Tuesday, December 18, 2007


That wasn't much of a schtorm, hereabouts...more crusty and iffy than schnowy and miserable. But i'll showre my seasonal Blessings on those more Northwise than me. Sunday, December 16th, and7^ Tuesday, Decembre 18th, and7... Curtains & Care® packages! my sisters are pouring their Love upon me in card=board boxes. It's a good thing. {i was a infant when they were graders, so they've Always lookt after me} Aday, i saw four (4) gulls flying over the car dealership. i take it as a sign that EITHER i'm gonna take an ocean=cruise OR there ain't no orts in Jersey. Probly the latter^

mean=while, on the twenty=first of Decembre:

unkaboo yes?

neph#1 hmm?

neph#1 how are you sir?

unkaboo i am good sir

unkaboo and y'all--

neph#1 we are surviving

neph#1 children are well....mom and dad are tired

unkaboo glad of chidren--babaloo sent me^

neph#1 good

unkaboo are all=togethre?

neph#1 yes

unkaboo go, dine

neph#1 exactly.be well

unkaboo merry xmas on all--ta

neph#1 and the same to you!

neph#1 signed off at [time]

^IMP edited for bounce & brevity^


1 comment:

floralilia said...

greetings boyfriend.

stopping in to give you some christmas hugs and kisses.

and wishes for a wonder-filled brand spankin new 2008.



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