Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Tuesday, October 10th, And6...a politicle reposit: it might spook the Party bosses if we succeed in terminating certain Toadies on this go-around. Vote early & often.

October 9th, and7, new=epoch...there are three (3) Elexions in the present cycle, here=abouts. In just under a month, Keystoners should Vote in a state municipal one which may OR mayn't send a modern message to the legislature & judiciary about recent shenanigans concerning Slots, Tolls, un=transparent Gub'ment and othre local issues. Come the Schpring, we Pennsyites will have a short window to slam down on certain Presidential Anointees. {it'll be a dirty dog=race by then, but i'll Vote anyway} Registre!

i remembre hundreds of college kids turning up for the '04 National Elexion[which is last & worst]...i pray they come out again, with friends. Young Voices^  ^that's enuf Liberty for now^

Mass transit musings: Monday, i was sitting on the cherch schteps waiting for the W out=bound when another fellow sat down nearby. But he didn't catch the bus?! That was weird. Later, waiting on the side of highway for the in=bound, a lady in a mini=van smiled at me. Then, she smiled more i gave her a little wave. i sometimes get that^  {i look like a holy man when i sit at that stop} Such is the riding Life...

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