Wednesday, March 31, 2004


It was a dull and iffy day...the green=ghost did not like the grey and misty dullness, yet somehow the grand old monster took me to werk and back with minimal stalling.

With help from the boss, i am getting my full contingent of roll=offs.  But the weather was dreary enuf not to solicit an abundance of customers.  Being back at werk is a kind of therapy, tho.

Jim [my bro] & John [Toni's bro] stoppt in yesterday for a visit and an i've said before, we're on a long hard road to recovery {and future surgeries} but it is good news that Toni & Todd are conscious and relatively healthy, considering.  Which means, of gourse, that prayers are still required.  I'm not especially the most religious guy in the werld---but this experience has brot me closer to the Higher Power i communicate with.  Thanks yet again 4 the mercies & blessings we have received from my 'fan=club'.  I smooch you all at once herewith & to save time.

Floralillia is one of those praying angels---and she has the really cool desk=top tour going on right now.  My desk is way too messy to take a picture of, so i sent her a drawing.  I'll get the hang of this InterWebby thing, someday.  And don't forget 2 write haiku for Dancer...

ChekYall a littlelata~~slack

Monday, March 29, 2004


First & foremost:  I have to thank everyone again for joining my little praying circle.  The situation with Todd & Toni has improved slightly but they have been through a lot.  We know the Angels at the hospital are doing their best.  There is some good news but this is one of those long roads that people tread step by agonizing step.  So~the upshot is to keep praying alltogether.  As i do for all of you and the werld we live in.

  Today, I went back to werk which was a bear...I had much yard waste and only two dumpsters to put it in.  What a pile!  Hope to have all that fixed before the Big Saturday.  But it is good to be back with my customers...

Did i thank everybody for staying tuned & saying prayers?  Well, i'm doing it again.  Hope to have more and better news on the 'morro, until which i bless and love you all~slac

Saturday, March 27, 2004


This is some Bad News~

Rocky's Aunt Toni & Uncle Todd were in a very bad flying accident yesterday.  They crashed their ultralight & are both in Intensive care.  We are praying constantly for them And I am asking for like prayers from my online friends.  Including the girls of mine for whom i am also praying.  It is therefor a kind of prayer circle I am requesting~~that equal blessings & comfort rain down on participants and pleaders alltogether.  We all thank you in advance and I hope to have better news tomorrow.

Meanwhile, for lightness, you can still participate in yesterday's test.  Love 2 All 


Friday, March 26, 2004




The name "slacbacmac" was created:

a) At birth

b) In skool

c) In the bingo days

d) on=line

e) by Accident


True or false:

The green=ghost is a person.

Slac wears glasses.

George Plimpton is dead.

Maisie is a grand-mother.


Essay (ten werds or less)

I want to write like slac becos...


Extra credit:

Compose a four line poem about

"Glowing" in 1 of the folloing

languages: American English,

British English, French, Italian,

Spanish, Yiddish OR slackspeak

AND submit by e=mail<


Students will be graded on an

extreme curve~~ Dancer is the

student advisor. begin

Thursday, March 25, 2004


Hane goes,"Stamps & Ice Creme, I must have stamps & Ice Creme!"     <title?

So Anyway, the dark and mysterious figger wanders thru the West end of Town...he loves going to the Postal Station & can be occasionally persuaded to purchase a half gallon of Chocolate at the local creamery.  Black suede boots shuffling in the grey mid-afternoon, Black jean=jacket & umbrella...altho it is not raining just then.  A cloth bag is his other companion.  He strides thru the essence of a brief yet important accomplishment.  He is full up with cabbage noodles & chocolate coffee, maybe a glazed fastnacht~the thin dark figger pondres,"Am i the idle of my Age?"  The sidewalk does not answer.

What in the name of Renee O'Connor was that^ all about?  Especial shouts to all my Visitories!  We hang, we schmooze, we answer e=mails about our favourite laundry soap.  It clarifies the mind without muddying the fingers. OR does it?  Well, it doesn't bother me so much here & again.  I should pimp all the writers who pimp me~~yet i don't know what that means.  So instead of burning my brain on rhetoric, the slack shall wandre off 2 the Penta=Glows and also read haiku [you know who you are]  sub umbra me

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


This is the colour of the remaining brisket...have added especial PA~Dutch eggnoodles.  Won't be long now...[slac has the cast=iron stomach]

Took the green=ghost for a round trip to the grox {grocery} store; mostly the schtuff Hane loves: decaf cola, cranberry cocktail, tomato juice, boxt potatoes & bananas. [potassium deficiency, any=one?] Cheddar cheese & broccoli...chicken broth.  And speaking of the shunky, i must empty it forthwith & toute de suite.

I love my new check=card~~i spent like 20 $ on the grox & got 20 $ back!  To play around with.  It gives me a sense of power to play banking mogul at the local food=merchant.

Get me wrong not! i still prefer to use cash in my everyday transactions---it feels so crisp in my wallet.  This, too, shall pass.  The weathre is still cold but sunny~~perfect for schlurping the cabbage flavoured noodles.  And positing just how to insert random spurious equal=signs.

Vroom Vroom & soon the back to werk...  fleetfooted slac

Sunday, March 21, 2004


Quel surprise!

I wondre if this will werk...

OH, Well~~it's a lazy Sunday and i am apt

to try any=thing. Once.

Rocky & her tribbles, Dancer is fully

represented as #4200... c'est magnifique.

Hane is schleeping thru Viva Las Vegas.

Chekme but don't elekme~~

I am nothing if not Experimental, or maybe just mental.  Smooches all=round... what dremes may come.         on the 'morro, hmm

Saturday, March 20, 2004


Hey, there, 4200!

Leave a note & we'll get back to you.  Is it my imagination or is there a lot of basketball going on?  Still finishing corned beef...  a brief slack

Friday, March 19, 2004


TITLE: Melting, Melting


Speaking of Star Trek, and who was...

the late Brian Keith was on a episode

of DS9 today. [And Vito Scotti was on

yet another Columbo] SO~~i'm giving

belated epigrams to Paul Winfield,

Mercedes McCambridge, JJ Jackson

et alia. For the record, dying sux!


No, Dancer, Commander Data did not

confer with me about the cat=pote on

STNG. And yes, Roc, i remember well

the kittens--altho my all=time favourite

episode is when Data builds a dafter.

It always brings me to tears when Lal



The trick to boiling a brisket [or many

other things] is not to Boil it at all,

but to put it on such a strong simmer

that the flavour infuses the pot, water

& cover. That's right---keep the cover

on and slow cook everything. Of gourse

this doesn't apply 2 rice, pasta, etc.


Naturally, flo, my time=machine has a

weather rheostat [unconnected to the

temporal field aggrandisers]...tell no

one! I must have fixt it pretty good

becos that last schnowstorm fixxled

out early this morning. But i haven't

put away my SHOVEL. Mean=while,

remember: there are no such things

as Time=Machines. *wink*


Hey, if it weren't the Future, we

might not want to live there...

the quantum~slack

Thursday, March 18, 2004


Title:  It's not a National Holiday??

The brisket, she is half finisht.  I cooked it pretty good, all day on the day [that rarely happens].  And no, i did not have green beer {?!}...just regular yellow Pilsner.  As for not writing an entry: i was too busy reading my Irish e=mail and catching up on the other glows.  All were naturally festive.  I was also busy guarding me pot-o'-gold And me lucky charms.

One more schnow=storm, and then SPRING!  turaluralura...

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


The following entry has been postponed due to blizzardly weathre:

I have so got to send David Carradine royalties.  And buy the new David [dvd].  Clinging the cocoon of the silkworm...

On such a snowy day here in slacwerld, i have been especially dedicated to reconnecting with my favourite Glows.  But as Ringo still sings,"It don't come Easy."  Still, if y'all grand Glowers run up against a spurious comment or two~~it's not a bad on me or you but a natural cycle of visiting & revisiting, discovering and rediscovering.

My time=machine is almost fixt; sorry about the unusual snow=fall.  Post me the many comments about my inadvertent causalities...

Then: loop it back upon your own web=site, becos this entry has been postponed^

----not on werdpad----------


Monday, March 15, 2004


Title: The Ides of March


Refunds! We have Refunds!

And it's just enuf cabbeej to see

me thru until i go back to werk.

[i kid~~there's more than enuf

money and i don't have a loose

perse] Now if only i could

remember how to sign my name.

Speaking of cabbeej, the frisky

brisky has been bot along with

red potats & 2 heads of cabbeej.

I'll probly start cooking tomorro

morning. It pondres me tho what

the non=Irish eat on March 17.

I'm sure someone will advise.

There are crocuses coming up

in the yard i just noticed...But we

are not out of the winter yet.

Still, the yard=werk is not at all

far away. Or as Chance Gardener

might say,"There will be growth in

the spring."

And for all the politicians who

appear before the Senate today:

Wear body armour, 'cos some of the

Italian guys still carry stilletoes.

And i don't mean heels. [unless you

count Hillary, of gourse] Relax, it's

a Latin joke. et tu, Slaquus?

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Thanx karyn...

TITLE: a cool March Sunday


I so hate those terrorists who

cut short Hans' trip to Madrid.

There is no honour in them.


I missed one letter in the happens, sometimes.

It was a bit too cold to watch

the St. Pat's Day Parade. And

i don't have my brisket, yet.

But the shunky is clean. Hane

is watching all the basketball.

My 'putre is slow--probly cos

it's full of schtuff. But i have

taken a chill pill regarding my

last disconnected entry. Dancer

was good enough to IMP me

yesterday and smoothed my

hackles. I also wish to thank

the other Glowers who took the

time to tell me to refocus my

energy where it belongs--toward

creative endeavours. Altho' to

tell the truth, it did feel good to

Rant for a brief time. I come by

my short temper honestly; just

ask my siblings. [when they aren't

hopping mad about crud]


Meanwhile, my students are

already doing their exercises in

HTWLSBM {howtowritelikeslacbac

mac}. You are all pulling a B+

thus=far...but be careful: the

prospectus & lesson plan is

coming soon. [i feel like John

Houseman from the Paper Chase]


But for today, that is all. Dr. Slac

Friday, March 12, 2004


... I am severely PERTURBED.

...  Bump me at Risk...  {text has been edited of the vitriole and invective}^  It just makes me crasy to write 80% of an entry--then the beast turns itself off without even a chance of saving.  [like what i write is important]  Thanx 4 the empathies below>               ~Author

Thursday, March 11, 2004


Title: the Slacbac Invitational...

   The forum, she is still open.  Some of my lurkers haven't rung in---Oh well.

   Meanwhile, i have to send out especial courage to the have got it all over me with the schtuff.  The simple slack is behind you all the way.  Twas ever Thus.

Mean=while it is forgiveness i beg from the Dancer whose birthday has just passt~~but everyone should visit her Interactif haiku site, it's the big Sheet 4 sure. And it's easy to become a Poet there.  Just remember 2 count your syllables~mumsy is a harsh poetical mistress.  I kid, she's a recently day=birfed sweety.

Hane is all about the Pumpkin=pie & also asking,"When are you getting the corned beef and cabbage?"  It happens around this time in Irish famblies.  I can barely keep the Matriarch in bananas & tomato juice [and Oxygen].  And now i haf 2 buy potatoes no less.  It trubbles my less than invalid filosofy at long & at last~~where was i?

Slack does not beg the question---it grates his Nerve.

For=there^, visit only my best journalers especial and i might go meatless tomorro, only for Sake=Appearance...

   Forum-open, invitationally, slack the Glow~Macster

Tuesday, March 9, 2004


Title: Still an Open Forum~~

[read & comment on below entry]  And the party was stupendous.  Or so i've heard.

{Invitational}: Yesterday i opened my page to all my fans and guess what?  A cat=fight broke out!  I should be used to it by now.  OH! Wait! i do crave the attention.  Over=more i love my girls equally---including all the beauties abof^.  But mostly,  i'm related to them.  Yet, the rest of you---in the werds of Austin Powers,"behave".  And smooch your hubbies especial, just a suggestion. And pay their Insurance Premiums.

Or mine...i'm probly only good for anothre fifty or sixty years.  And without playing the favourites, i have noticed on occasion that Maisie resembles Karyn.  Not as Christian perhaps but pretty~~hmmm.

Never mind, i am holding the especial beauties in equal regard & keeping the Invitational open 2 every=one.  And when i say every=one, i mean alien sewer=mutants as well...and flattery aside, it's a wide open forum!   [no regrets] slak

Monday, March 8, 2004



I've been reading my old old entries and decided arbitrarily that all my especial visitors might chime in on...what is the direction of this glow, alltogethre.

It's a filosofical question, basically.  What is read in & what is read out?  Did i mention that it's an open forum?

That is: all filosfies & languages will be accepted & considered...Art, poetry, pictures, music & whatever.  And feel free to post in all formats. [e=mail, links, comments]

For myself, i shall attempt 2 date=up my fambly history/outline & perhaps write a brief treatise on "How to write like Slacbacmac" [and that will take more than a fortnight].  Hey, it's not homework, it's a gauntlet.  Feel free to read the entire record...

Smooches & regards 2 all takers;

my morning coffee will taste especially bittersweet, allto.   begin     

Sunday, March 7, 2004



The Sunday routine...wake up & make mocha, eat glazed donut, salsa grits~~more grits with two fried eggs, second mocha...mmm.  Watch spongebob, complete puzzle entirely correct.  More video [up 2 myth=busters]...hane rises.  Piddle around, 3rd moka, second glazed fastnacht.  Shave face lazily.

Fone rings, Hane answers~~it's no less than Kay und Harry from Germany!  They have snow over there [and we don't]. Minor miracles that Hane uses the fone deftly {not deafly} & Kay's fone=battery lasts during the entire conversation.

Drive the green=ghost 2 the bank, grox store [cigs], chicken=lounge [beer] and home.  Good car!  Go line=on, visit sponge=monkey site, read last entry comments...Wow! i've got right up to this point and not made a single joke!  Perhaps watching the Simpsons & Arrested Development will cure the ennui de Sunday [i forget the French 4 Sunday].  And we will get snow again soon enuf.  Over=nite...

Happy Happy Rocky~~the party is just beginning!  lata

Saturday, March 6, 2004

I AM 3900!!

Title:  Meeting the Matriarch

Today was Anne's bridal showre on the mountain.  It's probably still going on.  Party, party!  Never=the=less, Anne & Matt were good enough to drop by to meet Hane and her crasy avuncular care=taker.  It's not like they haven't spent enough time on the Road.

Irregardless, the young man who has captured Anne's heart is quite the admirable gentleman as i predicted.  They make a nice pair--and we were glad they took time out to stop at our hovel.  And a good thing i remembered to dump the Shunky!

And then, the sun came out~~and i spent some time on the penta=glows.  I recommend all of them.

OH, Yeah!  If you want the up=skinny on those quizno=hamsters, visit the Muse & read deep.  Mean=while, on the mountain, Matt has a handful of meeting the rest of his intended fambly.  But, hey, if he loves Annie~~that's 3/4ths of the adventure.  And we will get Hane 2 that wedding in May---strappt 2 a car with Oxygen if necessary.  And for now, i can only think of glazed donuts and the Sunday Puzzle...smooches to all~~proud uncle slack

Friday, March 5, 2004




by billy forbes



let the masses run and hide

the grass is dying---

the lower class has taken us

for a ride


i dreamt of the scene in a dark,

firelit parking lot of decadence

people putting values on things

that make least sense



the cars run over themselves

and die...the reef has trapped

the ship of ignorance

on rocks of knowledged lies




by Astinerzo Rinunzo


Hold me ever so close

Administer (me) the Lethal Dose

pick out for me a daisy or

A Lily one of those


For thou hast slain me

even where I stand

Thou hast banished me

to a surely foreign land


I have been a child in

your arms my friend

With luck and love

a man to prove again

We may have seen inside the Soul

and perhaps even Known the fruitful Fold


And thou hast conquered

like a king from very far

with my Galaxy collided

Thou art but my fatal star


Kiss me once and I shall fall

into the harmony of your every call

Bid me onward to provide your all

Thou hast blinded me of sun

and moon and even candlelight

I am what's left as you can right

We are the stillness of the snowy

sleepy winter's night.


Amazing~~two disparate poets appearing on the same page!  I'll get the hang of this back=wise at last.  I feel like a conduit...or maybe an enabler.  Now if only i could reply to the voices in my forgetful brain.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004


Title:  Art 4 Arts' Sake

If you think you've seen these art=werks have.  Unless of gourse, you're not reading the deep=enuf.  It's a visual medium as far as i'm concerned. [tell that 2 my Impers & e=mailers!]  I swear that in about 90 days (same as Cash) i'll try to fitip movies & music.  I mean, wouldn't that be special?  I go slow because i am slow~~i also Glow in snow.  Fortunately, the weather is better than that.  Hane is watching the Jessica fresh off the Rosary & i am just filling the time date=upping the jernal.  Is that reflexif and self=referential enuf?  It pondres me as a painterly person...[and perturbs me as a poetical pilferer.]  Watch out for the synecdoche!  Hyperbolic shouts 2 all my fans... Tomorro, i could be more textual & facetious; plus i might speak less good. 

  chekme but don't elekme...

Tuesday, March 2, 2004


Title:  A walk in spring

OK~~so it took awhile 2 load these especial fotoes.  So many pages & so many steps!  Twas ever thus, recently.  Complication is my stock in trade.  And it doesn't help that i some=times forget what the heck i'm doing!

Anyway, i did make it over to the nursing=home 2 visit Cat's dad [and his patient bride].  The place was just as busy as i remember it, when my own Pop was there.  Imagine 15 variously challenged patients & an equal numbre of extremely busy nurse/caretakers.  It's a wonderment that anybody sleeps @ all in such a hotel.  I fully empathise with my brother's dad=in=law~~there has to be some timeful frustration all=round.  Nevertheless, he's holding his own with a castset foot; some of his roommates are werse off. God bless that entire staff.

ON THE GOOD NEWS: Rocky has got her Licence to drife @ last!  Now, we just haf to win her a Cadillac 2 drife around in.  [Blade is next & best for passing such a test...]  Me?  i prefer 2 walk on such b'ful days, here & there.  And visiting hospitals is no longer strange to me.  Blessings on me and mine, all included, becos it's been a somewhat rough year.  Better days & spring=like weathre are more than welcome...  chekyalata

        the slack~pictorian

Monday, March 1, 2004


Title:  That Ice Melted...

Seems like five days since i dated up the Glow.  Not that i'm all that busy---just lazy.  OR maybe i suffer the brain=freeze.  But there is plenty of news, and plenty of pictures [some of which i might eventual include^].  Cat's dad is holding his own at the nearby Rehab hostel--it's so close i could walk over to visit.  And i shall, anyday now.

Cousin Kevin, i hear, is on a deployment to the sand=box.  Those Marines are going everywhere these days and God Bless them!  The werld would be a very less safe place without my cousin [and my alia].  I praise them & pray for them because they are the source of my modicum of freedom.

Niece Annie is coming North for a bridal shower this weekend and we look forward to that.  All the crasy members of the fambly want to meet the fiance.  I'm sure Matt is a perfectly normal gentleman...we can correct that in short order.  I laff, i kid~the fambly will pretend to be normal throughout the visit.  And then?

OH Yeah!  Happy Birfday to all the Leap=day babies!  You're only as young as the incongruous calendar; and feel free 2 send me comments about your predicament.  Sometimes i get turkey for my  celebration...hmmm.

I would speak upon the Oscars but i was catching up on ENTERPRISE and some of that Star Wars movie [episode one].  Don't get me wrong~~i love the Billy Crystal.  I just can't remember the last time i sat thru the World Series of Award shows.  Maybe next year.

Now if only i could load those pictures...      slacadaisical


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