Friday, October 31, 2003

What? No Dark Shadows?

"arooooo!!  That was some scary movie, eh kids?  What was that?"

     ---Count Floyd, SCTV [parafrase]

     My Anticipation is palpable.  All those tiny extortionists in strange and funny costumes.  And their parents shuffling along for the ride...

     Still, i love the halloween; it's such a neighborly holiday.  My favourite part is stealing next=door to see what treats MaryAnn & Ed are distributing.  My candy is fresh this year, i promise...Heck i bot 5 bags!  I also especially like the infants who get carried up to the door in their outfits & they have no clue what they're supposed to do!  Id est, i may be the scariest thing they see all year, but they must be in a mild state of shock already by the time they get to my door.  I can't imagine how the new parents explain it all---the free candy, the trooping from door to door AND all these other crasy people doing the exact same thing?!  God bless 'em.

     Meanwhile & more=over, Lizard has all the latest pix of our babies---go bug her for copies [insanely maniacal Diabolical lafter!]  But, BEWARE my spooky compadres...She's 'It' and she might just Tag you!         ooooooowooo[ i think she's a familiar if not the real deal.]    more lafter.     Did i mention the Anticipation of more scary comments and e=mail?  It's just a thing until i apply myself to making the Glow more accesible.  And to all my female fans:  I really do want to bite your collectif necks. [hypnotic stare]         darkly, almost vampiric were=slack...        CRRREEEEAAAAK

Thursday, October 30, 2003

my MOOD is Pensive

Title of entry: ONWARD & UPWARD

     so much is happening i can barely keep track of it all...which is not unusual for the inhabitant of a scattered mind.  Let's see--lizard is wondering why we don't have more e=mail on the mack=side.  Meanwhile, the sandflea is sending me very funny commentary but Not thru AWOL.  Must be the proprietary/exclusionary nature of that Beast.  Irregardless, i am having a brain=spasm getting around the thot of Governor Schwarzenegger doing politics while the fires rage...yet i sincerely hope that the left coast gets it all under control soon.  Prayers going out to all the brave souls battling catastrophe...

     There's a muse out there who attends my concatenations; but i am still Awed by the exquisite parentage of my Nephews...that these boys i entertained on the Circle in my exuberant adolescence [and their brief infancy] do now have children of their own?!!

     Nothing short of a miracle which wonders me as i grow old and perfect.

    Yet! The filosofer never outgrows his usefulness, ponderous and full 'tho he grows.  Hey, it's just a thing i might explain later...if ever one lives as long---

   i am the spooky superuncle and eerily mysterious to boot...     candy4slack

Wednesday, October 29, 2003



     i am truly small in such a beautiful universe; and don't i know it.  Thanks 2 pop=pop lou for all the great pix of the new baby, one of which i will include abof^...or more likely the picture of the wrung=out parental units!  God bless them.  Pardon me while i slip into a fone=boof[?] and turn into Super=Uncle.

     How do i love my Fambly?  Intricately, immensely?  Impossible to measure?  Yeah.  All the great filosofers had trouble with this one--namely, how do you share affection with people you are already connected to, as opposed to perfect[?] strangers or the werld @ large?  My answer, and usually theirs is like a certain sneaker commercial: You just do it.  And better yet--you don't have to be Super=Uncle to understand the basic emotion.  It  just  Happens.  My latest nephew {grandly} is a fresh and bright example of a connection we already share---to ourselves, our future And the incredible wonderment of the entire universe...[put the boots on the Baby, it's getting thick]'s all on Amy Grant's album which i just rebooted!   Excellent & Especial love in All directions, i am the hyperavuncular[?] SlackBackMack        smooch

Monday, October 27, 2003


title: The day Was Moist.

     I definitely stole my pay today---it rained all day and practically nobody brot recycles.  Sat in the mack=shack trying to stay dry.  Good luck to me!  Plus, the last hour was dark owing to the Reagan time=change.  Good thing i have the NPR [radio] and plenty of ancient dirty magazines.  HA=HA, my life is especially good!  {And no, dear Readers, you cannot have my job.}  OH! Wait--glowing on the Interweb is also my job???   Or maybe it only feels that way, some=times.  But here i am warm & dry.  Hmm---that brings me to an environmentally existential question: Is it better to werk in a small wet shack for 6 hours or to clatter around and mostly sleep in a much larger high=maintenance structure?

   I shall have to ask Bucky Fuller about that, the next time i see him.  Perhaps...

     thinking about it and finishing up, my life is still pretty good.  id est, slightly moist yet eminently favourable.  What do you think?                 [guncle=slak]

Sunday, October 26, 2003


The text is Blue becos jeff & jen just had their first son--Wyatt!  Blessings on us is the greatest Miracle, day by day or especially freshly born.

     And of course i am the grandest uncle i know.  This is only my second time...Noah has a Cousin!  If only this humble filosofer could grow as fast and fairly as Maisie's grand=kids.  I mean the whole thing is just staggering to me.  What everlastingly beautiful other Miracles await?  Id est, perspectif is not just a technique one studies in Art Class.  And just yesterday, i was kvetching about cheese.

    Then of course i sent the grand news on to my peeps; this e=mail/inter-glow thing might just catch on.  More=over i was walking to the ATM and who also shows up there but Cat!  She said,"what are the chances?"  I'm not sure but i think it's probly one in a google [not the search=engine].  We're currently playing IM/e=mail Tag, and she's still 'IT'. Gosh, i love my Fambly.  And sometimes in quantum mechanics, the denser slower moving particle manages to intersect the faster, negligible excited particle.  YEAH--that would explain it.   Meanwhile, i wonder and ponder just where my extra Reagan=hour went.

     It certainly is grand to be the grand=uncle that I am---it humbles me more than i could describe.  Regardo uno uomo simplistico...     more tomorro---the connected Uncle of brilliantly wonderful childrens,      slack

Saturday, October 25, 2003

MY MOOD IS==put upon


    all=right. it's a date=up on a Saturday night, after an above average day filling roll=ups at the yard.  But hane is all about the cheese!  I'm getting ready for werk and she's like,'i'm out of my special cheese---i'll give you money and wait by the door if you get it for me...'  Like that would happen.  No back=ground but i like to go to the grocery store all at once, instead of Individually and discreetly running for singular items.

     It's funny & tragic how such things strike the mind.  I have gotten so used to combining trips---yet the Matriarch interrupts me with asymtopic requests from her shining mind.   ['oh, wait, i need this; and i should do this---sounds of bursting synapses---but Hey you should do/get/contact THIS!]  Get me not wrong; i don't complain.  I learned at the bingo=hall to take care of problems/concerns of the customers as they arose.  Yet it strikes me queer that when i'm busy doing sheet Hane has a thousand requests; and when i am just sitting around doing nothing, the matriarch is silent and happy like the proverbial CLAM.

    Venting, just venting.  More people have it worse than this.  If she weren't a blood relation or less intelligent than she is....hmmm.

    There=for, filosofy: 'What a different path my life would have taken if only i had chosen a different path...'  AND this is a pathetic Entry in need of some Commentary.        lata

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


APOLOGIA:  Rocky should drive all the time and Lizard may supercede our greatest Collectif Expectations!

    It's just a thing.  And then there's the Imminent parent=hood of J&J--our blessings upon your greatest adventure!

     Hane sleeps, paper=girls are paid, Roll=offs are half filled and crispy in the cool moonlight...yet fans of myself are ponderous in their hesitant Admiration.  Enter=prise beckons and Judah Zacharey will have his head tommorro [the cycle of Barnabas of Collinwood shall start again, anew]  Kay should call soon if i ever quit this Glow!  And so, the apologies are forfeit as i toddle off 2 dreams of Anime and---what dreams may come? {sleepy the SLACK}

     Do GLOW ENTRIES ever end?    muse, advise, laugh & collapse---       beis=bol  zzzzzzzzzzz[snorf]zzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

my Mood is Nominal

The regular Tuesday frustration of trying to install a Printer without an Opera=manuel [intentional misspell] title of entry: 'shouts to my peeps'

     it really is the last of the beautiful Octobre days---but i'm not complaining for lack of listeners.  So here goes: Rocky and Lizard should get back to werk now--really.  Altho i thoroughly appreciate all the attention.  Werk was nay so hard yesterday even if i did fill 5 roll=ups; my one customer brot me a go=plate of piping hot Krautpork mit mashed potatoes & carrots...mmm, yummy [in addition 2 my gardensalad and bologna sandwich]  Quite the lunching yard=man, me...

     more shouts---kay missed me on Sunday, harry's birfday, but Hane covered nicely as deaf and brefless as she did---Oh, well...we'll talk soon.

    More=over, i have a couple new fans here and there like a certain amusable muse in California, and an odd assortment of IMPS, shadows & fellow smooches caress you all!

    THERE YOU HAVE IT, MUCH AS MUCH AND i will not bore you morely---it's a big werld of lata with maybe pix & poems...

         [end of entry]  docteur slaque

Sunday, October 19, 2003


Hey!  It's Sunday and i'm trying to Relax after completely finishing the puzzle  with no mistakes.  Hey, it happens--even to a brief genius such as myself.

     Never mind---i would speak to you all at length but for now, i believe i will publish the last of the borrowed pictures and swear off the pirating of beautiful images from my GLOW=peers.

   Mercy, mercy...i will have to get a scanner {and this Octopus will grow}   Apologies at length---sleepy Now, editing the borrowed pictures....


Saturday, October 18, 2003

Insanity--Part Deux

It's a Glow!  You're supposed to Comment!  Even if you're just lurking.

     I thot it wouldn't happen again this year...but it did.  This was the second busiest yard=waste day this Season.  There were trux & trailers & mini=vans and i was running around like a nut, directing traffic and trying to figure out where to put all this crud!

     We ended up uber=filling five roll-offs again; we couldn't get another stick on.  The front end loaders are gonna be tamping all of it down come Monday morning.  Must have been the terrific wind we had on Wednesday...or maybe just all the Residents playing catch=up on a mild Octobre day.   Sunny, yes.  Crisp and cool, too.

     {Music i am listening to: Cathedral bells and Lawrence Welk [hane TV]...Lawrence is an excellent host considering he's dead.}

     Rocky! Lou! Any=body!  READ the GLOW and Comment.  You can even tell me how boring it is, really.  OR maybe especially tell me that---fading fast,  your humble servant...

     +++tired Slack+++

Thursday, October 16, 2003


Richard Nixon said,"Let me say this about That..."  And he was also a California=politician.

     [entry formal]  What a glorious day for all of us!  The Pope has been Installed for 25 years!  Now, i know i've said some strange things about the Catholic cherch [and especially the bells of the cathedral in my neighborhood which annoy me Awfully] but even a lapser like myself cannot help but be impressed that this Polish parishioner has been on the job so loooooong!!

     jesus bless him---i can't imagine serving my township for more than less than half that amount of time.  [mathematical paradox]

     Meanwhile, it was very strange to see Arnold and George W. togethre on the same stage---i had to take a walk to clear my head.  Remember when superman used to visit Bizzaro=world?  Yeh--it was like that.  These truly are the conditions which prevail!  ERGO, my problems are miniscule and Incidental for sure.  {readers, please advise...} 

     Be that as it may and what have you?  This is a stunning entry which will go mostly un=read in "their" Universe...

     "And what do you make of the dog's actions in the night, Watson?"  --Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  you can't say i didn't tell you it would be Wild.  Expound thru Commentary.

     [end of entry?]

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


[second not hit TAB, do not hit TAB]  The music i am listening to is the late Innings of Rocky's favourite game/past=time. 

     Hey, Gang! Where's my posse commentatus?  What am i alone on this one??  It's latin for 'fan=base'.  I think.  Maybe i'll just open a chat=room and be twice as Abandoned!  [laugh here, y'all]

     {entry formal:}  The day was gusty.  i could have made a roll=off entirely from the leaves and needles that blew off from my own yard=trees.  But i just kind of hunkered down in the slack=shack out of the 40 MPH winds!  Yes, i stole my paycheck again today altho' there were some die-hards who braved the coldish breezes and contributed their fair share of branches & crud.  Hearty and hardy, my cuddies--gotta love 'em.  Hane is all up in the base=ball after her nap.  It's a play=off[?] double header.  Me?  I'm gonna watch Enterprise.  I know i'll never get on the sports PENTA=GLOWS!  But then, i never was a JOINER.   Rah--yawn--Rah.

    Meanwhile, even stolid Colonel Don Diego will have to comment on that---OH! i forgot, he's watching the games.  At least the lizard understands...   Girls' basket=ball, women's Tennis, Chess---real sports, n'est=ce=pas?    Advise...

     {end formal entry}

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


the leaves they are a-fallin'.

     And yet what a grand and special day. [WALK THIS WAY, the Original]  It took me awhile to get my crud together and walk down to the new Laundromat at 19th Street with Dad's sea=bag full of my sox and jeans, Hane's fragrant sheets.  Delightful!  [led=zep now]  What i mean is there is nothing more Especial than a clean, brand=new, conveniently walkable L=mat!  Unfortunately, i didn't bring any reading material--not even my own copy of the watchtower?!  Oh, well--there will be many more loads to carry by hand.  Are we bored yet?  Sorry, people, but i do live the simple life.  [STAIRWAY 2 HEAVEN]  Boy, do i ever need a new set of head=fones...especially for this radio=computre.  I'm listening to music as a way to drown out Hane's 'murder, she poofed'.   HHmmmm...maybe Angela Lansbury was the inspiration for the STAIRWAY SONG?!  Commentators, please Advise.  [OOOHHH, here's the Solo--go Jimmy P.]!

    I'm glad i bot that CD!  Love the Laundry 'cos it will Direct your life....'to heaven...'  And now, i must depart [the levee] and smooch=out to all my Readers.    "tomorro is anothre day" --Scarlet O'hara

    i am the slac

Monday, October 13, 2003


Annoying Orange, the colour.

     Yes, Kay is definitely somewhere in Germany--boy is she going to straighten those guys out!  i bet even the governor of Kahl=ifornia will think about shredding his Austrian pass=port.  If it weren't funny, it would be spooky.    And speaking of spooky--the printer she gave me recently talked with my hard=drive and they got along quite well.   But i think the Huey is out of ink...just anothere thing i have to visit the office=depot[brand-name] for. [prepositional ending--errp]    Additionally, Hane has almost fully recovered from the Herculean effort to snip her outer brain=cells [read: hair].  Too bad we'll have to do it again in like FIVE years!  Still, it's greatly appreciated for now.   What a gorgeous day to collect yard=waste!  No pix today, gang, but you could send me some...i promise to only publish the ugly ones!!

     HA=ha! {gurgle} phbft...    gotta wait now for a real communication from Kay, but by all means--Comment on this ordinal and ordinary GLOW.         it's "spooky" like the printer and hard=drive talking to each other...

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hane Gets a Haer=cut!

Miracle of miracles---Hane gets a hair=cut.

     It was a group effort.  I myself came home from werk expecting only to go out for dinner  but i find Rocky & Maisie working on straightening the Matriarch's thin white tresses.  It [the dinner] was a reservation for 8  at 7 [eight people at 7 o'clock] AT TGIF.  Lou had the shrimp avec june=bug...

     Then, back at home--the haircut was completed as we all talked with Annie=bananie...  Lizard werks better on the land=line AND she provided the conditioner to pull out the last of the 'rackies' in Hane's hair.  [rackies=knots=tangles]  Rocky finished the job, that maisie patiently combed, by actually cutting the Matriarchal tresses about six inches.  Well, i guess you had to be there--but it was quite the accomplishment for an elderly woman who hadn't had a real hair=cut since the last century.  Now if we could just get the Matriarch to take care of what little mop we left her with.  Me? I'm gonna get a coconut before Xmas!  Ha!  Chicken fingers--mmmmm

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

My Mood is: flabbergasted

AS the Chinese might say--we live in Interesting Times.

     I really didn't expect Conan to carry the Golden state; someone from the Cally=contingent please advise.       [insert joke here]     

     So I'm like minding my own business dodging stink=bugs and skeeters at the yard, helpin' the grey set with boxes of yard waste...    but i did happen to listen to Terry Gross's interview on NPR with Bill O'Reilly...   it was like Reality=Radio.  Now, i know she soft-pedalled the previous interview with Al Franken and Bill pointed that out but Wow!  The eminent Mr. O'Reilly seems to be wound a little tight, even for a TV Commentator.   In his favour, Bill held his own for forty minutes and made some good distinctions between reportage and defamation.  In Terry's defense, she did conduct a pretty balanced interview, as always.   [soap=box]:  I might read his book & still avoid his slightly annoying TV show.  Still, i have to listen to Terry at werk becos she is a nice radio interviewer and all i get in the shack is NPR or classic(al) music.         Damn stink=bugs!

     Someday, jay, i'll have links to all this good stuff i merely experience...but for now i have to go check the Penta=Glows.       As always, Read at risk and Comment often--the SLACKINATOR

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

running around

What a beautiful day to run around town like a jumpy ground squirrel with his tail cut off!  Bank, farmacy, other Bank...balky engine...Grocery store  and finally Home.  It must be Tuesday if Hane is all up in paying bills [at her leisure] And i'm all itching at the Nape to accomplish all these gutless errands.  PHEW!     

     i wasn't born to do all this...i kinda fell into it back=wise.   A big shout out to Rocky, Margi & others for dropping into my little=werld.  Mean=while, many of us are more concerned with the health of Roy[attacked by tigre] in Las Vegas than the Recall drama in the west...Not that they aren't equally important?!?!     {Hey, jack--comment as you like...i know that rose Voted!}  what=ever.

     Well, that's about all i have for now.   "pardon me while i whip this out..."  --sheriff Bart, as played by Cleavon Little in "Blazing Saddles".        giggle

                 the Slack


Monday, October 6, 2003

a slightly brighter October

{it's a Glow, it shouldn't Flame}

     Dis=regard previous entry, if you dare. 

     It wasn't warm but it was Sunny.  And all the pretty girls came to drop off stuff at my Lot.  OK--maybe a half dozen.  The chipmunk wanted me to take him home...I'm the biggest nut that ground squirrel has ever seen!  Tatium Striatus i always say...

     I'm going to take a moment and spread some pathos to Jack & Rose and all the other residents of the left coast state of California...tomorro is Election day of sorts.  Good Luck!   So many choices and the worst of which is the first question---gray loves me, gray loves me not.  TO Recall, or Not to Recall--That is the essential conundrum.  After that, well, there's only One Hundred and Thirty-Five choices!!    Again, mozeltov!

     [bells in background]--be assured i am still Atoning the rest of today for the connected sins of myself, my tribe And the werld...          and i'm not really completely jewish--OH well.  It's a mitzvah.                

     [comment on my Glow in a glowing manner]--love to all, peace as well  Slac

Sunday, October 5, 2003

the harvest is in...

frustration--the gates machine took over my entry briefly...       Nevertheless, i sallied forth [with sullied flesh] to date=up my jernal. hmmm

     The tomatoes are green and the cucumbres are small...three bags of yard=waste to take 2 werk.

     There you go.  i should really load=up the microfix just to get rid of the POP=ups  The pooter is Really more trouble than it's werth!  I mean, pisha, how long does it take 4 these technoids to fix their blank CODE???  Pardon me while i leave this page And diagnose my programmes...and while i'm at it, popsters, I AM not going to PAY money 4 your short=lived fixes.  everyone who agrees---comment here or e=mail the Slaquero.  BETTER yet, call me on my Real=fone or send scathing snail=messages.  i'd add some pix but in this 'mood' which i did not choose...             frustrated

     Never mind---i'll probly just quit the whole meshugenah!

           love the like minds

            Slack, slightly put out

Friday, October 3, 2003

The end of That Chicken...

it's my Glow--it's eclectic...'twas Ever thus!   oops--you already read that.

     Well, yes i finished the chicken salad this morning and froze the remainder of the chicken soup; so technically that's the end of that Chicken.  Profuse apologies to the Vegetarians--there's just so much good stuff in white meat for this Human body.

     Rocky called this morning by cell and said,"whatchya doin'?"  She must have some Gramma=hane in her to start a fone conversation in that manner.  Fortunately for Rocky, i recognised her voice.  Any=way, the big news was that Engineering brother is up from Texas for a few days to fix our collectif length and with his peculiar Wisdom.  Haha!  Really--it will be great to have him around for a time; we love him so...

     AAAGGGHHH!  Somebody cut my Hair!  And it cost 16 dollars!  What could be next?  Like maybe i'll shave my moustache for the winter??  OR--maybe shave my entire head of the thin mousey hair that barely covers it?  Radical, yes...Impossible, no.  YOU have been advised albeit crazily.  My Female fans should comment profusely on these possible Out=comes.  [it's only Hair]

     This is taking too long, pointlessly.  Are we sure that we have to write entries every darn day?    well, folks:  comment early and often either about CHICKENS or the State of my hirsuteness.  I only promise to reply against my lesser{hair} Nature....        silly=schlack with smooch

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

almost like a tele=fone

Soooo---these are the conditions which Prevail.

     First and foremost: Thanks to everyone for all the e=mail and Instant Massages.  I am not worthy...ok, maybe i am worthy.  Keep 'em comin'.

    Speaking of IM [which could also stand for "Intentional Misspelling"], please forgive me if i 'sound strange' on the chat=field.  I think faster than i type, i think.  Altho' you all sound just like yourselves.  It's almost like the telephone!  I'll try not to be obtuse or flippant in my IMs---but you can't expect me not to sound crasy.  That's my rep.  And since the 'puter encourages multitasking'... Glowers are bound to be split=minded.  [oops -- there's an IMP now] {see also Instant message Post}  Anyway--i will try to read and understand at a rate equal to the fastness of my fingers.  Yeah--right.

  Futhermore: i have trouble writing in Abbreviati. [exempligratia: lol can mean laugh out loud, lots of love OR little old ladies]  At least to me, i like to compose complete thots before inventing short=cuts.   'nuf said.

     Life is good, werk was cool. More later as i head now to other glows & Enterprise.

     Live long and prospect,  Mr. Slack--science officer


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