Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Random remaining political thots:  There finally is a budget in these parts.  So, it's a week late & late for the sixth time. All the new people we VOTE in might could possibly get it done for real next year. Place your bets.  BILLY BLAINE said something the othre day about his wife being,"the most qualified non=incumbent" in the Democratic field.  i believe that statement was too broadly made. Altho HILLY has never served in the office she seeks, she is an incumbent member of the Senate & and an incumbent First Lady.  It begs the question of what one means by 'incumbency'. OR lame=duckness, even.

i finally figgered out the cause of global warming. It's AL GORE, Junior. WE didn't have an inter=web afore he invented it AND we didn't really have a climate crisis until AL pointed it out to us in his movie! i'm all about the kidding on that^.  He has to take care of his way=ward son who somehow got a hybrid auto up to 100 mph on the highway.  The multiple concerts were mildly entertaining.

Tech News: Just in time for can purchase your next id=fone from MISTER JOBS for half=price iffen you can live without the touchable screen. Talk about your penalty for late Adopters! How are you going to esplain to your friends that,"Yeah~i have the it=fone...i just gave up the fingerable faceplate." *blush*

SOOP: chicken noodle [from wings & thighs]

TITLE: watch for the trick ending...

MOOD: happily expectant yet quietly doldrumic

MUSIK: BOZ SCAGGS, dirty low=down @ grox

WIDEO: NOVA ScienceNow [last night]

THOT: "Harry Potter's got to save the werld cause

the Pope's on vacation." or something similiar.

~slac~Wednesday, July 11th~

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