Saturday, February 23, 2008


Friday, March Second, And7...

Time: 15:44:51 Temp: 51°

Title: the Pillow Laundry...

^a titular re=posit^ Meanwhile, almost three hundred and seventy Days later:

Friday, February Twenty Second, And8...

Time: 14:49:54 Temp: 31° mitt Schnay! 

i can't remembre the last time i even owned a shovel. But it was one of my favourite things to do after a schnow=storm. Dig?

TEXAS?! i don't care much for Texas while i am doing Taxes. It's anagrammical. But iffen i'd haf known that i could Vote in both a Primary AND a Caucus, i woulda moved there Years ago. {Sister MAISY once told us that it was two hours from Houston to Corpus; she was off by more than half again} OR as RICK MORANIS put it,"Lone Star! We meet again for the first time, for the last time."

Saturday, February 23rd...continuance...Yes, BabaLoo, the postalist was Good to me today after CAT took me on that recycle run.  He brang me an envelope full of necessary Tax informaxn and a music platter (cd) from one of my girl=friends. {and7, and8? Why, that was the Year in which nice things came in the Mail!} The remaining schnow is merely crunchy under=foot if one walks in AntiWet boots.

My Comforters are clean & i'd rather have a comforter than a Conservator. And for All the youngsters out there who are Lost & Confused: Schtay ON your scrips! Say NO to guns.  ~soapable/soopableSlac~


Monday, February 18, 2008


Happy Presidents' dé! 02/18/08...wii Bush is in the African bush handing out foreign aid; it's a good thing. His dad, Poppy, is getting set to endorse JOHN McCAIN. Nancy Reagan is on the mend, G bless her. {we=all miss Dutch}  Billy Blaine is honour=bound to Vote for his bride when the Convention comes; 'twould be embarrassing to go before anothre grand jury claiming,"I did not Vote for that woman." *opinion* Xtra opinion: i'm so glad the Democrats have superdelicates. Changelings...

Neighbourhood Report: certain changes have happened while i've been Living North of the old home=stead. The NY Ice kiosk closed & the mini-mall farmacy moved into a stand=alone schtore; the Cadillac dealership moved AND a thrift store on 12th Avenue is shuttered with fibre-board. i don't take full credit for these various transitions; i am a small and humble personage. Ask any=body.

Amorro, i shall trim my goatee and start simmering bones for Chicken=Soop!  chekmeThen~slac~

babaLoo hi What's up?

~slak> typical sundé

babaLoo ok


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Glower forgets to send Valentines; Doesn't get any Either Apologiæ 

National & Local Airports on high alert for all incoming top=laps 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008...Intragalactic News: polaris Aliens transmit Reply to LENNON song~TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS.

The video Report: was that really SHIRLEY JONES i saw on an episode of 1L2L? Yes, for sure & begorrah!  i have been surviving the Schtrike by up=catching on HOUSE reiterations...but they put me in a Quandary: am i to Love OLIVIA WILDE acause she is new & bright OR am i to continue pining for JENNIFER MORRISON in schpite of her new haer=colour? It troubles my dremes. [LISA EDELSTEIN is my default crush, thank goodness]  Who said,"A comic says funny things; a comedian says things funny."? JON STEWART has weathered the storm quite well & humourously, but it shall be grand when the scriveners retourn.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2oo8...MISCELLANY: the CrackBerries went down the othre dé for a few hours; don't worry, they sent you an e=mail. Crud!  You probly didn't get it on account of your CrackBerry was down. *Logic*  i peeled off the protectif layer of my recent mayonnaise and it stated: "convenient shatterproof jar|makes a great salad" i'll haf to try that...altho, once i did break a glass jar of MAYO & it was a fleegle mess there=after to make shards into salad. *it's a Joke*  i glanced at the side of a local Ambulance that said,"Coast to Coast Service". Apart from the fact that PENNSY is more or less land=locked, i Pondered the import of the message thusly: Who, exactly, needs and can afford a medical transport from one coast to anothre? That^ would truly be an emergency! Good Advertising, tho.  Finally~the weathre forecast my girl gave yesterday included the text of 'Sleet and Freeing Rain'. It has been too long for me not to go out in such Promising Precipxn!  it freed me much to do so; i'm easy to please. In binding anti=wet boots. HSVD  ~slushableSlac~


Monday, February 11, 2008


WE undertook our road=trip as explorers, not as an exploratory committee of two. Neither of us is running for the And8 Nomination. ^2/o7^  February 10, 2008: and schtill more surprises have come in the current contests! *whew* i won't roil the already muddy waters, but it is far more interesting than i'd-a-thunk... ROY SCHEIDER will be missed. i didn't see him in that fish=film, but i did enjoy All That Jazz at the long gone Allen Avenue theatre. [i was really way too young to attend such prurient offerings; my Parents were liberal.] *sniff*

Baby, it's cold outside! And the Wind was telling me schtories last night [like i listen].  My local weathre=girl assures me it will get Above zero (^0°f.) just in time for V=Day.  Happy Frigid LINCOLN's birfdé! *rubhands*

In lieu of Sending all my best gals their most Deserved valentines~i'll send my retrospectif heart=art across^ the Borro them to your friendboys as well. Slac is all about the Looooove. *smooch*

cat hey boo... ...

*slack thanx, ta 2/11/08

^^IMPs edited for nomenclature & content^^


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Observaxn: There was a foot=ball game & somebody won.  [the PATRIOTS went nearly undefeated and not a scoche too pregnant.] Which would you prefer to have? Giant patriots OR Patriotic giants? No matter--it's rhetorical.

Me? i'd rather have doughnuts than delusions of grandeur. And the promise of good things coming thru the postal service. Which usually do.

Tuesday, February Fith, and8...there are people all over the Nation voting ahead of the wearing of sackcloth and ashes for the Chinese New Year. it's a mixt metaphor.  Yet, they may have to give up something Politicle for Lent.  {i'm folloing it as closely as i followed the Big Game} We shall see what we shall see. And then some, by April.

The Hollywood writers' schtrike approaches the End by degrees...Content! On Saterday, i caught a glimpse of my COUSIN in that Spielberg epic based loosely on the H. G. WELLS book. {the book was way too early for me to read}It's a very schtrange & funny thing to see one's relatifs in the film werld...immortalised in Brevity. *Action!*  «Change is the only Certainty...and even she is Mutable.» ~slac~

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Saturday, February Second, super=bol ball=foot Prognostication is thus: the Game will be won by a team whose name ends in ~ts. Bet the farm.  my super=tuesdé Prognostication is far muddier...the results will be muddy as well. {i cannot see clear winners on either side acause the truly interesting candidates have left the field?!} *fog*  NB: slactradamus doesn't VOTE until April 22nd or thereabouts. Taxes!  i might could oughta write more bettre next week--slac--


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