Wednesday, May 23, 2007


May 22nd, 2007...the bird report...

On my way to the drugstore [where i got carded], i saw a most unusual creature.  It looked like a plover, kind of, with two black rings around its neck. One of the used car salesmen informed me that she was a killdeer and that she was dancing to keep me away from her nestlings. Which is pretty much how all the girls keep me away from their chi'dren. Anyway~it's the first bird of that species i've seen and i'm an observant birder!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2'n'7...i don't know what the Turtle did to=day, but he had to get up at four (4) o'clock antemeridian to do it. The up=shot of it was that i rode alone with my bus=driver on the retourn; she said she would be my 'chauffeur'.   And such a bootiful dé for collecting yard waste! it chaufferess OR chauferrette?  Some=one should schpell me on the bird as well... --theRiderlySlac--

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