Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Friday, July 27th, and7...There i was, sitting in my Parish boof, monitoring the coming and going of my customers, when i felt tiny feet on my left shouldre.  i reached inside my polo=shirt and brusht against an insect.  {i have the very sensitif skin and am quite Averse to having miniscule creatures crawl upon me; Hescha! i can hardly stand the laundry tag}  i only hope i'll be forgiven some=day for extinguishing this exoskeletal life=form...That's^ a Bug report. The Turtle is gathering his belongings & preparing to head west=wise.  NEVADA is calling. An engineer without a Project is like a Wide Knight without filosofy.  OR sumpin' like dat^. The black beauty is sure to carry him far & well...Twas=ever=Thus.  No, really--the beetle shreiked. ~slac~

^a parallel reposit^ History do re=peat.

Tuesday, July 29th, °8...Und schpeaking of yet more tiny animals i have come to know: i was sitting upon the granite schteps of the protestant cherch where i wait for the bus, when a small grey blur dasht across the seam of the riser and disappeared into the foliage to my right. [i barely had time to jump up onto my sheet=kicker boots, like a Cartoon!]  It was a CHERCHMAUS! Altho i am cat=like, it was swift and i saw it no more. [the baby robin had had the same luck in not being caught by my dextrous talons, days ago.]  i take it as a sign from G that my Fortunes are turning, that soon i will no longre suffer from the poverty of pocket which is spoken of in cliché.  «Poor as a cherch-maus»

There are greater, more terrible & wondrous things Happening in the werld, for sure, but i'll settle my=self this month to observe the myriad creatures as they scurry Fervently in the collectif Life. it's a Zen thing. AND~simmer my ham=bean soop in the pot that LIZ gave me. Presently*preservedly~slac~



Saturday, July 26, 2008


Saturday, July 26th, e8... A quick date=up, publisht as the bug and bird report: Wezné, a baby robin visited me at the boof, on account of its nest fell outta one of my pine trees during a rain=fall.  Acause there was also a fire=call on the Parish [an alarm intermittently goes off in the Publik Werks building] AND i do not carry fresh bugs nor worms in my Mandibles... i simply encouraged the fluffy nestling to hop off the asphalt until one of its parents came to rescue it. {i do such things for the simple Reason that my own wings ain't fully formed at this late=date} Aday, a wasp decided to impel itself undre the left shouldre of my black a=shirt in the boof, during a lull in the Action.  Needles=to=Say: it schtung or bit me AND i more or less killt it for its Impudence. This!^ i only do when what i thot was a gnat turns out to be a papre=schtealing flying ant! Perhaps i was rash to do it, BUT exoskeletal creatures out=numbre us by a Factor of 100 or more.  {bees will make a come=back} Regardless of much~i shall try to pay closer Attention to the small creatures which accrue & attend to me. 

~robin=rescuing Yet wasp=wasting slac~

NB: i don't publish on Sun=Day...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Sunday, July 20th, °8...hotta than Satan's silk scivvies. It's so dang hot, the sparrows are agape. But the engineer is comfortably ensconced upon a northern beach. {He visits his crasy seester when he gets tired of his crasy brudda} For my part, i'm Avoiding direct sun=light. But, hey, iffen i melt into a putrid puddle, so what? MARGARET HAMILTON didn't mind it much. Hydrate & hang loose...

Mondé...back on the bus. It wasn't as bad on the Yard as Saterdé becos there was a mild breeze and occasional cloud covre. Oh! And the bus sign on the free=way has been straightened out AND 'they' left a green plastic milk=carton for me to rest my haunches on. Good folloes good! {no=one can complain of the aer=conditioning on mass transit}

Internationally~the POPE is wrapping up his tour of AUSTRALIA. There is a [war] tribunal getting undre way at Gitmo; the werld court [?] has laid they hands on Radovan Karadzic [some=one do a Serbian spellcheck for me]. These^ last two (2) items are mostly good news for Justice/Jurisprudence...bin Laden's driver and bodyguard gets his 'day in court', so=to=speak, AND a genocidal fugitif has been taken offen the streets. Bettre things could eventually happen!  ~the globally optimisticle slac~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


There was holydé congestion on the roads in DELAWARE, but we wriggled around it mostly. ^reposited from recent^ Tuesday, July 15th... the brothers have recovered from the Sojourn and have settled into Walley Wisitation mode.{There is so much to do, here, actual=presently}The engineer is fixing each and every doubtful thing and machine in his inimitable manner, including the faulty/fickle fuel=forcer on the black beauty. [she< reminds me of the green ghost on either of their best dés!?] The screendoor leading to my lanai is functioning Perfekt!

Meanstwhile, in the larger werld~money is Tight, Xpecially for the national banking industry [we cannot call it an out=bail] AND the legislateurs from PENNSY who found themselves in cuffs 'cos they believed Our cash belonged to them to do with whatever they pleased [we can call this^ bonusgate]. Corruption begets corruption...even in a Democratik administration; ask the Governor. id est, after the Lama leaves & after the amazing National Conventions leading to the general elect, Keystoners schtill must hold a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to clean haus, hoping it leads to a federal Constitutional Convention. {i am a small Person with small ideas} Thank G i ain't politicle. 

~an every=day slac~

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Toward the Transformation of All things.  Mood: breezy, not tornadic Sound: street noise Thot: "My garden is not as good as many others..."

Reposit! i don't even have a garden, currently. Thorsday, July 10th, and8...LHAMO THONDUP is coming! TENZIN GYATSO is coming! The DALAI LAMA is coming! {CAT is going to see him and i am jel.} JESSE HELMS did not have as good an Independence day as the rest of us. i pray he sleeps well. Truly.

HOLIDAY TRAFFIK, part three...Notes in closing. There was a pool at the first motel We stayed at, overnight, in Virginia Beach; we didn't schwim in it. "Enjoy the Joy of Others", read a cherch marquee near the dismal swamp. ALAN & LAURA, MAISY & BABALOO arrived nearly simultaneously at the motel in Carteret County. ALAN brot me a sombrero from Mexico which i didn't remembre asking him for. It's a little small for my skull, but it is less=the=none a prized possession that i will cherish ever On=ward. OH! When the Colonel first joined us in KATE's suite he noted the Presence of the Fierce Five and said,"Watch out for the lightning strikes." Later, he turned down an offer of cold wine [the Virginians, Kate & Harry, won't travel without vino] by saying,"Only ifya spell wine, B.E.E.R." i accommodated. At the DIVE dinner, i sketched a seating chart like i always do; Kate made sure i shared it with LAURA. {i also showed it to each table's senior membres, in case they wondered about my note=taking} Cousine SARAH challenged me to arm=wrassle at one of those pool parties. i lost first with my right arm & then with my left, but i won a right rematch.

Somehow~Rocky achieved an Xtra breakfast on the dé of the Party, even 'tho she schlept in. It's a mischievous Fortune which rarely visits the Lazy. The dee=jay at the cherch=hall played DANNY BOY by BING CROSBY, of course. Out of my range... The infants were delightful--cousine Maisy's LILAH and cousine Shannon's FINN. These^ precious ones will be hosting Parties such as this when i am Past caring about 'em. Eh~it's the natural cycle of things. {i wondre what, if any=thing, they will remembre they=selves about Independence Dé millennial8}The Lucius J. Kellam, Junior bridge-tunnel was clear andbright on the southbound & only a little hazy on the northbound. We (four) did schtop to admire the SEAGULL PIER and its riprap on the journey Home. Once again~othres will Amembre greater and bettre schtories of the traversement. Twas Ever Thus! ~the slightly less humidified, ~slac~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It is Possible to sleep four persons to a room with inflatable beds, but it is very much like bunking in a Japanese tea=haus. *zzzzz* ^reposited from yesterdé^

Wednesday, July 9th, `8...HOLIDAY TRAFFIK part two..There were beaucoups de pizzas at that final pool party. It was all the younger cousins who were schwimming into the dusk.  BABALOO observed a small frog inching its way toward the chlorinated pond; i prevented it from  entering that large body of water. OH! But the good Lord decided to send a lightning schtorm toward the party, curtailing the wild debauche! "Evybody outta the Poool," i shouted loudly as the parents were already corraling their charges.

KAY and her life=partner were kind enuf to let me flop on the bed vacated by ALAN and his date; it relieved some of the pressure on the engineer's hausing unit. Bright and early, agin, and with cold cheese pizza in our gullets, the four (4) macs piled into black beauty to sally NorthWise toward PENNSY. In Windsor, NC, the engineer permitted me to drife as good as i do, until he Piloted in reverse for the bridges & tunnels [3/2] of the CHESAPEAKE BAY. {i haf driven the CBBT afore but i acquired no tunnels on this^ traverse} We schtoppt for lunch at the TRAWLER restaurant & lounge and were served by the nicest Waiter i have ever met [JEFF]! He brewed fresh coffee just for me, it seemed...

i drofe again from VIRGINNY into MARYLAND until we gassed up in Salisbury, where anothre cloud=burst temporarily schlowed the Turtle. There was holydé congestion on the roads in DELAWARE, but we wriggled around it mostly. Short=story=Long~the itinerant Brothres droppt Rocky & Blade at their cat=filled abode, called MAISY [matriarch pro tem] to inform her of our Amazingly Successful retourn & promptly fell into a decompressif mode from 'the greatest birfdé party ever held.' Needles=to=say, we feltquite funky on Mondé AND it rained agin on me as i walkt from the bus onto the Parish.  {if i were a suspicious person, i might believe that G & J were Sending thundre=clouds and pour=downs to Accent my travels...i ain't}

Othres of the group shall haf more and bettre schtories & Remembrances to tell & embellish, but i'll be happy enuf to receive the wonderful Fotoes from any & all AS they feed my desk. Wherever there is dancing, slac will Participate.



Tuesday, July 8, 2008


- - - - - -repost- - - - -Ack! i sure was full of myself 365 days ago. On the [number] anniversary if i recall correctly. I've mellowed.[Monday, 11th of July, 2005]

Tuesdé, 8th of July, 2008...


MOOD: slightly out=worn

NOISE: cd/radio in black beauty

WEATHRE: Hot & schticky, 86°f

NOTE: [That torch i did is making the rounds, again. Happy Anniversary!]

THOT: "But it's not a contest."

TEXT: There We were, on the hottest dang day of the year, cruising on an eight=lane SuperHighwé in Delaware...i'm gonna skip that part and remembre instead the delightful lunch that Brittany served us at José's Border Café. We were four (4) south=bounders on the Thersday before INDEPENDENCE Day.  The engineer piloted and i navigated while Rocky & Blade entertained their selves in the backseat. Timely.

We departed VIRGINNY bright and early on the Fourth and made it to Carteret County afore noon. i was Determined to schwim in that motel pool; little did i suss that COUSIN MICHAEL would ferry us to the Silver Creek motel as well. *splush*  Later~27 hungry fambly membres swarmed over a country bar called The Dive [the Hard Times Café].  {cook had to be re=called}

It is Possible to sleep four persons to a room with inflatable beds, but it is very much like bunking in a Japanese tea=haus. *zzzzz*

In a CAROLINA cherch=hall, on the second hottest dé of the Year, a conglomerate of Daniel Henry's friends and relations fêted himself on the Remembrance of his Entrance.  {i will not say how young my Uncle is, but there was probly one guest there for every year of his life!} And we danced, fervently, after consuming barbecue & Fried chicken.  Also~there was a slide=show AND short emotional speeches for the birfdé boy that rarely bordered on tears. [i spoke for the Fierce Five]. Then~yet anothrepool partyMore amorro about the Sundé drive Home...  ~five colony slac~

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Travel well and fully on this 4th; freedom is an attentif process. Music is a mere Aspect. ~Honour~the~Liberty~slac ^reposited from And5^ WednèsDay, July secundo, anno8...Faer warning: the brothres mac are moving to plan & planning to move SouthWise in an efficient fashion, as is their wont. {WE have dancing to do in CAROLINA} there will be much to report in the coming dés...~busy=yet=pausable=slac~


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