Friday, March 30, 2007


Friday, March 30th, And7...

TITLE: walkabout & thensome

TEMP: 68° with faer sun=shine, mild

MOOD: jauntily pedestrian

MUSIK: sang the lyrix to A DAY IN THE LIFE

@ the thrift shop... othre Thumpings...

NOISE: common=area vacuumage


SOOP: schtarting a chicken one

HAER: short & schtill a moustache

THOT: »perhaps i should remove my shoes

when i walk into the building...and carry them

onto my parapet. 'twould be clean»

TEXT: there are young girls playing soft=ball on

the athletik fields. And, tennis players on the

far courts. Yet~the round=ball hoops have

been mysteriously removed. Something in

Ecclesiastes probly esplains it...

That^ was the local schports Report.

i met some interesting people on my walking

Adventure. There was the Lady crossing guard

who schtoppt to talk with me at the near=by

flavoured ice=making kiosk [that's RUSSIAN for

boof] AND this lovely schlip of a brunette who

was buying items on the third floor of the

THRIFT SHOP. She smiled at me more than once.

{the Turtle would be glad to hear that i was shopping

without purchasing} There was this portable tape

machine i was looking at--a reel-to-reel; but i have

my wonderful TEAC A-6300 which i haven't played

in the anteroom just yet. [that'll be a joyful Noise!]

all=in=all, i had the grand excursion & sojourn into

the wider werld. Observationally eclectic...

OH! the students are also practising European foot

ball on the fields. Americans call it soccer.

Amorro~werk will be ursine. *affableSlac*

^inverted Pyramid journalism^






Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Thursday, March 30, 2006...  Is there schtill the round=ball going on?  I keep missing the games on account of dispossession. Anyway~GO Gators.  Don't forget 2 'schpring for=ward' for Saving day=light; that Hour isn't really lost if You only curtail the bad schleep^Reposited by the Author^3/25/07^

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007...Yesterday, i rode the bus with my Nephew.  BLADE was on his way to skool & i was on my way to werk. i'll remembre it for=ever.  The YARD was nay=so=busy, acause of the time=savings & people in general not knowing that i was open. That'll change!  The HOVEL has been sold. AVA is lucky to have its refurbishment. One of these weex i'll drop in and tell her the GHOST STORIES.{any=thing can happen} Today was the most b'ful day to bus & walk & bask in the sun; i might even go out on the parapet presently. But i won't forget that EDDIE RENDELL is entirely responsible for the Saint Valentine's Day Road Closures. It was only a freak fleegle fluke [<atsa fish] that me and the Turtle weren't caught up in it. WE woulda keeled each othre for sure, arguing about what compact discs to listen to. Never mind~i'll leave the NATIONAL POLITIX to bettre natural place is on the people=mover with a re=programmed iJob. Sun=shine!~tannableSlac~

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Friday, March 23rd, and7...a cool & rainy dé... it's been three hundred and sixty-six (366) days since we turned over the green ghost to our friend, Jack Black. She is eminently missed.  Of the hovel i don't know much, except that there is a palm tree on the porch and a very red front door. [insert ROLLING SCHTONES reference here^]  If the fambly manse is getting NO USE, it is at least bettre than the USE we put her to. (Put to her?) Occupancy is for those who don't already have hobbies...  The TURTLE [my brudda, the Engineer] is travelling in Florida without me, accomplishing the strange things which he is apt to, without my firm Guidance to Assuage his impulsifity.  Never mind~he is only one (1) Year less growed up than me & can drife safely in Traffic when he pays attention to his natural purpose. He likes the sun & water; i can attest to that^  G'schpeed my grand lieutenant! Quest on for the larger Porpoise! Keep yer powdre dry. 

Of the else and all=togethre, my Dremes are fit to the churnings of my Good mind; they transport me along a faer path and put the sense in my soulful foot=falls. Mirabile Our werld is recoverable; ALBERT GORE believes as much...^politicalZinger^ :slac:

March 24th...CAT & BLADE were good enuf to take me on a recycle run; they were going to do it them=selves anyway. So why shouldn't they take me along AND up=catch on all the news?  Fambly! it's so good to have them close to hand.  WE also walkt thru the market and made contact with my regular people. Crowded Blessings^  [NB: the chin=haer came off today---smoooth]

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


if it be must also be the birfday of my seester=in=law. But this i forget often on account of Cat has always schtruck me as a welcome ray of sun=shine. Invariably.  Meanwhile~the engineer [who could also be called "turtle" acause he is carrying evything on his back] fled south=wise Yesterday; i hope it wasn't becos i didn't boil him a brisket! That would be harsh. We actually suspect it was the ocean calling. Born & made sailors are often like dat. Sireny^  Tuesday, March 20th...these are the conditions which prevail. There is more to glow about than ever before, but i am behind my=self, as usual. i'm sure i'll catch=the=up by tax day...Here's hopin'~optimysticalSlac~

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Yesterday, i shaved the burn=sides; they just weren't growing in right.  Saturday, March 17th, and7...not to worry, though---i've kept the mousch & chinny. For now, for now. It's the frequent clipping i dislike. Mean=while, for the first time in a long time, i totally blew off the boiling of brisket for the HolyDay.  {sure and that's^ a venal sin that'll cause the schnakes to retourn to EIRE!} It's alright, CAT is making hers just down the road. And digging out the schnow i didn't make an account for. Such things may occur.  HAPPY SAINT PATRICK's DAY to VINCE & FLO, FLOWER-SUN & MUMSY...and evybody who's related thru blood & shamrox! To say nearly nothing of the birds that will retourn MONDAY for the happy happy of my Nephew Jay! ~smoochUs--we'reMostlyirish~lepraslac...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Joyous Happenschtance! My chronograf is correct.  It schtill needs replacing but the analog now matches the digiary. My computadora is also in synch with the saving changes. Mere temporal miracles^^  It ain't schpring yet, but it feels pretty close. The youngsters are playing TENNIS on the near=courts.  And round=ball, without benefit of [brackets]. Also, the mourning doves [i call them MACK & HANE] have retourned to my RAMPART. Pretty cooing birds...the Engineer let me drife the black beauty all by my=self alone today. And i accomplisht a faer numbre of good things in transit. It's the radidio that's too complimicated! Maybe amorro, we'll warsh herWednesday, March 14th...better days to walk, for sure. Most of the ugly schnow=mounds have melted.  It's even nice enuf to crack a few winders. Fresh!

Friday, March 9, 2007


Monday, March Fi'th, Two Thousand and Seven...The chili is mucho gusto.  Say, is my page compromised? i don't amember re=styling it my own se'f.  Not that i shouldna done so...

Friday, March Ninth...more evidence that i am behind my own Time.^  The engineer and i have been battling the rhinovirus from hell. It's almost dead now. Rocky had anothre happy happy yesterday; it seems to happen almost every year, near Mumsy's.  Onward & Outward! More lata...

Friday, March 2, 2007


Friday, March Second, And7...

Time: 15:44:51    Temp: 51°   

Title: the Pillow Laundry...

Text: it schtarted out grey and rainy, but perkt up considerably by NOON. A nice day to walk around the Town and visit the thrift schtore. [i didn't buy anything.] My haus=guest also did some walking. Surprisingly, we did not travel in the same circuit. It sometimes happens.  It took some doing, but my baba chili is all up.  Maybe the engineer will try a bowl in the coming days. And othre adventurous things. Lent!Except for time lost not cruising the InterWeb, and the occasional toekick of the aer=mattress, i am thoroughly enjoying having Company in my small corner of the werld. It schtrikes me that my brother and i are much like EARL & RANDY of that funny tee=vee show; we just can't decide which one is who!{the parallels & differentials are too Astounding to pondre much...} Where in the name of Hayden Panettierre was i going with this?! I forget... There are Feathres in my lint=trap! ~slac~


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