Friday, June 1, 2007


A lawyer oughta know bettre--Just Saying. 5/29/07 OR: my big fat Greek wedding where i had tuberculosis [of the bad kind] and didn't tell no=body. What was that^ guy thinking?? That he could circumnavigate the globe with a highly infectious disease and the POWERS that be wouldn't come after him?! Where is the sense of personal responsibility; where is the scant idea of not endangering International Health? i would wish a pox on him, but he already has anti=biotic Resistant pulmonary problems. Plus+, he had to get Married...  GREECE! ROME! ATLANTA! DENVER! get well, Andy.  And, please, never do any=thing this schtupid agin.

PRESIDENTIAL prognostication: it's way too soon to say, and you can quote me on that^, but i believe our next free=werld Leader might be a "-son". That is: his OR her last name will end in S-O-N, not T-O-N. FREDDY THOMPSON [the television actor] has decided to quit his day=job [on television] and might possibly run up against TOMMY THOMPSON and othres. Yet~in the manner of hedging my bets & not appearing too eager to call a race which is eighteen (18) months off...even Jesse JackSON would prevail over Al SharpTON, should they choose to enter the Contest. Come to think on it again^, it really is way too early to Predict.

Thursday, May 31st, And7, NEW EPOCH... Oh, forget all that~it's only the Schpring Heat and the rising humidity which is affecting my risible mind.



sunflowerkat321 said...

It IS very newsy around here.  I know where I'll need to go for my Lehigh Valley news once I get moved to the LONG Island.  No more land locked for me.


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, flowre=sun> i'm trying to keep current with all the Changes
to my Page...but i love a challenge.  And, i swear i'm gonna catch=up with my
Visitories!  all=the=love, ~Author~

meowlet1 said...


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata meowlet> there is a Fish theme running currently until i change it.
contact me as Salmon=bac=mac...Never mind~merely keep tuned  ~Author~

meowlet1 said...

Is that yore fshing license?
One dead, un=jugged rabbitfsh later,


slacbacmac said...

numbered comment:  Alas~i am not allowed to Fish; the Liberry barely tolerates my Visits! Licences?? we don't need no schtinking licences!  ~Author~


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