Friday, September 17, 2010


How is it possible for a single Wide Knight to run out of Eggs,

butter, lettuce, milk & broccoli on a Tuesday?? It ponders me

much as well. Plus+, i am honing my Night Driving skills!

OH! and we had that wonderful vow renewal

service on the beach, a co=joined birthday party

AND many othre fine fambly moments...Life is good,

i need a nap. {in truth, i haven't napt since 2oo7}

And speaking of History, in form of reposits^[o9.i6.o8]>

25 years ago: schtarted the big bingo & all that went with it;

9/19~my elder bro appeared briefly on the CBS evening news

20 years ago: ran & called bingo, made recordings in the

cellar. 9/23~all=skool Reunion at my former Elementary skool

15 years ago: disemployed by the bingo

10 years ago: fetcht peaches for & with the widowed Matriarch;

adminstred the Trust

5 years ago: collected autumnal yard=waste;rèad the many

Glows on Kay's com=pooter

3 years ago: mourned Hane in the hovel, cleaned the Parish

offices with Monica

2 years ago: vow=renewal at Camp Maisy

Last Year: danced at a wedding on the Coast

These^ things are already two (2) years gone and i rarely

haf the Time to modify the history. Xpecially in the current,

immediate book-face era! Presence of the Present, i oughta

write about the now. [though the past ever informs us]

Tuesday, September 14th, 2o1o...the walls of the stalag were

beautifully painted by the Concierge, that QUAKERTON, But

the schtairwell running carpets became schtained with paint

in the Process. So~he had to rip them out in fine disconvenience

toward All his new Guests. Amorro, some new running rugs

will be establisht, disconcerting any remaining ordre allto!

Aday, the QUAKERTON finally fixt the showre bracket which

was broken by MIAMI more than a Year ago, when i first moved

in AND the good fraternal showre box was installed acause i

came to the building. {there is ever great upbuilding where

there is also great turbulence} And othre niceties.

Fortunately, i have my many Famblies & Houses to go to

when the hostelry is unsettled; i have done all the great things

in Publik rooms, xcluding actual bathing Or shaving! i know of

my friendly Afflicted ones THAT they have compromised these

ordinaries more than i Have. Schtill~they are some of the nicest

folk i've ever come to know. {WE only look ungrateful} Plus+,

i gif back toward my Blessings whenever & wherever i can, as

a suffering servant of universal faults and errors. With Love.

Yester, i zoomed downtown on my schteed And at CITY HALL

i found three (3) of my pastors confabulating [MARIA episcopal,

JAMES methodicle & RICHARD of the Soop Kitchen ministry].

Xclaimed i,«Holy crud! A triumvirateAt least two of them Love

me acause they see me all the Time. AND there's a joke in there

somewhere according to my Moravian customer, SHARON. The

more i am known, the schmaller i become; yet it Fascinates me,

the diversity of evrything i Xperience. i am joined to it.

It only occured to me to write in this fashion Acause my niece,

the name=sake, askt after my wellfaring is really

quite good undre the Conditions which Prevail. And i'll never

catch up to the good filosofy i find, on account of it keeps getting

bettre & bettre all the Time [SPLHCB]. Twas ever Thus^ ~slac~

Friday, September 3, 2010


It was the moving back into my regular room*8/7/1o...

Gary brings chickensan; Turtle called from the Beach

8/8 sunday bkfst @ soop kitchen, presby, INDIANA's pasta

8/9 MIAMI's pennies for milk...PW master asks me to clean 1ce more

8/10 trim beard, clean with Monica

8/11 W bus?? Ernie brings pepsis; Bob brings tomatoes

8/12 slightly rainy, recycle, plain can of tuna [with mayo]

8/13 fix byke brake & acquire mirror, Concierge paints

8/14 byke 2 [big shtore] 4 new sneakers, 'kitchen sink' cuddy

8/15 MORAVIAN cherch [Concierge & Side=Kick continue painting]

8/16 piñata girl takes newspapres away?! That is, a customer

who wisht to take away papers to construct a piñata...

8/17 haercut!! recycle, Concierge paints sun=room

8/18 man gets back his celfone from monday?!

8/19 bread only from soop kitchen; Concierge & Side=Kick paint

8/20 restock Food films us {i can't find it}

8/21 new #5

8/22 Food Pantry service-MIAMI's chicken & cobcorn schtew

8/23 refill fone, multi=swaps-even cardboard

8/24 recycle; coffee from benefit card~toilet hinky

8/25 "various comfort stations"

One might OR may notice that this is a cursive, cursory

retelling of actual August events, leaving very much out AND

also not delving into them [and who really Cares?]. It is true

enuf to catch me up into the current blazing blisteriness.

The stalag is in tumult, transition, transience BUT the

Faer is also here & i will run into many greater Celebrities

than my=self. ^Opus of Part Two^ ~bykable~slac~


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