Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Title: Wimbledon Women...


Mood: Passionate


Music/Noise: Aerosmith

[Toys in the Attic]


Today, Tuesday, June 29, 2004

was Nelson Eddy's birthday.

HOW do i know this? Becos

Hane is watching all his films

on TCM. Jeanette McDonald is

only slightly more beautiful.

Regardless, i had my turn at

the Video around NOON and

what did i watch? Women's

Tennis, of gourse. I just love

to watch those RUSSIAN girls

advance---Maria Sharapova,

Petrova...[Tatiana Golovin lost

but was a delight to watch].

Jennifer Capriati & Serena

Williams are bound to meet.

I favour the Jersey girl yet only

'cause i'd like to Party with her.

[my late father turned me on to

Women's Tennis~~it is the only

perverse excitement we enjoyed

together.] AND before everyone

gets up on my crud for being a

sexist bastard, the girl=tennis is

one of the few really fysical sports

I enjoy watching. They are so

graceful & feminine when they put

away a full set! OH, never mind,

I am a male pig in this regard.


Of Every=thing else i am far Behind.

Many Glowers are passing me like

double trailers on a dark night.

Especially the Anniversary peeps

who have moved both heaven and

Glow=land to make this month the

Alpha and Omega of blogging...

It's a good thing~complicated for

my simple mind, but surely a

Mitzvah. 'Twas ever Thus.


Wednesday, June 30, 2004...

Another full & beautiful day.

My customers treated me well

today. Gary brot me a cheese

burger and a cola. One of the

stragglers gave me a ride home

in his truck. [we beat the bus by

only half a block.] Jennifer lost

to Serena Williams~~i must fly

to London and console her.


[hearing: Werewolves Of London]

It will be a busy week alltogether

even without bouncing to all my

favourite sites. Car=fix, widow=lawn,

Grox=walk, fantasmagorical

ephemerations~~all the usual

events & studies which make my

life a cause for pondering.

OR~something like that^

[Hane eats an MRE; thanx Harry]

Do i know the meaning of

parenthetical? Maybe so, Maybe

no. More & betta lata, on the

morro mayhaps...with many attempts

to be Conventionally humourous.

So said the toddling bouncy

Captain Wide on Wednesday.

* * * * * * * * *

Monday, June 28, 2004



Yesterday i droppt the Shunky;

Today [Sunday] i droppt the

muffler on the Green=Ghost!

Which is werse?

A shunky schpill can be cleaned

up with white vinegar & a mop.

A muffler drop is a little more

Complicated. Note: bungee

cords are not the best cradle

for a fallen muffler; the rubber

will burn thru eventual.

Funny how the old cars & the

old ladies make one Resourceful.

{Angels of Mercy~~do not send

me into this epoch again!}


Apparently, most of the pictures

i post are both old & corrupted.

OR there is a bumpy=bug in

Kodiak land. No matter~i've been

sending some of my better pix to

my popular Readers. Heck!

The Dancer has a whole file full.

Up=the=Shot: if you get a clean

bitmap or jaypeg from slack,

use it well & resolutely~~at

least until i learn how to make

Entries as good & large as the

real fotoGlowers! {And you know

who You are.}


Meanwhile, Floralilia is culling the

Nuggets of wisdom from the Glow

werld in her secondary journal...

AND it is well werth visiting and

commenting on. {I am biased becos

i know her & the Queen has also

saved a passel of my observati...}

Nevertheless, Bounce to Her on

account of~~we are Simpatico.

Flip her off not Casually! Flo is

crusty on the out but squishy on

the centre...Plus+ she has the

long memory of all things^

Thereyago. Hans! Vince! Viv!

Desert=Dawg! Check them all~

They are my posse; And if they haf

blue=links, go there as well.

That's how i find the good glows.

{I am always purple wherever i

Flit & Flip} I would endorse the

Muse as well but she is also one

of my mentors. Well=met,

well=read. Monday, i am the bus

and Calling the auto=shop,

Slackashirt 6/27/2004


Monday, June 28, 2004

OH, just ignore all of the abof^

This is the real entry.


The summer=girls who are

drifing the buses are smitten

with me. No surprise! I am the

good rider & slackeriffic...

Meanwhile @ werk, the roll-offs

were late being collected and

i had to play the fone=tag

getting the truck to come.

As was, my buddy arrived after

Two & only pulled out 60%

of the uberfillment. [3/5 bins]

{What is Wonderful about the

Slack=Shack is that it is

equippt with a Touch=Tone

fone...dial 9 for an outside line}

Ah~~the life of a resourceful

recycler! And my customers

did not suffer much, if @ all.


Especial Readers! If you have

made it this far, you are either

Compulsifly bored or already

Fast asleep! Never mind~~

i have that effect on many much

people who aren't related to me!

{The fan=base is excluded of

this^ observation; Commentors

and Visitories hang on my each

werd} So~go to bed already...

The Web will still be there after

you have your morning mocha.

Regardless, Captain Wide will not

have changed much, over=night.


Friday, June 25, 2004


Title: I am a T=shirt


Mood: my mood is Annual


Noise/Music: the sound of

Glowers preparing 2 celebrate


If you are reading this glow,

just go to the right=links for

more and better Inspiration>

It is the beginning of Joined

Knowledge. Anniversally...


And it strikes me Especial as

i come upon my own Year of

Glowing that the Slack=page

is just a down=bounce from

real & fantastic sites...

{I am frequently amazed}

All my girlfriends will attest to

this. And other visitories.

Twas ever Thus.


What, there=for, do we

Celebrate? Posits & pictures?

Grafix & Grandiosity? Life as

Life and leaning into it?!

Would that i would not have a

filosofical bent about it...

For it is all that & more~~

WE/i/you Glow because it is

there to do. More=the=over,

things we say and do here

bounce back to ourselves in

unexpected ways; more often

good than less. Confluences!

Comments! Connections!

This is a good thing all=to^

{It's not yet a poem but close



Start 2 Glow thereto...and blog

if one calls it that. You, too,

will Eventually be Amazed.

Just saying, the meta=joined


Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Title: Behind the Bounce...


Mood: Fair & Sunny


Noise: Wheel of Fortune...


Appreciata~~Salutations &

Blessings 2 my Visitories &

Commentators! It often Amazes

me how the messages exceed the

text. But, then, when i bounce

around i also tend to be clever.

Nature of the Beast~~remind me

to posit the more interesting text!

Also, i have got to catch up enuf

to my faves that i recognise joined

and repeated they

occur. Cogitatus similarius!


Speaking of Anniversaries, and

it's all the thing in Glow=Land...

I, myself, have been doing this for

nearly a year. {And i want all that

time back!} Yet i wouldn't trade a

single IMP or e=mail or Entry for

the equivalent in Television Time.

[altho i do like to watch Summerland

and the AquaTeen HungerForce]

Except for the Sunday Crosswerd

Puxxle, this is one of the more

mind=sharpening things that impinges

on my acute brain. {I meant to say

that i have a cute brain, but only my

fysical Intimates know this^} HEY!

Flo---there's a slacism in there some

where! Edit, Advise, Copy the text.


Otherwise, the summer life is good.

Ask any of the Glowers who are on

Vacation. Boo-Boo [Cat's Bassett

Hound] needs an operation on her

back...and We'll pray for good results

on that, as well as other more human

improvements in the slacwerld.

[read deep for the Over=View>]

Blessings on all~~Mattie Stepanek is

still a PeaceMaker...

Love the Love until i read y'all betta~


Monday, June 21, 2004


TITLE: Winter in Canberra...


MOOD: i ran out of moods...


NOISE: Wheel Of Fortune


The cell=fone reception in this haus

is deplorable. Ask the Lizard, who

dropped in on Saturday to visit the

Matriarch. Annie [new bride] Bananie

rang her up soundly & promptly lost

the connexion. Of gourse, Annie was

calling on a cell herself...while

driving Which Behaviour i do not

Endorse! Fortunately, Anne had the

presence of mind to buzz the landline.

They briefly talkt about catching the

latest HARRY POTTER film~the

prisoner of Azerbaijan, or somesuch.

Nevertheless & eventually, Liz had

the good visit with us on her way to

the other GrandMa up in the coal

country. {It's a blessing that these

beautiful womens are so long-lived}


Sunday evening, after all the

excitement commiserate with

Father's day [Jim got a video game],

i took a little time to clear some

of the growth in the pocket yard.

{It's a jungle out there!} So, now

there is a navigable path from my

cellar to the green=ghost's garage.

Altho~~there's still a lot of crud

to clip & rip & else=wise Tame.

[This year we will have a really

good growing season...OR have i

already predicted that?] Such are

the simple Joys of glorified hausboi

Gardening. By hand...{Give me a

set of hand-clippers & a bow=saw

and I Will reinvent PARADISE!}


These are the gorgeous days for

sure! Summer begins and i'm not

even a Druid! Presently, it will be

Christmas down=under. Planes are

flying to space without the help of

NASA. And for the rest of it, i

enjoin the stark Barbarians and

WAR=Bangers to...once again,

CUT THE CRAP! The Blood is enuf

already, and the Crippling vengeance

leads to no good purpose @ all.

And i have more than my share of

People to pray for without also

protecting my angels from errant &

misguided bombs and bullets.

Protected & forsworn of such nonsense,

i gratefully add my voice timidly^

{my Heart breaks for so many

grieving families...}


Which is to say: It's a glorious summer

werld to enjoy for all of us...and

better the much for returning soldiers

of this Wicked humanity. Mercy &

Courage~~lata, slack

Sunday, June 20, 2004


This one is for the parental=dudes:

Happy Dads' Day!

Nuff said.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Title: Picture Parade...


Mood: wilting


Noise: Air=Conditioner


What a perfectly oppressif day to

wandre down to the Laundromat

and warsh the Jeans, the Shirts

and the Sheets that Hane tosses

and turns in when she's not

staying up watching the old

movies & the Animal Planet.

[Not a complete Sentence^]


It was totally Unexpected that my

little brother would Visit me at

that location. Yet, it happened.

The date=up on Toni & Todd is

that Toni is getting around her

own haus with the help of

crutches & a wheelchair, and

various fambly members--one of

her legs is still unwalkable.

Todd is doing time at one of the

premiere Rehab hospitals, and

he's not the Happiest camper.

[This hospital is Noted for its

strict rehabilatory discipline]

I'd like to believe all this is good

news & that the Road is now


So~~i decide consciously to

believe it, and if i do that, then

the Road will smoothe out.

Cat & Blade are nearly as

optimistic. G-d Bless^^


Truth! Encouragement! Laundry!

Unexpected but WELCOME

visitations~~I have the real life

and it slightly grinds against my

Webbish Prescience...

Mean=while, at the Top of this page

Readers will find yet anothre

retrospectif of fotografs & prints.

{Repetition is the Core of Vision}

And~in the right ordre, pix and

paintings do tell their own Especial

story^^^ thereyago...

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Title: Swapping out the Roll-offs


Mood: Humid


Music/sound: Loud TV


Apparently, the county facility was open

for Flag Day. But the contractor got a

late start on swapping out the bins.

Up=shot 4 me: A bit of traffic control

on an unusually busy Monday. So,

you see, sometimes I do werk hard for

the money. {And the prestige}


Today, of gourse, was the running

around day. Bank, Credit Union and

Grocery store. At the store i took

Especial advantage of the BOGOs.

I saved 35 dollars/34% on a large

order of necessities; the total came

to 66 dollars. And the green=ghost

did not act up at all. [Hane is

reading the tape now and finds

fault with it. The clerk made one

mistake which she corrected. I am

not about to Argue the point.]


Speaking of fotoes [and who was?],

Uncle Dan sent us a passel of hard

prints & Lizard sent me a free ride

to her collection of pix from Uncle

Jim and others. Needles to say~

i enjoyed looking at all the candid

shots of the gorgeous women who

inhabit my universe by blood or

annexation. It's the posting of same

to this location which presents a

minor peccadillo. {I've said this

before: when i get my own scanner

and fotopixelator, this Glow will be

adipose deep in IMAGES} Thank

Goodness the text is soooo good^

Posted instead of Wedding pix

today are two images of my

Grand=Nephews, Noah & Wyatt

courtesy Capsizer & Jen. All my

regular Readers will, no doubt,

Comment on their cuteness~~

It is expectate.


Birdstone?? What the Anne Heche

kinda name is that for a horse?

"Racing that Race, high on Flonase,

Smarty Jones you better watch your

Speed..." oops! i used a brand=name.

{And probly insulted the memory of

The Grateful Dead} Flora & Dancer

shall more 'an likely concatenate my

abusif jocularity...

OR some=thing like that^

Read me deep, i posit my peeps...

~widely enjoined the Slac~

Saturday, June 12, 2004


Have I said lately,"This InterWeb thingy

just might catch on"?

Well, i'm saying it again^


Wow! That was some sendoff the

40th President got. I mean i lost

track of how many times He was

in transit. And how many services

they had! Library viewing, House

viewing, National Cathedral mass,

and back to the Library for a final

family about a road

trip. It wore me out just watching.

[I took a nap between the mass

and the Western service.] Still,

i would say it was all werth the

doing, America=wise. And i must

credit & console Ron's family for

going thru it. God hold them in

the days ahead.


And then~i bothered my various

GFs with Imps & e=mails...Kayy

during werk yet, Flo on the Bounce

and Dancer while she's spending

still more time with her found

fambly. [it was Joe's b'day and it

sounds like they had a grand time]

AND others~i have got to learn

how to be more circumspect with

my 'pings' & 'post/comments'!

{Not every=one appreciates the

slack just popping in at ungodly

mid-afternoon hours} FORGIF!

i am not so much new now as

fresh. So, feel free to slap=back

the slackmack^ really


Saterday/werk: Yes, we filled five

roll=offs again. Not crasy but

steady. Now here's the odd~~

Monday [Flag Day] is a county

holiday so the grinding site is

closed. But it's not a municipal

holiday, so i have to take all the

yard=waste that comes in on

Monday and just pile it on the

bins. Or multiply loaves and

fishes...same difference.

Nevertheless, the weathre is

good enuf to do it all! Wish me

slack=luck until i collect my next

shack=check. {That^ was the

joke du jour.} Check my spelling

becos i can be so craptastically times.


Regarding all of which, i am

reading the much e=mail and

replying as often as possible

[unless, of gourse, they are just

random 'sendalongs'], IMPing

the people of importance &

READINGevybody who has a

better Glow than me. You will

usually see a comment, and

take it with a grain of Aspirin;

if not...i'm just lurking.

Twas ever thus, the Glower

who would be Slack

Wednesday, June 9, 2004


Title: Assignations


Mood: scholarly, right


Music: vinyl records,

cassettes & ATRAC 8 tracks

or just television theme

music running through my



These are the conditions

which prevail. There are

so many good and werthy

Assignments out there and

i am the lazy student.

But, i am not Concerned!

MY Glow is about me and

the life i lead~~Not how

well & how fast i respond to

various intellectual challenges.

{Alright, it's partly about that}

Irregardless of my short

comings in the testing field,

I hope to edify my fan=base

with the Following>>

Five [5] Things i don't know

about myself:


1) I am not political. I have

seen Richard [candidate]

Nixon & Ronald [President]

Reagan speak live. I have

shaken hands with Jimmy

[candidate] Carter AND Joan

Mondale who,'liked my music.'


2) I am not a musician. I have

seen the RAMONES perform.

[all of them^] I played piano

for a sound=check at a George

Jones concert. I was once asked

to be the driver for the POINTER

SISTERS [Bonnie, Ruth, June &

Anita]. My music has been

played on the radio in Norway.


3) I am not an Artist. I was

witness to the restoration of


I attended a Marc Chagall

retospective while Chagall

was still alive. I have met a

descendant of Val Bertoia.

Some of my pictures/paintings

have been reprinted on the

Werld Wide Web.


4) I am not a writer. I have

been published as a poet in

(a)my high school lit mag

(b)my college lit magazine

(c)my local news=paper

(d)as a journalist in a short

run arts magazine. IF i keep

getting publisht, i will have

to become an opinion Editor.


5) I am not a filosofer~~

OH! Wait! It cannot be

proved in this venue^

{filosofers have trouble

counting greater than four}

Happy crud!?! The fifth

posit is an open question.

I hate when that happens!


Dis=agree... open forum^


6/9/2004 Wednesday...

[anagram:] Reef Dire on

the Sub Toady--Nooze!

[hint:] i took an ice

bucket to werk today.

Saw eight hawks, one

chipmunk, one rabbit,

two horses & a deer!

Mostly in transit--altho

you know by know there

is a fambly of chippies

who play hide and seek

with me around my

shack and between the

roll=offs. And that^ is

the Wednesday Nature



More schtuff tomorro...

as it comes in, the slac


Monday, June 7, 2004


Brevity & Levity~~


A certain blond mechanic

said i would get good mileage

with my scooter if i just

remembered to occasionally

change the fluid on the

which-way lights.

Popping a wheelie on this

HOG was the highlight of

the confluence...


WOW! Seems like only

yesterday when i rounded up

3600 hits. It is the perfect

squares that i admire...

SO~~who was that lucky

lurker who pluckt up 6400?

80 x 80 = 6400 Not that i

care much or count anymore.

{reverse logic^} It's not like

that especial person would

receive an autographed

original painting or anything.

Who knows?


Yet, seeing as Hans [the fence]

has designated me the Eminent

Papal Chihuahua pro tem of the

Middle East, i have the serious

obligations to attend. Like

yipping & yapping as the various

militias dis=arm, nipping at the

heels of the pony that won the

Belmont AND making sure that

Colonel North wakes up in time

to attend the services for the

Great Communicator.

I can do no less...


Wander as you will & consider me

only a small dog in a large and

complex Universe.

i am zooming yet mournful,

the Slack

Saturday, June 5, 2004


The horse did not win.


The grand old man has passed on.

{Say this of him: He caused me to

Register and Vote.}

* ~Ronald Reagan @ rest^~


The day was moist.


Toni & Todd are coming along in

their own home---long road.


My pictorial representation of the

grand confluence is reminiscent of

the Beatles^




Gratitude in brevity,

and beauty in simplicity...

Arrives the Time~


more on 'morro, the Author

Thursday, June 3, 2004




It was a beautiful day to go

to the Doctor. And it was

a good appointment, even

though he and we were each

half an hour late...


Hane & i were late because

one of the high school students

parked in front of my garage.

[Now, she has to pay a ticket

for being so rude.] But there

are always alternatives and we

simply went by taxi. Best 14

dollars we have spent recently.

The Doctor was late because

they are always running late.

You could show up @ dawn and

still wait an hour---Nature of

that beast, i guess. Any=way,

the Doctor loves visiting with

Hane because she is such a

gracious heart patient. OR not.

That is to say, He nearly always

has to straighten the Matriarch

out about her medical regime.

And then counts on me to keep

her honest in following his

advice. In Basketball, this is

known as double-teaming.

The good doctor also would like

me as the care=taker to eat

many more ice cream bars

smothered in gravy...and double

cheese pizza for breakfast.

[Allright, he didn't say that

exactly---but we are sympathetic

Advocates for the Matriarch.]


Did i already say it was a

beautiful day? The sun is

shining on my garden and the

sky is especial blue. Hope it

holds up for a few days...that

would increase the filling of

Saturday's roll=offs.


Meanwhile, in Glow=werld,

Flo, Mumsy, BabyMae & I are

still enjoying the afterglow {?}

of our unique and fantastic

roadtrip/confluence/meeting of

the Minds. They have posted all

the good pix & i am just now

figuring out how to make a

decent album of the Event...

{esoteric? eclectic? random?

minimal? all=encompassing?}

I'll put it together soon and

eventual~Bounce to them in the

meantime. OR go to Jay and

Kayy for just as interesting

'vacances'. OH~you know who

they are, by now^


It's just a thing. A good thing to

be sure. Quote me the much but

don't Vote me into the Pentagonal

Pantheon---i can barely stand how

Famous i am already. Really.


I am Wide & waiting for yet more

Wedding fotoes~slack


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