Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thursday, June 14, 2007..."Born a poor Young country boy, Mother Nature's son..." The turtle and i like to walk in the PARK, when we grab the occasion to. Which is quite often, come to think on it. On such days when they happen, He is the observateur and i some=times play the fotografer. {would that i had my own digi=cam!}  Yet~here are the animals i have seen recently when i did not have a Recording Device: rabbits and chipmunks [a good year for them], ferrets owned by schmall girls in the City [?], a Doe & her three (3) fawns just on my way to the bus after werk. And all the berds & squirls who fancy me a fine Morsel.  i am not so much caught=the=up in Nature as i am the Attender of her beauty. Ask any=body^

Meanwhile~my Job=shiffle is playing the WHITE ALBUM in reverse ordre. Quite disterbing, considering that the vinyl record was meant to be listened to back=wards NOT back=wise. Does anyone schtill twist their reel=tapes like MobiĆ¼s ribbons for arcane informaxn? It pondres me much. Lop ris, Oleh.

Lettuce see if my borroed fotoes up=load to the top of the page^^ And then from there... *slac*

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