Monday, January 29, 2007


Double and re=double...  January 27, and7...Dualism?  Dichotomy?  The natural pairing of pairings in elemental memory?  I know only this~the brothers were treated to twin exposures of certain meals which schtrike me spooky. To Wit, to woo:  >we were served two (2) beef pot=roasts out of crock=pots, one in FLORIDA, anothre in KENTUCKY. Both home=made.  >we were taken to two (2) irish pubs, both in Northern Florida.  >a niece in VIRGINIA treated us to bar-b-que take=out; her very brother took us for sitdown bbq as well in ALABAMA! Yum.  >whenever i cookt breakfast, i always served the eggs in pairs, whether scrammed or fried.  [wait! i always do that^]  >there are other up=evened things which will haunt my mind later...  *The upshot of this is thus:  if you're planning your own sojourn, be prepared to recognise unplanned coincidences as mirror=images of themselves, each. Apartly and togethre^^ sumpin like dat.  ~cals~

Friday, January 26, 2007


January 26th, and7...  Twenty=one years? Has it been that long already? Wasn't i just a young man calling bingo when CHRISTA strode out upon the tarmac to destiny? i miss them more than i miss the last twenty=one days.  One of which was spent actually peering at the memorial erected to all of those travellers of our best new age, turning as it does on a track which faces/folloes Helios. And such a tiny, fragile planet on which we live where brothers can drive to such a sunny Cape...    ~slac~

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Thursday, January 25th, and7...  ROAD=TRIP disclaimers:  Wheresoever We travelled there was good and bad news. The engineer and i were not causes of such Matters, merely witnesses as we passed thru Time and Space. This^ disclaimer includes but is not Limited to... Southern Sports Results, Unusual Weathre Patterns, general unrest in the werld at large NOR the demises of celebrities. [both of us were saddened by the losses of YVONNE DE CARLO, ART BUCHWALD & RON CAREY]  That is~we could take credit for wondrous Miracles upon the way, but we were only praying for smooth high=ways and reliable directions to our next best inflatable bedroom.  And, as the engineer said more than once,"Hey, bud...there's a black sedan in your drive=way; do you see it?"  ~slacWhoArrifesbyNight~

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Wednesday, 24 January, AndSeven...  Initially, we travelled to re=establish contax with far=off relatifs. Ultimately, we moved thru the werld to discover our animal cousins. KAPPA, the shih-tzu was the most recent & the most fun. Unkadanny also has a shih-tzu named FLUFFY, who is getting on in dog=years. ANNIEBANANIE has a fine kitten called GWYNN. MOMMACAT and FURBALL live on the lake=side porch in Western Carolina...along with brazen coons and opossums. The largest ménagerie of the trip belonged to a friend of the Engineer who resides in rural GEORGIA; he had more cats & dogs than i could count along with roosters and chickens penned in the Yard.  To say nothing of all the othre wondrous birds & alligators i saw out of the corners of my Eyes. Well, that's^ the pet=report of the Sojourn, as near as i amember it.  ~puppies&kittensLoveSlac~

MAISY when are you heading south?

Sojourner coupla days

MAISY for how long?

Sojourner coupla weeks

MAISY who are you going to see on this journey?

Sojourner those who will have

MAISY will you be home by January 20?

Sojourner perhaps

Sojourner will advise

MAISY we're planning to visit that weekend

Sojourner yes--we know

MAISY all right

MAISY good bye for now

Sojourner love you HNY!

MAISY signed off at [time]



Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Tuesday, January 23, 2007...  Hane used to say,"I love to travel but it sure feels good to get back Home." veritas  The engineer and i just barrel=aced thru Pennsy from WEST to EAST today. I, for my part, drove thru four (4) tunnels! WE spent this past week=end with our LOUISVILLE cousins; and just afore that, WE visited Ron & Alan in ASHEVILLE...and toured anothre famous author's home. It was a long circuit, this southern sojourn of the second sons, but Glorious and Wonderful all=to. I'll write more about it as i complacent myself of the epic retourn.  PRAY, dear friends, for CAT's patriarch who is struggling mightily at the big hospital with many ailments. WE love him so...

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Saterday night in Live Oak...

The engineer and i saw the HEMINGWAY house yesterday...i also dippt my toes in the Gulf of Mexico, maybe.

Today we saw alligators on the way to Cousin Meghan's place.  I did a lot of the driving on acause the Engineer did all the Keys yesterday.  Westward to Jay=Jay in Pensacola!  Laundry!

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Saterday Night in Carolina...

the Engineer and i have been on the Patch for a few days now, and we have made good time and good catch=ups.  He even let me drife the black beauty after Ahoskie.

That declaration of independence sure is faded...but the 'shore=line' weathre has been incredibly perfect.  i even put my toes in the Atlantic a=day!

i'm writing this on my uncle's putre & i'll try to date up as we zoom along.  But--Hey!  it's a road trip       slac*drifes*sometime


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