Monday, March 24, 2008


Monday, March 24th, oo8... J said: «It is mine to lay down, and it is mine to take up again»

Dinner & Dominoes with my 'cats' and 'kids'...CAT was Xian kind to serve me supper on the Risingdé. And we had a very good group for the traditional baked Ham with au gratin spuds, schteamed broccoli [a personal favourite], salad & crescent rolls.  For afters, we had pistachio cake with decaffeinated coffee. The cake was baked in the shape of a lamb by CAT's girlfriend, JANE. With chocolate frosting. Jane also brot a game of dominoes for us to play betwixt the Feast and the dessert. «They divided my clothes among them, and threw lots for my cloak.» If my sister=in=law isn't care=full, i might wander down to her home a good deal more often for dining!  CAT's mom & sister [the one who owns a sugar glider] were also in Attendance and i made sure to buss them kindly and gently as is my Custom. HAPPY HOLYDÉS to every=one! ~Schpringly*slac~

Friday, March 21, 2008


It's really not that hard to be buried Alive; it happened to one of the gentlemen who lowered the matriarch into her snowy comfort. He mentioned the event to me that day & i remembered having seen the Report in the local papre. Two hours he was seculpted before his time in someone else's concrete chambre, as the lid and some earth had fallen on top of him...

^a reposit from 3/26/5, edited>

They don't call it Resurrection for nothing. With earth=movers and cell fones yet. Have i already spoken about this? Never mind~the persons who should be standing upright on this cool grey Saturday are doing so, thank G.

Good Friday, March 21st, 2008...that Feast of unleavened cakes & PURIM which occurred one thousand and seventy five years ago...YESHUA said to them:  «Tear down this Temple and I will rebuild it in three days.» [soon after, He was delivered to the authorities of Judea and the Roman prefecture] Hosannah.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sunday, March 20, 2005...can such a drizzly cold day truly be the schtart of Schpring? It pondres me much as i regard my retourn to the Parish recycling centre. Or posit the miracles & mayhem that might accrue 2 me~it is an entirely NEW AGE of possibilities which force up and confront the soul's attainment.  ^reposit^

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008...roughly three (3) years later & just as wet!  WILY WILLY WISITS WALLEY: i am one of the Happy wanderers who meandered into that west=end collegiate basketball arena where BILLY BLAINE gave a speech in favour of his wife, while reminiscing wistfully about his own Term in Office.  {i didn't schtay for the whole monologue, but it still counts in my column of famous Presidents i have seen. nyah~nyah} Oh! And i met a very nice yoga instructor while i waited. History: i ushered a BILLY JOEL concert in that same building when i was a stem=cell & yes, i inhaled...

The dé was moist, cool and drearily grey.  But i had to keep wandering, namely to purchase my brisket at the groxery store.  {thank goodness my tax refund came so i could indulge my Irish pique...supposedly there's more coming from DUBYA in May}  Nice things do happen to sincere souls, eventually... ~star*schtruck=slac~

Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy Saint Patrick's Dé! Erin go bragh and what=not. i am behind my brisket yet again.  Mayhaps, i'll have it for RESURRECTION instead!  My dear sainted Matriarch would forgive me of that; i made the cabbeej more than enuf while she was kicking. G & J preserve us...

i must catch up on birfdés & anniversaries: One of my girl=cousins just had a lovely boy on March 7th. HAPPY HAPPY first week, ANDY!  His^ first cousine ROCKY added a year to her folder last Saterdé, the 8th. Turtle took her to the big city where she met chef MORIMOTO.  On the eighteenth of March, CAPSIZER and his Bride will celebrate their Marriage in CORPUS.[Noah! Emma! be good~Mom is ragged and Daddy has tired eyes] The day after that, 19 of March, CAPSIZER's long=haired brother has his birthiversary. To think of the long hours on the circle me and MAISY put in Growing out that flat=footed fella...Never mind~WYATT & his new dafter as well as his gorgeous wife are pushing him along to Perfection. JOY JOY!

Schpeaking of German relatifs--ROCKY's Mom has her own Spexial birfdé on the Twentieth, right after the swallows retourn to Capistrano. Plus+, this year, it's the vernal equinox! CAT doesn't always arrife like a breath of Schpring, but she is more welcoming pretty than a tulip.{Ponderous~Why do so many Deutschers join this Scotch=Irish fambly? WE must crave the discipline und ordre} ~Palm-Waving slac~


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There was a girl in that race?^spurious reposit^ [6.6.5]

March 11th, is a well-known Trick and subterfuge in Schports to offer your leading Opponent, at the half, the option of forfeiting their obvious Win in favour of a guaranteed second place Trophy. Most coaches & teams don't go for it. There=after~the game is a very entertaining blood=bath...And the Leader wins, albeit covered redly.

«Inevitability is not as sure as it seems»

The bird report: Yesterdé, i saw a woodpecker. This morning i saw a cardinal and a small bird i couldn't identify. It didn't look like a sparrow or a finch.  Two days ago, i spotted two or three blue jays. Schpring is coming! i hesitate to mention all the grackles & starlings/seagulls, mourning doves and pigeons...they are ubiquitous. *chirp*

MADONDA inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?! What a topsy-turvy werld! Get=me=not wrong; i've loved her infectious Dance/Pop ever since othre people started writing it. Maybe the selection criteria aren't stringent enuf.  Never mind--i'll smooch her when i see her. ~slac~


Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thursday, March Sixth, And8... i find myself in agreement with HOWARD DEAN.  «Michigan! Florida! NO do-overs!»  Meanwhile, in DC, the current lame=duck President took the time to endorse JOHN McCAIN. {it wasn't difficult...the Arizona Senator was the one and only Winner}  Now~can i please get my Obvious Degree?

Locally, hereabouts, the drought is over.  The cricks have Crested.  [i have trouble pronouncing creek; North of here, in my other home=town, it is crick like trick.  Down hyar inda Walley--we tend to Prefer creek like *creak*.  Don't get me schtarted on crayfish.]  The ground is fungible...

It is more than considerable that a Young Senator will win in the general; JFK did it in Nineteen hundred & sixty.  After which he constantly carried with him a schlip of paper denoting the Numbre of Mid=West precincts RMN coulda called into Question.  Shows=to=go ya: None of them are abof the Occasional cheating... ~dubioslac~

Monday, March 3, 2008


o7 March, 2006...  Thot: «i am remiss of much & ought to be scolded frequently»

There's a Happy Happy Joy Joy coming for one of Hane's favoured ones~the piercable peacable Rocky.  Poppa turtle is coming for it. [o8]  ^partly reposited/partly new^

o2 March, 2oo8...MAISY & BABALOO are tending to the capsizer acause he had a procedure on one of his eyes.  {ocular docs wisely treat one peeper at a time, skillfully} Depth! Vision!

My chicken=soop is all=the=gone.  BILL BUCKLEY will be missed by me.  i had a whole Xtra dé in the month yet did not Glow the more! And it's not like i wasn't line=on...Not only are there advertisements on top of this Page but also under my e=mail?!  {it is the goal of Commerce to sell all manner of Things to them that can least afford them} Beastly...

o3rd March, oo8...Sunny! Breexy!Fifty=Eight degrees (58°f) and all the dogs are out Walking their owners.  My clox won't be pusht forward for a week yet, but my watch is already there. Amorro? Polytryx...~slac~


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