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Monday, December 20, 2010


Sunday, December 19, 2004...^We are appraised and

apprised of the Light which comes into the World; WE

Anoint it with our brief tears. Immanuel.

Sunday, December 19th, 20-10...the LORD has done

great things for me And happy, blest & Glorious is

that Name! i am put in mind of that BEATLES' song

which goes like this: Mother Mary comes to me,

speaking words of Wisdom,"Let it Be." [done unto me

as You, GABRIEL, have commanded.] My own Sister

MAISY sent me two (2) packages toward CAT's haus

and i pickt them up Aday. {i shan't open them until

the 25th} At the office Christmas party, KATHY of the

cleaning contingent gifted me a pair of schteel-toed

Oxfords; ROSE [anothre mothre of mine] sent me off

with a passel of food from the self=same Party. Can

anyone not gain weight and Graces from the Season?

i am thus surrounded by gifts & Invitations! STONY

wants me to sup with him & his on Xmas dé...CAT will

have me the following Saterday for Pork und Kraut.

{it'll be the third Tradition of such} i scarcely Believe

the Year is ending, and i end it Glowing not so good!

i'll recovre of it, Eventual. The stalag is undecorated

but werking in fine Ordre; it is Ever like camping from

day unto day. My beard is a fine mess which i believe

i'll Winnow for the first week of Twenty-Eleven, right

down to the roots. {it has kept out the cold, this year}

Happy Joyous Holydés! Survive the Solstice...


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Saturdé, Octobre 18th, °°8...Who knew the Yard would

be so busy on such a cool, autumnal day? We overfilled

the five (5) Dumpsters® and altho i wanted to continue

celebrating the 'Feast of Booths', i hardly found

Time to set in my own Slack=shack! Come and go...

Cuddie FRANK was kind enuf to ferry me home=wise.

Amorro~i might could oughta try to make a Transfer of

these Glow=Pages to the next Venue. Anything is

possible. [comment freely 'til the End] ~slac~

^publisht as 'echo' to the Web, mood=productive

noise=young frankenstein...a Movie^

Comment from: sunflowerkat321

"Let me know when you get settled in the new neighborhood.

I want to stop in and say hello. XOXO Kat"

"I await an announcement with bated breath. Well, not really.

I'll keep breathing. -Paul"

THOT: "ponder the small items first and best...thereafter,

the large & mysterious things will fall into focus Resolutely."

Wednesday, Octobre 19, 2005...I'm getting those familiar

questions again: "How late are you guys open?", "When do you

guys close for the year?" And "Do you guys take [this crud]?" TO

which i lovingly respond,"Hey~it's only me here, a Naked singleton

in clean jeans & winter woolies. {i am one & one is all} The yard

waste & recycling Universe opens and closes within me, and there

are no Others without." Yet~it wouldn't serve my good customers

well to thus blow their minds!

Friday, Octobre 22nd, 2°1°...(twenty, ten)...Sanctified detritus!

My hard drive is eighty-nine percent (89%) full! And it only

took me ten Years to do it. {Kay shoulda woulda coulda never

gifted me with Technology; it's been nothing but a burden} By

the Bye, this old Dell® came fully loaded with sixty-nine (69)

gigabytes of mammary from the last Millennium. i thot it

would last me forever & ever. Time and Life resolutely change.

Two weeks ago, i cleaned with MONICA; last night i cleaned

[vacuumed] with CATHY. These are my gentle girls. i join the

cleaning crew whenever it is Offered, on account of the extra

cabbeej [cabbage/cash]. Plus+, it is eminently interesting to go

through the Parish building functionarily, to catch up on the

general News. It's ne'er been a viable Replacement of my first

Duty as the yard master, but it is delightfull to do occasionally.

The bicycle is in the boof; i rode it up last evening for the extra

Time. i permitted, graciously, CATHY to ride me 'home' in her

Jeep®. It's getting quite cold & windy for=to ride the byke...but

i'll make the best use of it while Days allow. Monday last, i

accidentally made a marathon on the byke by leafing my haus

keys in the Boof! {i am beside myself, shtill, that i remembered

to pack & carry Everything but them two keys} The very purpose

of scaling back my Autumnal hours was to ease my Travels in

the darkness~Yet i grinded up and back Perfectly, a truly

seasoned Cyclist all and all. {If Slack can do this, could he not

almost attempt to do Any=Thing?} And, if anyone cares to note

it--the up & down trips are six and a half miles, more or less,

from point-to-point...i pedalled twenty-five (25) or twenty-seven

(27) miles...and will never again forget my latch=keys on account

of my gifted & unnamed byke! [my rider name is JACK-KNIFE

because of a quite harsh Dismount i did at Maple and Madison

many, many months Ago.] Sun=Day, Octobre 24th, 2°1° was

an expecially good riding morning, this One. i tasted my two (2)

cups of moka early on & parkt my schteed next to the Episcopal

cherch off Gresser Park. MARIA was glad to have my 'signage'

at her Communion AND there was also a magnificent brunch for

Celebraxn Sundé...of which i did fellowship for All Good. {i am

Provided for in all these houses, because i Provide something}

The fountain in the park is drained & the frogs are bagged. No

pennies of mine can be found in such a desolate Oasis. *plink*

i also communed with my Presbytry, because i hadn't gone to

their Full Service in a while. They welcome me back because i

Supplicate with DONALD through the week. [the Turtle used to

ask me,"What cherch are You going to Sunday?" Now, he knows

to ask,"What cherches are You going to?"] The many extra hauses!

Tuesday, Octobre 26th, 2°1°...Yesterdé and Saterdé were both

busy at the parish-yard, my werkplace. The good weathre has

brot out the regulars as well as the many Trux & Trailers...the

hours are peculiar though. {No=one, including my=self, is yet

quite used to Daylight yardwerk, nine to five} That is, i get to

werk through the Wintre again but on a sunnier schedule. The

morning commute is dawnly, coolly casual; the five o'clock quit

and roll-down is more like a defensif deal with othre Commuters.

Soon enuf~i'll schtow the byke somewhere and get back to

bundling & bussing through the schnow & ice. {i can see the

future from where i Live, and election day scares me more than

Halloween} And darkness--i dearly love the darkness, crowding.

Presently, i pause to schlice gifted bread And to look after my

haushold. ~Autumnal=slac~

Friday, September 17, 2010


How is it possible for a single Wide Knight to run out of Eggs,

butter, lettuce, milk & broccoli on a Tuesday?? It ponders me

much as well. Plus+, i am honing my Night Driving skills!

OH! and we had that wonderful vow renewal

service on the beach, a co=joined birthday party

AND many othre fine fambly moments...Life is good,

i need a nap. {in truth, i haven't napt since 2oo7}

And speaking of History, in form of reposits^[o9.i6.o8]>

25 years ago: schtarted the big bingo & all that went with it;

9/19~my elder bro appeared briefly on the CBS evening news

20 years ago: ran & called bingo, made recordings in the

cellar. 9/23~all=skool Reunion at my former Elementary skool

15 years ago: disemployed by the bingo

10 years ago: fetcht peaches for & with the widowed Matriarch;

adminstred the Trust

5 years ago: collected autumnal yard=waste;rèad the many

Glows on Kay's com=pooter

3 years ago: mourned Hane in the hovel, cleaned the Parish

offices with Monica

2 years ago: vow=renewal at Camp Maisy

Last Year: danced at a wedding on the Coast

These^ things are already two (2) years gone and i rarely

haf the Time to modify the history. Xpecially in the current,

immediate book-face era! Presence of the Present, i oughta

write about the now. [though the past ever informs us]

Tuesday, September 14th, 2o1o...the walls of the stalag were

beautifully painted by the Concierge, that QUAKERTON, But

the schtairwell running carpets became schtained with paint

in the Process. So~he had to rip them out in fine disconvenience

toward All his new Guests. Amorro, some new running rugs

will be establisht, disconcerting any remaining ordre allto!

Aday, the QUAKERTON finally fixt the showre bracket which

was broken by MIAMI more than a Year ago, when i first moved

in AND the good fraternal showre box was installed acause i

came to the building. {there is ever great upbuilding where

there is also great turbulence} And othre niceties.

Fortunately, i have my many Famblies & Houses to go to

when the hostelry is unsettled; i have done all the great things

in Publik rooms, xcluding actual bathing Or shaving! i know of

my friendly Afflicted ones THAT they have compromised these

ordinaries more than i Have. Schtill~they are some of the nicest

folk i've ever come to know. {WE only look ungrateful} Plus+,

i gif back toward my Blessings whenever & wherever i can, as

a suffering servant of universal faults and errors. With Love.

Yester, i zoomed downtown on my schteed And at CITY HALL

i found three (3) of my pastors confabulating [MARIA episcopal,

JAMES methodicle & RICHARD of the Soop Kitchen ministry].

Xclaimed i,«Holy crud! A triumvirateAt least two of them Love

me acause they see me all the Time. AND there's a joke in there

somewhere according to my Moravian customer, SHARON. The

more i am known, the schmaller i become; yet it Fascinates me,

the diversity of evrything i Xperience. i am joined to it.

It only occured to me to write in this fashion Acause my niece,

the name=sake, askt after my wellfaring is really

quite good undre the Conditions which Prevail. And i'll never

catch up to the good filosofy i find, on account of it keeps getting

bettre & bettre all the Time [SPLHCB]. Twas ever Thus^ ~slac~

Friday, September 3, 2010


It was the moving back into my regular room*8/7/1o...

Gary brings chickensan; Turtle called from the Beach

8/8 sunday bkfst @ soop kitchen, presby, INDIANA's pasta

8/9 MIAMI's pennies for milk...PW master asks me to clean 1ce more

8/10 trim beard, clean with Monica

8/11 W bus?? Ernie brings pepsis; Bob brings tomatoes

8/12 slightly rainy, recycle, plain can of tuna [with mayo]

8/13 fix byke brake & acquire mirror, Concierge paints

8/14 byke 2 [big shtore] 4 new sneakers, 'kitchen sink' cuddy

8/15 MORAVIAN cherch [Concierge & Side=Kick continue painting]

8/16 piñata girl takes newspapres away?! That is, a customer

who wisht to take away papers to construct a piñata...

8/17 haercut!! recycle, Concierge paints sun=room

8/18 man gets back his celfone from monday?!

8/19 bread only from soop kitchen; Concierge & Side=Kick paint

8/20 restock Food films us {i can't find it}

8/21 new #5

8/22 Food Pantry service-MIAMI's chicken & cobcorn schtew

8/23 refill fone, multi=swaps-even cardboard

8/24 recycle; coffee from benefit card~toilet hinky

8/25 "various comfort stations"

One might OR may notice that this is a cursive, cursory

retelling of actual August events, leaving very much out AND

also not delving into them [and who really Cares?]. It is true

enuf to catch me up into the current blazing blisteriness.

The stalag is in tumult, transition, transience BUT the

Faer is also here & i will run into many greater Celebrities

than my=self. ^Opus of Part Two^ ~bykable~slac~

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Monday, July 31, 2006...

TITLE: up=the=catching

MOOD: circumspect

NOISE: tree=frogs, lovin' the Heat

So, i'm walking past the old Hovel ['cos sometimes i let

the bus=driver person leaf me off there] and what do i

see? The rehabilitateur has rippt out my forsythia!

(alright-it was only 20% mine & kinda messy...)

Never mind~i haf left Him more than enuf werk both

inside & out to madden even the most resolute contractor

within the Remaining year. G Bless him for taking it off

my scant hands. Onward & Outward...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006...regardless of that^ and

who askt me, i am Attending to matters both great & small

in my best natural manner. 'Twas it not Ever Thus?

Less=the=never, i am behind myself of the InterWeb things.

[my Excuse is that the ding=dang dell was packt away for

nearly two weeks!] So~to all my line=on friends: CHIDE me

from afar! I deserve as much as that in this, The Year of

Changes. OR werds to that effect. Visit & Comment freely,

it's an Open Page schtill, if slightly delimited by the beast.


modern day text~it was Thursday, July 29th, when i had to move

all my crud from #3 to #2; the Concierge's assistant helpt with

the big units. Thus~the turmoil began. i got some bread from the

LUTHERANS and campt out early on only my mattress in that

room, which also contained all the Painting paraphernalia.

Friday, i rose dawnly there, took a showre, had horrible coffee,

prayed the List and biked the remaindre of the Day. That is,

after accomplishing all my necessaries, i rode up to werk on the

cleaning crew...MONICA was surprised to see me. WE did our

normal schweep=through and she even toted the bike in her

truk to my "home". Saturday, i bugged out early again...and had

a rather good dé upon the Yard. [...incidental ellipsis...] That night

i schlept in #5 [where CHICAGO lived until he schnuck out of the

stalag in the dead=of=day]. {i thot i was camping for the past

year~the current tumult is like sub=camping}

What can be said of August? it's always like this! i call it the

moving month, with multiple transitions. For an entire week i

did the sub=camping~then moved back into my Painted room.

And i werkt the extra [KATHY vacation] cleaning werk acause it

was the best way to increase wages. Plus+, i was askt.

Of the blood pressures of the week=end, i can report: 132/85,

109/80p81, 122/73p98...with my best resting pulse of seventy

six [after biking?!] Apparently my medicines are doing their Job.

SunDay, the first of August, i took a long, plain showre to benefit

my musculature...byke muscles, cleaning muscles & Ordinaries.

i communed with the EPISCOPALS and MIAMI served me a small

portion of his chicken with spanish rice. [he seasons too heavily.]

*pause of Part One...*

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sunday, July 20th, °8...[& Future reposited] The engineer

is comfortably ensconced upon a northern [werk]. i am

Avoiding direct sun=light. {Allowed to wear A=shirts awerk}


MOOD: warmed with long haer & a needful scissored beard

MUSIK: ever Beatlic, with a smattering of GLEN CAMPBELL,

Simon & Garfunkel, Earth, Wind & Fire; Cream & The WHO...

WIDEO: i like the TWILIGHT ZONE on a searing Fridé

PRESSURES: 101/78p90 7/12, 120/76p75 7/17, 119/70p65 7/19

BYKE: [times are in Riding*Time] july 12up: 7.2 miles in

54m27s, 7.94mph up to 17.99max, july 14up: 5.06 miles in

35m21s, 8.6mph up to 20.47max, july19up: 6.8 miles in 51m

50secs, 7.87mph up to 15.82max; Down: 6.44 miles in 50:09

with 8.97mph maxing 15.82mph; with othre Times & Trips...

{i ain't ready for the Tour de France, no=way, no=how}

TEXT: This morning...After a power nap and the obligatory

visit to the Publik Library, i defrosted my tiny freezer

and played a game of chess with Roomy #4. Wednesdé was the

day the bicycle rode me more than i rode it. That is, she

rode on the bus to werk And cuddy=buddy FRANK toted her and

me 'home' on his pickup truck. That was the werkdé i left my

ishpod in the Slack=shack.

Thursday, [o7.o9^]...i gave my day=pass to Roomy #2 for his

Aventures in the later day. The rain came and went, wildly.

Somehow i made a recycle walk without getting moist...

Friday was all about getting the money to Deserving persons.

Something else interesting happened that day: as i was walking

on the mall between Sixth & Fifth Avenue, a fellow Afflicted

one [a woman in a small group] called out to me, "Hey, kid."

i responded with my usual & generic,"Hey, there." *joining*

Saterdé was hotly sunny (82°) yet strangely fluid. There were

many customers who came to the Parish, but it wasn't crushing.

And of the ones who came, quite a few brot me beverages [birch

beer, lemonade & iced tea]. that's^ much how it happened.

~slac~^posted as TRIG, to Slacktown Thursday, July 30th, 2oo9

Sunday, July 25th, 2o-1o...such goings=on! The tumult of

turmoil is my milieu. That mondé, the 19th, i entertained

lightly, hotly 'pon the Yard. Kay called me near closing and

caught me up on herself. Yet~if she had talkt a mere ten more

minutes, i wouldn'ta been caught riding in the rain without my

satchel! i doubled back for it. Now, tuesdé, i gathered only

bread from the LUTHERANS, on account of they were serving hot

dogs & baked beans [i haf an Affliction against Bostonian

beans]. It also happened that early evening that the LIBRARY

Neighbourhood Association did a walkabout with the Mayor of the
faer city. For some reason, i received a gifted apple juice

from the Proprietors of the Vietnamese shop [i wandered in with

the Mayor & the Police]. Neighbours walking amongst Neighbours.

WèdnèsDay was weird as well, which is to say, more Unusual

than these othre summer days & Times. i had a small list of

favores to do for MIAMI afore werk, and becos i failt at the

very first othre kindnesses did follo. {Kismet} WE

look out for each othre in the many Regards, but sometimes a

'plan' just doesn't come togethre. Later, a Yard Customer askt

me where the 'fones' went & thinking that He meant fone=boox,

i told him where to go. They were a plastic bagfull of phones!

Thor'sDay was only Thor'sDay when i remembred to trash out.

And Friday was the Replenishment with Justifacation all=to,

visiting my friends at the Market, warshing of my filthy jeans

in the Lord's machine...a fixation on the Fixatifs which must

be accomplisht Afore my next first (1st) dé of Werk.

Saternial Day was super=spexial and superlatif, even iffen it

WAS THE HOTTEST DAMNABLE DAY of the Year. The concierge is

painting like a hausfire AND it's best to schteer clear of his

grand intents. So~i bicycled upwise quite early and directed a

schmall but dedicated crew of Customers. ROSE, the Receptionist

and BOB, her husband came around Two; they found their way back

thru the blockt off entrances to Give me an orange schlushy.

[There's a traffik light going in at my most peripheral left

eye notice of the main road; it curtailed a good many of my

favourite cuddies, i suppose.] It was the turtle who fetcht me

from my oppressif hotness, that evening, AND He even fixated my

conveyance into the trunk of his Cobalt. He had been attending

a grade=school reunion at a girl's haus in Town. Over=more, He

will come back again and again over these week=ends becos He

must attend his fambly. TODD's natural Father just recently

travelled into the bosom of Yeshua...and though my Brothre is

the itinerant Turtle, he travels far & well to complete those

Blessed accomplishments which adhere to his faint, fair Soul.

WE ate like brothres at the ice=cream ristorante--he lightly of

a weiner and me of an especial fine pollo bruschetta con queso

Mozzarella. {it reminded me, his, of the Gratitude luncheon i

had skippt!} In the parking lot across from STALAG twenty=two,

we fixt back the byke for my next dé...The painting of the

rooming haus proceeds apace. i would write of it within the

next Amazing week. ~slac~who~sausages~privately~


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