Thursday, April 29, 2004


OK~~one "spacey" pote

comin' up. It was written

by Astinerzo Rinunzo on

the occasion of Galileo

Galilei's pardon.


Rings of Consideration

*by Astinerzo Rinunzo


He saw the other solars

and suffered

discovered moons we skim

and lost his church

rings he tried to count

on his fingers

we see clearly on the box

and global father of eminence

lives to see Galileo


as neatly as Copernicus

and Newton and Einstein;

Leonardo and Luther

had rarely known

such troubles

and fundamentals today

threaten to crush

the atom of ambivalence

into particles of

extinct environment...


Napoleon and Caesar

never knew

a battle so complete

yet unconventional

we know other lives

and richer planets

so we escape.


[strikes me funny how

the space=poets hold up

over time] Y'all can feel

free to comment on said

pote, rewrite it in slacspelia

OR submit your own

space=poem. But it's

not really an assignment.

{Unless of gourse, all the

Friday pages are filled with


>former space=cadet &

currently Captain Wide

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Title: It's a Twister!


What a week! [on Web]

If you can't laff, weep or

rant---try all three.

But also pretend that

you're walking on the

eggshells. Especially

if you're bouncing around

in Commentary. Just a



Be that as it may & what

have you... One of my

girl cousins just had

another baby--on the

distaff side. This is my

congratz for Aunt RM

being the grand=mo of

all grand=mos. Good news

is very welcome @ this

Glow, dontcha know.

[Big baby boy]


Yesterday, it rained and

i hung out in the slacshack

like a paycheck stealer.

Clippt coopons, listened to

the NPR...and formed my

ballot for today's Primary.

[Warning: incomplete sentence]

Today, i ran around like a

chicken in a green=ghost.

Bank, Gasoline, Credit Union...

Yet~the place i vote at is only

half a block away! I was voter

#100. {i shoulda been #900

but some people don't get this

whole Democracy thing}

The judge of election made a

cool comment to the effect

that,"Man, we see this guy every

six months!" There ya go.


Remember the old report

cards, with the comments

about plays well with others?

I could rarely get a passing

grade on that one. I figured

that my friends knew who

they were & the rest of the

bullies and posers could well

enuf go to Hades' blue blazes.

[oops^masking vagary]

OH, Yeah! And my penmanship

was Atrocious. If those nuns

could only see me now...

[they'd retch but most of them

are beyond such things, now]

Just thinking out the loud 'cos

what other kind of thinking is

there? {rhetorical}


chek me but don't elek me...

strapping on my rubber suit

now to put out some fyres>

The webby wizened wizard of

Wide, slac

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Title: sunday slide, double=wide


Anyone who knows me...i mean the

six Glowers who read...skip it.

Point on point, Sunday is my favourite

day 'cos i slack the back even more than

usual. Like boiling beans with a ham

hock early in the morning & slicing

onions and celery...all for the good

of soop. Altho, slicing onions first

thing in the morning is a mournful

experience. I didn't actually haf soop

for breakfast; i had two fried eggs,

toast & salsa-grits. The beautiful

soop came later.


This is my recipe for chocolate coffee,

aka mocha: One heaping teaspoon of

leaded instant coffee, one medium

teaspoon chocolate powder, zappt

water & a splash of Real whole milk.

Two or three of these and you are

good to go! Oh, Yeah--don't forget

a teaspoon of real sugar. {The emphasis

is on the real ingredients, even tho it

is just instant coffee}


Speaking of the New York Times

cross=werd puzzle [and who was?],

today's puzzle was a gosh=darn

repeat! The answers were for a

different puzzle~i check but do not

cheat. And since i already did this

particular puxxle about four weeks

ago, i'm pretty sure i Aced it, again.

It pondres me if some of the AOL

editors aren't moonlighting for The

Times. Over=more, i hope my rep

hasn't been tarnished by the use of

a newspaper brand name. {i despise

when i break one of my own unwritten



^If i weren't so relaxed, my Especial

insanity would overtake me.

Holy frijole! I've got to vote on

Tuesday. It's a dingdang Primary and

i have much the research to do!

Fortunately, tomorro is a werk day

and i can study the issues if i don't

get too many branches & twigs.


Would that i were me, even so.

Saturday, April 24, 2004


OK, WerdthePerfect is not playing along.  I'll haf to go back to using the werdpad instead.  Or some such the thing.  Puppies & Kittens, what a day!   You could not get another stick on!  [blah~blah, sunny april day, blah...] My pages are too wide...Toni will come home on Monday with a lot of help.  Todd is responsive but still a bit of a mess with attached machines & lost a lot of weight...God bless the people who are helping him along.  It's a Mercy that neither of them Remember the accident. {Imagine losing a small portion of your life...}  Yesterday there was a lot of traffic on the 'service'.  But i'm going to be brief & not get into it.  I have been bumpt and shunned enuf in my brief adventure.  Plus+you can suss out my Comments on various Glows.  Is it the Attempt which makes the full Action?  OR is it the Action which reflex upon the Trying?  As for me, I have ham&bean soop to cook

[blah, blah...editorial/rhetorical]  Blessings, smooches & courage~~Captain Wide aka slack

Thursday, April 22, 2004


Title: Mr. Big=Page

Thursday, 22 April, 2004 15:47:23

Slakbakspock log



Rocky informs me that

Toni is in fysical re=hab & Todd is still

under especial observation. May G

guard them all=to...


My previous pote & pic,

"SKONK" is enjoying some popularity as a brief respite from all the grand haiku we

do. [rhyme<] And that's a good thing in

the sense that Dancer

prompts me to focus

on the pithy, pointed

poeticals...Mutual admiration, there.

Florid Flo, mean=while is in the vanguard of upsettedness about the

Muse being bumpt from

Penta=Glows---i put my efficacious power behind them like the staunch stallionesque stanchion which I am.

{No vague or veiled Vulgarity there^}

Would that i could write as well as they!


[this composing flush left is playing havoc with my concentraxn!]

Werk is great...very busy with all the yard

schtuff---and yesterday

i got paid extra, maybe

to attend a substance abuse seminar with a former Heroin addict.

MAN! The things these kids won't cook up these days 2 get blasted?!?! Scared the

sheets out of little old me.


But, Alas, i am the original Mr. Natural in this new Epoch.

Just waking up and having a nice chocolate

coffee is enuf 4 me.

Who exactly was it who

said,"Life is Strife"?

Never=mind, it's the Earthday and i have recycling to accomplish


as ever, slak=the=natch...

Tuesday, April 20, 2004




Skunk i thunk,

skink i think, a

Scot has thots

of grox he bot.


Links i lack, 'cos

i Slack Back...

Shunky! shoo!

it's not haiku.


My page is large,

i need a Barge!


I baffle many

with my speech;

And Glow as much

as i can teach...


Dunk the shunk and

flink the link---

fox the grox...

A skunk will stink!


[pondre, wondre,

toddle 'round;

fancy Glowers

do abound.]


Bump my hump

green=ghosty honk,

chek my drek

and call it 'Skonk'.


a pote in slacspelia with apologies to the

estate of Theodor



Monday, April 19, 2004

The Full Shunky

Skunks are  Nocturnal...

Unless they are Rabid or Distemperate.

Murder is a Pity.


That's a haiku too!^

Now, if only i could make my page

more the readable.


Tomorro i shall post the fullness

and Hans will dreme again

of yello=berds.

Additionally i will paint something

pretty in the time=down.>  lata~slak

Sunday, April 18, 2004


Title: Wrap to Ruler


Yeah~~it was crasy yesterday...what with overfilling five dumpsters. Don't

these people fish? I wonder where they get all this crud, their houses look so nice all the time. But my job

is to collect it all and help out the

customers who need it. OR~like

yesterday, direct the traffic of all the

vehicles to those overloaded bins.

Yet, you couldn't have asked for a

nicer day to slather on the sunscreen

and spend time outside.


The big excitement @ 4:30 yesterday

was a confused and wandering skunk

just over the rise off the yard. Two

customers were kind enough to inform

me of it. [we've had a rash of these crasy, dancing, meandering critters

round these parts.] Well, i directed my cuddies to the township police station, which is on the campus. You

can guess what happened next...

That's right~one of the officers drove over, parked his patrol=car and

dispatched the distemperate stinkcat with his sidearm. Took three shots.

{Does this count as one of those odd

facts master Jay is looking for? "Once

I witnessed a police killing." I might

remember when i post such a fact to

mention that the victim was a possibly

rabid animal.} A true study in black and white with death hanging over...

Have i mentioned recently that i despise mortality, even in the smallest

of creatures? Perhaps it goes without

the saying.


And, in spite of that^, Today again was the bright and beautiful day.

Nice for warshing the green=ghost after a test drive [is there anothre kind?]. Clean and mostly reliable~~

what more could one want in a classic

automobile? [rhetorical]


HEY! Has anybody seen the Brini Maxwell show on E! Fridays at 11:30 AM? I won't spoil it for you but the

premise is retro and hilarious. Tune it

or TIVO it [tape] 'cos it's werth watching more than once.


On the wicked=web front, i still haven't figgered out why my page is

so dingdang wide. It's either that i use the werdpad to post entries OR

the beta=techs Love my site and believe i should be writing this crud on

a widescreen TV! Anyhow, if you have

trouble reading said scrap, read the hit counter & then go directly to "links

to this entry". You will [i think] be able to read the entry in a sensible fashion. {My especial fan=base will

advise} What?! No jokes?


Carpe Diem! Toni & Todd are coming along, but who wants to spend that much time in Hospital? Never mind,

I appreciate all the genuine concern and i have a lot of optimism regarding their on=going recovery.

***toddle i must, to chek who's

bandying my Glow alltogthre...and that's a Smoochy good thing on a sunny day. ***slac

Friday, April 16, 2004


Duck, duck...

Have you ever got the feeling that Progress is over=taking you?


Never mind, it's only a Test to see if I can realign my pages so they Ain't so big.  Otherwise, i have Places to see and People to be...


Brevity, Simplicity~How i long to embrace and console them...

[It's a Lesson, And if i don't get the fifty Comments on this one~~OH, you know]                  Help! I've been Beta'ed!     handholding Slack

Thursday, April 15, 2004


Title: Here Comes the Sun=King


What a gorgeous day to walk around

the town gathering money, nitro &

ice cream. Still too breezy, but the sun

He is shining like a mofo. Ahhh...

Toni is now in a semi-private room

which means she has a roommate...

God bless that girl. Todd is still having

the periodic surgery, which can't be fun

for him. If you are one of those people

who lit candles, put 'em out before you

burn the haus! Just keep contemplating

the good wishes all=to.


Speaking of Posers & inadvertent Avatars:

There's this joke about the French Revoluxn

where a guy was standing out=side a

sidewalk café when a large, angry Mob ran

by with pitchforks and torches...chasing down

Aristocrats, no doubt. Anyway, a few moments

passed and a fresh=faced boy stumbled by

with a handful of pamphlets. The man at the

café stoppt the youngster and asked,"Jeune fille!

Why are you following that Insane mob?"

To which the young man replied,"I have to---

I'm their leader!"


Meanstwhile, in AWOL Glow jernalwerld,

Kay IMPed me last night in a panic about not

being able to get into her Especial beta; she's

got a glitch or a bump that is hard to overcome.

OR, maybe she crossed up the Beast in some

egregious fashion & the Powre decided to

shun her pondres me @ length

but i suspect some of my fans can fix her up

via IMPs or e=mail. I am the "hand=holder"

on this one~~but Whatever It Takes is one of my

favourite places to bounce. Just keep me in

the Advisement loop, kind helpers.

Smooches from the nearly original Impresario

of 'ku & the Gang [We rock the funk, funk the

rock & hang the Tight with Dancer, Flo, Vince &

Hans] chekme but don't elekme~Teach

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Title: Beware of Posers

Wow! That was a lotta e=mail. Serves

me right for signing up for comment Alerts.

Sometimes, enuf is too much already...

Mean=while, true fans, keep on the look

out for spoofs of myself. [by IMP or e=mail]

There is only one genuine slacbac...and most

of you know that well enuf. It's all about the

style. {Come to think of it, i could probly spoof

myself occasionally...hmm}

Is everybody enjoying the cold, damp misty

b'ful spring weathre? Well, it keeps the pollen

down anyway. I chekt with Agent 007 and he

confirms my suspicion that there is an Evil

Genius conducting meteorological mayhem;

I assured Mr. Bond that i would assist in the

apprehension of this long as i

don't have to snow=ski or swim with piranhas.

We [Hane & me] heard from the many

people on Easter Sunday. Namely, Aunt RM

and the West Coast contingent. Hane's sister

[RM] is a medical professional and likes to

keep tabs on Hane's health, which is pretty good

for a lady of her ilk. Plus they tell each othre the

funny stories when they talk, as long as Hane

can hear the speaker=fone! Later, we had the

long tag=team conversation with Rose & the

Colonel & JJ [their youngest son]. There's a

three hour time=difference (Hi, Muse!) and the

boys were watching a baseball game which the

SandFlea [their eldest boy] was Attending.

Less=the=Never, we-all got caught up on the

latest news of all [some good, some bad]. And

the many prayer promises were made as well.

Still, everyone is looking forward to the big

event~Annie Bananie's Wedding! Soon, soon...

And, being a military fambly allto We had much

to say about the current troubles in the sandbox.

So~~if you're already meditating well for Toni &

Todd, don't forget to support the troops who are

making the best of a bad situation, trying to bring

True Freedom to an ancient & antagonistic

desert. {My own blessings are trying to shower

down on cease=fires & stabilities...}

It's the least i can do for a troubled Werld.

Here we are & There you go. many mercies, slack

Saturday, April 10, 2004


Happy Easter, everyone...and multiple blessings on believers & non-believers alike.

Update~~Toni is still in a regular room with a couple broken wings & other fysical problems.  Her husband, Todd is still a mess...altho he is semiconscious & receiving many painkillers.  My brother tells me they spent some time together and that it was a 'Production'.  We pray it did both of them good.  Which is to say, Toni is coming along but Todd is still in the woods.  So, let's keep those Easter candles lit for awhile longer.  And send up a prayer for Elizabeth of A Contradiction in Terms, whose father was just in a truck accident. [You can link her thru Mumsy/Dancer @ last...well, that's how i found out E'beth requires help]


Seems there have been too many accidents recently...OR maybe i'm just bouncing to troubled sites.  Never=the=Less, it's a Mitzvah to reach out and console people, webwise.

Which brings me to my Easter message for the werld @ large:  The Sacrifice has been made~The Price is paid.  So if you're one of those Especially misguided persons who feels compelled to jump in front of a bullet or strap on a bomb in the cause of ethereal Vengeance or Compensation, CUT the CRAP!  It's already been accomplisht for one and for all in a manner which puts our paltry squabbles to shame.  And while i'm not endorsing one religion over another~~i would reiterate that most of the great & noble acts have already been done.  It's long past time that the remainder of us simply take up the only true cause left...

Living In Peace.

[the Sun Rises, the Werld becomes its Perfect destiny...And it is to be Hoped that Slack won't have to say this again Next Year.]          Blessings!

Friday, April 9, 2004



Certain questions have been askt

regarding fysical attributes.

The answers are facetious but almost



Hair: Got some, wavy thin & brown

Forehead: High & wrinkly

Eye=brows: wild

Eyes: Two, hazely

Mouth: One

Chin: Less pointy than nose

Shoulders: Tight but slopy

Unmentionables: say What?

Heart: Full of blood

Middle stuff: tight but fluffy

Belly=button[navel]: Inny

Complexion: Flounder


Said Attributes subject to change

without prior notice~~Hey, i only

live inside my current Body.

Thursday, April 8, 2004




The name "slacbacmac" was created:

a) At birth

b) In skool

c) In the bingo days

d) on=line

e) by Accident


True or false:

The green=ghost is a person.

Slac wears glasses.

George Plimpton is dead.

Maisie is a grand-mother.


Gradable Answers:


c) in the bingo days

False, True, True, True


Essay & Extra Credit:

All were especial good but

some of the spelling was

Atrocious--the teacher does

not write that badly, really.

[Notes next week class...]

Tuesday, April 6, 2004


title: Round and Round...

Apparently my Glow has been updated by the powers that...HEY! They're trying to mainstream the Slack!  Oh but i so enjoy hanging in the back=waters.

Spring is here~i can tell becos evybody wants to talk sports.  All i can say is, go Flyers.  And play clean, all. There are enuf problems @ the werld without sportspeople injuring each othre.  And that goes for Ted Kennedy as well~he plays for the Democrats.

Less=the=Never, all the Glowers are jumping over 2 haiku [Dancer] is natural potery month.  I would congratulate them again but i'm afraid i would get smoochy-mushy.  Just keep writing And i will try to gather & garner good news about Toni & Todd.

Happy Passover        mazeltov, slack

Sunday, April 4, 2004


PARTIAL title: This hoofty wants to move to Hootersville.

More proof that you can never get enuf Green Acres [or three stooges].  Meanwhile, Toni & Todd are still in hospital and each day that passes must bode improvement.  I hope Todd becomes a lot less critical soon.  That would be a mitzvah.

Hey! Where did that hour go? And why is there suddenly more sunshine [altho' truth be told, it's cold and grey now]?

Yes, there is much hair in that self=portrait.  But it's a painting, not a foto.  Over=more it's plenty 4 a man of my brain size...       lata

Friday, April 2, 2004

Getting Along

About me?  Anothre portrait^?

Yes, the clubhaus is air=conditioned and only the grandest Glowers drop in.

Toni is in a 'regular' room now and her husband is hanging tough.  John [Cat's bro] said today that he won't be participating in any Olympic sports.  That is, Todd still needs a lot of heavenly intervention to continue fighting and healing.  So~~the news is pretty good all=to.

Getting along...meanwhile, the green=ghost needs a tune-up and the black as hell Dell is being balky its own self. {I just had to save this entry due to an Awol Reconnection peccadillo}  I have so got to change that one fone # that has been stroking my page.  But i am getting fast on the "save before re=connect" mouseclick.  Fast, fast like a newby bunny~~and consider the clutteriness of my werk space...oh, right! Most of you already have.  So---after i get the car & the pooter werking just so, i will definitely meditate on ridding myself of opportunistic Amnesia.

toddle i must 2 chek glows, mend bridges, tip=tap the Web wonderland...keep the candles lit 4 Todd & Toni

grey und drixxly Slackster


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