Thursday, June 26, 2008


Remains to be Seen, a reposit: [edited>] There might could be a budget in these parts.  So, it's a month byond & late for the seventh time. All the new people We VOTE in may will shall possibly get it done for real next year. Place your bets. Casinoes!  BILLY BLAINE said something the othre day about his wife being,"the most qualified non=incumbent" in the Democratic field.  It begs the question of what one means by 'incumbency'. OR lame=duckness, even.

i sussed out finally the Cause of global warming. It's AL GORE, Junior. WE didn't have an inter=web afore he invented it AND we've never had a climate crisis until AL pointed it out to us in his movie! [edited]

SOOP: chili actually, for the Hot week=end


MOOD: my mood is Summerific, anticipable

PUXXLE: perfect [after four previous failures]

ANAGRAMs: teas=sate=seat=tase=east

MUSIK: Steppenwolf & such, on reel...

WIDEO: not reality/game=shows ever

TEXT: Thursday, June Twenty=Sixth...Roberto & Yolanda are moving to GEORGIA with their bird. They've only lived in this Gracious building for three (3) months, but i will miss them. {love thy neighbours~it's in a book somewhere} Yesterdé was busy again for a Wezné at the Parish and one of my cuddies was schtung by a yellowjacket.  [they build small nests on the roll-offs.]  Much averse as i am to harming Any of the natural creatures, i schprayed the small nest with chemicals and killed them. Forgif!

The cure for bee=stings is simple IF one is not Xtremely allergic in the first place...(1) Remove the stinger if it can be found (2) Apply ICE or a cold compress to the area to reduce any Swelling & (3) Refrain from scratching the bite as this only increases the histamine reaction. [slac is neither fysician nor boy=scout^] Hint: avoid biting insects!

The tatium striatus was playing Hide & Seek with me around the boof yesterdé as well.  Its cheeks were full of something~but i left it anothre carrot from my schnackbag. The ground=squirl is NOT a domesticable animal, but they are fun to observe in their environs.

Speaking of creatures, the Turtle is drifing from NEVADA to INDIANA in the black beauty.  And, after visiting the Lizard [who is also in transit], he will Retourn to the land of his birf.  {they say there are no migratory patterns in the movements of humankind}  Regardless of much, i'll be glad to have him around for the schtart of anothre windy summer! Brothers! Ya gotta love 'em iffen ya haven't killed them outright during childhood. And othre things.

~that reluctantly bee=killing slac~

Monday, June 23, 2008


Truth be told...i like wading in the shallow end of the collectif Pool. Floating lazily, not splashing the other children unduly...{It's a fine Day to posit the Schwim theme} ^reposited^

SunDé, June 22nd, `8...Cuddie GARY was aside his=self yesterdé on accounta the quarry he likes to visit has fallen into Private ownership. Officer EDWARD askt me about my bus=schtop on accounta the Young man retourning a lost purse at the grox=schtore may've lifted a camera and a fone=cell from it. [i personally believe the items mighta disappeared while the hand=bag was alone.] Fame! Notoriety!  They^ come at me unbiddenèd while i go about my odrinary bidness in the grasping view of surveillance machines! Co=werker CLEM was kind enuf to drop me in Town after anothre busy Saterdé. ROCKY called me later to make sure i made it Home...{such an Angelic niece all should have}

Of gourse~the chippy also made its Presence known. i left it a coupla veggies for its hollow cheeks. There is a new young couple in the lower Apt; i've met them bof by natural Accident. i prefer to have some noise undre my feet, rather than Quietude.  A very productif & remarkable first Summer weekend, i think. Many blessings...

Monday, June 23rd, oh=eight...what will we do without GEORGE CARLIN to point out our collectif Ridiculosity? i spose we'll manage.  The bus was not crowded todé but the AC was icy cool. At least on the inbound. The chippy saw me off in the woods for the outbound. [it ate the carrot i gave it but left the celery alone] My neighbours in unit #2 are Young & bright. Iffen the wind dies down and the rivers settle, i believe it's gonna be a good summer. Happy Joy, Turtle!   ~tannable slac~

Monday, June 16, 2008


Altho' i'm not given to following the punditry, i believe i shall miss TIM RUSSERT on account of he wasn't very Xtreme toward either side. G speed^  Yesterdé was flag day, but i was busy, busy at the Yard uberfilling the bins with storm damage and what=not. AND, making stern Correxions to the infrequent 'Independent Thinkers' who clog the lines with a sense of entitlement. {werk smart not hard, i often say} Schteamy saterdé.  i pledge Allegiance to my Flag, and the republic for which it stands~One Nation,indivisible, with Liberty & Justice for All.  Bueño Dìaz de Los Padres, evybody! Dads are wonderful to have around the House, Xpecially iffen they Paid for it. [the Haus]  My Pop continues to molecularly reassemble betwixt the STRAITS OF HORMUZ and the AMAZON DELTA...with scant atomic visits land=wise thru evaporation & condensation.  But i know Xactly where the old Salt's bride is Reclining...i'll see 'em bof in raptureThe stimulus money that King George sent me has long been schpent on odrinary things.  Three (3) gasoline Companies have mailed me pre=approved appliqués for credit cards...very nice for some=one who currently doesn't own a horse=less carriage! {slac lives to bus}  Monday, June 16th, and8...we did quite well again today filling the roll=offs. [Mondé is rarely this active] The chipmunk was waiting for me at the Office--the main one, not my boof.  The rain held off until i got Home to recycle my own schtuff. JASON was watching a ball=base game from his parapet and i'm not sure if the young ones got the game "all in". No matter, TIGER WOODS had a remarkable game of his own. Oh! PORTIA de ROSSI and MISTER SULU are getting married! [just not to each othre]  Cooler weathre Amorro...>slac<

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Where in the name of Sarah Drew was i? OH~Yeah...mind the Tenses. It was hotter than the hasps on the hinges of Hades. [The day was Sultry.]  [^reposited & edited>...]

Friday, June 10, 2005...Has anybody else noticed the gas=lines reminiscent of 1973?  People are waiting in two deep lengths to fill up their tanks in the Heat of the day. [That's bad 4 the ground-lying Ozone.]  Less=the=never, it's long past time for us to cogitate these impending scenarios. Energy!  My Pop knew it was finite when he graduated college. Ever more the much=so today.

Tuesdé, June Tenth, and8...on Saterdé, i saw two (2) carcasses on the Way home--one a Possum and t'othre a Deer. The flies were Feasting. {all Flesh fails} Yester, my Parish thermometre read 111°.  [it's mounted on my chain=link fence, in direct sunlight.] Needles to Say~i consumed plenty of ice water & Avoided old man SOL!  At least the bus=rides were Free.  OH! And Master chipmunk made several Appearances for fun...The Eastern oppression should end tonight. ~cool=as=cuke~slac~

Friday, June 6, 2008



MOOD: basely Optimystic, infrequently desperate

NOISE: the dish=warsher, a scirocco breeze

WIDEO: random cartoons & the French Open

PUXXLE: somebody tell WILL & LIZ GORSKI that i did the June 1st 'Spy Glass' puxxle perfect...

SOOP: potatoes and noodles haf been up=put

MEMORY: SYDNEY POLLACK, YVES SAINT LAURENT, ELLAS BATES [bo diddley], war & disastre casualties, RFK & MLK [forty years on], the boys on the Beach at NORMANDY [more than sixty years on]

POLITICLE QUOTE: «It has been an Honor contèsting these Primaries with him.» [subtext: Hilly is holding her Delicates until the CONVENXN, acause she has a metric which blows off the Caucuses & all her people are telling her She can prevail in DENVER! DENVER!]

TEXT: Unit #2 is in Play, again. The CHERRIES have just moved up the schtreet~an Avancement for them.  [ROSE gave me a bottle of cabernet Sauvignon and a box of Farina® from their cupboards as they left...there were three (3) ball=base Games going on.] Aday, Thersday, June Fith--the landlord showed the APT to an interested & interesting Couple as i wandered down to the market. We're gonna have a heat=wave...Friday, June Sixth, and8...i just figgered out why the skool=chi'dren is getting out early! Their academic year is nearly over. i hope they have a wise & wonder filled Summer season. Veritas ~briefly-slac~


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