Monday, June 27, 2005


Pisha! [one more re=post from

one (1) year ago...~Author~]

Original posting 6/27/And4>

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Yesterday i droppt the Shunky;

Today [Sunday] i droppt the

muffler on the Green=Ghost!

Which is werse?

A shunky schpill can be cleaned

up with white vinegar & a mop.

A muffler drop is a little more

Complicated. Note: bungee

cords are not the best cradle

for a fallen muffler; the rubber

will burn thru eventual.

Funny how the old cars & the

old ladies make one Resourceful.

{Angels of Mercy~~do not send

me into this epoch again!}


Apparently, most of the pictures

i post are both old & corrupted.

OR there is a bumpy=bug in

Kodiak land. No matter~i've been

sending some of my better pix to

my popular Readers. Heck!

The Dancer has a whole file full.

Up=the=Shot: if you get a clean

bitmap or jaypeg from slack,

use it well & resolutely~~at

least until i learn how to make

Entries as good & large as the

real fotoGlowers! {And you know

who You are.}


Meanwhile, Floralilia is culling the

Nuggets of wisdom from the Glow

werld in her secondary journal...

AND it is well werth visiting and

commenting on. {I am biased becos

i know her & the Queen has also

saved a passel of my observati...}

Nevertheless, Bounce to Her on

account of~~we are Simpatico.

Flip her off not Casually! Flo is

crusty on the out but squishy on

the centre...Plus+ she has the

long memory of all things^

Thereyago. Hans! Vince! Viv!

Desert=Dawg! Check them all~

They are my posse; And if they haf

blue=links, go there as well.

That's how i find the good glows.

{I am always purple wherever i

Flit & Flip} I would endorse the

Muse as well but she is also one

of my mentors. Well=met,

well=read. Monday, i am the bus

and Calling the auto=shop,

Slackashirt 6/27/2004


^end of repost supra=annual^

Sunday, 26 June, 2005...

Thot: "if you are lacking for a

good idea, read back=wise and

reiterate; you might stumble

onto some Inspiration."


Title: Lost on the Trail...

Mood: guardedly summerific

Weathre: more shpritzly than

predicted...grey skies.

Music: [Seinfeld TV]

And Where is Mumsy?

Text: Friday~i entertained both

the Jehovah's Witnesses and the

Mormons...on my porch. I think

I'm all G'ed up 4 the week. The

engineer came home for his

birfday, but we didn't connect.

Flower=Sun has found two of

her hats AND more than a coupla

hikers were rescued on the

Water Gap trails. Fair Warning!

Too many of these youngsters

are coming to bad middles and

bad ends between their back

door and the outer werld. And

the Down=Town is being shot up

by wannabe gangstas...cut the

crap! There is more than enuf

recklessness in the Cosmos as

is. Stave off the imps of impunity

in the current season; Summer

funerals are werse than Winter

ones. Mind your feet and pay

close attention. Vita brevis


{My Angels are fully occupied &

impatient with abject schtupidity}


Remind me, good ones, to Paint

and Pote amorro when Conditions

shall be more Favourable.

Monday, June 27, 2005^


Saturday, June 25, 2005


Colour me grateful.


This time i made it into the

Penta=Glows without even

asking. Thanx AuroraWalking

Vacation/guest editor man.

[secret: he reads the slacpage

regular anyway.]


Also, Vince took time out from

Real Art & Real Poetry to

feature one of my doodles on

To Live is to Be Anxious...

[secret2: i've been proddling

him to borro my art anyway.]

Thanx, bud.


That is to Say~i do not encourage

self=promotion on the InterWeb,

but it is rather pleasant to get

the occasional random Bounce.

Friends? Equals? Exceeders?

Truth be told...i like wading in

the shallow end of the collectif

Pool. Floating lazily, not splashing

the other children unduly...

{It's a fine summer to posit the

Schwimming theme, no?}


06/25/ i was watching

What I Like About You last

night and i swear i heard the one

girl say to the other girl,"Well,

aren't you the crasy mofo?"

Sure, that's a werd i've been using

for about ten years, but i can't

believe it made it to Broadcast

television. Schtartled me much!

(moh~foh, equal emfasis, the

shortening of a highly derogatory

term first described on the

Carlin list of unutterables.)

Those kids & their language!


This is my natural voice.

Regardless of that & altogether,

it's a bit too schteamy for me

to be controversial. I'll write

more iambic on Monday.

Probly. ~then~

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Title: Picture Parade...


[NB: the Following is a repost from

June 17th, 2004 A.D.>>>]*

Mood: wilting


Noise: Air=Conditioner


What a perfectly oppressif day to

wandre down to the Laundromat

and warsh the Jeans, the Shirts

and the Sheets that Hane tosses

and turns in when she's not

staying up watching the old

movies & the Animal Planet.

[Not a complete Sentence^]


It was totally Unexpected that my

little brother would Visit me at

that location. Yet, it happened.

The date=up on Toni & Todd is

that Toni is getting around her

own haus with the help of

crutches & a wheelchair, and

various fambly members--one of

her legs is still unwalkable.

Todd is doing time at one of the

premiere Rehab hospitals, and

he's not the Happiest camper.

[This hospital is Noted for its

strict rehabilatory discipline]

I'd like to believe all this is good

news & that the Road is now


So~~i decide consciously to

believe it, and if i do that, then

the Road will smoothe out.

Cat & Blade are nearly as

optimistic. G-d Bless^^


Truth! Encouragement! Laundry!

Unexpected but WELCOME

visitations~~I have the real life

and it slightly grinds against my

Webbish Prescience...

Mean=while, at the Top of this page

Readers will find yet anothre

retrospectif of fotografs & prints.

{Repetition is the Core of Vision}

And~in the right ordre, pix and

paintings do tell their own Especial

story^^^ thereyago...

[end of repost, 6-17-04^]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

{repetition is the core of vision}

Thursday, June 23, 2005...


Apparently, it wasn't so different

last year if at all much. Except that

Hane is gone & Toni & Todd are in

much better shape. And maybe a

million othre things. Veritas.


The good folks in Washington are

werking hard on two important

National PBS

AND re=introducing [for the 7th

time] an Anti-Flag-Burning Amend

to the US Constitution. They've got

all these really juicy items on their

collectif desks (Social Security,

Health Care, rolling back the badly

named Patriot Act, Energy Bill...)

but they choose instead to go after

Sesame Street and the few odd

nut=balls who put matches to a

piece of cloth. Why don't they also

give themselves a Raise in salary

while they're at it? *Zing*

Forgif me~i ain't political.


Will Paris (Hilton) and Paris (her

fiance) get married in Paris? Avec

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as

Witnesses? Is there any way to get

Paris (H) to move up her retirement

from public life? Without filming

it??? WE need the Answers...


i can be cynical if i try hard---it

just doesn't look good on me.


]slac[ 6/23/5 & 6/17/4^^

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Posit: "Do ya ever get the feeling that your

jernal is like three (3) days behind, but that

your Life is running three (3) days Ahead?"


Twas ever Thus.


Wednesday i werkt; Thersday i recycled.

Friday i washed one of the largest laundries

of my current Xistenz. From sheets & sox

to Jeans and shirts, i felt compelled to warsh

off the lingering schmells of my Grand tour

to the great metropolis. It's nothing personal

except that i was due to cleanse these items

regardless...and the jury run had given me

a slight excuse to put off godliness.

[more=the=over, my Hotel swim & the next

day excilerating shower proddled me to

clean & improve Some=thing.] Rinse!


Saterday~we filled five (5) bins in the Parish

and were glad of it. My customers were

especial good to miss me on a singular

Monday last. OR~some of them that misst

me @ all.^ Time=Machine! WE approach

the Present. [read the full page] Chicken

Soop! i must add the egg=noodles.

{All of that^^ is Pro=log, schkip Ahead>}

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ah~Sunday...diemus de patriarchus.

And a pride festival in the park system.

I zoomed by it in the green=ghost on my

way to bogo at the grox schtore. Nice

day for it. Later, Cat caught me napping

[she just walked thru the front door.]

She hollered,"Hey! Unkabooey~what's

happpennningg?" or some such crud.

Sounded just like Rocky somehow...

it's usually Rocky who shouts after me

when they come to visit. Anyway--we

caught each other up on the News of

the week, the month. {i told her secretly

that she could acquire anothre cat or

two, but NOT to adopt, find or other

wise purchase a dog. Too much werk}

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday...the werk of notifying my

good customers who needed toters

on Saterday [when i didn't have them]

that they could get them now. And

my regular job of collecting yard-waste.

[more incomplete sentences! how does

he get away with it?] Oh~i also found

time to shred a hospital bucket full of

Hane memorabilia. {it's like sharping

your beak on a granite mountain...

eventually, the Mountain will be gone

and you'll have the nose of a Humming

Bird.} Such adventures i have! And

dremes to match! Soft and Brief.

* *

Tuesday, 21 June, 2005...i'll say this

much in favour of Michael Caine: He

went from Alfie to Alfred in only

Forty (40) years. Now~that's Range.

Guh blezz'im, guvna. Good-on-ya.

- -watch-the-justificaxn- -slac- -


Saturday, June 18, 2005


>>previously, on the Log<<


~ The Bourse...~

It was the hottest dang day of the year

and i meandered back to my hotel room

to gather up some reading materials &

a deck of cards [which i never used.]

Then, i perambulated along Market to

the food=court @ the Bourse.


...The Wanding Man:

"Sheet~You are just a Metal man with

your Jeans & your Belt & Boots, aintchya?"

[And to think i coulda done something

alarmingly illicit on my Break.]

* * ...

Our favourite Clerk made the ominous

Statement: "See you all again in 2 Years."

* * * ...

WE were like lemmings to the cliffs on

our departure! Plunge! Drown!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Saturday, June 18, 2005....

Observata: Was it really necessary for

the Media to follo Jacko from the Santa

Maria Courthouse to Neverland? And

that's all i've got to say about dat.


Dana Elcar will be missed. He had a

rough time of it after his blindness,

yet it didn't affect his acting.


A cautionary note for recent grads~

It's a dangerous werld out there, even

though you think your Education is over.

Regard the fambly Halloway and their

pain---ponder the lives cut short by

over-exuberant Partying. Cry out against

random criminalities. We adults may

have frogged up this place, but it's

your WERLD now! Be careful. Much.


Happy Fathers' Day! I've got enuf cards

and scarves & funny Boxers myself...

I wish i knew who keeps sending them.

Anyway~Dad may look like a proto=

plasmic ATM to you, but he has feelings

too. Plus+, he has to live with Mom.

Smooch the grizzled old geezer when

he least expects it.


Paris, Paris & Paris! More on that lata.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

EPILOG: slac takes a dip

It's not a rare thing for me topack my

board=shorts on a Hotel trip. It's just

that i rarely get to schwim, there's so

much else going on! But this time, OH,

this time I was free, alone & released

from my federal duties...And that pool

was only six Elevated chimes from my

Location. Ride & Rise, i WAS going in.

Ladder! Submerge! Laps! Fresh hotel

Chlorine. Fifteen floaty minutes on

the Eighth floor overlook...*gurgle*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My douse had made me hungry for

dinner @ Benton's. And it was my last

night in town, so why order Room

Service? Linguini Marinara with a side

salad hit the schpot. {i woulda preferred

not dining alone, but i had of my Own

fault, lost track of the blonde from

Churchville.} Back in my room, i saw

from end=to=end the Men In Black II.

Lara Flynn Boyle makes one sexy

Alien. It's a very funny movie...


Tuesday--Showering early...Savoring my

complimentary gubment steak & eggs.

{the Chef knew what i meant when i

askt for the eggs over hard.} Coffee!

Cabbing the Bus to get back to the

Walley on the humidest day of the

month. Like the old saw goes: "I'm

glad i went but i was gladder to get

back Home." And~i'd only lost one day

of real werk...if i can just Amember

what Real Werk is. Hmmm...


Friday, June 17, 2005


>>previously, on SlackBackMack--the Log<<

- - - - - -slac~in~jury~land- - - - - -

OH! Yeah~before these juries

were selected, evybody in the room was

made to stand, raise our Right hands,

and Swear or Affirm that WE would do

a fair job of deciding to decide. I chose

to Affirm, becos CRUD! You know i

abhor the frigging swearing.]

Female clerk: "You have ninety minutes

for Lunch; we don't care what you do in

those 90 minutes, as long as it's legal."

{she kept referring to our PAYROLL

forms yet oddly pronounced it like


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Tonight's Episode: The Bourse...

It was the hottest dang day of the year

and i meandered back to my hotel room

to gathre up some reading materials &

a deck of cards [which i never used.]

Then, i perambulated along Market to

the food=court @ the Bourse. Talk

about your feeding frenzy! Evyone in the

natural werld was there, waiting in lines

to get a nosh. I bot an italian hoagie for

fi' dollars. Not a genuine gut=buster,

mind you, but an eight inch samich

which nearly no=one could call for good

a po'boy, submarine, hero etcetera...

Schtill, as i woofed it down @ the court

house court=yard, it was a tasty morsel.

About one o'clock, i went through

security again and Mister Wanding Man

Person made some snide remark that,

"Shoot~You are just a man of metal with

your Jeans & your Belt & Boots, aintchya?"

[And to think i coulda done something

Amazingly illicit on my Break.]


The room was mildly boisterous when i

found a new seat in the back. I lost track

of the petite blonde. Some of the culled

jurors returned with scant stories of their

adventures up=stairs. I concentrated my

attention on my complimentary Hotel

paper and the puxxles i brot from home.

Walking & stretching periodically to keep

the blood in my legs flowing...

A quarter past Four, yet anothre Jury was

selected [Kathleen onmy left was chosen

and i muttered,"G bless."] This group was

told to return Tommorow (Tuesday) for

their voir dire. THEY were mildly relieved

of that news. The better News was Yet.

Moments after they escaped for the

afternoon, the rest of us were informed

that if we hadn't been chosen, OR, if we

had been outsworn of the Morning office,

OUR Jury Service was complete & done.

Our favourite Clerk made the ominous

Statement: "See you all again in 2 Years."

{i was slightly disappointed that i hadn't

gotten the chance to see the Upper Rooms

and palaver with real Philadelphia

lawyers; less=the=never, it was an especial

honour to have had the opportunity to

participate in the second leg of the

American obligation. Voting is the first leg,

SO~Get Registered!} WE were like lemmings

to the cliffs on our departure! Plunge! Drown!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friday, June 17, 2005...

Amorro! The EPILOGUE of Slack-in-Jury-land:

"He went from the City to the Walley on

Flag Day and Lived to Tell the Tale"



Thursday, June 16, 2005


...previously, on SlackBackMack--the Log...

And that> more or less happened to

all one hundred & ninety=nine of us,

give or take, by degrees. Soon enuf we

were escalated...

~end of part One~

Tonight's Episode: SHIFTING SEATS


Potential Jurors, be they petit ou

Grand, are selected from Voter

Registration rolls; which accounts for

the preponderances of white, female,

middle=aged members. Altho, in all

honesty, we were a representatif

sample of the over=all general

population. I would hazard a guess

that 1/5th of our group had already

been through the Process before.


By the time orientation began, i had

a brunette from Horsham on my left

hand & a blonde from Churchville on

my right. Both younger than me of

gourse and apparently unencumbered.

The female clerk was entertaining enuf

considering she has been doing the

jury thing for probably many years. WE

watched a Video of one of the judges

informing us of the importance of

jury service in the American System of

jurisprudence. Soon enuf, we were

also visited by one of the sitting judges.

He was an affable hispanic gentle=man

in a black robe. [duh.] A little while later,

some lawyers came in & selected the

first 30 participants of the first case.

Two lawyers & a tip=staff arrived by

stages to aggregate the next sixty

persons for anothre two cases. The

brunette on my left was chosen for one

of these. [oh, yeah~before these juries

were selected, evybody in the room was

made to stand, raise their Right hands,

and Swear or Affirm that WE would do

a fair job of deciding to decide. I chose

to Affirm, becos CRUD! You know i

hate to freaking swear.] Lunch!

Female clerk: "You have ninety minutes

for Lunch; we don't care what you do in

those 90 minutes, as long as it's legal."

{she kept referring to our PAYROLL

forms yet oddly pronounced it like

Peril...} ~end of Part Two~

- - - - - -slac~in~jury~land- - - - - - -

Thursday, 16 June, 2005^

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Wednesday, June 15, 2005...

TITLE: the washed & the unwashed

MOOD: homey

frison biché: Returned to Owners

Music/Noise: fans only

Weathre: not as schticky...!

Thot: "Benjamin Franklin does not

need any more pennies on his marker.

He is more rich and more dead than

he ought to be, as is."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Man, them cabbies can sure drife

fast & crasy when they want to. I'm

not gonna take any lessons from them!


WE ran into a blockage on the main

road on the way down And our bus

driver decided to follow a mini=van

into a deep dark Wood. It was more

than surreal riding in a land=liner to

an uncertain juncture on a country

road. Yet we came back on t'othre side

of the Jam. HIM, i'll take lessons from.

I will say that this was one of the

quickest journeys i've made from

point 2 point~i was whisked from the

Peter Pan terminal to my hotel in

record time. Unaccustomed as i am

to moving at the speed of light, my

molecular structure wasn't adversely

affected. Room Service! Send up some

ten dollar chicken fingres and a four

dollar beer. The gubment is paying.


Dawn, four pilloes...


It's true~i am a trouble=maker. Just

ask the security personell at the

federal courthaus. [altho, in my own

defence: i haven't been through a

metal detector in years.] My jeans

had rivets, my boots had eyelets &

my belt buckle was a special problem.

Twice in one day i went through the

arch scanner and there was no stopping

my Beepage. And i was also wanded

both times. {the security at the bus

station should only be so good} My

buckle? That was a cheap thrill becos

each time Mister Filly Security Man

person had to check that, he grabbed

a handful of my leathre belt and

tugged it Inside=Out. Made me

schtand on tippy=toes i'll tell you.

Good thing i had neither camera nor

weapon~because i woulda refused to

get engaged until he @ least bot me

dinner @ Penn's Landing. Seams!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And that^ more or less happened to

all one hundred & ninety=nine of us,

give or take, by degrees. Soon enuf we

were escalated...

~end of part One~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Saturday, June 11, 2005...

New blue=jeans for Jury duty...


Of gourse i was away for Sunday

'cos i never post without finishing

the puxxle. Yet, more the over,

i will & would Travel to the City

for a coupla days of federal petit

jurisprudence. I pray i come to a

good middle, on account of my

true & best customers shall miss

my peculiar leadership skills.

Plan: take a cab 2 take a bus 2 take

a cab, to schleep & walk to the

especial Court=House, to read and

sit until called for a two day Trial.

It's why i love 2 wander so far and

so fairly 2 participate in democracy.

Plus+~the travel is said to broaden

the Mind. >read futher>

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Slac in the City~

Title: federalism

Mood: wrung out

Noise: Airco, natch

Thot: "That's a long way to

go to swim on the eighth

floor & not get empaneled."

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

16:06:37...I could tell you

about my jury service in the

Eastern District; but it was a

secret & sacred thing that

you really should go through

yerse'f. [it's also more fun than

you might think.] Amorro,

i will regale you with the tale!

OR~parts thereof. Apologia

to Vince for not visiting his

environs...but i was fleetly

schtumbling around the

Historic district. For now,

i'm jest gonna un=wind and

git ready for my return to

werk. This weathre will break,

i promise. *SWEAT*

[correct me much: is that



'Cos i wasn't.

- - -unselected~slac- - -

Friday, June 10, 2005


It's the [brand=name] Blimp!

And it is Angeling me right

over the Ritz! fantastico!

Thursday, June 09, 2005...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where in the name of Meadow

Sisto was i? OH~Yeah...mind

the Tenses. It was hotter than

the hasps on the hinges of

Hades. [The day was Sultry.]

And i miss Anne Bancroft

more than most; she was too

young & brilliant to Depart us.

{Knowing people who shine

off in their 90s would tend to

Put things into perspectif.}

It's not the heat; it's the



I am not one for running the

Airco on account of Global

Warming but these last coupla

days have been oppressif.

Even with that wonderful

flying Air=Ship passing over

my concatenations. Zoit &

Touts Alor! The Queen of

Succulence is Recovered by

scant action. [see Floralilia^]

My local weathre=girls inform

me it won't get much better

any time soon...from the cold

wintry Spring to the schteamy

pre=arrival of Dog Days~how

can i perfect my actions under

such conditions? My sister has

even taken on anothre strange

Canine! [properly so~~Cat is

only my sister by Association

but i have attended a million

of her animals.] And me without

a true & relevant Garden?!


Friday, June 10, 2005...

There you have & Thus it is.

Has anybody else noticed the

gas=lines reminiscent of 1973?

People are waiting in two deep

lengths to fill up their tanks

in the Heat of the day. [That's

bad 4 the ground-lying Ozone.]

The short answer is that Two

dollars doesn't go as far as it

used to...and the politically

complex answer is that we will,

as Americans, run out of both

cash & "oil" in about thirty (30)

years. I'll be a nearly old man by

then & much accustomed to

riding my bicycle everywhere.

{i cheat~i have Visited the future}

Less=the=never, it's long past

time for us to cogitate these

impending scenarios. Energy!

My Pop knew it was finite when

he graduated college. Ever more

the much=so today.

- - - -conservational~slac- - - -

Monday, June 6, 2005




There was a girl in that race?

Danica, i love you. The Russian

women were all over the French

Open but they kinda fizzled...

Yet~they are very attractif

when they get frustrated. And

then--there is some Game going

on with Nine full=growed men

chasing after a naugehyde ball.

GO Sox, i mean, Yanks! Hire

some Russian girls already.

And some other past=times...


Farm report: It's difficult to

plant a garden among so many

mint plants & wild strawberries.

AND, you know your pocket

yard is a mess when you have

to borrow the Widow's Weed

whacker to cut the grass.

Up=shot~there won't be any

cucumbres freshly grown from

me, this Year. Lotsa Bees...


Sunday, June 05, 2005>

"What are you doing? You know

slac doesn't publish on Sunday!"

[and he missed exactly one

letter on the puxxle...]

National: Deep Throat was a's far too late

for all of us to sully the beauty

of Hal Holbrook's performance.

OR Linda Lovelace's for that

matter. Watergate=History.


Speaking of embryos--when

did Arlen, George, OR Rick

become experts on cloning? It

pondres me much that they

haven't consulted their wives

more fully on the Aspects of

reproduction. Freeze me not!

I'm only here on account of

the Vinegar. Democratically.

- - - pregnant~pause- - -

Title: Cheese Curls & Rotini

Mood: hazily atmosferic

Music: Charmed...incidental

Thot: "Maybe it's a good thing

i'm getting most of my news

from Public Radio; hearing is


6/6/05~An Anniversary...

It's not just the amembrance

of D-Day, horrible as that was.

Cat's mom & dad were married

on this day a few years back.

They are Rocky & Blade's other

grand=parents---well, now their

Only grand=parents. G bless 'em.


The Day was schticky. My hair

hates the hot & humid days.

On my way to werk, i had to

stop @ the Bank to cash the

Widow's check [for mowing her

lawn yester=day]. One of my

favourite tellers handled the

transaction. I almost forgot to

get my receipt, but she called

me back. Then, after all, she

wished me to have,"a nice

week=end." I felt her blush as

i moved along~~this is how it

happens when someone likes

you. OR! Maybe she knows i

have a time=machine!

Less=the=Never, i will have to

keep my eyes on her, and not

cash piddling chex on Mondays.

In case of Rain...


Oh~the cheese curls? They were

bogo. Also the grape tomatoes.

It's hard 2 shop 4 only 1 person.

{maniacal slaclafter} pixlata^


Thursday, June 2, 2005


Wednesday, June 01, 2005...

So~I'm walking through the Town on

my reticular travails And what do i

see but a young bird attached to the

hood of a red SUV. I step a few steps

and turn around on my heels, because:

"This is an unusual thing!" The vehicle

stops & a well=dressed woman climbs

out of her ride. "It fell on my hood and

I didn't know what to do." The young

bird had had quite the time of it too

just by looking at our Friend who has

feathres. I stroked its chest and

checked its talons, one of which was

firmly attached to the air=grill just

below the windscreen. By the time

i next tried to cup the creature, it

gathered its own wits and took off to

a nearby porch. [WE were afraid it was

injured & could not Fly; bad thing for

a Bird!] The woman thanked me

profusely for helping, even calling me

a good samaritan. I don't know about

That~but if i can't take the time to

help one confused Aviator AND the

kindly Professional who gave it a

short trip they neither will forget:

Well, then, i would thoroughly have

to revisit my dedication to All the

even greater matters which attend me

as i walk the werld. {I hope they both

attained a good result.} Fly Home!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What day was that? I am moving so

fast and so far that some=times i

could swear i glimpse my own scant

adipose in the foreground!


I know for sure that during the Holiday,

i clipped my own hedges and made

four bags of Yard=Waste. These would

be the big black bags that i Recover

from my regulars for just such a purpose.

[And it was toooo nice to schtay indoors

to deconstruct the internal Museum

into an equal Numbre of crudsax.] The

beautiful weather has come at Last!

- - - - - - - -pause- - - - - - - - - -

Thursday, June 02, 2005...

Maisy didn't know what Day it was

Either! Great minds get confused alike.

OW! i have the writer's cramp from

signing my Name so much...and the

Cotton=Tongue from licking schtamps!

I mean, envelopes...'cos all the schtamps

are adhesif=self Now. It's a good thing

i have such a strong tongue. And piano

trained fingres. [thanks, Evelyn.] What's

the Assign for this week anyway?

Never mind~i am far too busy caring

after all my other small Birds.

- - -text first, fotoes Amorro- - - - -




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