Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Thus and so...

The slack=shack has a new roof.

And a new table, and a corkboard

and a rack for my shovel, broom

and pitch=fork. Such wondres to

perform by public werkers in my

short absence! They must like

having me around. OR, maybe

they had needs of improving the

site of my second Home. I'll try to

keep it presentable for them and

for the Customers. Altho~now

that i have a bulletin board, maybe

i will have to posit internal memos.

Each year, a learning of werk.


Rain! A cool flood from Heaven on

Easter Monday, breezy and wet!

[it kept the true yard=werkers

away.] Radio, heater, notebook...

Lunch & the things i bring to

ope a new saison. Wet like a

duck, i am all=togethre more

attached to my good employment.

Moreso now than ever, becos

Home & Werk are Equal! Each in

their own austere perfection.

A better car or haus i could wish

for in these my terporific Days.

Yet my dremes are Astounding

to which i may Awake...

Monday, March 28, 2005^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Title: a rack of candles...

Mood: a bit dryer

Thot: "They are as glad to have

me back as i am to be back. It

just happens that way."

Good Deed: calling my near

neighbors to tell them One of

their cars has its head=lamps

on. Light! There is much light!


Wednesday, March 30, 2005...

Last night i went to a memorial

service at the nursing home.

I had to--it's a short walk and i

had more than fair notice.

Plus+, i remember how good

the chaplain was to me & mine.

[her name is Corinne, etched in

my book with all the other

bright Names.] I can't recall the

last time i lit a wick in public

Memory. Acolyte/slacolyte, there

sure are gaps in my public

service! As for the singing of

Amazing Grace & Rock of Ages,

i am a falsetto tenor at best.

But, like my old man, i sing in

spite of my limitations...or is

that Lamentations? Any=way,

after the proceedings, Corinne

came to me first; i resemble the

lost lamb on such occasions.

Yet my heart is leontine and

buried deep within. Aortic!

Coffee & cookies, what a lovely

hour---Hane's roomies were

surely asleep by that late time.


TUBES?! i could regale you

with many schtories about the

plastic lengths which extend our

brief lives; they are ubiquitous.

And quite useful under certain

Circumstances. Try looking for

one when you truly need it.

Better yet~attempt bravely to

eschew such a fake fistula when

you have doubt of its Value.

{it is important to note that

the wick of a candle is only a

tube of wax and Fire, without

which the werld could not be lit}

There you have & Thus it is.

- - - - - - - - - - ^ - - -

i saunter in sub=text and burn

brief candles for all...with

cookies Yet. ~slac~

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Friday, March 25, 2005...


One of the charities called again yester

morning asking after Hane, and instead

of telling him that she wasn't here, i said,

"she's no longer with us." Blunt like a

strike to the head. {i have also used that

same frase within the past seven years

regarding the Patriarch. Simple Truth}

One really doesn't think of people as

gone until their mail stops coming and

their voices and actions become strange

irrefutable Absences. It doesn't console

one's own experience; it's just a fact, a

loss which informs the Rising Day.

Then, still, One carries on.

{and such a Grand Mystery!}


Saturday, March 26, 2005...

It's really not that hard to be buried

Alive; it happened to one of the gentle

men who lowered the matriarch into

her snowy comfort. He mentioned the

event to me that day & i remembered

having seen the Report in the local

papre. Two hours he was seculpted

before his time in someone else's

concrete chambre, as the lid and

some earth had fallen on top of him.

Sometimes, rarely, one arrives at such

an occurence well before its appointed

Day. And you can't help but tell people

about it. [if that self=same thing had

happened to me at all, it woulda been

my last day in the cemetery business!]

They don't call it Resurrection for

nothing. With earth=movers and cell

fones yet. Have i already spoken about

this? Never mind~the persons who

should be standing upright on this cool

grey Saturday are doing so, thank G.


Where in the names of Bobby Short

and Johnny Ringo was i going with

this? I am not obsessed of such things

like a Konigsberg. More=over, like

Frederic March in Inherit the Wind,

"i do not think about things that i do

not think about." Christian filosofy!

You have to borro from it sometimes.

Especially this near to a remembered

spectacular Rising Day. Allahyulyha!


Meanwhile & else, i find myself large

on the consideration of many matters.

Like an Agent of the Representatif of

the Advocate of a Person of interest in

the Proceedings of Time and Purpose.

The eye is sharp, the hand is firm, the

Heart is open. OR~as my Dad used to

say,"What we need now is strong backs

and weak minds." Naval Wisdom.

- - - - - - - -sunderificslac- - - - - - - - -


Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Weathre: truly dismal with the cold, wet

rainy nastiness...this be Schpring?

Mood: aristocratic, sans the wealth

Music: that soporific slush they play on

the weathre & selling stations

Thot: "the gods of Our gods are not in

favour of the strangeness which visits

us; let them author the tests we are

supposed to encounter." ~slac

TITLE: Two Steps At A Time


Wednesday, March 23, 2005...

Holy Crud & Middle=March! They's a

lotta changes cruising thru Glowland!

[it comes from my scant readings of

my best girls^] Courage & Mercy to

those who are experiencing epochal

changes in the force=life; i'd include

myself but i float like a boat on the

tides of vicissitude. Blessings!

{the only certainty is change and even

she is malleable} Yet it pondres me

why these conditions press forward

just when the flowers are budding and

the birds are returning. OH! Wait~it

has much more to do with the onset

of tax panic than anything else.

[Nothing focuses the scattered Mind

more than a possible refund OR an

unexpected liability.] Even the Congress

and the President don't know how to

behave. There's an Austin Powers

joke in there, somewhere, but i am too

congenial to find it. Let the forms

follow the Function! Revenue...


my brand of existentialism allows for

such a "divergence in the Wood".

[Robert Frost]^ And then some.

Still, the werld @ large is bright and b'ful

beyond the facts of the Age and my

vague ponderifix of them...these, too,

shall pass into the mists of history.

And under=foot, like the onion snow.


Sunday, March 20, 2005


Happy Saint Joseph's Day!

He's more than just a baby aspirin.

Or birds flying back to a monastery.

It's also my primary nephew's

birfday...that would be Wyatt's

daddy for any=one following my

Super-Unclehood. That bright and

handsome nephew of mine must be

33 or 34 by my epochal calculus...

[i dislike encumbering myself in an

entirely new millennial centuric Age;

it's so hard to round the arithmetic

@ the 'and Zero' point.] It would have

been in the late eighties when i last

personally saw that number. And

then i invented my time=machine to

extricate myself from the hazards of

calling bingo. Younger i get, 'tho i'm

nay the Youngest yet! Casio!


March 19, 2005^

Today, i drove to the Laundromat...

Presently, i am boiling more cabbage

and potatoes for the remaining brisket.

Carrots! i remembered also to boil them

for colour. What would the matriarch

add in criticism to my Irish/Catholic

feast? Set alone in perfect splendour

for Her ossified consideration? Hane

would have had it with Vinegar...

a taste 4 which i never joined her.

No apple distillations for this Son of a

Son of a Navy engineer & Christian

Scientist. [Vinegar is more for cleaning

than cooking, if you ask me.] Sharp!


i mean, the son of an engineer and the

grand=son of a limestone cementer &

a spindle-boss. (Hane's father also

werkt in a quarry but he was more

famous for overseeing fabric mills.)

To say much than less of my lovely

grandmeres. Without which~~~

*blip* i would not be here atoll^


The slight Knight is not going to weigh

in of whethre Karol Wojtyla or Terri

Schiavo should or should not have

breathing/feeding Tubes; it is far too

close an experience in my scant mind.

Papa Mac took nearly nothing and Hane

barely escaped with her whispering

Intentions. Remind me amorro to have

the courage to fill out my future

directifs, presently. Sans Lawyers.

Altho~i shtill have a good many stones

i'd like to pish on. Eternity!There's no

place else to go!


And there you have, until i report on

whether i finisht the Sunday puxxle...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OH! Wait! Cat & the kids were kind enuf

to wake me up from my evening nap.

We were apt to catch up on fambly

schtories anyway. And Rocky's boy

friend was kind enuf 2 tag along.

He is a nice young man. Reminding

myself of myself @ such an age...

id est, between Academia and the

harsh indifferent world=real. Yet,

quite amenable & amiable when

travelling alongside my Secondary

orbital kindren & their intelligent

peccadilia. OR some compliment like

that. Any=Way, i sent the Cat home with

all of them and a care package of

pantry foods i won't use on account of

the absence of Hane. Cheese! Tea!

Onion soup! An entire box of things it

would never occur to me 2 have...

Dispossessing myself of unutilised

objects as i proceed apace to opulent

simplicity. [90 days~same as Cash.]

Hardly begun^^


Sunday, March 20, 2005...can such a

drizzly cold day truly be the schtart of

Schpring? It pondres me much as i

regard my retourn to the Parish recycling

centre. Or posit the miracles & mayhem

that might accrue 2 me~it is an entirely

NEW AGE of possibilities which force up

and confront the soul's attainment.

Thus & such, the ride we pay into^

Mean=while, i only missed one lettre on

that Sunday puxxle. [if Edsel is not a 'car',

then why is 'Steamed' thus inapet?]

Read but don't exceed~~slac

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Bubble, Bubble, potatoes & cabbage,

if i'm not Irish, i could be a savage.


In honour of Rocky's recent birfday,

i left out the celery.


The brisket on such a Day is an

American invention; there just aren't

that many cows in the old sod.


The engineer is definitely in New

Hampshire; and my nephew, the

groper is on an Island in the Far East,

not a peninsula. [altho~when one is

flying in a Jet, it's hard 2 ascertain

which country one belongs to.]

Cat & Miasie are so busy showing

houses on their turfs, they can

hardly be expected to call me more

than three (3) times a week.

[it's a real=estate joke^] And

speaking of fone=calls...i can

honestly say, when the firemen ring

or the sheriffs, or the benevolent

association of County Aggregates,

that,"No---Hane is not here." And

hang up without adding that her

sweet Irish back is double-deep in

the Catholic cemetery out west.

Besides which~they always fone

when i'm trying 2 write a cogent and

scintillating Glow entry. Maybe not

this one...but your call may be

recorded 4 future sales purposes.


Where the Anneliese Van der Pol

was i? OH! Yeah---it's been a long

hard week for American jurisprudence.

What with guns & trials & quirky

verdicts & just plain categorical

insanity---i don't know how these

Judges get up in the morning! They

must have intestines of schteel.

Before coffee, yet. And they nearly

never know when a trial is gonna

go South or just plain crasy. Lord

protect them, here & abroad; it's

not a job i would choose to do.


Sure And it's a foyn day to be Oyrish!

Moight Saint Peter foind you at the

Pub & let the Divil brew his own

coffee er tea on the sun=roise!

[i pronounce the gaelic badly] And

only wear "the green" in a country

that doesn't grow perfect island

grass. ~O'slacAmacOmac'saMany^

March 17, 2005^

Monday, March 14, 2005


And speaking of Art, i am partial

to the M's...Miro, Matisse, Magritte,

Monet & Manet [one does lily=pads,

the othre hay=stacks...i think.]

OH! And Mondrian. Like nobody

could see these influences in my

werk?!! {"Mac? Of gourse, he paints;

i have a bunch of his crud saved to

my hard=drive."} Magnifique!


Speaking of mush=rooms, i hate 'em.

I made a coupla mean comments to

the Muse about her portobello recipe

and i beg forgifness. The recipe was

great, deliciously described...but i

just don't like a food source that

shares its fertility with tree roots.

I know~the truffle people are going

to be after me about this one as well.

[if you need a Hog to schniff out your

vegables, you are obviously not

eating enuf BACON.] Well, enuf about

that...i'm schtarting to sound like Jay.

{there are subtle influences in Glow

Land.} Texture!


Meanwhile, in the big werld, i hear

whispres that Glowers are having

impact on large events. Yeh, right.

OR maybe so. Regardless of that,

i'll post a coupla opines...

>Syria: yeah, get out of Lebanon.

>China: cut the crap; Taiwan is

already its own country.

>North Korea: cut the crap.

>United States: if you guys flock up

the social security any more than it

is---there will be a pox on yer grands.

So, get your sheet togethre and

only spend the tax=money already

coming in. [like that'll last]

>Pennsylvania: c'mon, gang, which

would you really rather have?

An effective education system OR a

cadre of cannabilistic casino cons?

No~i honestly want to know^

[i'm asking the legislators i have to

Vote in or out on April 5 & after]

Monday, March 14, 2005...


I wonder if Saint Patrick drove the

snakes out of Ireland becos they ate

truffles or becos they were horribly

bad Politicians. OH! Never mind,

i'm just schpitting gall until i have

more Fambly news... Cabbages!


Thursday, March 10, 2005


secret: i'm already eating corned

beef, that's how irish i am.


Weathre: it's as cold as a witch's

wimple. And witches don't have

wimples. Honestly.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dreme: i've been all about dreaming

of my late strikes me much

becos she was just a domestic

anti=social tabby. Ask anyone.

Berned on a pile of other Cats!

[Hane was bereft, dad was gone]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Departure! Essence! Faint regret!

Thursday, 10 March, 2005...

title~Bounce 2 da Box

mood~efficaciously up=beat

noise~the scritch of felt pens...

thot~"To be of two minds is not

a bad thing, as long as both lobes

agree." ---slac---


We had a grand time at the bank & Van & Sandy &

Mary Lou [the revenuer]. It was

all giggles and googledy eyes.

And if i sign my name to yet one

more document, i'm afraid my

first right fingre might fall off.

[and then i'd have to become a

South=Paw like my sire.] And

it pondres me simple how i can

track more than 4 check regs

and schtill not achieve Balance

in the monthly adroitness. Of

my own accounts, that is. At

least i assiduosly avoid papre

cuts. Meticulosity i have

inherited from all sides!


Probate? Prostate? Prostrate?

My new favourite question is,

"Are you doing this your=self?"

[it always schtuns me^] Is that

not a very personal query, which

i am at a loss 2 answer Directly?

And Are there not already too

many questions=marks in this

paragraf??? {filosofy^}


i travel straight thru briars to

come to brisket...and i should

continue that path until i shine

on the Forms i sign. PEN!



Sunday, March 6, 2005


March 05, 2005...


Yeah, i was reading the Jay Assign

about what i would endorse if i was

a gazillionaire. Which, by my calculus,

could Happen any day now.

First, a joint endorsement for Brand

Name coffee & Brand Name powder.

Without which i wouldn't have woken

up this morning. Brand Moka!!

Second, i would love to endorse a

new Peace Prize to compete with the

Alfred Nobel one; something with a

little less trinitrotoluene in the

history. Explosifly pacifistic...

Third, i would like to attach my name

and likeness to the inside of certain

denim jeans & jean jackets, preferably

Black, in the cuff or sleeve by and by.

The reasoning here is that only when

you got to the laundromat and turned

your raggedy clothes inside=which

would people notice,"Hey! They's Brand

Name dungarees on the outside but

they slack the back all up on the

in=seam!" It could happen.

Good thing i don't do endorphinments.

Or crasy=adipose assignments. Hmm.


More=after, and in spite of myself,

i bounced 2 Floralilia and found a

more interesting List

ten unique un=repeatable accomplits.

But~i could not mathematically

rendre such a list of TEN! i would have

had to chop off my own Pinkies! And

eat them. With sharks & piranhas yet.

Mind that never=much^ Here are

5 (five) things which i doubt even i

could re=imagine in the 21st Century:

#5: Had my music played on Norwegian

radio & publisht on a cassette tape.

#4: Saw Richard Nixon & Ronald Reagan,

shook hands with Jimmy Carter And

played piano for Joan Mondale...

#3: wrote & publisht poems in my high

skool lit=mag, local newspapre AND my

college lit=mag. Triple threat!

#2: began a glow/blog and within one

year met no less than 4 (Four) othre

beautiful web=journalists. Torch!

#1: the numero uno is on=going as i

become Individuated to my Fambly...

To spread the ashes of my Patriarch,

to sink my fair Mother in her earth, to

Attend my nephews & nieces with both

consolation and humour...Lingering on

as we Travel. OH! Journey of the

Universe, how we schtumble Onward.

It's a werk in progress/process.

And wakes me bright amorro^

[edit the sappy parts]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, that's not much of a List. And

there's not much extra information

either. The nuns at skool told me

i wasn't a very good expository

writer. More of a Thematist, i guess.

With alternatif schpelling yet.

"Linguist! Code=breaker! Use the

good grammer for once!" Or werds to

that effect. Where the Portia de Rossi

was i going with this?


Sundae! Past glory. Days & dremes

piling up toward interstices. I'll bring

the schtory togethre if i have to Glow

anothre Year. Fair warning, that.^

March 06, 2005...thematislac

Friday, March 4, 2005


Happy happy Joy joy to Rocky & Mumsy!

They are both approaching adultness.

Right after this freaking cold week=end

and such. Me? I like the chill=wind that

makes my eyeballs water a bit.


Advise of the Advise~i'm not going to

publish any more IMPs for awhile;

Rocky thinks it disingenuous to edit such

fonelike transmissions. And pretend that

the text is thereafter realistic. I thot on

it awhile & came 2 agree with her ethics.

Such a bright girl, blood of my blood and

brain of my brain. [we're simpatico]


Plus+, we mightn't be really good writers

if we depended on external conversations

as opposed to the far more interesting

internal voices... What the Hey did i

just say? Ponderastical! Crudestimable.


Quote: "Voices, inside my head, echo

things that she said..." - -the Police


Thursday, March 03, 2005^

Title: Catch the cache

Mood: endohistoric

Thot: "What a month is March?! It sneaks

up like Mormons on your door=step; it

freezes your Yearly resolutions in muddy

Ice and unwelcome wind!"


posit/text: Be that as it may and

irregardless...the only thing i could think

of today to do well and for sure was~

get a hair=cut! I wanna look neat and

wingless for all the wonderful people

i'm gonna meet and see This month.

Smooth, like greased owl=sheet.'s something like a plan in my

mind. Plus+, i'll look somewhat better

with a pencil behind my ear. Clip!


Cat poppt in to=day for lunch with

friends [altho they didn't get the lunch]

and traipsed about the Manour. This

did not surprise me in the least. In

fact, i like when my sister=in=law

drops by; it keens my sensibilities of

where i live & for what Porpoise.

Part of the grand plan for the wide

cloudy slacKnight who accomplishes

life deliberately if lightning=quick.

But honestly when they came, i was

just doing the werd=crosses in red

ink. AND sat in the same exact

horrible green chair as they came and

went.{Sometimes my motionlessness

is both baffling and filosofical} Rest!

Yet~when i move, few eyes can Follow.


What? Not enuf egualsigns?

'Twas=ever=Thus. Wondre if all this

crud will fit on one page without

grammatical schpaces... Flit!

Friday, 04 March, 2005^^


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