Monday, August 28, 2006


Never mind~i have anothre schtove on which to make my chicken soop.


And he walks for the sake of walking. i made a point of visiting CAT at her new location. [Yes, anothre move.] Her schtove & her fridge are setting on the Porch of her home=row. And she has plenty more boxes than i ever got rid of! 'Cos it was Sun=Day, and nought sunny @ all, i decided to pull an uncular inspexion of the premises. Mostly, i wanted to be sure that all the animals made the transition well & fully...three geckos, the cats, two full=growed chi'dren And her=self. Best of best, they did move well & now, they are permanent campers like me. These are the condixions which prevail & i am glad to have them in a place where i can observe them from my ramparts. Henceforward, i shall act as a prince to them as surely as my land=lord is a royal personage to me. It's a fair thing that  they were my first Visiteurs, and i was theirs. Perfect progress...

August 27th^---slac don't post sunday.

28 August, 2006...the pointcare conjecture is solved. But if that Russian gentleman really  doesn't want the money, i'll take it. And buy actual doughnuts instead of theoretical ones. [It's a topology joke.] And i am so glad the pluto question has been settled...toward the minimus. Eight (8) planets are enuf for us to worry about in one solar system. But i'll always have a spexial place in my heart for Xena [the Princess, not the ice=ball.] That^ is an astronomy joke. Science! Math! Reclusif geniuses. TATCWP       ~the-naturalistic-slac~

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006...well, it was two thirds of a confluence. I'm not sure if two (2) glowers getting togethre makes a confluence, but Flower=Sun and i had a delightful lunch @ the diner. It woulda been even more especial if Queen Flo had made it, but thereyago & thus it is. And not a nicer day for it could there have been...there will eventually be fotoes of me on my parapet, after Flower=Sun fixes them en poste. Amazement!

Happy ANNIVERSARY>>>belated, to my coparcenary Maisy & her beau AND to the progenitors of Wyatt, the grand=nephew. I'm always late with these werds of sentiment Acause it falls five (5) days after the Memorialisation/dead hero worship of Elvis Presley. {it's easier to remembre Kay's b'day on account of it's the FEAST of the ASSUMPTION. Incorruptibles^^} Strangely enuf, i'm not a huge Elvis fan, altho i have been to GRACELAND on @ least one occasion. It was cool.

So, any=way~i rode the W to the storage facility and palavered with JOE, the Manager. As we did our bidness, i mentioned that i was schtill werking on the very final details of Hane's estate as Executeur; then, he said he was just about to do the same thing for his Father. What i did not know, as i entered into this fair converse, was that JOE is also in charge of carrying out the fine points of his rail=road Engineer Pop's LIVING WILL.  JOE said something to the effect that,"Yeah, we're gonna turn off these machines come September 1st." HOLY FLEEGLE CRUD in a gunny=sack! Here i am, renting a garage for some China & some Tetrahedrons, term=short, and the Man i'm talking with has an obligation to pull the electric off his own old man! {i will never, ever Complain of doing anything, Again} All i could say, when i left the storing=man to his werk, was,"I hope your Dad goes directly to Heaven." Schtride me to werk please...[it's a nice party i'll have When i don't wake up for my Big Day.] COMMENT only on the Confluency part^; the Page is noted 4 its celebratory tone.


Monday, August 21, 2006


One day, in March, we were going

thru Hane's schtuff & i pocketed or

sequestered a medal, icon, rosary

or Crucifix AND Maisy queried,"Why

do you want that? You're unreligious

aren't you??" To which i quietly replied,

"You may call me irreligious, but you

cannot say that i am Unreligious...

Could i have done any of this without

Faith?" She retourned to her sorting

of other crud. I love her much.


August 20th, AndSix...meanwhile, in

filadelfia, EILEEN M. DIFRANCO has

celebrated her second or third Mass,

after being ordained on a pittsburgh

river=boat. She has increased the

flock. I am reminded of the Verse in

which the disciples came to J and

said,"Rebbe! There are people in some

towns who are casting out Demons

without your knowing; what are we

to do about them?" And the Teacher

said,"Those who are not against me

are certainly for me; if their Good comes

from doing my work, let them be."


Meanwhile, in rome, the pop=singer

MADONDA [not mis=spellt] plans to

schtage a mock crucifixn near the

seat of the Vatican. I hope she relents.

Yet~she has always been an equal

opportunity offender. And seeing as

she has converted to K*B*L*H, she has

no natural fear of being ex-communed

from her born faith! Never mind--the

material girl may come to Truth.


Allah and his Prophet abhor the blood

of innocent Pilgrims, spilled for Nothing.

All mosques will be rebuilt from ashes,

to the Glory of the Word; they will rise

up like testament for all the readers of

the Books. The Quran is truth & Islam

is Peace ever=lasting; pray on that Peace,

oh brothers & sisters AND lay off your

arms which offend the Kingdom!


[puxxle, 100%]

Monday, August 21st...the hovel report:

As i was collecting my cat=money from

BRUCE, i noticed the former gardens of

the manse had been denuded of All but

the Lilac, the Larch & the creeping Ivy.

No more Yews, no more Mimosa, no

Rose of Sharon. Looks bare but nice...

ED & MARYANN askt me about the

kitchen cabinets littering the front lawn

and i described their abject nature.

Never mind~i have anothre schtove on

which to make my chicken soop.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I haf to warsh some darks now...but Flower=Sun

and i are collectively on Top of the next best

confluence for the Ages. With Floralilia, of gourse.

It's gwana be sumptin...gwarunteeed. ~slac~

Tuesday, 15th of August, 2006...i haf the Proof of a Live birth of a certain seester of mine...borned in coal country, she was. Afore my own Time.

TITLE: Gas the Reliant! Throw off the ballast!EMOTIONS: quiet Gratitude mixt with mild confusion

NOISES: weed=whackers, tree=frogs, athletes And the occasional borroed folk=music

VIDEO: i watched something yesterday...hmmm.

TIME TUNNEL was on Sunday~i watched that

THOT: "Just because i change slightly for the better, doesn't mean You have to schpin so fast." TEXT: How else would you know that it's Text? [use/mention^] The cats are more themselves than when i last left them. Being cats, i suppose they don't care very much WHO looks after them. Hane & Mac were both like that in later life---Own to their own, yet tacitly appreciatif of familial attentions. DAD was the compulsif dialer; he loved to call people and find out every manner of News. MOM was the gracious invalid; she would rather laugh in presented company than lay out her litany of complaints. Good kids, good cats~i hope they haunt the hovel for a fair Spell. They come to me yet in dremes. Avatars!

Wednesday, August 16th...the cat-sitting, she is done. But the reminiscing carries forward. Internally. MACROECONOMICS:

(1) buy low, sell high

(2) never touch principal, live off interest

(3) sell all shares before announcing a ground offensif

(4) rarely, if ever, be an Executor

As for my recent experience in real estate & as a furtif addendum: it's Never a Buyers' market NOR a Sellers' market; it's Always an investors' market!

MAIZY 830 hi!

slac 830 hey maisy

MAIZY 830 How are you doing?

slac 830 great & you?

MAIZY 831 Coming to the Beach Bash? I'm good.

MAIZY 831 We talked to Engineer tonight. He sounds good.

slac 831 type the much?

slac 832 edge=wise?

MAIZY 832 He says, though, that the people in the restaurants

move very slowly.

MAIZY 832 huh??

slac 833 i kid

MAIZY 833 okay

slac 833 Engineer is good & all the rest of us

MAIZY 834 Are you coming to Beach Bash?

I thought that you were getting a windbreaker.

slac 834 more than probable

slac 835 i'll come by boat

MAIZY 835 Good!!!!! We are going to have a blast.

Have you seen Cat lately?

slac 835 natch--just monday

MAIZY 836 Good!! Okay I need to sign-off and do Real Estate.

I have 3 possible sales in the works! xxxx0000

slac 837 cool---do that & call me lata, i Love you

MAIZY 838 I love you, too. But I can't call tonight.

How's tomorrow night? I need to be on phone with clients tonight.

slac 838 amorro fine

slac 839 i'm easy

MAIZY 839 Yes, good night. xxxoooo

slac 839 ta babe

^IMP edited for nomenclature~Author/Recipient^

{live out of your car; there's no point in Owning more} NB: the filosofy is equally furtif...hmmm. ---it's a turvy=topsy werld, this one---slac

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Which means, perhaps, that i can catch up

[like evybody else] on what's happening in

GLOW=LAND. I said,"perhaps." Zing.

Did some=one say,"Confluence?"

[this is a reposit...partly]

Maisy has as many CATS as that; it pondres

me much how she finds the time to Schwim!

Such profound mysteries in the middle of

August! Happy happy Joy joy to Fidel Castro

and my Sister, Kay on their respectif

birfdays (Fidel, 80 & Kay something over 20+)

- - - -VivianhasmybestTorch- - - - -

It's their haus and i am just the hired help.

Or perhaps, an unwanted Interloper!

I will be enjoying my Neighbors' better

air=conditioning and their Superior cable

Television set=up. I am told that Nutmeg has

the kitty Alzheimer's; i should watch the grand

old girl carefully. {Thus it always is...}

New material: Thursday, August 10th, And6...

i drofe myself 2 the transfer station and the Grox

schtore on such a pleasant Day. Which means,

i took out an =equal= passel of Things which i

eventually brot back. Same size, same weight.

[Matter & Energy are neither created nor destroyed.]

Conservation is my milieu. And minimalism.

I haf to warsh some darks now...but me & the

Sun=Flower are collectively on Top of the next best

confluence for the Ages. With Floralilia, of gourse.

It's gonna be sumpin...gwarinteeed. ~slac~



Monday, August 7, 2006


August 6th, 2006...or there=abouts>

i misst the mass this morning; even a time=travelling secret agent has to schleep in, once in a great while. 

I, also, did not take in any open hauses a=day. {those who own would look 2 sell; those who Rent may look to own} Yet~i did manage to Pull two (2) hours werth of weeds. And finely paid for it, i was...

+ + + + + + + justify + + + + + +

To=day, i saw a goldfinch. They must be rare around here; i cannot remembre the last time i might've seen one. Even the birds & bugs are moving globally! Mayhaps to Avoid human crasiness^

It's a Theory.

Meanwhile & else: i am preparing for both a fambly party and a confluence. The meeting (and enjoyment) of line=on Like Minds only takes some Pressing precedence. It is the Connectedness WE crave as life travels forth. [werds 2 that effect^^] Wrong=me=not=get: i love my fambly as if they were blood-related. Naturally. Monday, August 7th, 2006...pretty busy for a Monday, i'll tell you. The parishioners came with trux & trailers of storm damaged branches and whatnot. It was almost like a Saterday. [the heat wave threw off the schedule.] I am nearly caught up with what passes for computerising; advise me of the advise, as i have 'heard' of a great many changes in Glow=land & the InterWeb...


Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Monday, July 31, 2006...

TITLE: up=the=catching

MOOD: circumspect

NOISE: tree=frogs, lovin' the Heat

So, i'm walking past the old Hovel ['cos sometimes i let

the bus=driver person leaf me off there] and what do i

see? The rehabilitateur has rippt out my forsythia!

(alright-it was only 20% mine & kinda messy...)

Never mind~i haf left Him more than enuf werk both

inside & out to madden even the most resolute contractor within the Remaining year. G Bless him for taking it off my scant hands. Onward & Outward...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006...regardless of that^ and who askt me, i am Attending to matters both great & small in my best natural manner. 'Twas it not Ever Thus? Less=the=never, i am behind myself of the InterWeb things. [my Excuse is that the ding=dang dell was packt away for nearly two weeks!] So~to all my line=on friends: CHIDE me from afar! I deserve as much as that in this, The Year of Changes. OR werds to that effect. Visit & Comment freely, it's an Open Page schtill, if slightly delimited by the beast. ~chekyasoon~slac


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