Monday, July 2, 2007


Monday, July Second, And7...and there should be anothre CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION on the State and Federal level. Long past due.  Animals @ large, a continuing report: This morn as i was walking out the door, the schmall berds were making an awful racket. Which is because they were molesting a much bigger berd which settled on the power=pole across from the APT building. It was a Hawk. Now, i've seen crows going after a Hawk in their territory en masse, but these were sparrows or catbirds that were giving the big one a hard Time. Avian bravery! The Hawk didn't pay 'em no mind. {the intrepid hunter...}  One of the deer i've been seeing recently crosst the Avenue at werk into a corn=field as my friend [and customer], PETE was off=loading his Yardwaste.  PETE's wife and their little dog TRIXIE just missed the event because they were on walkies on the South end of the Parish. Never mind~i spect they'll get anothre chance to see this deer fambly; i've seen them thrice in ten (10) days! Bambi looks both ways... Naturally, i am a solitary witness to these fauna AND the new breed of insects in the Region. Hmm---maybe i should win a digi=cam or an id=fone so i can take fotoes of these creatures. [Audobon ate his models.] It's almost more interesting than human activity. Amorro [Tuesday, the Third], marks my independence day. It's the first Anniversary of the big move from HANE's Hovel to my current confines. And what a great Year it's been! i wouldn't trade a Moment of it for a winning lottery ticket [not quite true]. Over=more, no grand pianoes have yet fallen on this faer head. So, i'm gonna watch the Fire=werks from the Athletik fields on Wednesday and pray thereafter to my own fierce G that i continue to thrive on the parapet of my choice.  i know the meaning of Liberty; all those would=be terrawrists should taste it once and CUT THE CRUD!   ~thatWalkingconstitutionalist~slac

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