Friday, July 27, 2007


Friday, July 27th, and7...what an absolutely horrible week for Schports figgers, lawyers, young female celebrities & other animals.  The epic tragedies are so massif, convoluted and bizarre that i cannot write about them.  So~i'll write about something else! There i was, setting in my Parish boof, monitoring the coming and going of my customers, when i felt tiny feet on my left shouldre. i reached inside my polo=shirt and brusht against a bug. It made a shreiking noise...You have never seen a person throw off a tunic so quickly! Turned it inside out and a big beetle hit the deck. She was about two inches (2") long with even longer antennae. For a schplit=second i thot of the BUDDHA afore i schtompt her with my foot.  {i have the very sensitif skin and am quite Averse to having miniscule creatures crawl upon me; Hescha! i can hardly stand the laundry tag} i only hope i'll be forgiven some=day for extinguishing this exoskeletal life=form...  That's^ a Bug report.  The Turtle is gathering his belongings & preparing to head west=wise.  NEVADA is calling. An engineer without a Project is like a Wide Knight without filosofy.  OR sumpin' like dat^.  The black beauty is sure to carry him far & well...Twas=ever=Thus.

No, really--the beetle shreiked. ~slac~

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