Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Tuesday, November Sixth, election dé

i enjoy Voting for the County Coroner; he's a class=mate of mine, usually runs uncontested and knows where the bodies are buried. Truly {which speaks to the fact that there are way too many gangland murdres in this Principality} Quincy!

i enjoy Voting in municiple elections 'cos there are so many people running for small yet important offices. Plus+, i need to keep up my twenty year cover as an informed Super=Voter. Young yet.

GEORGE WASHINGTON~JOHN ADAMS...GEORGE WALKER~JOHN EDWARDS...notice the synchronicity. ya just cain't follo an empirical ranch=hand with a citified RUDOLF or a HILL&BILLY. The caucuses are not far off...Registre.

Recent Congressional idea which passed unanimously & anonymously: Move up the daylight time=change so the Voters get an extra Hour of schleep just afore the local Election; that way, *we* get to keep our politicle operatifs in Place for the primaries AND the general. zzzz  Table vote: 535 to Nuffin. Ask around.

Super=Secret: i did un=retain that big Judge who dissented on the Legality of the PAY=GRAB, then pocketed the Cash.  Actions schpeak louder than werds.

Now, excuse me while i finish creating my CORN=SOOP from Maíz Trillado...like democracy, it's an Experiment. ~slac~

~Cat~ 161z Hey Boo.

Slak> 161z hey babe

~Cat~ 161z What's happenin?

Slak> 1614 same old same old

~Cat~ 1614 Same here.

Slak> 1614 wearing the woolies

~Cat~ 1615 It is cold. Brrrr.

Slak> 1616 imagine amorro--i'll be a icicle iffen/when you pick me up^

Slak> 1616 *in the dark*

Slak> 1619 i know--taking a fone=call from a client or boy=friend^

~Cat~ 1620 I should be good tomorrow. I have an [appointment] in [place] from [time] Should be able to get to [parish] by [time] - in the dark!

~Cat~ 1620 No phone call. Checking my schedule.

Slak> 1620 Xcellent.

~Cat~ 1621 Yeah, way cool.

Slak> 1621 brrr* how's evybody?

~Cat~ 1622 Blade is sick. He has a sore throat and ear infection.

Started antibiotics today. He's been sleeping since we got home at noon.

~Cat~ 1622 Rocky is still working at [company].

Slak> 162z i'll pray his Perfect health & the grrl comes by it natural

~Cat~ 162z I'm juggling all my admirers.

Slak> 1624 *i've noticed* i should pay attention 2 my pages as=the=much

~Cat~ 1624 Most of the people are bizarre in one way or another.

Slak> 1624 secret i like to schtart from Zero

~Cat~ 1625 I see! /smiley/

Slak> 1625 retarded girls on the bus fall in Love with me!

~Cat~ 162g Nice for you!

~Cat~ 162g /smiley/

[edited porxn...]

Slak> 16zz ooops---how's by Kendra?

~Cat~ 16zz I just went to the...market with Toni, Kendra and Mom. Lots of fun!

Slak> 16z4 wow! i almost coulda been there iffen i didn't go Yesterday

Slak> 16z4 *samples 4 lunch

~Cat~ 16z5 True. We had a lot of samples. I bought some great hvarti cheese.

Slak> 16z5 delish, yummo as Rachel Ray says

~Cat~ 16zg She has a daytime talk show now.

Slak> 16z7 i'm growing my [Colonel] goatee...and we Will catch=the=up amorro

~Cat~ 16z7 ok

Slak> 16z8 simply schtroke the fevered brow of Blade until then

~Cat~ 16z8 I'll try.

Slak> 16z8 i loooves you all

~Cat~ 16z8 I won't do anything if he's asleep!

~Cat~ 16z9 Force fluids when he gets up.

Slak> 16z9 water mostly

~Cat~ 16z9 We luv you too.

~Cat~ 16z9 water is best

Slak> 1640 call me @ the 'office' if thangs change^

~Cat~ 1640 OK will do.

Slak> 1640 *smooch*, booey

~Cat~ 1641 ta

IMP edited for nomenclature & content^

Cat> Hey boo.

Cat> Talking to Maisy.

Slak~ my seester?

Cat> Yes.

Slak~ back from the Pope!

Cat> recently returned from Europe.

Cat> yes


Cat> She just signed off.

Slak~ xcellent~seeya amorro?

Cat> I should be ok. I have an [appointment] in [city] until [time].

Slak~ coool, well very 'cool'

Cat> Rocky works on [day] now from [time] to [time].

Cat> cold

Slak~ mit schnay!

Cat> Yes, I saw that white stuff today!!

Slak~ the [persons] were amazed

Slak~ *flurrific*

Cat> totally

Cat> I'm going to see the [name of band] tonight.

Cat> They're a band.

Slak~ great

Cat> ...over in [township].

Cat> I'll let you know tomorrow.

Slak~ no prob--only a few desperate days left!

Cat> True enough.

Slak~ then~fantastical up=rising of good things

Cat> I see.

Slak~ the buddha will help...

Cat> Really?

Slak~ could happen

Cat> maybe

Slak~ i taught/teach him evything he knows[?]

Cat> i see

Slak~ look bright 4 coldness

Cat> ok

Slak~ smooch my kids & i'll seeya Amorro^

Slak~ haf a good time @ concert

Cat> Ok. Ta

Slak~ ta

IMP edited for nomenclature^

goof hi

Slac~ hey

goof what's new?

Slac~ Xcept 4 Cali=fires?

goof ok

Slac~ sending rain from here to Left Coast

goof no needed here

Slac~ yeah--droughty

goof very

Slac~ smooch the Pope next week; i might miss him too

goof ring?

Slac~ yes--try not to let Maisy schteal the ring^

goof /smiley/

Slac~ i'll get to that fountain my=own=self...

goof oh?

Slac~ abso--with penny in pocket

goof playing the lottery?

Slac~ nah--we got sluts now

goof oh yeah

Slac~ 44 how's Cap=sizer and them?

goof 44 just fine

Slac~ 44 [girl] talx?

goof non-stop

Slac~ don't tease her--she's a beauty

goof /smiley/

Slac~ send me a post=card from the Vatican

goof maisy's job

Slac~ right

goof left

Slac~ in the middle

Slac~ chekmeAmorro...

goof ok

Slac~ ta



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