Monday, February 28, 2005



He's either the Grouchy

green Muppet or the Role

played by Walter Matthau

in a Neil Simon movie.


Behind me there lies much;

and ahead only Infinity.


I would've been born sooner

but it was not my choice.

And now that i'm here, I

ought not change a moment.

'Twould be impolite. And

sacriligeous all=togethre.

Really. On=Ward!



Tazer>hi bro

Tazer>Engineer iz here

zlac>cool, hey bud

Tazer>and we're leaving for dinner now

zlac> go

Tazer>zo zee ya later

Tazer>enjoy your converzationz

with your women


Tazer zigned off...

*IMP edited 4 brevity^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Auntie Em, Eminem,

it's a nor'easter!

'At's what we need--more Schwirling

Schnow. Still wintre... brrrrr

Title: Wearing the Woolies

Mood: Wind~chilly

Weathre: see abof^

Noise: Creakiness

Mumsy Alert: elevated


Rose Mary got home a day late, but

she did run into Little Richard at

the hotel. [i'm amembering recent

conversations^>] Lizard made it

to Indiana with all her boxes...but

she doesn't have a land=line yet.

{and who needs corded fones anyway?}

The Carolina Contingent is contiguous:
Uncle Dan & Aunt Eva back on the

shore, Alan back in the mountains near

his Dad after a European jaunt. Yes,

i'll be on the continent soon enuf when

i buy a pair of less dangerous shoes.

Anne & Matt back in the big city.

* * *

Maisie is going to the islands caribbe

with her husband---they have the old

Man's habit of fleeing South during bad

weathre. OR~any weathre, come to

think on it. Tan they podgy hides!

Meanwhile, Capsizer and his crew have

ordres to move up toward the Mason

Dixon Line. And as the Engineer is

also travelling North for werk, i sense

a trend. A Polar conflection perhaps.

Mush! Halter the sled=dogs!

Monday, February 28, 2005^


Groper is still flying jets; his brother

is returned from coptering supplies to

the Victims of the tsunami. They do

more & better things in their young

lives than i had a bhang befuddled

brain to consider when i was dancing

to the disco music...or trying on

Western duds at the start of the

Reagan Administration. But, then,

i had a poetic painterly Soul and was

born too early to be a real scout.

OR take up soccer for fun.

[chess or table tennis, i empathise

with Forrest Gump--whose novel

movie was just on Again the othre

night. He is a fictional character...

isn't he?] Regardless of that, my

progenitors had perfect Faith in my

Potential to become complete.

All=right~their Faith is more perfect

now and their Completeness is

undisputed among the Angels...

My journey on the werld is but

half begun and scantly realised.

With archival pictures, yet.


Such friends and blood relatives

All should have! And i was kidding

about the Oscar ceremony...they

held a grand party and Hillary

Swank has a lovely spine.

Beauty! Truth!






Saturday, February 26, 2005


>Friday, February 25, 2005


Not to worry snow=berds,

it's almost over.


Papal tracheostomy?! Holy

crud! Hane almost went in for

one of those...and it probly

woulda been a disastre.

As it was, she came to a bad

middle none=the=less. So~

pray for the health of our Man

in Rome; it's a lifetime gig.


Now that i've growed up some,

i have a new favourite time of

day. Mail call. [not that show on

the History Channel, altho i find

that entertaining as well.] Ain't

nuffin like ripping open them

envelopes in the middle of an

ambivalent afternoon. Puts a

pace on the old ticker it does.

And slakes my smoochy lips when

i get sumpin good. [which is about

10% of the time.] Almost bettre

than getting e=mails from my

girlfriends! But~yeah, it's just

cards & lettres & junk.



I've said this before and i will

reiterate: The dremes of my dremes

have gotten more interesting since

Kay bot me the pooter. There's an

added Aspect of line=on life that

finds its way into the unconscious

mind. Usually in a discernably

beneficial manner. id est, Nice

thots adhere to the schleepy mind.

OR some such psychological bull

sheet. OH! Wait! i have to grade

up this & defrag that...Thank G

it's not interfering with real=life.


Would that it were and thus it

Becomes exactly what it is^

Favourable dremes arrife

regardless. When the mind is

as rested as it ought be.

{or facile as mine is often}

- - - - - - -pause- - - - - - - -

Title: The Crowded Agora

Mood: meandering

Music: Van Halen

Thot: "What are the Martians

going to do with all that water?"


I'm getting used to my new

wallet AND some new u=wear.

New things for a new year.

Lord knows there's enuf old

schtuff adhering to my corpus

curriculus. On Saterday yet.


[music switch: Tom Petty]

The Engineer is winding his way

north'ard for werk, and that's a

mitzvah. Becos, when he returns

i may have to promote him to

Major. On account of all the

aid & comfort he has rained on

me in the past few weeks. And

some=body should earn the long

green for the scant year ahead.

{not an apochryphal statement}


Accrued Memory: the grandpas

were werkers of Stone & Fabric.

The grandmas were molders of

Music & the Law. Daddy Mack

was electronical and Hane was

mystically chemical. Some=how

all the childrens were imbued

with cumulatif Talents. And

isn't every Fambly just like that?

i'm either asking what i Recall

OR recalling a Question.

Anthropology! History!


Substantiation~i favor it. The

explored life & all that^

Plus+, i may as well improve

the place i've landed at...

as a Flower or a Cloud.


>Saturday, 26 February, 2005

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Half a stone is half=way there.


Hane once said, about the fone and the

door=bell,"I won't answer it unless I

know who it is." [which tends to cut

down on Random visitations!]



Sandra Dee, who had a hard life.

John Raitt, who sang as good as his

daughter & then some.

Hunter S. Thompson, who may have

had a good reason to off himself. He

was one of the original bloggers if

you think about it; and he's had no small

influence on this journalist.

A famous polygamist in Utah...

Mercy! i'm glad i don't have to probate

that Will. Not that i couldn't remember

the names of multiple widows...

Teaser 3 > Maisie got your paperwork today

Teaser 3 > What is it?

Agent 3 > good

Agent 3 > ~notification~

Teaser 3 > of what?

Agent 4 > not apparent??

Teaser 4 > no......

Teaser 4 > is this new news?

Agent 4 > step in process

Teaser 5 > notification of what?

Agent 5 > what befuddles thou?

Teaser 5 > notification of what? and why?

Agent 5 > estate begins

Teaser 6 > but she wants to know

why she was notified....

Agent 6 > oh! she is an heir of her mother

Teaser 7 > she KNEW that!

Agent 7 > does she want an extra copy of the Will?

Teaser 7 > for what???

Teaser 8 > but she wants to know why she was notified

of that which she already knew?

Agent 8 > because it goes through the system

Teaser 8 > "ok, whatever"

Agent 8 > [i need 2 advise heirs of

that which they already know]

Teaser 9 > unreal

Agent 9 > paper=werk

Teaser 9 > I skipped that step[]

Agent .5 > each thing different

Teaser .5 > []

Agent .5 > i step lightly

Teaser .5 > huh?

Agent .51 > does Maisie want to call me now?

Teaser .51 > no, she's heading out to do {werk}

Teaser .51 > do you need to speak with her?

Agent .51 > yeah

Teaser .52 > can you call her at like {time}

Agent .52 > no

Teaser .52 > {time?}

Agent .53 > never mind~it's just a thing

Teaser .53 > if you want, call her right now,

I'll get off this computer for ya

Agent .53 > same

Teaser .53 > ?

Agent .54 > i'll bounce off

Teaser .54 > you're gonna call her?

Agent .54 > which fone---yeah

Teaser .54 > {number}

Teaser signed off at ...

IMP edited for content & Aspect, 2/24/5


That wasn't such a bad snow=storm.

It made for perfect snowballs which i

threw without a good aim. Slushy, now.

Part & Parcel. The Engineer took me

oot & aboot in his Conveyance to

various places; we can get up to much

more trouble in one Afternoon than

most people attempt in a month of

Mondays! That is, the girls behind us

@ the super=store are still pondering

our exploits at the registre. Fwoof!

{Hane's childrens are more themselves

than they have ever been! In Truth and

truculence...} We slide the Good.


And there you have. A tiny glimpse

into the back=ward lead Life...where

Sun & Moon reverse each othre in

fantasmical recollection, or dremes

of chasing down dogs. Paper dogs,

with wispy wayward travels to ends

entirely Un=expected. Uh~Fwoof!

i wouldn't say it again if i could ken

its meaning. Twere thus and only

Tuesday^ Gilmore Girls!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005...



Sunday, February 20, 2005


It's gonna Schnow agin.


Sunday, February 20, 2005


My Shovel is ready.

But my boots are not Anti=Wet.



Grits & Eggs & Toast & STOOGES.

What else is there when the puxxle

is Perfect? [rhetorical]


it struck me again in Dremes that

i was remembering the future...

That i would grow to the points of

Time=Space which i had already

sewn or seen. They wake me when

i am not prepared for Rising!

But, then, i moka myself and travel



The showre comes Hot to my hair

and the schkrubbing washes Nothing

away; becos the Towel is cool and

extant on my fair skin, it conforms

no absolute dry=ness. Soft but not

gentle... A thin green eyeful of time.

I partake the Sun like a fulsome

companion---bright as bright when

bright, Shadowy and missing when

clouded by atmosphere. Snow!


The middle of the day is most messy.

No rest or resolution in it. Only a

pattern of procedures and posits.

Still~it has its own good place.

And evening arrives with slight

reclining @ last. Comforting as it

throws off the cares of Day...not

with finalism but with gladly

shuttered eyes. And Hope^

That near & nebulous nifty Night.

Encompassed by itself with more

Dremes of the future. Amorro!!

How rise me bettre 2 myself...?

i am the Time within my time and

no mistakes will trap me.


OR~potery like dat^

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Who's your President?


So, i'm like sending out all this

schtuff, by mail & OMIGOSH!

i have got to like buy more

stamps And wouldn't ya know

it~there's a Ronald Reagan

commemoratif! So i just go,

"Give me the Ron Reagans."

I coulda plotzed just hearing

myself say it. Now, i won't go

into why the Gipper should or

should not be gracing the upper

right of a postal missive, but I

was like Totally amazed that

i could buy that smiling face.

And self=schtick 2 boot!

[insert your own comments^]


{Presidential re=cap:}

I saw Nixon, i shook hands with

Jimmy Carter...DAD attended

prep=school with ElderBush.

Maisie & i took the boys to see

The Great Communicator on a

swing thru Connecticut. Fame

of the political nature does not

adhere to me well. Although,

i have had my share. I'd run

for office myself but i doubt i'd

pass the Entrance exam.

[note the double meaning of

entrance.] Presidents! Ya don't

hafta love 'em but you do gotsta

VOTE fer some=body evy 4 years.

OR buy their stamps later on.


Whereas & Whatfor...

i love the manilla envelopes that

come in the mail. Official!

Today, par exemple, the Parish

whose Recycling i do sent me a

Certificate of service. Honestly,

i thot it might be bad news...

like i should be better employed

in their care. But i will take the

commendable as they proffer.

{Five years of Recycling---does

that make me the Man?} And

the only thing i like better than

receiving good letters is posting

epistles to the Werld. Wasn't

the GLOW upposed to eplace dat?

Advise of the Advise thereof^


Who has the Glob that doesn't

Link? OH! That would be slac.

It entertains me much how so many

people come late & long to this

Page and say,"HUH??" It's a wind=

down from the better Glowers.

And i was having the same=self

conversation with floralilia about

that subject, altho we discussed a

good many other things in transit.

Which lead me to a Revelation

i did not share with her on point...

"It would be Egomaniacal of me

to call attention to my Astounding

humility." Or something i

remembered as such.


She will remind it different.

But for now, i'll take my paper

from the Parish & i'll hoard my

Ronald Reagan schtamps.


Thursday, February 17, 2005...

find Hans, find Mumsy^^

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Yester=day was the Love=bomb

from all my girlfriends. It fits my

natural filosofy to be so Loved.

Twas ever Thus^


Tuesday, February 15, 2005...

And yet, it was dismal Rainy all

the day thru...[weathre report].


My dremes are fervent and

fulsome...not a surprise under the

prevailing conditions. I mean to

say, that i haven't been altogether

myself in the past few weeks;

Yet, i am transiting to that body

which i scantly remember from

nearly 20 years ago. When both

my pro=genitors were simply

moving my flesh from Town to

Town. And putting up with my

adolescent bull=sheet.


Pianos & Potery! WE are more

coming into ourselves than we

might Imagine! The blood and

Water has blesst us on the least

Expected day. And wax candles

now smell better than we have

cause to remember. Light!


OR, something like that.

My filosofy allows for the space

between knowing, the halted

question of Reality @ length.

The bountiful dremes of

mid=life, ever concatenated

in moments of Action...

And, then, i wake up~the body

of my body crystallising to

anothre sun=rise.

Perfectly happy that my girls &

my ghosts are looking after me.


Let me know if there is any

Sub=Text to the thus posited

entry; it's just a thing.

A Glow thing.


Sunday, February 13, 2005


Sunday, February 13, 2005


Title: Measured Motion

Mood: ponderific

Music: random show=tunes

running thru my brain...and i

don't even like musicals.

Mumsy Alert Status: moderate

Query: "are there quite enough

M's in the abof paragraf?"

Thot: "If they can bring back the

Family Guy, why can't they make

the occasional new Futurama?"



It sure is hard werk to do all

the puxxles that Hane used to solve

at her leisure. I knew i shoulda

joined the CIA when they first axed

me! [which was less than twenty

years ago if i recall my grade=skool]

Too bad they were all up in the

Deep Throat Gate=Water bidness.

And following Arthur Miller around.

{G rest him, this isn't a coded

message.} The FBI was much nicer

to me, as i umember it.


History! It seems better when you're

looking back on it. No lie.


Regardless of that^, i do my best

werk on Sunday becos i have gotten

some time to cogitate & concatenate

on the Week's events. Better yet,

my dremes Advise of possible and

perceivable paths of Permutation.

Which arrive on Monday like an anvil.

Droppt from a Precipice.

[too many P's in that posit^]


Veritably & Voraciously i vent...

a singular Vanguard of the venal

ventricles of Saint Valentine's day.

He had too many arrows bowed

thru him. A horrible event. Yet,

he Loved his Lord and that is enuf.

Would that all were thus verdad.


It is my aspect 2 write like this...

Ask any=body. OR~chek the body

of my body of werk; that'll set your

brain back some. Fair warning.

Plus+, Hey! it's just a Sun=day on

the InterWeb. *smooch*


Thursday, February 10, 2005


I'm gettin' the jump 4

the Bump...


this one goes out 2 all my

ladies... i wouldn't done it

witout you. Smooches in

Advance. Is that the heart

day comin' up that i gotta

buy you chocolate candies

and what=not? Don't i keep

you in leggings, Champagne

& mascara all the rest of the

Year? Dang~it makes a Glow

Pimp wanna recombinate his

Y kromosome!


Regardless of that^, i kid.

The girls i praise are greater

angels than i could Aspire.

Mothers, Sisters, Nieces,

Nurses, Consolers of the

masculine aptness 2 forget.

They make us Men & think

nothing of it. {secret: they

don't really need us} And

then We fry turkeys in the

back=yard... at risk of life

and limb. Mercy! Forgif!


Here's the contract: if you

would please keep having

the Babies, we will try in

future to be less schtupid

than we were born. I said

we'd try. [Plus+, we keep

looking 4 loop=holes...]

We can be sub=standard like

that. And if i haven't sent

you a Valentine by Monday,

it's not becos i forgot~~~

it only schlippt my mind.


Know thereof, Girl,

i love you & i always will.

Nothing less would even

occur to me.



Monday, February 7, 2005


we gave it a shot...


i can forgif Donovan for

throwing those intercepts;

it's like my grade skool

basketball coach used to

say,"The key to winning a

game is not that you don't

make's only

that you don't make as

many mistakes as the other



Or werds to that effect.


Apparently, the Lizard left

bean=town just in time to

affect the outcome of the

game; and her namesake

wasn't around to root for

the under=dogs.

{Namely, the Eagles}


But thereyago & thusitwas.


Holy Crud! Is it shrove

Tuesday already? With all

the concommitant donuts

and Evything?! I think i'll

give up payroll taxes for

Lent. Seriously. Right after

i actually/actuarially fill out

the reams of paper=werk

associated with this time of

Year. [read the last two

sentences aloud if able.^]

Procyon! ad asterae

Monday, 07 February, 2005...


I have been amazed by the

length & breadth of official

condolences showered upon

me by functionaries...and

only slightly offended by their

question,"Are you the surviving

spouse?" It's like a double

bolt of irony~that, altho i did

good things for a grand old gal,

Her natural husband departed

her more days than 7 years ago.

Then, strangely, i feel like a

young pharoah of Egypt when i

admit,"I Am the Sun." Moses

his=own=self didn't have such

offhanded queries! And He

gave us the LAW and the seeds

of prophecy!! OY~Vay.

{partial Truth: i could be the 2nd

Son of the 2nd Kingdom, if it was

localised.} The carpenter from

Nazareth had better answers to

the tax=collectors and the

Insurance salesmen of Judea.

Somebody wrote it down.


Me? i'd rather have doughnuts

than delusions of grandeur.

And the promise of good things

coming thru the postal service.

Which they usually do.

As 4 the Eagles...Next year.

Hope without Promises, but

Yeah~next Year...with many

less Interceptions. ~slac~


Saturday, February 5, 2005


AOL announcer: "fire's out."


February 05, 2005


Title: Where the Birds Are

Weather: here? Thawing considerably.

Noise: old answering machine messages

Mood: what? i schtill have to plug in my

schtinking mood every=time? Alright~

MY MOOD is semi=detached and

ponderous...OR reluctantly nostalgic.

I can't decide.


Thot: "if a tree fell in slac=land and none

of my dear ones alerted hans & mumsy,

would there still be an Animal Haiku?"

{it's Dense yet effusif}


I went to the Market to=day, to shop for

Myself. That's bizarre/bazaar by itself

but i couldn't help noticing all the sports

related clothing. Seems there must be

some kind of game going on tomorrow.

I hope they win, whoever they are.

It's the walking & jostling & interacting

i enjoy...while getting in touch with my

inner Adrian Monk. The one with Bitty

Schram, altho i've always liked the new

girl from her pizza days. Where's my

Rockford Files? My Dark Shadows?

Well~at least i have bread & provolone

for the coming of Lent. Mitzvah!


I will say this for Max Schmeling, G

preserve him: He lived the long for a

Boxer. Think about it. All his life for

99 years, he lived with all those blows

to his head & abdomen...and after all

that he clung to his remaining Years.

Talk about good sportsmanship! He

must've loved this werld. Lochaim!


And don't get me schtarted about

Ossie Davis. 87 And he was still

working on a film. That is dedication.

Died a vagabond journeyman in his

hotel room...a mensch to the bitter

end, pondering his dailies.

[my personal favourite was the turn

he took in Joe versus the Volcano,

as Tom Hanks' chauffeur~Ossie took

a poor film & enhanced the script.]

Smooches 2 Ruby Dee for loving

the man. Peace 4 hard werk^


Grand Memories! I can scarcely imagine

the conversations that the Matriarch is

having with all Her celluloid heroes and

heroines. She held them in a better

esteem than i can muster. And she is

no longer here to correct my cinematic

errors. OH, well~Heaven musta needed

a true Archivist. A Rememberer.

Still~nothing passes thru me from all of

them that i can't recall, given perfect time

and attention. Twas ever Thus.


Jacksonville? i've never been there!

My nipples won't be exposed.


Wednesday, February 2, 2005




Once in a Great While i go to

get my car inspected AND,

Some=thing blows the up!

But i forswear the blaming of

my cars for such Events.

Some other inattention is in

the Mix. Ask the Engineer.


The Colonel is another Year

older, and ignores his shadow

on such a day. I haven't seen

mine today either and it wasn't

for the lack of looking. There

will be six (6) weeks of Wintre

remaining, regardless of the

actions of so many small brown

furry gophers.

[insert Caddyshack reference

here^] Badgerific!

Plus+, the rodential predictors

are genetically Near=Sighted.


Remember then, that gasoline

burns, notably when unattended.

A hundred years Ago, it was a

nearly unusable by=product of

the Petroleum industry! Now,

try & run a hummer without it.

Makes you wanna walk more,

don't it? Vrroom, Vrrooom.


OH! Yeah~Pray for the Pope,

because i'm his chihuahua and

the Matriarch saw him in person.

AND we catholic poets have got

to stick together. Twas ever

Thus^ ~slacmackerel~

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tuesday, February 1, 2005


72%?! That's better than America!


Monday, January 31, 2005

i shoulda gone out for coffee this

morning; it woulda done me a werld

of good. But then, only i can make

the chocolate coffee just the way

i like it. I must remember to throw

away these flowers...they are wilting

from a benign neglect.


Here are a couple of my favourite

recent questions, while i can still

remember them...

>ARE You THE SON?, i'm just the identified patient.


...more local than a planted tree.

{OR~i'm moving faster than the

Express around these parts.}

>HOW are You Doing? many as i can & thrice on

Sunday. It's a bad old joke, that.

>HOW do You FEEL?

...with my fingres, when i'm not

playing the piano for my Nephews.

>WHEN are You coming to Visit?

...if you see a big=ass green car in

your driveway, and an Orphan with

a small black vinyl suitcase, well,

that would probly be the Day.

[funny, but true^]


There are other Questions i can

hardly remember, but i'll save them

up for Anothre time.


Or something in similar English.


And the next time one of my best

friends asks me out for coffee, well,

I'm gonna go & ya won't have hide nor

hair of me for several weeks @ least.

id est, my favourite reply of late to

any & all questions is:

anything can happen.


[only Hans can disappear better]

Tomorrow! grundsau shadows!

Observe^ ~slac~


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