Tuesday, September 30, 2008


All the youngest chi'dren hugged & kisst me fiercely; they also enjoyed calling after 'UNKABOOEY' [though to LIAM & TARYN i am technically First-Cousin UnkaBooey!] It was an especial delight to look after the little ones, even when they had their natural troublesome tantrums. HECK, some of the adults had their Moments too & i suffered them just as well! Ah--the stories WE will collectively tell about that week on MAISY's beach with all our Hearts co=joined... ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ~previously unpublisht material~of the Beach=Bash °6~

Tuesdé, September 30th, °8...i made chili for the Holydé. [which is neither kosher Nor muslim!?] i'll make up for it in a future life. And~here are the things which actually happened yester=day: i met an older man at the outbound bus=stop who rides a bicycle. It lookt retro but is modern.  He played his musique on a walkman® type machine. WE were joined by a regular passenger [a tall, black fellow] who askt me to buy an extra day=pass he purchased that morn.[there is not yet an underground economy in bus=passes]   i shared a bench on the bus with a blonde fine artiste going to the College BLADE just graduated from. Her ishpod was a model greater than mine. The bus=drifer was training on the Route, but she droppt me well off, acause i have taught the senior driver How close i need to jump to get to werk.

The ride 'home' is equally crowded if more dusky; the sun retreats more Northerly & apace. i saw ED & MARYANN again in their vanilla SUV, passing thru the old N'hood; i also confabbed briefly with JEFF on his porch. Something about how all the Rain on SunDay making it perfect to clean my APT. {i don't always jump off from werk in my former Environs; the Conveyance just happens to run along that fine schtreet} i encountered a dead pigeon on my upwise walk, black & white on the Cement and clearly devoid of any natural Avian essence. i don't believe in harbingers NOR omens and Always to prefer to see birds on the Wing, but i rather console my=self with the werds of YESHUA: «Not the smallest one of these Falls from the Sky that YOUR Guardian does not see; How more Precious are YOU than the little ones thus cared for?» {it informs my Regard}

Yet~i also found a Penny on the macadam of my Feet.  The TAO of the DOW did not so much plunge on the News from Washington...it only Happened that because the short sellers were Constrained, they turned into long Sellers!  {no=one in that^ werld should consign me an Index} Oy.

Politically: a young man askt me up=town todé if i was Registered [yes], "change of Address? change of PARTY?"  [no], "so You have a card?" [yes {actually two (2) cards}] "And who are you Voting for?" [i can't tell you That; secret ballot, y'know]...i'm glad there are such people as Actifly involved in the current Process! Amorro~who knows?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Life is all open format to me, Truly. Currently.  Yet more random notaxions as prologue...Perhaps, *they* are repaving the local roads for the imminent retourn of the Turtle. That's just as good a theory as any. There is hand sanitizer in my shunky! [there's a shunky in the Path betwixt the slac=shack & the schtate road where i catch the in=bound; i rarely use it]  Now, where have i put my Higg's boson? i know i just set it down near here. There are a good many anagrams for the complete Name of the Alaskan Vice-presidential candidate; i believe i did Yesterdé's puxxle perfect. i also tried to remain Awake for that SHATNER show...i'm sure i'll catch it when it re=broadcasts six (6) weeks from now. The radio & the reels are my Trust werthy companions. Where in the name of POLLY PERRETTE did i put that G particle?!

TITLE: You can Never have too much Helium

TEMP: 70° indoors, kinda the same out=of=doors

MOOD: funky, with a side of Austerity; friendly

MUSIK: economyx on NPR & random IshPod tunes

NOISE: crickets and tree=frogs, in Autumn

OCCUPANCY: 75%...the girls moved out

PRESSURE: 109/62, 82 bpm in a Steady State

WIDEO: House re=run OR the Daily Show

SOOP: not currently, but i'm sussing one out

HAER: crasy wavy, thin & unmanageable

THOT: «i shoulda took up Accounting in high skool and college; if for no othre reason than to explain what these greedy preeks have been doing with natural money in the 'financial sector'.»

Text: Thersdé, Septembre 25th...it's a ponderance that i've gotten an absentee ballot in the mail; i live here, i vote here. Covering the bases...  The 'wild bunch' who play free=style on the athletik fields have switcht from random baseball to random football [with the oblong pigskin]. It means they have to gathre more Players. Twould be more interesting if they had to play Association ball=foot OR an English scrum. Into the twilight.  {when slac isn't writing about Schports, he neither writes about PolyTryx} Regardless~it's a Happy rememberingdé of the Colonel's nuptials! He chose a remarkable bride a few Years back.

More=and=betta astride the weekend, ~slac~

Monday, September 22, 2008


This, could also occur...[reposit of 9.21.7]

Novembre Fifth, 2and8: KEYES and PAUL handily defeat OBAMA and BIDEN. First black US President vows to unify the country.  {no points for gettin' it half=right}

Mondé, Septembre 22nd, °8...i am behind of so much, i hardly Know where to begin! My former neighbour, MARYANN, was stunned to see me walking so close to her haus after werk. She's driving a creme=coloured SUV now & she askt me a pointed question,"How's Life treating You?" But why would i burden such a grand girl with small troubles when my Blessings are so Great?! She was also amazed that i was 'hiking' thru Town.  i told her,"i come by it natural." She noted that WE were talking in a sunset which my Father woulda called to her Attention! Such things do accrue to me. Amorning, i had a similar Xperience with my supervisor as i pickt up my time=card. She came out of her office to confab with me about the coming 'winter schedule' at the Yard. [Rose, the receptionist & many customers had already avised me about this plan.] It only might have seemed to NANCY that i was reading her mind, but my present Vocation requires a certain level of Anticipation on my part... Of course, i told her i was up for the extra werk & that We could co=ordinate on the Particulars as they Arise. {i live to serve}

The roads and the Highwés of the County and the Schtate are being paved on my behalf! To think that i am only a Walking and bussing person to have such bidness bind my feet! These^ are not Megalomania; the tolls on eighty have fallen thru AND the pike=turn SCHEME might also tumble out.  {more Politryxians ought walk they parishes}  i might could rant about the Market moves, but it won't change much the Value of the tiny silver dimes that i hold for odrinary economic & Spiritual increases; my Treasure has always lain else=where. Comes & goes.

The bug Report: i killt a flying ant as it was crawling across my good foot last night; it ought to have Known that my BUDDHA nature does not allow for such podiatricle incursions! Regardless~i love the white and yellow butterflies that have been Flitting within my purvue this Season...NANCY [the teacher customer] informs me that We should be able to tell the Wintre=times through such signs. She^ has seen a CHRYSALIS. ~slac~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


SundyDé, Septembre 14th, Epochal & Eight...«it was a hunnert years ago to=day, General TREXLER told the band to play...» Apologia to the remaining Beatles^ i wandered to the park on account of i wanted to join in this historicle Occasion. Plus+, i don't get to hear enuf brass instruments in my middling Life.  The MAYOR gave me a raspberry Popsicle®.  it was a hot enuf dé for it, all=togethre! 90°  {sometimes a Sun=Day aventure is as simple as a walk to the park} Trees and a Fountain.

And speaking of History...[o9.i6.o8]

25 years ago: beginning of the big bingo & all that went with it; 9/19~my elder bro appears briefly on the CBS evening news

20 years ago: running & calling bingo, makingrecordings in the cellar. 9/23~all=skool Reunion at my former Elementary skool

15 years ago: disemployed by the bingo

10 years ago: fetch peaches for & with the widowed Matriarch; adminstre the Trust

5 years ago: collecting autumnal yard=waste; reading the many Glows on Kay's com=pooter

3 years ago: mourning Hane in the hovel, cleaning the Parish offices with Monica

2 years ago: vow=renewal at Camp Maisy

Last Year: dancing at a wedding on the Coast

Yesterdé~which was Mondé and merry mild: Customer & good friend, GARY, snatcht me up from the Yard and drove me to his haus in the Parish. He has wanted to treat me to a home=made dinner at his Locale for a coupla seasons now. Acause~his significant othre, VICKY, is an Xcellent cook! {i've previously enjoyed Her meat=loaf & sauered pork} WE dined in the garden al fresco on marinated, grilled Chicken with fettucine carbonara & schteamed brox/cauli/carrots. Altho the clouds occluded the setting=sun, it was a fulfilling and delicious social meal all=to with XM radio floating upon the late summer Aer.  it is my grand luck to meet & know so many Gracious persons in my medially unAuspicious Days! And~i'll send out my Fortuitous favours outwise to the people in GALVESTON & those environs acause They need it more than i...

Amorro will bring a new dé, with new History for all=of=us to Progress into. ~gobox~slac~

Wednesday, September 26th, 2and7... i'm back in the swing of things. OR some semblance of that. Which also means i'm three (3) days behind the rest of the werld!  Oh, well~i'll think of something better to post amorro after i make my chicken gravy. ~autumnalSlac~

Thursday, September 11, 2008


9.9.8: i have been allowing the Turtle's fone machine to pick up way too many of my calls.{thot: it ain't good practise to miss the Bright rings just Acause there might also be dull and unfavourable Massages} Imagine if i owned one of those fone=cells mit Voix mail!? it^ could be as orphaned of Attenxion as so many othres...

9118: i have heard from a good many people [loved ones] thru the machine and used the fone well {as well} to make Connexions. Aday, i entertained the Lizard and enjoyed lunch with her at 'our' favourite diner; she had the tuna melt & i had the bacon cheese=burger. Then We meandered thru the market and into the old Neighbourhood to look at the hovel. Yes, they have a substantial canine protecting the southern perimetre. We climbed the schteep hill back to the Apt and read quietly to ourselves. CAT arrived in time, on time, with time to up=catch all the news with her Niece afore we=all continued in our collectif paths [wildly in all direxions], Lizard retourning northwise for a cousine's birfdé Party...me and CAT to recycle containers and clothing.  {these^ odrinary things are good to Accomplish in spite of othre matters and memories}

Latin: the tomb of our last bishop reads:  Domine Dilexi Decorem Domus Tuae from the twenty=fifth psalm. i take it^ to mean: Lord, Make me know your own ways...Teach me your own paths. [i expect i'll be corrected of this Acause i haven't memorised the songs of King DAVID in Hebrew, Greek nor Latin.] Teach me to schtudy fine sayings in Good company!

i might could oughta write more my=own=self on the week=end. Mebbe so, mebbe no~slac~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Open Records! Legislatif Reform! Even a constitutional convention would be nice.  Let's keep they feet to the fire^ *rant*  Oh, never mind~it's just a thing. ~slac~   ^reposited from Septembre Fourth, °7^

Tuesday, September Second, °8...and i Expect no less from SARAH PALIN and the operatifs in Minnesota...this Election will turn on who does and does not get the Constitution of these United States.  [enuf of the Polytryx for now] GUSTAV was not KATRINA, but he did cause great suffering & death in his passage...i pray as always for the mitigation of pain.  More locally, presently & personally: the Turtle made a grand visit to the Walley, as brief as was, to attend the Graduaxn of BLADE from the Community College with an Associate's Degree in computre grafix. {i went as the Proud uncle} We love BLADE for doing this, becos he is a wonderfully talented Young man who can rise to his potential with scant effort. Did i already say i was a proud uncle?? His sister has the same Attributes--coulda been the breeding. Onward, Young ones!  {i'm schtill getting my skooling in so many venues; one Day, i may finally learn}~proEdukationle~slac~


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