Monday, June 4, 2007


Nautical ponderances [part deux]: news flash!  MAISY has not been in the Ocean yet...and BLADE's happy day has come and gone! Even for an aspiring oceanografer & bath=tub diver [she flooded the haus on Broad street with her wet=suit], that's Quite a pathetic circumstance.  Never mind~she floats her grands for Memory.

ANNIE told the good joke at the post=Wedding party in KAY's cabin: There was this Pirate who went to the doctor, and the Pirate had a Captain's wheel attached to his testicles. The Doctor took the Pirate aside and told him blankly,"You, sir, are in perfect health except for the fact that you seem to have a Schteering wheel firmly attached to your scrotum..." To which the Pirate replied,"YAR! Doc, and it's driving me Nuts!"

As one knows, i recently did all my Wading in the Atlantic during January [the road=trip].  Seems like only six (6) months ago...the PENSACOLA surf was the best ankle=drowning of all, folloed by a toe=warshing @ the Southernmost point of the contiguous United States. CAROLINA is always a nice place to schplash one's feet. But the hot tub & pool in GEORGIA was the most welcome soak & schwim, soak & schwim after fifteen days on the move. {i'll have to thank the Turtle yet again for taking me along} Schpeaking of the Turtle, the whole Fambly tried to submerge him at every opportunity---from CEDAR CRICK to the MOUNT LAUREL baby pool [it was dry when he slid into it one birfday~ouch!] and every othrebody of water on the Eastern Sea=Board...that boy is simply undrownable! Even the US NAVY couldn't fill him with H²O and they had a nuke sub to do it with. We'll have to think of anothre way to dispose of him. 'cos he's a sea=horse.

Monday, June Fourth, and7^ As i recall, we all schwam in the middling Tide immediately after schpreading the old man's ashes; i'd like to see what KEITH RICHARDS thinx of that.  OH! and happy fortieth (40th) to that BEATLES concept album, SPLHCB. it's on my job=pod.     ~admirally, not admirably~slac

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