Saturday, December 31, 2005


And those things which are not yet

Perfect are approaching that state

in their own sweet moment.

prospero nuevo anno...

Ad Vitam aut Culpam...Should auld acquaintance

be forgot, and never brot to mind; Should auld

acquaintance be forgot, and days of auld lang syne.

Saturday, 31 December, 2005---soon to be 1/1/And6...

It is Traditional to prepare pork und sauerkraut on

New Year's Day. There=fore, i'm cooking a baba

Chili! It's the contrariness which runs in my Fambly.

Along with othre things. De Gustibus non Disputandam.

Bless my Saturnalia! WAS i schpeaking LATIN? With

none than a little German & Scotch thrown in?

Meanwhile & else, if it's night=mid where You are, here's

a slacbuss and a fluteklink for Glowing so good through

out the Whole Year. [don't let those foxtrot banner ads

make you dixxy.] And amember as you dance until dawn

that WE have a whole 'nother Year 2 right the werld.

{Comment early & often~the slac don't post on Sunday}

The anagram for advertiseurs is 'WHEN PAY PAYER?'

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Tuesday, December 27, 2005...It was Christmas.

It was cold. It was wet. I know! Let's GO TO THE

BEACH! {Here's the funny part--two of us actually

went Schwimming.} Cat, the Engineer & Blade

picked me up on Sunday morning and we Rode

North, yes NORTH^ to the dismal shores of Long

Island Sound. It rained almost the entire time we

were there; the post=solstice orb only began to

peek out on our Journey home. CONNECTICUT!

Less=the=never, it is a cozy cottage to gather

at as a Fambly around the Holidays. And there are

few better Hosts & Hostesses than Maizy & PapaLou.

Especially when they are already entertaining one of

their favourite grand=sons [Wyatt] and his lovely

parents. Such a more perfect crowd of nine you

could not find...a playful group of love gathered

around a pellet stove. OH! i nearly forgot the pets!

Three cats there were but only the Black one was

asociable to any=one; Molly, the familiar Shepherd

of the Nephew(s) was a most Gracious & Patient

canine. [i should know~i walked her twice and she

was Glad of my company.] Such a Christmas we will

not soon forget for its Essential goodness...

Back=Flash: Seems like only yester=day (1995) that

Mac drove me up to the same=self environs in the

green=ghost for the capsizer's Graduation from the

USCGA. We stayed in a very nice rental cottage with

the Engineer & his crew. Uncle Donald was there as

well and we all played foot=ball on the beach. That

was a good party even 'tho Mac lost his blue blankie.

Doctor JOYCE BROTHERS was the Commencement

speaker & we all got facial sunburn. [In May, yet.]

ON the return trip to New Paltz we schplit the gang

3 + 3...Two engineers & Rocky in the green car,

Cat, me & Blade in the Red one. [its 'name' was Rex]

I wondre where that BLANKET is now? hmmm...

How do you serve Christmas dinner in a one floor

cottage? BUFFET STYLE, of gourse! We demolished

half a breast of a twenty pound (20 Lb.) turkey and

most ofa canned ham. With home=made mashed

potatoes, schtuffing and green beans almondine.

{True to my Impression of my Dad, i schtripped the

bird carcass...BUT, we didn't save it for Soop.} The

next night, the newlyweds made Lasagna. To say

nothing of the Squash soop, Maizy's Tiramisu and all

the other confectionary items WE consumed. Some

of these people KNOW how to cook! Which is a very

good thing acause Our side of the Fambly knows how

to eat. *snarf*gobble*smack*inhale*sample*snarf

[Cat and i also hit the breakfast bar @ one of Kay's

hotels pretty hard on the two mornings we were there]

Too soon, the four of us were South=bound in heavy

Traffic---with the engineer demonstrating all the points

of interest & the POWER STATIONS. [just like Mac...]

We had a late lunch @ the Blauvelt Coach Diner and

our Waitress was very good to us. With the lingering

sun still setting too soon, we bumpt into a Terrible

mess at the PANJ bordre. Some=how, our intrepid

Pilot guided us through it; i'll say it now and i'll say it

again---My brother can drive me any=where. Truth.

Imagine what that beach will be like once the Good

Weathre comes! HAPPY NEW YEAR! holiday hugs~


December 28, 2005^

Friday, December 23, 2005


An Edited repository of Holiday Posts...

Hope strides on the impervious

werld~calls our attention to

Poverty & Peace. Fear Not!

The candles of this Age i light thus

earnestly for salvation & rebirth...

OR to the G who guides us through

the passage of troubles. He made

the werld & we but live in it.

Blessings on all, of whatever

circumstance---the Angels are

all around & His kingdom is open

to all his children. 12/15/04^

- - - -12/19/04>- - - -

We are appraised and apprised of

the Light which comes into the

World---and Anoint it with our

brief tears. Immanuel.

He calls us to his Heart because

He requires our counsel. His

balm is our Salve=ation.

Do i believe in miracles? Of course.

It is the week of such things.

As cold & bitter as today was, tomorro

the Light will extend itself through the

remainder of winter---getting longer,

brighter and more beautiful toward the

rising of Flowers. Planets of confluence,

i believe i see a star in the East!

12/22/And4^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Regardless of troubles and as

the Day finds You--i pray that

you are surrounded by joyful

children on Christmas Day &

That the werld of your werld

is as bright as the one which

found a Deliverer twenty

centuries ago... And that WE

have a Very Merry Christmas

on which small Tim would

say again,"God bless us,

Every=one!" 12/23/And4^

He is only a babe in a cradle with

His own stable signs...the vitals of

our vitals which gather us toward

his ponderific destiny. Miracles!

And a Happy Kwanzaa to my friend

Darney who cared for Hane like she

is his own fair mother. And might

again appreciate her lightness.

It can be Hoped^ (12-27-04...)

Gospel, my friends---i am a minor

Prince in the Pantheon of such.

Tonight, i shall dream of

Miracles. 29 December, 2004

{Reposited & Reposted in Loving Memory

of Hane, Mac, Bertha, Josephine, Charles...

AND all the Angels & Pets of this Year who

Flutter about them, praising a Child.}




Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ya cain't spell PATRIOT without Eavesdropping.

Wait! That isn't Right. No wonder the SENATE let

it drop. I'll have to borro a few strange boox from

the LIBERRY to figger this one out. *shrug*

So~i was watching PREDATOR the other day and

i thot,"Heck! Why can't Carl Weathers simply run

for President in And8? He could jump right over

that governeur thang!" [the only woman he could

not defeat would be Condi.] Rhymes with 'pitch':

Two (2) ranch=hands travel to Japan & learn the

ways of samurai geishas, only to catch a ship bound

for an Island of remarkable creatures looking to

capture a very large gorilla. BUT, on their way back

to the land=main with said gorilla, they strike an

ICEBERG which turns the ship Up=Side Down!

(Howard Stern could play the Roddy MacDowell part.)

With animations by PIXAR/Burton...perhaps. *itch*

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Title: The End of Autumn & i'm Running Around Like

It's Just Another Tuesday...Go, Car, Go

Tuesday, 20 December, 2005...

Mood: baffled by the surreptitious hubris, early

Musik: [secret] the Media=Player is only a faer Radio

Video: Yesterday, i schtumbled onto Kirstie Alley's

first appearance on Match Game! Amazing & rare

Joke: "How can you tell when the NSA is bouncing to

your blog?" "Ya cain't~it's a damned secret."

Thot: "What would Jack Anderson and John Spencer

really like to say about these BANNER ADS? From

where they're at right now i mean..."

That's enuf hilarity 4 one day^ END of PROLOG 1

~bank~ethyl~grox~laundry~& bouncing~tapslac

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Title: Standing By 4 Good News

Your Xmas reposit from the Slac>>

>mit alteraxns:

Mood: Apprehensif AND hope=ful

Music: Boogie Nights @ the Grox=schtore

Weathre: Icy night=over, only Rainy to=day

Condition: disemployed yet well regarded...

Menu: the end of Chicken soop

Observatus: "unexpected &

wonderful things Happen all the

year round; but it's on the Holidays

that we Notice their significance.

It's a neurokinetic alignment."


Fambly news~[edited>]

We are collectively Praying...

Conjoin Our hospitality/holiday!

[anecdote deleted>]

Bob Cratchit said as much in that story:

"TIM did not mind that people stared at him

for being a cripple...He said that it was good

they should remember on such a day, Who it

was who made the lame to walk And the blind

to see..." --Apologia^ Charles Dickens

Regardless of all^, i will Praise the

Spirit which allows the werld's redeeming and Rain

prayers of Hope & Light on All who join

this bright Season as it arrives. More=so=much on

the Doctors & Nurses attending their Charges~~

They will Love everyone

to their best ability.

Pray/Pray: Peace On Earth, GoodWill

toward Us~~sentimentalslac^


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Monday, December 12, 2005...i can

scarcely pondre what Richard Pryor

and Eugene McCarthy are talking

about in that great ante=room...

EM: You're that funny negro from the

Merv Griffin Show, aren't you?

RP: And you're that honky who ran for

President, right?

{Wait till they meet the bridge=club!}

*prologue* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Apparently i dug the garage out well

enuf to carry the Ghost on her travels.

She loves the cold, crunchy, slushy

meanderings even more than i. And altho

i some=times leave her in the bungalow

while i force my feet 2 better ends...she

does not complain of it, much. Good car.

My boots should be so relyable^^

title~Running with the Engineer

feeling~less drippy than yesterday


musik~Le Freak @ the grox store?

thot~"It's nice to have a helper...then it

doesn't look so much like you're talking to

yourself as you run around."

Tuesday, December 13, 2005...i would tell

you where we went & what we accomplisht

but that might lead 2 advertising in the

long run. And WE wouldn't want to oversell

this page @ this juncture. Not when so many

are doing it for us. Suffice 2 say that me and

the engineer did the most necessary werk

on this side of the river AND we didn't waste

very many resources doing it either. Ethyl!

He drives the black=beauty toward Advocacy

without mentioning Make nor Model! With

such good englisch, yet^ ~advoslacNOT


Thursday, December 8, 2005


"All we are Saying, is give PEACE

a chance..." --John Lennon 1968

December 1941: Congress Declares

War, United States will join fight

against Axis Powers

"Get your hands off me, you Damn

dirty ape!" --Charleton Heston 1969

"They will turn their Swords into

plowshares and their Spears into

pruning hooks...and practise the Art

of War no more." --Micah

"Alright~who gave these monkeys

modulator/demodulators?" --slac 2012

Friday, December 09, 2005...SCHNOW! And a goodly

amount of it too. Makes ya wanna hunker in the bunker,

i mean--bundle up and Shovel for 15 minutes at a time. Then

have some piping chicken noodle SOOP! And check in on the

bodacious weathre=girls & their reportage in the field.

{The schmart ones wear HATS} This^ is not a weathre

report. I was gonna rant about the banner ads, but i think

i'll just schtew in my juices until i'm feeling a bit more

diatribic; there are better Jeremiahs out there already doing

the good werk. PLUS+, i'd like to try to be rabidly maniacal

enuf about it 2 get my Page bumpt & shunned. A Glower

can dreme, can't one? And WE are sending e=mails to the

advertiseurs as well as DEPARTING en masse [Secret: it's

what They want so they can clean their Servers before the

Holiday Rush.] I said i wasn't ranting^^

A little more HISTORY...Johannes Gutenberg is famous for

his extra=ordinary luck & perseverance. He was the first

person who had each & every one of these three (3) things:

>PAPER [an Egyptian invention, originally beaten from reeds]

>INK [a long=time Artistic medium, seldom perfected]

>MOVABLE TYPE-PRESS [a strange new technology]

Without the triumvirate of these, Johnny woulda just been

anothre dirty european page=presser...totally un=celebrated.

More recently, Randolph Hearst was

rumoured to have sent a telegram to

the Southern Hemisphere about the

Impending Spanish-American conflict:

[i parafrase,] "Send us the photographs

and we will manufacture the WAR."


Tuesday, December 6, 2005


"That slack...He ignores the adverts even more on

SUNDAY, if that's possible." ~heard=over on Web~

The dog & bird & bug Report...Decembre And five>

One of my Customers had to put down his companion

this week. Dixie was a gorgeous Golden Retriever who

attained the Age of Fifteen (15) years, eight Months.

And she was a beautiful example of the canine species

whenever i met her @ the Yard...a well=behaved lass,

devoted to her master. [He told me the news as i was

warming in the slack=shack, waiting for Santa; my boof

is thus a rarefied Confessional.] IF such pets ought to

go to Elysium, Dixie deserves as much as anothre.

I was walking through the liquor schtore parking Lot

when i noticed the seagulls. There were at least two of

these cat=sized white winged wonders bomb diving the

feckless pigeons off the ARTHAUS THEATRE roof! On a

crunchy, schnowy Day no less. The jerseygirl will advise

me of HOW these Jonathans come 2 travel so far land=in!

I know we have good junkfood in the Walley for these

Aviaries to sample, but the commuting must be crasy...

even for birds. Urbanic sea=birds---what's next?

Goodnight, sleep tight, Don't let the bed=bugs bite.

It's a little thing we sing 2 children when they are warm

and comfy on their nice clean mattresses. Only, Now,

those schleeping boxes are not so Healthy by recent

reports. There's no shame in telling your Hotelier that

you've experienced a rash of uninvited fact,

it's probly the right thing to do! Report the infesters.

Then, warsh your own clothes in very Hot Water.

Pediculosis? Even more=so...Don't pass it on. *scratch*


Kay and Harry are winging their way back 2 EUROPE.

I know this becos she tried to call me from the Aerport,

but i was napping. My seester & i are sometimes at

cross=purposes, but we come by it naturally. We share

a certain inverse proportionality in life experiences...

She left every skool i ever entered And i departed every

skool she ever went into. She had a special attachment

to the Patriarch; i have had an unusually close relation

with the Mother. And many other topsy-turvies. Yet, for

all our profound and inimical differences, we enjoy some

remarkable complementarities. I'd say if it weren't for

the eight (8) year separation in age, Kay & i coulda been

fraternal/sororital TWINS! It's a crasy theory but as crasy

theories go, it Holds a certain arguable charm. UNTIL it is

negated by others! And if it isn't a cosmic joke of some

sort, at least WE can remember & tell it well. Varicose...

[mean=while, Cat has acquired a new schtray...they call

him MacGyver becos he schnuck into the haus. And he's a

feline by all accounts & that's better than coming into

possession of another Puppy. Wrong=me=not=get! I love

the dogs...i just don't want to OWN one.] *woof/meow*


Friday, December 2, 2005


IN MEMORIAM: On seeing a poster of a

karate master chopping a log in half, Daniel

Russo asks his sensei,"Mister Miyagi! Can

you do that?" ..."Don't know--never been attacked

by tree." Pat Morita elevated & enhanced his

lineage, even when he was forced to play Eastern

stereotypes on the big & small screens. Plus+,

he was a genuinely funny man. Surely, as an

Angel he will still advise his companions,"Don't

forget to Breathe--very important." Thanx Pat.

Wednesday, 30 November, 2005...

Political Content: Meanwhile, in Washington,

the War Secretary used an unusual verbiage

which was followed by equally strange werds in

a speech by the Chief Commander. DONALD

spoke of not having an arbitrary deadline for

troop withdrawals [or considerations thereof] AND

his perfect Superior, the President made mention

of not believing in an artificial timetable. Now, i'm

not one to lean Aport on such complicated matters,

but isn't a dead=line naturally, perfectly Arbitrary?

More=over, isn't a timetable prima facie somewhat

REAL to the persons constructing it?? What planning

can be accomplisht if end-points are not fixed on a

reliably constructed Calendar? It pondres me much

as i am both a student of Logic & Mathematix!

[perhaps our Leaders have a more refined sense of

TIME & SPACE which i do not yet ken...perhaps.]

Less=the=never, i trust that bright minds & Hearts

will one Day make a good Report to Mr. Murtha.


Title--the Creeping Buddha


Music--the best of Bread...borroed cd

Wideo--[er~Whirlygig pulverises Romano]

Menu--Chicken Broth>Chicken Soop...made=home

Joke--"What do you say to a Gorilla wearing Earmuffs?"

"Anything you want...he can't hear you anyway."

~Reader's Digest~

anagram--How rate the Tear?

Friday, 02 December, 2005...Holy Crud! That's XMAS

music on the car radidio! Where did the fleegle year go?

I do haf to get my sheet togethre before boxing day.

Two Thousand & Five will be amembered as the year

that: Slack was called 2 jury=duty, John Kerry was

called 2 jury=duty AND George Walker Bush was called

2 jury=duty. Amazing coincidental parallelism, that. Only

33% of us actually Served in said Capacity as of Press

time. [a very old man will one day be askt,"Granpa, what

happened in 2005?" He will answer,"And five? Why that

was the Year of the Judiciary!"] Observata...

I am remiss of true memorialisation becos there are Now

more departing celebrated angels than there is Time to

buss their catafalques; it's the over=populaxn Thing.




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