Monday, August 27, 2007


Monday, August 27th, 2007....the Turtle is some=where in RENO [like JANET].  i've been confused about his destinatus almost since the Day he left. Having never, ever been to NEVADA my=own=self, i don't yet appreciate the difference. Never mind~he travels so fast & furiously that it pondres me that the werld schtill turns under him! He's a good egg in the long run, iffen you like long runny eggs. At least he's found karaoke...

Meanwhile, why is evybody so Anxious to retourn to TEXAS? Karl? Alberto? maybe it's acause the Old Man/favoured Son is soon his=self gonna take a needed vacation on the CRAWFORD ranch. Somebody's gotta lick the envelopes for the upcoming Wedding!  Of gourse, i'm not paying that much attention to the desertions. Not while i have to fret over the sentences of Nicole, Lindsay & Michael...among othres^. TEXAS is flat; i've been.

Novembre Fifth, two thousand and eight:  THOMPSON/GIULIANI edge out CLINTON and OBAMA. First lady promises to call for a recount after disputed CONVENTIONS and wild Primary leap-frogging. HILLY squanders chance to become first woman President.  House and Senate consider convening first constitutional convention this Century...  {slac is not well known for political prognoses; does not follo schports that closely, either}it's an interim entry^

babaloo raining?

*slac not currently

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