiting

just last week=end! He'll forgif me of

it anaconda i am an embryonic up=schtart

AND he, like the Colonel, is a Pillar of

the Fambly. {Mothers form us into Hearts

and souls; Dads fill in the bones & guts}

What? me? parentheticle? Parish the thot.

PUNXSATAWNEY! i need a check=spell even

for that werd, and i was AT the Liberry

even to=day. ~muchly-dutchly~slac~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wednesday, January 21st, °9...
the Berd report: i saw the wood
pecker again today, and in the same
Vicinity--a bright red CARDINAL.
[the Arizona ones bested our Iggles,
but the schteel=werkers are in Play]
The Sparrows are just clamboring
togethre in various bushes and not
singing very much...the gulls & geese
are gone or going Acause of the cold.
the Beard report: it has lasted thru
the Inaugural, as Promised..but it is
a scraggly, scrappy thin pie=bald
thing Not worthy of taking a foto of,
scarcely growing in nine (9) colours
with nine (9) directionals! {Yes~even
my chin & cheex have a Permanent Wave}
i'll probly scythe it off with a dull
steak=knife afore Abraham's birfdé.
"Lone Star! We meet again for the
first Time, for the last Time!"
Somehow i imagine, as if in a dreme,
that the engineer made bettre time to
TEXAS than even the Shrub (43)...yet
only as an Houstonal Harbinger of
new & more wonderful energy devices.
i was only my=self to the Big State
once at the turn of the Epoch; yet my
Patriarch was birthed on the bordre
AND he^ managed to attend a prepskool
with Shrub (41) in MASSACHUSETTS.
{is it possible to remembre past events
futurifically?} i pray like a Pilgrim
for the health of the KENNEDYS, 'cos
i have seen so many of them Rise and
Fall...and i spect Michelle & Barack
will cling & cleave the Remainders of
them^ into their HAWAIÌN Camelot.
*i ramble in the new hopes*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Cat brang some people by to look over the haus...

Contractors who would retrofit the shack at good

cost for fair flip. {i had my chance to learn this art

in the eighties from Kay & Ron, but opted for bingo

and concerts instead. Self=Kick} Nice people.

^reposited from 2°°6, merely three (3) Years ago^

{i wouldn't be in the Hausing market aday on dare}

[previously unpublisht material:] The wintre of 4/5 will be

Remembered as the one in which we put down the little old

Ladies...the wintre of 5/6 as the hard one of dispossexn

of the haus on our street. Last wintre, Turtle & i took our

famous road=trip, only to come back and bury Cat's Dad.

Fuggle! When~if ever~are my cold Seasons going to come

easily?!? {i didn't expect to live this long} Every=one has

been so nice to me, and i want desperately to retourn All

the favours which have been Bestowed. Truly, generously...

Tuesday, January 13th, +9...the engineer is making

good use of his Walley library=card; he gets to sit

in a BIG room, fastly InterWebbing on his top=lap.

Plus+, they have a real papre Dictionary there, in

case he has to look up a schtrange werd. *Leaf*

He treated us this morning to the #2 breakfast at

our favourite Diner...he had bacon & i had sausage.

It's quite amazing we get along these days, 'cos

we had Epic fights when we were schnotters!

The sun is holding for the Visit, but very, very

cold CANADIEN aer is coming to slam us.

i am schtill consuming the meats that Kay sent

for the Holydés...and so, have not put up a

Wintre soop. But like my presence in the new

Glow neighbourhood, i'll get there soon enuf.

Appreciata, flowre=sun, for making it possible

for Andrea & Vince to find me! It's my ancient

ninja training which taught me to hide in plain

sight. Veritas. ~until=the=next~slac~

Sunday, January 4, 2009


curio> HNY...

Fridé, January 2nd, ° was one of those Plastik

bugle=horns which aroused me at the Turn of Time. It was an

unusual & unwelcome Blowing, not unakin to the plaintif cry

of a MOOSE being wounded by Caribou Barby. Yet~it was merely

the much as i am already accustomed to...the mid=might Rising.

i surft the tee=vee for Fire=Werx & settled on a coupla

Episodes of ROD SERLING's Twilite Zone. {fifty years on

and that Programme schtill sets me on edge} *Black & white.*

CURIO, Maisy's proddling and perfect Husband, put me Avertently

in mind of the passing of my Father's Mother. She was a stern

and forceful woman of her day, yet not without beauteous Graces.

She is gone & scattered thirty (30) years now AND i tosst into

those same waves my Dad's ashy essence only ten (10) ago.

{One wouldn't want these Persons back, much=so the happy Times

One remembres having schpent withall!} Plus+, GrandMa's fine

last auto=mobile [the GREEN GHOST] aided evybody during/after

even HANE's Estate. i Celebrate the ORPHANS who haf made it

into this Astounding new Epoch. T'othres merely sleep...

Saturdé, January Third, °9...i haven't Arisen this early on a

Saterdé since UNDERDOG was a cartoon! Less=the=never, i made

the J bus run to wintre werk. We have a new Hauler in the

Parish and there were four (4) bright red shiny roll=offs

waiting for a mere Scoche of yard=waste. [the single stream

RECYCLING is just beginning & the new Company has got to set

me up for that.] A Sunny day to come away with last SunDay's

puxxle for doing amorro. Overmore, i closed early enuf to

catch the A bus afore the sun went down. Sure beats hiking in

the dark...altho many of the urban Christmas displays are now

disappearing. {leave evything up until GREEK ORTHODOX is over}

Schports: i am so sorry the LIONS were creamed in the Rose-Bowl.

They might could hire a young fresh coach. i kid, of gourse,

Acause Doctor Paterno is gonna hang in well until the Regents

bury him on the mid=field. Miraculously, some=how, our FILLY

Berds have made it into the off=plays...card=wild schtyle.

Could lightning strike twice in brotherly city? OR~could enuf

wind und schnow pour down on the othre teams, as G made rain

for the historicle Athletyx?! Remains to be seen, that which

i do not oculate grandly. i have a cross=werd puxxle to do.

~cool-duskily slac~

^publisht as HULA to Slacktown...^


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