Monday, October 27, 2008


Procrastination? Honestly, officer, i've never before in my life ever paid for this! ~Count Slacula~

Sun=Dé, Octobre 26th, °°8...the following entry will be publisht nearly Simultaneously to Slack Back Mack--the log [which will go black on the thirty=first] AND Slacktown [which is some=where in the new Neighbourhood of blogger/blogspot].  Accept no substitutes! Powre to the GLOWERS!

i have had to re=set all my digital clox three (3)times this week AND it isn't even Day=light Saving Time yet?! The worst was this morning, after a transformer xploded around 9:30 AM. *boom*  The electric company had it fixt by 10:15. It threw my whole routine off. {Altho~my Sundé routine is the easiest of all seven} Teknology is a good thing unless it gets interrupted. Vero.

Resting Here is SlackBackMack--a little weird and out of Whack...Loved the blogs but called them Glows; Else=the=of Nobody knows...


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sundé, October 19th, °8...OR twenty-two (22)

diurnals until this^ Page obliterates completely:

A comment has been posted to the Journal: something to think about

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Comment from: slac  "i've saved You, visited infrequently & almost Forgot you...but You have always schpread the good! well=fare on the othre side ~slac~"

Glad you found me! I had lost you. I am [name] on the other side. Here is a link: [link] I have gotten a newer version of "[page]" up yet but I will. Please visit me and leave me a link to your new place!! 

I wish you enough...Every time you are cruel, your own soul takes a hit.

*say it ain't so* compose entry here...

Thursday, October 23rd, °°8~i might could oughta be doing this whole 'glow=transfer' thing all Wrong.  But, who's gonna call and care any=way?  it's just a thing. {perhaps the Abandoning batards of the Beast could gif us anothre thirty dés to get it right. NAH!} it's been a blast...

try 2 visit me at blogger/blogspot "slacktown" iffen it ever comes up to Import & Export OR whatever...~slac~


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Tuesday, October 17th, And6...when the engineer breaks something, he asks,"Who werkt this up to the point of catastrofic failure?" So it was Today when i traded my red umbrella for a black umbrella. The red one had reached the Point of Catastrophe...And~schpeaking of inclemency, where has my old weathre=girl gone to? I like the brown=eyed blonde who has taken over, but i miss the young woman who saw me thru all the changes. I hope she hasn't left the Walley for good & all...[spurious ellipses!]

Thursday, October 16th, and8...History repeats it=self.  i broke that^ umbrella too, about three (3) weeks ago.  And~the new weathre=girl^ has left as well! Echoic.

Saturdé, Octobre 18th, °°8...Who knew the Yard would be so busy on such a cool, autumnal day? We overfilled the five (5) Dumpsters® and, altho i wanted to continue celebrating the 'Feast of Booths', i hardly found Time to set in my own Slack=shack! Come and go...Cuddie FRANK was kind enuf to ferry me home=wise.  Amorro~i might could oughta try to make a Transfer of these Glow=Pages to the next Venue. Anything is possible. [comment freely 'til the End] ~slac~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Thot: "i like to read the Slack but the entry formats are sooo inconsistent." -overheard-

Sunday comes early round these parts... Shush! Kids! i'm still grading up my Time Signifiers~and i am like Totally out of Candy.



October 12th & Columbus dé OR there=abouts in Glowland, epoch`8:  i find it ironic that the Beast is cutting us all loose on All Hallow's Eve. WE are Saints, mayhaps, iffen WE move perfectly on Novembre First. Some of the 'great souls' have already loaded up to that big jernal Page in the Sky!  {i miss them terribly} WE shall stay togethre in confluence ever=where WE go. Twas Ever Thus. [i'm gonna hang until the bittre end, until My Page curls up & dies, on the Moment i get my final bump & shun from the beastly Powres.] Side=wise, anon.

Tuèsdé, Octobre 14th, °°8...out of tiny Acorns, mighty funky [and potentially fraudulent] oaks do grow. Attempting to register falsely is not as high a crime as actually Voting deviously...but it is a CRIME less=the=none.  {and VOTER SUPPRESSION is just as bad as bof} Register & Vote honestly.

On a parallel track~if a local trial lawyer cain't forge a fake will, who can? Colour me skeptic. ~slac~

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Crickets & Stink=bugs! [1o.13.o4:]  They took my Rockford Files off the Air last week and i can't get my head around it as i cook my salsa grits & fried eggs.  Friday, Octobre 10th, °°8...Quo Vadis?  And, more impordantly, where am i going?  {i've saved 88% of my hideous entries to the hard=drive, so i'm kinda relaxt about my AWOL Glow's imminent collapse}  No matter~it was only ever a thing...

Saturdé, Octobre 11th, °°8...i had my share of Independent Thinkers today on the Yard, including a grey squirl who was trappt in one of the Dumpsters® for who knows how long? It scooted outta there like a possesst rodent when i opened the door. [My Dad used to say, acause he had seen his share of fried squirls on the high=power lines & transformers,"You can always count on a squirl to be, well, squirrely."] Which is to say, there was great usage on the Yard because the dé was more vernal than autumnal. {i would call it an early Indian summer, but i hesitate to offend aboriginal americans} Where in the name of RACHEL MADDOW was i going with this? All the cuddies are asking when i close, but i assure them that i am preparing to werk Saterdés thru the wintre.  It's a new idea but i'm up for it! The details of which will move, with me, to the next and best "Glow=Location". Mean=Time~Happy Holydés! Ayear, we move compressedly from ROSH HASHANAH to YOM KIPPUR & right into SUKKOT around Columbus Day.  {i'm genetically Hebraic; ask any=body}  And~whither i go, i'll schtill rarely, if ever, publish on Sun=Day. ~slac~


Monday, October 6, 2008


Who is not surprised that i did the puzzle perfekt? Never mind.

Bolton, Brown & bolsheviks, i am behind the National News!

Kindness will breed kindness as They & We hold strong [to] the Ideal.

[pick a point on the globe where the infrastructure is tattered.]

*entry* SunDé, Octobre Fith, °8: Two (2) very pretty girls askt me again today if i were registered to VOTE. I told them,"Yes~I have two (2) Cards, one for each Party.  { i love schtunning those who are also schtunning} Later, i noticed by plasma=screen that the Phils and the Eagles were both & each up!   A miraculous Millennium!

i'm letting my Beard grow in for the Election AND for my divorce from the Glow=Land pages...

Mondé~this morning, on the South fence of the Athletik fields, i saw a mother hawk and her hawkling.  {They^ like me, prefer to perch on a high=place and observe the werld}  Werk went well with Woolies; it has become chilly enuf for them. GARY brot me an italian hogie; it was delicious.  My VIRGINIA advocates contacted me last night by *voip* and offered me the many generous gifts; i shall repay them with equal Gracious Mercies within the Year! Friends & Fambly enclose me like a warm blanket; the birds of Nature are grand Attendants of my actions... ~slac~



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