Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Happy Chinese New Year! One and All!

{i often get the worst of it when the Year of the

Dog rolls around...because Astrology describes me

as either a desert Spidre OR an equine Hominid}

I'm all for America switching to a lunar calendar;

certain annual & angular events might go Easier...

Biblical parafrase: "Birds have nests & Foxes have

dens & grundsaus have lodges; yet the Son of Man

has no place in this werld to lay down his weary,

aching head." He wasn't Elected, but Chosen^

Monday, 30 January, 2006...YOUR Sports & Political

REPORT: Apparently, it is more important for the

governeurs of certain States to make BETS about

food=schtuffs & pompadours than to realistically Pay

attention to the needs of their constituents. Nowhere

is this more blatant than in Penn's Woods AS my good

friend, Edward, is trying 2 deflect the next & best

Constitutional Convention from blundering even more

badly into the remaining election cycle. Make your bets

and Take your bets, but the citizen/residents have NOT

forgotten the pay=grab Nor the force-feeding of slot

machines down their unadvised gullets. Ben Franklin

would be appalled, even if he is three hundred (300)

years old. More=over, Our Change of 'Representation'

is both inexorable & long overdue...Regardless of how

many football games are played in the mean=time.

NATIONALLY, there are some interesting items

unrelated to the Bowl=Super...Cindy Sheehan is

considering a run 4 the Senate. She's skipping a bunch

of steps, of course, but many others have done the same.

Hillary Rodham is actively banging out a PLATFORM to

schtand on if & when She runs 4 President; sorry to say,

We already have a woman President...Geena Davis.

(personally, the thot of Bill Clinton going back to the

White House to re=decorate makes my hair itch.)

Mean=while, Right of Centre: Judge Alito is visiting

his tailor for a brand new robe & Alan Greenspan is

cleaning out his desk. [imagine the ensuing confusion

if these two bumpt into each other & accidently

switched PDAs!] I kid & rant about such things becos

my opinion hasn't been solicited since North & Noriega

wanted to know what i thot about Grenada. *shhh*

There are more & better things 2 ramble about BUT all

my natural adherents have moved to blogspot on

Account of the odiferous BANNER ADS. Seems like

only yester=day when Glowers had fair control of their

bright & beautiful pages. OH Well~i can play the Dog

with the dish=towel 4 a few more WEEKS @ least.

Blog/Glow about this entry?? youbetcha...


Saturday, January 28, 2006


27 January, 2006...

Notes & Quotes:

"...and what else can I buy, so

on me you'll rely? A brand new

thermometre too..." -Navin Johnson


"Flirting, laughter, Painting, family,

female...hu-man..." -Lal, DATA's

daughter. STNG: The Offspring^


Heard=Over @ a Doctor's office:

"We Had an autoclave...it blew up."


A frequent Question from the

Engineer: "Did I say that out loud?"

Thotful Answer: "Yes, you did. But

No=body was listening & you didn't

mean it anyway." Veritas...


Heard in the morning on College Radio:

"Black cloud crossed my Mind, Blue

mist 'round my Soul; feel so suicidal,

even hate my roc'n'rol..." -John Lennon,

Yer Blues, the WHITE ALBUM.

"We can't grow up; we're too old now..."

-source unknown [Lou Reed?]-


"Giordi, tell me about...Tasha Yar."

-Guinan. STNG: Yesterday's Enterprise^

Title: The Profitable Afternoon

Mode: running & shredding

Milieu: a café in the west end

Noise: bustling conversations

Ratio: lemons per libation--0.25/3

Thot: "The pierogies came with ketchup;

i asked Beth if i could have some Sour

Cream...she was not at all stunned."


As often happens with some Regularity,

the Engineer and i made progress in the

Process. We made some werk, took a

nice Lunch, then werkt some more. The

only person more busy than ourselves was

the gentleman in a full blue mini=van with

a busted front left tire. [We pray he came

to a good middle.] The engineer and i

cannot charge each other 4 the Therapy

we undertake to=gethre; it's a Barter

off=trade with consistent ongoing benefits.

{Plus+, i can hardly redeem & remit fully

all the times i Rapped him on the skull.}

And being that we are such sympathetic

CoAdvocates...much more of our Joined

action(s) will come to good. Presently^

28 January, 2006...Nice day to Roast

marsh=mallows in the Neighbourhood...

There's just been a small fire down the

street, but it looks like our loyal Responders got to it in time. Thank G~i'm unaccustomed to this level of Xcitement. Someone else to Pray for before the sun goes down...

Friday, January 20, 2006


This is the Winter of our discontent.

OR~in the Aspect regarding, these

are the times that try our Souls.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006...

Speaking of Plantations [and who was?]

there was that line from GWTW which went

something like this,"Who's gwana milk that

cow, Mizz Hillary? We=all house-glowers

up in here..." But, in honour of Walter

Cronkite having a new lady friend, i'm not

gwana go there. Nature of the Beast^

Thursday, January 19, 2006...As for UBL

wanting time out, a do=over or a truce:

DREAM ON! Let's review--you've murdered

our people, you've murdered your own

people & you're only pretending penitence

until you can kill again OR because your

Captors are closing in. Evil people usually

come to very bad ends & your time is

running out. SO~Cut the Crap. Surrender.

{the Wide Knight is not vengeful; he just

don't suffer Fools with gladness.}

The Engineer and i did a passel of good werk.

For which, i bot him Lunch @ the newest local

Italian ristorante. It's the least i could do for

my first & best Lieutenant. And it's not like he

doesn't have more & bettre things to do than

push a dehumidifier to the curb. [The bulksters

took the Humidifier absolutely but left the

denser piece behind; yet each item disposed of

is one less to think on! Truly.] *Spaghetti*

Friday, January 20, 2006...there Are the many

Ells in this Entry, aren't there? Such as, Shirley's

demise being ]bracketed[ by those of Lou Rawls

and Wilson Picket...i remember what ERNEST

BORGNINE said of Shelley's character in that

epic disaster film: "You had a lotta guts, lady...

a LOTTA guts." She also did a good turn in the

movie LOLITA. Ells be dangled, we'll miss them

all. (ERNEST does over=voice 4 SpongeBob...)

Adverts?! Counter Re=sets?! Justification?!

SO many of the snakeheads to Sever on one

small page! i must hone my blade...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Monday, January 10, 2005

7:05:19 PM...progress report~

[slac posits a previously unpublisht

Hospital report, 15-Jan-06:]

Doctor H. called me this

morning to tell me that Hane

was lethargic. He suspects

the carbon diox is building up

again but can't test for it.

Oh, well.

I walked over to /hospital/ and she

perked up for me...all the nurses

were wishing her a Happy B'day.

She ate almost half her lunch

and all the chocolate pudding

that Suzanne [nutritionist] made

her special 4 the Day. Hane was

too tired to do physical therapy

for Gretchen but i told her to

try again tomorrow.

Rose Mary called her sister @

1218 and they talked. No,

really! They spoke with each

other. Bimmy came by about

one o'clock & sent me to the

cafeteria for my lunch...the

food is nay so bad for people

who can carry their own tray.

[it's a hospital joke^]

I gave our nursing home

apps 2 the case managers.

Aide Yahiara [a lovely spanish

girl] helped Hane into her chair

about 4 PM where Hane had

her dinner [beef mush, pureed

apple=crisp & more pudding.]

She has a very good appetite

for a hard case. And no

especial aspirations of her

thickened fluids. At about

6 PM, Kim two=stepped the

birthday girl back into bed.

Such a day! And having to

suffer the ministrations of her

idiot son! {me}

There you have & thus it goes.

I bumped into our neighbor @

home and filled him in...

Encouraging them to visit the

declining patient while Time

allows. Might brighten her up

for days or weeks...OR~as i

like 2 say when i am occasionally

caught in a sheet=box,"90 days,

Same as Cash."

Note: old movie musicals are

curative & stimulating.

January 11, 2005...

Lisa, the social werker, is

hunting up a bed @ /nursinghome/

or /nursinghome/ for a possible transfer

tomorrow [Wednesday]. Hane was

not especially bright today but the

nurses & aides made sure of her

comfort & that she ate her

break=fast. And some lunch.

I helped nurse Vera with a chair

to bed transfer. OH~and Hane

took about 15 steps for the

physical therapist; Hane made a

point of telling me that in her

note=book. Also, she told me

@ one point 2 "Drop Dead!"

I musta said something in the

style of Dad^ Still, i'd rather

be abused by an older woman

than summarily ignored.

*more tomorrow*

4:58:12 PM^

*Names of Helpers kept*


[17-Jan-06...Pop left his nursing

home feet=first Eight (8) years ago.

Hescha! i coulda got my own medical

degree in that amount of time.]

Friday, January 13, 2006


Wednesday, 11 January, 2006...

I have been dreaming of dogs & dinosaurs.

Which is very strange considering i have Never

owned a dog and it's been Weeks since i last saw

a proto=reptilian. These dremes take place in one

of two (2) locations: around my next mansion OR

at some theme=park for dopplic advocates...

Alright~it was just that one dreme but i did enjoy

being in it. The Water was trickling & the pooches

were smoochy. From what i remembre...

eliptical prologs! with dreaming^

Theme: Porch Palavering

emotion: gregarity with humour

Audible Interlude: Country music tone=rings???

Videografic Reference: LLOYD HAINES

Ratio: caveats per Kennedy

Thursday, 12 January, 2006...Two

styles of hair have i---glaringly short OR wispily

wild. To=day, i opted for the former. I probly won't

need another cut for six (6) month. Why didn't any

one tell me my ears were this big? *snip*snip*

Cat brang some people by to look over the haus...

Contractors who would retrofit the shack at good

cost for fair flip. {i had my chance to learn this art

in the eighties from Kay & Ron, but opted for bingo

and concerts instead. Self=Kick} Nice people.

Friday, 13 January, 2006...Well, i know

i didn't break no mirrors over black cats walking

under ladders while schpilling salt! X myself & spit

on the ground, knock=wood. And like Frederic March

in that movie,"I don't believe in things which I don't

believe in." [redactif parafrase^] i could mention

Franklin Roosevelt in this same=self paragraf but i

believe, by now, he has overcome fotoperambulaphobia.

[the general Fear of having your picture taken while

riding in a wheel=chair] WE make the luck we have.

Monday, January 9, 2006


January 07, 2006 which might've been

a Saterday in the 3rd EPOCH...i'll have

to check the Periodic Table of Elements.

i get no points 4 avoiding controversy...

such as that which surrounds Letterman

and O'Reilly [neither of whose Programs

i watch with any regularity] OR the new

show featuring Aidan Quinn. (I'm schtill

wondering why they took the Arcadian

Joan off the air.) PERHAPS, it is better to get religion & politix in different venues from television or the Web; this is a theory which there will be heard much of. *wince*  Anyway~i was clearing out my mailbox [the virtual one] and deleting forgotten addresses from various sources, when it schtruck me that i have been remiss of hanging with my regular line=on friends.  Apologia! Depart me not, for i am in need of natural correction in this Aspect.

- - -e=mail/comments/links- - -*pause*

January 09, 2006...could be Mondé...

Never mind~i like it when my in=box is

in the low 20s. And i am glad to receive

the small fotoes from Groper & JayJay.

Truly. Now, all i need to do is clean up my Page out=lay. [maniacal slaclafter] Of the else, you'll just hafta Read the deep...and continue 2 ignore these bollox banners^




Thursday, January 5, 2006


~~~the onset of Prolog Three (3)~~~

Does evybody amember the penny post card? I know it was before my Time. POSTAL RATES are due to go up again in a coupla days. I am woefully unprepared! And how come it's rarely a round & even numbre anyway? I would kvetch about it but i'm schtill wrestling with Government Corruption and these horrible advertisements which are clouding the head of my glow=page. [all of these^ are a conspiracy...but you didn't hear it from me. Rhetorical Paranoia interferes with my reticular Amnesia.] I'm reminded of a certain Jerry Seinfeld episode where Kramer visits Newman @ the Post Office and says that he "wants out of the whole deal." Twoulda been more funny if nay so tragic! Never mind & get me not wrong: i'm a big fan of the USPS. And post=cards in particular.[Historical Note: the famous pony express lasted all than less of two years while the Road=Rails pushed Westwise.] Post!

~~~^denouement des prologues^~~~

MEMORIALISATION: It is my hope and prayer that Vincent Schiavelli is fastly adhering the wings of the miners WE lost in West Virginia; it's a terrible thing to go to your normal everyday job, never suspecting that the werld will fully, absolutely swallow you up...and then it does. Mercy on the families who are enduring this. Their Sons, their Brothers, their Fathers are not breathing hard any=more; they are Perfect in perpetual sunshine, never to dig again. The shirts are white & bright where they are.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

The CLONING REPORT: i am behind of this, but i had a sneaking suspicion that the cloned dog was less than accurate. Mice? Yes. Frogs? Easy. DOLLY the Sheep in Scotland? OK. Even the carbon copy kitten didn't surprise me. BUT, why would any Scientist in the Pacific Rim bother to clone a canine when we already have the American Kennel Club?? id est, that Puppies are a Dime a dirtful and they're harder to look after than newts and salamanders...and even if you manufacture them, doggies already do not have the BUDDHA nature! It flies in the face of even intelligent design. We breed dogs~we do not fotostat them! Hey, Korea, Cut the Crud and call me when you've done a Horse or a helper=monkey. That would be noteworthy. Better yet~~schtop cloning all=to...*bark*

Tuesday, January 3, 2006


Monday, 02 January, 2006...IF yesterday was a Holiday AND today was a day off, what will Tomorrow be?


Feeling: a little down, like cold wet goose=feathres...

Videre: there is no Fugitive marathon...

Listening: [soft rock @ the laundromat]

Agranma: i pad molt, mad polit, dam pilot...

Puxxle: i forgot to put in one lettre! 99%

Text: My beans are a bit crispy. Other than that, it's a fine Big=Ace Bad=Ace Chili. Tuesday, 03 January, 2006... The green=ghost did not pass inspexion yesterday. On account of the rusty leaf springs & the dilapidated bumper bushings. And othre serious problems. Perhaps the good folx @ MTV would like to DIP MY PRIME! And lend me a truck in the meantime so i can sally forth. Who on the Inter=Web needs a twenty-nine year old AMERICAN sedan that was once driven by a little old lady to cherch on Sundays? [my paternal grand=mother, organist nonpareil] Ah~facetious conjectures...would that i were not serious. Thereyago. She took me evrywhere i needed to go.  ^ ^ ^the pause in prolog two^ ^ ^


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