Saturday, April 28, 2007


Note from a former executor:  «Hescha! When i finisht this thing, i didn't mean for evybody to move!» -tatcwp-  Friday, April 27, 2007...drixxly & cool

LOCAL NEWS: Yesterday, outside my very parapet, the school=children Cheered as the gang from our Armory passed by in buses on their deployment. I wish they didn't have to go But i wish them bettre to have a good Term.  Meanwhile, the property tax relief is not at all coming this Year from the CASINOES, some of which are already open for business. So, where is the money going?? Just a query^  Fortunately, there is anothre primary election coming up on May 15th. It's mostly municipal but even independents can VOTE on certain ballot questions. Remembre~change comes from having a purple fingre, not from the mouths of Politicos. Think, Act, Vote.

NATIONAL NEWS: STEPHEN HAWKING can float! The fysicist who ably & disably sits in the chair of SIR ISAAC NEWTON took a ride on the zero=g plane and experienced fully a suspension of one of the smallest, strongest Forces in the universe. Good news for NASA!  [go to him^ for an Explanation of gravity]{There is othre National News, but i like the bright schtuff.} Think, Act, Float. Nix Besser.  Of the rest of life, i have Places to see And People to be... Amorro, slac

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