Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Tuesday, September Fourth, And 7...  Holy Crud! They shuttered the 19th Avenue postal sub=station?! And just when i was gonna send some=body a chapbook and cds.  It was the nicest little card shop where one could get schtamps and send large chex to far=off relatifs...a place to send Library of Congress applications for copyright of music and potery...a quiet room to acquire Register and Certify mail for posting to lawyers or such people. Gosh! i musta schpent eight hours or more there over the course of thirty odd years [secret: even my even Years are odd]. More ironically--there's supposed to be a Renaissance of bidness along that very corridor, in spite of the loss of two amazing restaurants. What epistlic sadness!

Schports report: naturally, i'm only paying attention to the ladies playing the hardcourt in FLUSHING MEADOWS. Some of them grunt while they play; some of them don't.  But a considerable number of the girls have unpronouncable last names...which is Okay acause they come from foreign Republix!  It might happen again that VENUS & SERENA face each othre in the top tier--it is the US Open. {as long as it distrax me from the end of BALLBASE and the schtart of BALLFOOT}

Pennsy politryx: Anyone? Well, there is at least one (1) judge who won't seek retention on account of 'defrauding an Insurance firm'.  WE just haf to keep our eyes on the Othres^  No guns for four (4) days? Where will the gangbangsters get their pistolas? For my part, i'm schtill seeking a Global moratorium on bullets & Xplosifs. Maybe next year... while i'm waiting for fast EDDIE to return the taxpayer cash he so graciously gave to the Furloughed werkers. [it shoulda come outta the pols' pay!] Undocumented aliens? How about that undocumented three hundred and sixty million dollars schpread over the four current caucuses? That's our money, too.  Open Records! Legislatif Reform! Even a constitutional convention would be nice.  Let's keep they feet to the fire^ *rant*

Oh, never mind~it's just a thing. ~slac~


sunflowerkat321 said...

19th St. Substation CLOSED?!?!?

How unfortunate.

I'm depending on you Slac for ALL my Lehigh Valley news....

Kat (in Stony Brook, NY)

slacbacmac said...

and catch=you=up, i shall, flowre=sun...Right after i recovre from this
kick=arse wedding i attended in California [and Glow about it]


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