Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Who put the mess in messuage?

And why won't my appurtenances

get along with my heriditaments?

[rhetoric^] Tuesday, 25 July, 2006...

i've never had a parapet before, but

i do now. Comes in handy,too. The

Reddy Kilowatt hard=hat is out there,

getting a good airing. Electrify!

My newest cherch is Lutheran...if it

was good enuf for UnkaDonald &

AuntBelle, it's good enuf for me. Plus+,

it is walkable and they serve the

sacrament in both species. Yet~i detect

noticeable differences in the doxology.

{the ENGINEER has the Dictionary; i

already know most of the werds}

I missed @ least two (2) lettres on the

Sun=Day NYT crosswerd puxxle; but i

made up for it by meeting WILL SHORTZ

in person that very same day. He and

LIANE HANSEN of NPR were in Town

to preview "Wordplay", the movie about

crosswerd puxxles. GO see it! It's very

funny & entertaining. And you don't have

to be a verbivore to enjoy it. Editorial!

Mean=while & all=togethre--i am schtill

unpacking parts of my TimeMachine from

various boxes; i hope Nobody noticed that

things were screwed up in the werld on

account of it. SHE should be entirely

recalibrated by August the First. *hush*

^thereyago&thusitis^ ~slac~

Friday, July 21, 2006


Friday, 21 July, 2006...i believe they put a Man

on the Moon...maybe even more than one.

Sports Predictions Summer And Six:

A French girl will win WIMBLEDON.

Italy will go all the way in Soccer. The Answer

[Allen Iverson] will hold out for better offers

from any=where in NORTH AMERICA.

Barbaro [the Horse] will have iffy days.

And othre things...

Local News: A Filadelfia purveyor of hot

sandwiches insisted that his customers use

the King's/Queen's English when visiting his

establishment, causing the Following ancillary

political actions: A slew of English=Only laws,

a revisit by the US SENATE of an amendment

to curtail immolations of Old Glory AND the

proposal by a PENNSY Mayor to check the

immigration status of every resident of his

City. [Takes your mind off the War and other

pressing matters, don't it?] And all i wanted

was a "grinder" widout schpray=on=cheese.

The Bug Report: good year for schtinging

insects & junebugs...i was even bitten by a

biting fly just the other day & i don't live any

where near the Beach! Also, many big moths.

The Bird Report: more and more egrets and

sea=gulls are flying inland; i don't know the

reason for this, but i suspect it has something

to do with food & floods.

I would make werds on the global news but

it's just such a Fleegle mess, i wouldn't know

where to schtart. So~i'll just send out my usual

cautionary message to the troublemakers:

HEY! Cut the Crud!


That'll catch=me=up for the Time being^

Appreciata for hangin' in the flux...


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Pardon me while i reconfigger...

From box to box & all=to.

There are no days off in estate

werk! ~anon~

The IMPster hey stranger

MotionMac hey bud

The IMPster 2 never see you online any more

MotionMac 2 somewhat busy

The IMPster 3 I guess.....find an apartmnt yet?

MotionMac 3 youbetcha

The IMPster 3 way cool! do tell!

MotionMac come visit after (Month)

The IMPster address?

MotionMac (Place), near skool

The IMPster 5 street?

MotionMac 5 yeah

MotionMac 5 it's on a schtreet

The IMPster 5 what street?

MotionMac 6 near (numbre)

The IMPster 6 Maizy wants to know what street?

MotionMac 7 how's Maizy?

The IMPster 7 ok, but curious about the name of

the street you will be living on!!!

MotionMac 7 natch

The IMPster []

MotionMac evything in play

The IMPster ok

The IMPster 9 (Street) or (Street)?

MotionMac 9 (Street)

The IMPster 9 cool

MotionMac 20 gif a call, by her=self

The IMPster 20 now?

MotionMac 20 i'm bouncing off

The IMPster 20 ok

^IMP edited for nomenclature^

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IMPster 6 hey stranger!!!!

MotionMac 7 hey bud

MotionMac 7 thundering here...

IMPster 8 how's the new digs,

and the new life?

MotionMac 8 coooool

IMPster /smiley/

MotionMac thanks

IMPster need anything?

MotionMac not really

IMPster 0 lamps? tables? nic-nacs?

MotionMac 0 nawthing,

as the dutch say

IMPster 0 ok

MotionMac kiss maisy 4 me

IMPster will do

MotionMac date=up the glow soon

IMPster gooood

MotionMac lata dude

IMPster byeeee

MotionMac ta

IMPster 3 /smiley/

^IMP edited for proddling^




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