Monday, December 10, 2007


Monday, December 10th, and7... Yesterdé, over breakfast at Our nearest favourite diner [Maisy had eggs over easy and i had eggs over Good], we discusst a Visit the Matriarch made to a crowded steakhaus that she [Hane] called a fire hazard..."just like the blank in NYC..."  My dear sister tried to fill in the blank with COTTON CLUB, then COPACABANA, but i fired off my last synapse of the actual name, momentarily... i said,"it was the COCOANUT GROVE, and if Hane had gone there that night~none of us would be here to Remembre it." {my Fambly is recklessly adept at avoiding Spectacular disastres!} Table=talk. Âvèc ouèves. 

[my French accents are rusty^] In any case, the CONNECTICUTIANS [?] were far too kind to visit me and mine on their way to a concurrent event in the Walley.  And, i might could get some drapery out of it.{"it's Curtains for you, unkabooey!"}Weathre permitting...shine=lovin'slac

Cat Hey.

*slak* hey babe;

Cat What's happening?

*slak* lizard called & turtle called ...

IMPs edited for content & to run in the time allotted^


sunflowerkat321 said...

Avoiding disaster is a valuable trait.  I'm glad your family has been so blessed.


floralilia said...

whoa!! - i'm gonna call you techno=slac now...

didn't know you could do such fine foto things on here now...


slacbacmac said...

girl=friend & Queen~~all the holyday smooches backatchya^
the Art i werk within the parametres of the Beast, y'know
as a true artist would!  Love=on=the=fambly  ~author/knight~


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