Saturday, December 31, 2005


And those things which are not yet

Perfect are approaching that state

in their own sweet moment.

prospero nuevo anno...

Ad Vitam aut Culpam...Should auld acquaintance

be forgot, and never brot to mind; Should auld

acquaintance be forgot, and days of auld lang syne.

Saturday, 31 December, 2005---soon to be 1/1/And6...

It is Traditional to prepare pork und sauerkraut on

New Year's Day. There=fore, i'm cooking a baba

Chili! It's the contrariness which runs in my Fambly.

Along with othre things. De Gustibus non Disputandam.

Bless my Saturnalia! WAS i schpeaking LATIN? With

none than a little German & Scotch thrown in?

Meanwhile & else, if it's night=mid where You are, here's

a slacbuss and a fluteklink for Glowing so good through

out the Whole Year. [don't let those foxtrot banner ads

make you dixxy.] And amember as you dance until dawn

that WE have a whole 'nother Year 2 right the werld.

{Comment early & often~the slac don't post on Sunday}

The anagram for advertiseurs is 'WHEN PAY PAYER?'

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Tuesday, December 27, 2005...It was Christmas.

It was cold. It was wet. I know! Let's GO TO THE

BEACH! {Here's the funny part--two of us actually

went Schwimming.} Cat, the Engineer & Blade

picked me up on Sunday morning and we Rode

North, yes NORTH^ to the dismal shores of Long

Island Sound. It rained almost the entire time we

were there; the post=solstice orb only began to

peek out on our Journey home. CONNECTICUT!

Less=the=never, it is a cozy cottage to gather

at as a Fambly around the Holidays. And there are

few better Hosts & Hostesses than Maizy & PapaLou.

Especially when they are already entertaining one of

their favourite grand=sons [Wyatt] and his lovely

parents. Such a more perfect crowd of nine you

could not find...a playful group of love gathered

around a pellet stove. OH! i nearly forgot the pets!

Three cats there were but only the Black one was

asociable to any=one; Molly, the familiar Shepherd

of the Nephew(s) was a most Gracious & Patient

canine. [i should know~i walked her twice and she

was Glad of my company.] Such a Christmas we will

not soon forget for its Essential goodness...

Back=Flash: Seems like only yester=day (1995) that

Mac drove me up to the same=self environs in the

green=ghost for the capsizer's Graduation from the

USCGA. We stayed in a very nice rental cottage with

the Engineer & his crew. Uncle Donald was there as

well and we all played foot=ball on the beach. That

was a good party even 'tho Mac lost his blue blankie.

Doctor JOYCE BROTHERS was the Commencement

speaker & we all got facial sunburn. [In May, yet.]

ON the return trip to New Paltz we schplit the gang

3 + 3...Two engineers & Rocky in the green car,

Cat, me & Blade in the Red one. [its 'name' was Rex]

I wondre where that BLANKET is now? hmmm...

How do you serve Christmas dinner in a one floor

cottage? BUFFET STYLE, of gourse! We demolished

half a breast of a twenty pound (20 Lb.) turkey and

most ofa canned ham. With home=made mashed

potatoes, schtuffing and green beans almondine.

{True to my Impression of my Dad, i schtripped the

bird carcass...BUT, we didn't save it for Soop.} The

next night, the newlyweds made Lasagna. To say

nothing of the Squash soop, Maizy's Tiramisu and all

the other confectionary items WE consumed. Some

of these people KNOW how to cook! Which is a very

good thing acause Our side of the Fambly knows how

to eat. *snarf*gobble*smack*inhale*sample*snarf

[Cat and i also hit the breakfast bar @ one of Kay's

hotels pretty hard on the two mornings we were there]

Too soon, the four of us were South=bound in heavy

Traffic---with the engineer demonstrating all the points

of interest & the POWER STATIONS. [just like Mac...]

We had a late lunch @ the Blauvelt Coach Diner and

our Waitress was very good to us. With the lingering

sun still setting too soon, we bumpt into a Terrible

mess at the PANJ bordre. Some=how, our intrepid

Pilot guided us through it; i'll say it now and i'll say it

again---My brother can drive me any=where. Truth.

Imagine what that beach will be like once the Good

Weathre comes! HAPPY NEW YEAR! holiday hugs~


December 28, 2005^

Friday, December 23, 2005


An Edited repository of Holiday Posts...

Hope strides on the impervious

werld~calls our attention to

Poverty & Peace. Fear Not!

The candles of this Age i light thus

earnestly for salvation & rebirth...

OR to the G who guides us through

the passage of troubles. He made

the werld & we but live in it.

Blessings on all, of whatever

circumstance---the Angels are

all around & His kingdom is open

to all his children. 12/15/04^

- - - -12/19/04>- - - -

We are appraised and apprised of

the Light which comes into the

World---and Anoint it with our

brief tears. Immanuel.

He calls us to his Heart because

He requires our counsel. His

balm is our Salve=ation.

Do i believe in miracles? Of course.

It is the week of such things.

As cold & bitter as today was, tomorro

the Light will extend itself through the

remainder of winter---getting longer,

brighter and more beautiful toward the

rising of Flowers. Planets of confluence,

i believe i see a star in the East!

12/22/And4^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Regardless of troubles and as

the Day finds You--i pray that

you are surrounded by joyful

children on Christmas Day &

That the werld of your werld

is as bright as the one which

found a Deliverer twenty

centuries ago... And that WE

have a Very Merry Christmas

on which small Tim would

say again,"God bless us,

Every=one!" 12/23/And4^

He is only a babe in a cradle with

His own stable signs...the vitals of

our vitals which gather us toward

his ponderific destiny. Miracles!

And a Happy Kwanzaa to my friend

Darney who cared for Hane like she

is his own fair mother. And might

again appreciate her lightness.

It can be Hoped^ (12-27-04...)

Gospel, my friends---i am a minor

Prince in the Pantheon of such.

Tonight, i shall dream of

Miracles. 29 December, 2004

{Reposited & Reposted in Loving Memory

of Hane, Mac, Bertha, Josephine, Charles...

AND all the Angels & Pets of this Year who

Flutter about them, praising a Child.}




Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ya cain't spell PATRIOT without Eavesdropping.

Wait! That isn't Right. No wonder the SENATE let

it drop. I'll have to borro a few strange boox from

the LIBERRY to figger this one out. *shrug*

So~i was watching PREDATOR the other day and

i thot,"Heck! Why can't Carl Weathers simply run

for President in And8? He could jump right over

that governeur thang!" [the only woman he could

not defeat would be Condi.] Rhymes with 'pitch':

Two (2) ranch=hands travel to Japan & learn the

ways of samurai geishas, only to catch a ship bound

for an Island of remarkable creatures looking to

capture a very large gorilla. BUT, on their way back

to the land=main with said gorilla, they strike an

ICEBERG which turns the ship Up=Side Down!

(Howard Stern could play the Roddy MacDowell part.)

With animations by PIXAR/Burton...perhaps. *itch*

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Title: The End of Autumn & i'm Running Around Like

It's Just Another Tuesday...Go, Car, Go

Tuesday, 20 December, 2005...

Mood: baffled by the surreptitious hubris, early

Musik: [secret] the Media=Player is only a faer Radio

Video: Yesterday, i schtumbled onto Kirstie Alley's

first appearance on Match Game! Amazing & rare

Joke: "How can you tell when the NSA is bouncing to

your blog?" "Ya cain't~it's a damned secret."

Thot: "What would Jack Anderson and John Spencer

really like to say about these BANNER ADS? From

where they're at right now i mean..."

That's enuf hilarity 4 one day^ END of PROLOG 1

~bank~ethyl~grox~laundry~& bouncing~tapslac

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Title: Standing By 4 Good News

Your Xmas reposit from the Slac>>

>mit alteraxns:

Mood: Apprehensif AND hope=ful

Music: Boogie Nights @ the Grox=schtore

Weathre: Icy night=over, only Rainy to=day

Condition: disemployed yet well regarded...

Menu: the end of Chicken soop

Observatus: "unexpected &

wonderful things Happen all the

year round; but it's on the Holidays

that we Notice their significance.

It's a neurokinetic alignment."


Fambly news~[edited>]

We are collectively Praying...

Conjoin Our hospitality/holiday!

[anecdote deleted>]

Bob Cratchit said as much in that story:

"TIM did not mind that people stared at him

for being a cripple...He said that it was good

they should remember on such a day, Who it

was who made the lame to walk And the blind

to see..." --Apologia^ Charles Dickens

Regardless of all^, i will Praise the

Spirit which allows the werld's redeeming and Rain

prayers of Hope & Light on All who join

this bright Season as it arrives. More=so=much on

the Doctors & Nurses attending their Charges~~

They will Love everyone

to their best ability.

Pray/Pray: Peace On Earth, GoodWill

toward Us~~sentimentalslac^


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Monday, December 12, 2005...i can

scarcely pondre what Richard Pryor

and Eugene McCarthy are talking

about in that great ante=room...

EM: You're that funny negro from the

Merv Griffin Show, aren't you?

RP: And you're that honky who ran for

President, right?

{Wait till they meet the bridge=club!}

*prologue* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Apparently i dug the garage out well

enuf to carry the Ghost on her travels.

She loves the cold, crunchy, slushy

meanderings even more than i. And altho

i some=times leave her in the bungalow

while i force my feet 2 better ends...she

does not complain of it, much. Good car.

My boots should be so relyable^^

title~Running with the Engineer

feeling~less drippy than yesterday


musik~Le Freak @ the grox store?

thot~"It's nice to have a helper...then it

doesn't look so much like you're talking to

yourself as you run around."

Tuesday, December 13, 2005...i would tell

you where we went & what we accomplisht

but that might lead 2 advertising in the

long run. And WE wouldn't want to oversell

this page @ this juncture. Not when so many

are doing it for us. Suffice 2 say that me and

the engineer did the most necessary werk

on this side of the river AND we didn't waste

very many resources doing it either. Ethyl!

He drives the black=beauty toward Advocacy

without mentioning Make nor Model! With

such good englisch, yet^ ~advoslacNOT


Thursday, December 8, 2005


"All we are Saying, is give PEACE

a chance..." --John Lennon 1968

December 1941: Congress Declares

War, United States will join fight

against Axis Powers

"Get your hands off me, you Damn

dirty ape!" --Charleton Heston 1969

"They will turn their Swords into

plowshares and their Spears into

pruning hooks...and practise the Art

of War no more." --Micah

"Alright~who gave these monkeys

modulator/demodulators?" --slac 2012

Friday, December 09, 2005...SCHNOW! And a goodly

amount of it too. Makes ya wanna hunker in the bunker,

i mean--bundle up and Shovel for 15 minutes at a time. Then

have some piping chicken noodle SOOP! And check in on the

bodacious weathre=girls & their reportage in the field.

{The schmart ones wear HATS} This^ is not a weathre

report. I was gonna rant about the banner ads, but i think

i'll just schtew in my juices until i'm feeling a bit more

diatribic; there are better Jeremiahs out there already doing

the good werk. PLUS+, i'd like to try to be rabidly maniacal

enuf about it 2 get my Page bumpt & shunned. A Glower

can dreme, can't one? And WE are sending e=mails to the

advertiseurs as well as DEPARTING en masse [Secret: it's

what They want so they can clean their Servers before the

Holiday Rush.] I said i wasn't ranting^^

A little more HISTORY...Johannes Gutenberg is famous for

his extra=ordinary luck & perseverance. He was the first

person who had each & every one of these three (3) things:

>PAPER [an Egyptian invention, originally beaten from reeds]

>INK [a long=time Artistic medium, seldom perfected]

>MOVABLE TYPE-PRESS [a strange new technology]

Without the triumvirate of these, Johnny woulda just been

anothre dirty european page=presser...totally un=celebrated.

More recently, Randolph Hearst was

rumoured to have sent a telegram to

the Southern Hemisphere about the

Impending Spanish-American conflict:

[i parafrase,] "Send us the photographs

and we will manufacture the WAR."


Tuesday, December 6, 2005


"That slack...He ignores the adverts even more on

SUNDAY, if that's possible." ~heard=over on Web~

The dog & bird & bug Report...Decembre And five>

One of my Customers had to put down his companion

this week. Dixie was a gorgeous Golden Retriever who

attained the Age of Fifteen (15) years, eight Months.

And she was a beautiful example of the canine species

whenever i met her @ the Yard...a well=behaved lass,

devoted to her master. [He told me the news as i was

warming in the slack=shack, waiting for Santa; my boof

is thus a rarefied Confessional.] IF such pets ought to

go to Elysium, Dixie deserves as much as anothre.

I was walking through the liquor schtore parking Lot

when i noticed the seagulls. There were at least two of

these cat=sized white winged wonders bomb diving the

feckless pigeons off the ARTHAUS THEATRE roof! On a

crunchy, schnowy Day no less. The jerseygirl will advise

me of HOW these Jonathans come 2 travel so far land=in!

I know we have good junkfood in the Walley for these

Aviaries to sample, but the commuting must be crasy...

even for birds. Urbanic sea=birds---what's next?

Goodnight, sleep tight, Don't let the bed=bugs bite.

It's a little thing we sing 2 children when they are warm

and comfy on their nice clean mattresses. Only, Now,

those schleeping boxes are not so Healthy by recent

reports. There's no shame in telling your Hotelier that

you've experienced a rash of uninvited fact,

it's probly the right thing to do! Report the infesters.

Then, warsh your own clothes in very Hot Water.

Pediculosis? Even more=so...Don't pass it on. *scratch*


Kay and Harry are winging their way back 2 EUROPE.

I know this becos she tried to call me from the Aerport,

but i was napping. My seester & i are sometimes at

cross=purposes, but we come by it naturally. We share

a certain inverse proportionality in life experiences...

She left every skool i ever entered And i departed every

skool she ever went into. She had a special attachment

to the Patriarch; i have had an unusually close relation

with the Mother. And many other topsy-turvies. Yet, for

all our profound and inimical differences, we enjoy some

remarkable complementarities. I'd say if it weren't for

the eight (8) year separation in age, Kay & i coulda been

fraternal/sororital TWINS! It's a crasy theory but as crasy

theories go, it Holds a certain arguable charm. UNTIL it is

negated by others! And if it isn't a cosmic joke of some

sort, at least WE can remember & tell it well. Varicose...

[mean=while, Cat has acquired a new schtray...they call

him MacGyver becos he schnuck into the haus. And he's a

feline by all accounts & that's better than coming into

possession of another Puppy. Wrong=me=not=get! I love

the dogs...i just don't want to OWN one.] *woof/meow*


Friday, December 2, 2005


IN MEMORIAM: On seeing a poster of a

karate master chopping a log in half, Daniel

Russo asks his sensei,"Mister Miyagi! Can

you do that?" ..."Don't know--never been attacked

by tree." Pat Morita elevated & enhanced his

lineage, even when he was forced to play Eastern

stereotypes on the big & small screens. Plus+,

he was a genuinely funny man. Surely, as an

Angel he will still advise his companions,"Don't

forget to Breathe--very important." Thanx Pat.

Wednesday, 30 November, 2005...

Political Content: Meanwhile, in Washington,

the War Secretary used an unusual verbiage

which was followed by equally strange werds in

a speech by the Chief Commander. DONALD

spoke of not having an arbitrary deadline for

troop withdrawals [or considerations thereof] AND

his perfect Superior, the President made mention

of not believing in an artificial timetable. Now, i'm

not one to lean Aport on such complicated matters,

but isn't a dead=line naturally, perfectly Arbitrary?

More=over, isn't a timetable prima facie somewhat

REAL to the persons constructing it?? What planning

can be accomplisht if end-points are not fixed on a

reliably constructed Calendar? It pondres me much

as i am both a student of Logic & Mathematix!

[perhaps our Leaders have a more refined sense of

TIME & SPACE which i do not yet ken...perhaps.]

Less=the=never, i trust that bright minds & Hearts

will one Day make a good Report to Mr. Murtha.


Title--the Creeping Buddha


Music--the best of Bread...borroed cd

Wideo--[er~Whirlygig pulverises Romano]

Menu--Chicken Broth>Chicken Soop...made=home

Joke--"What do you say to a Gorilla wearing Earmuffs?"

"Anything you want...he can't hear you anyway."

~Reader's Digest~

anagram--How rate the Tear?

Friday, 02 December, 2005...Holy Crud! That's XMAS

music on the car radidio! Where did the fleegle year go?

I do haf to get my sheet togethre before boxing day.

Two Thousand & Five will be amembered as the year

that: Slack was called 2 jury=duty, John Kerry was

called 2 jury=duty AND George Walker Bush was called

2 jury=duty. Amazing coincidental parallelism, that. Only

33% of us actually Served in said Capacity as of Press

time. [a very old man will one day be askt,"Granpa, what

happened in 2005?" He will answer,"And five? Why that

was the Year of the Judiciary!"] Observata...

I am remiss of true memorialisation becos there are Now

more departing celebrated angels than there is Time to

buss their catafalques; it's the over=populaxn Thing.



Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Novembre 29th or there=abouts.

Happy happy Joy joy 2 the name

sake, Liza Hane! [Betty Hane??]

Twould be indelicate of me to

indicate her natural age--it might

be between consent & concern.

{She is better than me @ many

things, including embarrassing

close Relatifs.} Arching Beauty!

Emma is new & there ain't nobody

coursing in the opposite direxn.

Birfday smooches on my girls.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Secret: the Matriarch was born

a Capricorn, but you could rarely

ever 'get her goat'. Astrology~feh.

Content? Here i've spent countless minutes editing

out the brand=names on this Glow and my Hosts

throw up these banner ads on top of my page. If they

had asked me what products i might like to advertise,

that woulda been a differently coloured Horse. Truly.

As it is, some of my best friends are fleeing their Glow

pages and i don't blame them. But you know the slack:

i'll play the dog with the dish=towel until things return

to a finer state. Heck--three (3) years ago i didn't even

know what this Inter=Web thing was good for anyhow.

But to put one of my four=letter Titles on it: CASH

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Extra Content: It's time once again to schtrip the Bird

and boil the bones for...SOOP! And Turkey Salad [or

in my case, Chicken Salad]. With all the troubles in

the werld, i am heartened that many many people had

a good & gracious feast. It should happen more often

all=togethre on this hungry angry planet. Veritas

PLUS+, y'all won't get the really cool remaining Holiday

Gifts of love & life unless you cultivate that Attitude of

Gratitude, moment by moment. It's redactif that way.

Blessings beget blessings like Horrors beget horrors.

It's up to US to choose the nobler Path. Just Saying.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Giving=Thanx, Two Thousand and Five...PROLOGUE:  Maizy is in Virginia with BOTH her grand=kids, on that shore.  Kay is state=side and feasting in Carolina [nuffin could be finer.]   The Left-Coasters are probably chowing down on Mideast food.  The Engineer is retourning to the Walley from a long assignment in New Hampshire. Far flung the Fambly, yet perfectly placed.  {The Old Man had a fair habit of travelling South=Ward around the Holidays; his children are adopting it, inadvertently.}TITLE: cat lap

MOOD: greasy, like a Roasted Chicken

MUSIK: SUPERTRAMP, Crisis? What Crisis?

WIDEO: Knot's Landing [?!]

ANAGRAM: nuclear iran=unclear rain

JOKE: "Dr. Freud! You must help me; my wife believes she's a Labrador Retriever." "Hmm--and how long has your wife suffered this peculiar delusion?" "Ever since she was a puppy."

THOT: "black friday? You won't catch me camping out in the chill=wind @ the local WALMART; and not for the obvious current reasons...i have a fobia about being trampled."

TEXT: Friday, November 25, 2005...Regardless of all that^  It's good to have my markedly major brother [the Engineer] back in=country. Many grand things will be accomplisht becos he is near @ hand. {Evybody should have such a 2nd Soul} And other Blessings which would naturally accrue in the present Season. Like pussy=cats curling on the lap, like succulent bird meat falling off the bone, like thankful messages to the Heroes attempting to preserve PEACE in faraway places...These are the appreciatae of the Conditions which prevail. THANK YOU

Lord of all things 4 this^ evyday in evyway. *Blessings* OH! And warmer weathre by SUNDAY game=time, if possible. Extra Note: J & J and grand=nephew Wyatt were somewhat waylaid in Connecticut by a hinky alternator; schtill, They were gladly taken in by their best nearest Relatives. THAT too is an especial mitzvah! Happy Holiday~unkachickenslac~

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


November 22, 2005...

Who shot JR? Kristen.

Who shot JFK? Oswald.

Who shot John Lennon for no

good reason @ all? A thoroughly

mis=guided man who read that

Salinger novel too often.

Are guns bad? YOUBETCHA.

[meanwhile, Arlen's hair is

growing back the good; he tried

to be the first Jewish President.]

Brine & Baste those Birds!

And watch out for the eaters

of Hasheesh. Veritas

Monday, November 21, 2005


November 20, 2005....epipause...AND speaking

of BIRDS, i am too bright currently to acquire an

eleven (11) pound Gobbler for a singular person!

Perhaps--i will schtuff a chicken instead. And

mourn the absence of Maternal kvetching.

Pertinence: Is there still a fleegling blinking AD

@ the Top of this page? Becos~in schpite of their

good intentions, my MASTERS might could be

contributing to my latent epilepsy/catalepsy...

That would be a very bad thing. All=Togethre.

{the up=rethink of such an occurence is that

Slack would post less, fall behind the more of

spurious e=mails & search resolutely for a better

provider of Content. Just saying^} *wink*

I can tell that the Holiday=Season is upon us by

the movies playing on cable channels; THEY have

ten (10) months to program the Especial films, yet

we don't see them until after the latest election.

[When did James Bond become a Holiday staple?]

Something is awry in HOLLYWOOD yuletide!

Title: *fade*

Mood: cool & drippy

Anagram: yuletide=dilutely

Musik: AC/DC, Back in Black

Movie: Girl Shy, 1924, Harold Lloyd

Thot: "if you Read the Deep, or the Archives, the

Banner advertisement disappears. Scant consolaxn."

Text: Monday, November 21, 2005...OOPs~i have

also run out of coloured ink for my Printer. I'm not one

of those persons who print anything & everything

coming off the pooter. {it's a secondary Recycling rule

not to generate paper only to shred it later} Besides,

this Page has more than enuf colour for evybody!

Meanwhile & else: my Parish neighbor and customer

Morrie tells me that his wife, Shirley is winding down

her schtay @ the nursing home. She is on COMFORT

CARE from the Alzheimer's and fading fast; they had

fifty=seven (57) good years togethre. Not counting the

past two, when "Early Shirley" began to fade from our

Collectif existence into her forgetting werld. G Bless

her on her journey back to perfect memorableness in

Paradisic Elysium! A stern bunch of my Paregoric

Angels is forming a gantlet for yet anothre cool gal...

As for the larger contingent of misguided abductors,

bridal bombers and assorted political prevaricators:

CUT THE CRAP! The rest of us are tired of your

shenanigans already as We try to renovate this

planet/space=ship. There's no more time to waste on

mopping up your fleegling messes. Get a Shunky.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Tuesday, November 15, 2005...

Pre=cursif & Prologous Political schtatement:

OH! They're scrambling now. I think that Elexn

thing put some fear into their unctious adiposes.

I'm speaking collectively, of gourse, nation=wide.

{Democracy is like Sex; it's only dirty if you're

doing it right.} Rest Not! Constituents are now

obligated to keep the entrenchants off=balance

until the next cycle of Rebellion/Revolution. Both

parties should continue to be largely nervous...


TITLE: A Double Shower

MOOD: blustery

ANAGRAM: spot the pots; span the naps...

MUSIK: Billy Joel...on the ride home

WIDEO: Modesty Blaise (8 o'clock, FMC)

JOKE: A very old man was examined by a young

internist who was surprised to find the codger in

perfect health. Naturally, the fresh=faced Medic was

curious to find out what made the elderly patient so

long-lived. "What's your secret, sir?",the youngster

inquired. The old one replied,"Well--I sleep well and

eat gourmet foods and make love to as many women

who would entertain me." The Internist made notes

of what was said but was not quite satisfied by the

Answers. "No, really--to What do you owe this fantastic

Longevity?" To which the old man replied,"To tell the

absolute Truth, I just love serving as a pall=bearer at

DOCTORS' funerals."

THOT: "WHAT? Sauerkraut is good for chickens?! And

i've been putting it on my weiners!"

RATIO: diadems per diem

Wednesday, November 16, 2005...i wonder if the Crows

fly intentionally against the wind; are they doing aviary

aerobix? It's true i didn't get many customers to=day,

owing to the grey rain. Slacking in the shack with old

puzzles and local radio...i don't mind the dreary wet when

it schtays mostly outside. The soaking also cuts down on

the schweeping up! SO, rainy days are good prima facie.

Evidentiary Filler! And colder, brighter days will come...


Sunday, November 13, 2005


Veterans' Day, Two-Thousand and Five...It is well remembered that during

the First Werld War, at Christmas, ALL hostilities were suspended for a

period of between 26 and 38 hours. And that the combatants on either side

took Time out from killing each othre to sing songs in Praise of that special

Arrival long ago of a mere infant who changed Our faulted history forever.

Would that such a moment could be repeated again this Year! Honour^

Speaking ex tempore of that same Person: It is noted that Emanuel held no

malice toward Roman Centurions nor Guards. When HE was captured in the

skull=garden, Simon took the occasion to draw a small Judaic sword and

sliced off completely the ear of a Latin Constable. J placed his fingers on

the resultant wound and just as totally HEALED that orifice which Peter had

been so rash to sever And the rebbe Admonished everyone that,"Those who

live by the sword shall verily perish by the sword!" Such a dark night.

On a brighter, earlier Day of that same era, the Great Teacher was

approached by a certain Centurion [a Roman in charge of one hundred

soldiers] whose natural daughter had fallen ill to the point of Death.

This powerful military man spoke plainly with an obvious subjugant,

"I have heard that you are a great healer. I have the charge of many men

in my company. I say to one,'do this' and he does this; I say to another,

'go there' and he goes there, even at his own peril. So, I ask you only to

give the word that my child might live." To which placation, the Son of

Man said simply,"Go Home. Your daughter is Recovered of affliction and

asking after You. She is well." Veritas humanitas ex persecutius...

{my Latin is dull & my Aramaic is even worse^} Peace & Mercy^

Saturday, November 12, 2005...Hey! Hey! This is a Fambly Page. It's not

political or religious. To say Nothing of intelligent design. [alright--it

might be a schmart page, but i'm danged if i can suss out any purposeful

design.] It's more like fly=papre~~catching the Random things which adhere.

Yeah...that's it. Reflecting the nuances of a capricious Epochal universe.

More like that than the othre thing 4 sure OR some such werds. In the form

of COMPLETE SENTENCES they should be! Mind the patois. {Somewhere in

the nation, fourth=graders are presenting a report on 'the log'. They'll

probably receive a C minus.} EXCELSIOR!

Wednesday, November 9, 2005


By the time you read this, you should

have already voted in the most important

municipal election since the last one.

We only get the mayors we select, here

in AMERICA. [there are no inconsequential

elexns; there are only lazy Constituents.]

PLUS+, in a certain sense, the Supreme

Court of the United States is comprised

of individuals who once had to run for

LOCAL positions. Think about it. *hmm*

On anothre topic alltogethre: i rescued an

article from the Washington Post which

explored the Use of Glows/blogs as therapy.

That was a very interesting article^

WAIT! My girlfriends Judith and Pamela

were quoted @ length. The Slack has rarely

brusht this close to Inter=Web fame! And

not 4 a lack of taking certain bronzes in

periodic categorical Contests. *humility*

Irregardless~my girls post the Good and

that alone 'Happies my Heart.' Veritas

- - -^pro=log^- - -

Title: dark wet leaves...

Mood: drippy OR sappy

Noise: Rachael Ray

Thot: "So what if your encyclopædia is

40 years out=of=date? 80% of the info is

correct & the other 20% you already know

from experience." 11/09/2005...

Or so i told my customer Carl when he

brang a box of reference boox 2 the Yard.

Alright, i didn't actually say that^ but i

thot it...and in my universe, Cogitation &

Expression share equal footing. Descartes!

With the visible algebra yet. Use/Mention.


Saturday, November 5, 2005


Happy Happy Joy Joy! Tania has

done it again for the capsizer.

Emma Grace came into this werld

[such as it is] on Novembre 2nd.

She is my first grand=niece and

i'll bet she is byooooooteeeefull!

Apparently, Virginia is for Lovers

and growing famblies. Such a

wonderful blessing all=to...

Saturday, November 05, 2005...

Meanwhile, here in the key=stone,

my election message is unchanged.

VOTE often & early to CLEAN OUT

the insanely greedy legislature and

its line officers. They've had more

than enough opportunities to give

back the money they've already

stolen. This kind of representation

we, the people, will no longer stomach.

AND, we're gonna remember the same

in future Elections. Unretain the

complicit JUDGES and go from there.

See you @ the Polls; Register!

Of=the=else, i am behind much but

i'll try to ketchup and post more

frequently. It's not so much a Promise

as a guiding principle^...for future

generations of b'ful babies such as

EMMA. ~avuncularslac~

Monday, October 31, 2005


Sunday, 30 October, 2005...

proviso & disclaimer---i said i

didn't post on Sundays, not that

i didn't write on Sundays. ipso

facto de graficus ad interwebus


(and Danced without a partner)

Thot: "this going to cherch for rites

and ceremonies is becoming a habit;

good thing i'm a true believer."

I'd like to say that the festivities went

off without a hitch...but one of the boy

cousins did require a stitch or two.

[he sliced a small nubile fingre.] The

thing itself was gorgeous all=to with

Uncle Father Joe blessing the Union of

Tara with her betrothed Joseph at the

RENOVATED cathedral. And all the

fambly participating perfectly. THEY

had a Piper at the close & the Bride

was schtunned! How do you keep that

a secret?! {"Oh, by the way, babe...

don't freak out if some dude in a plaid

skirt blowing a wailing bag appears at

the Recessional."} Yet, it's nae a Celtic

ritual wi'ae t'peeper squeails! OCH.

The reception was better yet, if it's

possible. A tight fit but a grand group.

I sat @ the last corner table with the

invited Neighbors and thoroughly

enjoyed my pork loin Moritz. But not

for Long! I came 2 Dance even if i was

a lone wolf at Halloween. The Slack is

known for his schteps and like Billy

Idol, he doesn't mind dancing by

his=self. And when i wasn't doing the

CONGA or the SLOOPY or the FUNKY

WHITE BOY on the parquets, i was

bustin' moves in place @ table 20.

Enuf of dat^ evybody knows i can

gracefully trip the fantastique. But by

nine o'clock or thereabouts, the green

ghost was envious & itching to return

to her manor. {Never leave a Lady

waiting who has loved you Long.}


Monday, October 31, 2005...And thus

back 2 werk after a wonderful week

end. [i visited the Parents of the Bride

last night; they seem to be recovering

from the Excitement. I shoulda stayed

in my hovel to let them un=wind.] My

replacement did an admirable job of

covering my spot...altho i was missed

by a couple of my regulars. And i'm

getting adjusted to that time change

thingy. Leftover CHOCOLATE!



Saturday, October 29, 2005


Thursday, October 27, 2005...

it is widely held that predictions

are difficult, expecially about the

future. [:YOGI BERRA] And don't

forget 2 check your Santayana.

Less=the=Never, on the rare

occasion that i reposit...Chekit

but don't elekit>

title: moon red

thot: "ya gotta love a system where

date=ups are nearly obsolete on the

day they're born And all the really cool

schtuff gets buried in the code."

music: Tom Petty, from cassette...

mood: mildly perturbed

Mechanism! The music project

proceeds apace, with obvious glitches

from Hane's boom=box. [circa 1980]

Hey, kids--don't try this at home.^

{i schtill believe magnetic tape is

gonna live=out this InterWeb...}

Would i could say the same about my

paintings...i'm on a minor sabbatical

from the artsy endeavours, but i will

try to posit a scary picture for the

Halloween. [50% promise] ART!

maybe~~Century City^^

ooops~the media player just

switched 2 the Beatles without my

encouragement; but it's a welcome

ghost. Yep, the 'putre functions as

an excellent personal juke=box.

[read deep my Halloween 2003]

WHICH is to say: Nothing has one to

do with anothre Unless YOU have

already bot the candy 4 the urchins

and have time 2 watch both the Werld

Series & the Lunar Eclipse. Advise me

of both as i schtumble along.

{here's the twist: Imagine the Sox pull

this thing off under the total darkness of

Diana---a sweep would be a fantastic

prediction of Mine, at this late date

And over=more, i would have to follow

the ball=base evermore.} SWAK!

My colours are bleeding! One line to

the next...On the coming Tuesday

Every=one will have to do something

special. Climb out of your complacent

bed & VOTE. [reiteratus: if you don't go

to the polls, you can't kvetch.]

AND there won't be anothre lunar eclipse

until *gasp* Hillary and Colin face off

against the Libertarians. Do not mark my

werds~i have a time=machine. Plus+,

i reside in a swing state but i don't

Swing. moon me over as i try to catch

up 2 the unlimited possibilities^

*with a cloudy nature i reside only upon

this page^ ...slac...

Thus^ i am only slightly cursed

of Prescience. Crud~there's anothre

werd i have to look up in the big

dictionary. *leaf*leaf*leaf*

Friday, October 28, 2005...i have entertained the

full contingent of TRICK or TREATERS. Eighty percent

(80%) of the pocket chocolates are Gone. That means

i bot the right amount. More than that, i had anothre

grand time participating in this devilish thrownback

festival. And from the mouths of Innocents, check out

these pearls of wisdom:

"I don't CARE how much Candy i get; i'm gonna have

FUN." "This house isn't scary at all." [parent:]"Here's

a very nice unscary looking man who we can Visit."

But my favourite was a little man who said THANK

YOU first & 'Trick or treat' after. I predict he'll run

for President some day. OR at least the State


Don't ferget 2 set yer clox back...

Me? i don't post on Sundays when

i have been DANCING so hard at the

Wedding of my neighbor. Veritas

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Prognostication? Honestly, officer,

i've never before in my life ever

paid for this! ~Nostraslacus~

2005-10-24...i suspect in a new Millennium that the

Red Sox can Win one year, and the White Sox could

Sweep the next. Signs of the Apochryphal...These

are not predictif! i follo not the beis=ball. SWAT!

Obfuscation? Please--i haven't even

consulted my Architect. Who is also

my seester... ~slackminsterFuller~

^ ^ ^ ^ coded=thread^ ^ ^ ^

title: leggings

mood: vivacious

thot: "i am still finding the occasional

plastic bag filled with white hair. It's

almost like she wanted to be cloned."

error: ...Mickey Rooney has directed

a film about Edmund Amorro in which

the Network (also a film by Trotsky)

disassembles the political Avarices of

Charlie McCarthy...or so i've heard.

Some=body vet my info. *gggrgh*

+ + + +korrekt+ + + +

Tuesday, October 25, 2005...

Rosa Parks just boarded that great

bus 2 infinity. She probly said,"Slide

over, I'll drive." Long=lived Beauty.

(imagine the passenger manifest!)

Wednesdayish~The candy is laid in

for the little ones; the Aer is dull and

Brisk. Must be Octobre. *wooo*

Also, we have 2 elect a new Mayor

in certain vicinities. Now, that's a

scary Preposition...


Saturday, October 22, 2005


Friday, 21 October, 2005...

TITLE: Floating Catherine

mood: slightly inspired

musica: various/my own

THOT: "i really can't wait until i

get a Girl grand=niece. Me and

the old man agreed on this point:

"More women in the werld is an

inevitably perfect proposition."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lizard brot her mater down from

the Northern parish today...with

chili=dogs Yet! Such a party we

had, woofing down warm pups and

plotting the Redemption of the

werld. OOPS~that was the secret

part, wasn't it? Never mind--it was

a love fest all=to and i only schpoke

when it was my turn. After lunch,

R & i chekt out the cherch renovxns.

[thru the Rectory acause all the

other doors were lockt.] The altar

has a fantastic new crucifix deeply

centered and high; the aurific Virgin

(Mary the Mother of G) is now on the

Bishop/baptistry side left & a brand

new Sainte Catherine statue floats on

the right, abof the priest seats. It all

looks good 2 me on account of they

kept the side=wise murals...Cool

place 4 a neighbor's Wedding of the

next Saterday. J was happy to see me

in His suffering white granite Glory.

[it comforts me to think that]

Lizard came down especial to see

Hane's "apartment" @ the boneyard.

The matriarch must like the Place

becos she hasn't moved at all! Her

plot is half=grassed & her neighbors

are behaving themselves nicely.

Any=way: Uncle Charles found his

Rest in the warm fambly earth on

Wednesday [sooner than i expected]

and he can take up the heavenly werk

of greeting Asian earthquake victims

as well as any persons who succumb

to hurricane Wilma. Such hard things

to DO after one passes! Heck & High

Water, i hope 2 be a schtrong Angel

in 2050 when my sands run light...

- - -visitedbybeauties~slac- - -

Saturday, 22 October, 2005...i am not

one to posit grand theories but i believe

MOTHER NATURE is exhibiting a strong

animosity for Tourists. And maybe, border

towns. She is destroying Hotels, Casinoes

and far=flung crossing places at an

extraordinary rate & with resounding fury.

The old gal is sure pisht about something.

And she's Hosing us down with all the

H20 she can cloud up & pour out. It's long

past time she took a Break of her own.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Tuesday, October 18, 2005...if it's Tuesday,

there must be a bug report. Or some=such.

I travelled well & fully to the Recycle yard which

is not my own Perfect yard. (He recycles best

who is ne'er limited by Geografy.) Three bags of

print=news, a BOX of coloured paper & a milk

crate of Hard boox~a skoche of Remaindering!

I took notice that the clothing/truk container

was well attended. And filling up fast. [My theory

is that the recently departed have no need of

excess Clothing, but the third werld does.] It

pondered me that i, myself, had not brot enuf

of the schpite of all the lepidoptera

which i have Clappt to mortuism Recently on a

schteady basis. Small annoying moths! They

should leave my Mansion all=togethre.


To say nothing of the arachnids which i swept

out of the seat=back of the green=ghost...It's

not like they're gonna find good hunting in the

couch of my car! THEY should also go elsewhere.


It was the laundromat which i had to Visit on

my especial off=day, to fully warsh those Fabriks

which i have neither Disconcerted nor Abandoned.

{i dress as well as my best Gifts & more=so...}

Sudden & of a surprise, i was caught sitting on a

metal chair by a bingo girl! Dianne called me

IRVING--to which i hardly Responded. Voit! It

seemed a fading Century since we last spoke.

Each of us both older & travelling on our Best

selected paths...Thus it Was and long well=met.

My patchy jeans a-spinning in the Warsh and me

on a mission 2 buy bogos at the Grox after Drying.

These are the especial days when such things

Happen. Truly, really~it never surprises me What

i can get up to before the Sun Sets...



Mood: broadly introspectif

Reading: the SUNDAY paper

Thot: "i kinda like it when the Sun begins slanting over my Yard toward the end of day in the Autumn; it points up the sidereal aspects of reality."  Wednesday, October 19, 2005...I'm getting those familiar questions again: "How late are you guys open?", "When do you guys close for the year?" And "Do you guys take [this crap]?" TO which i would love to respond,"Hey~it's only me here, a Naked singularity in clean jeans & winter woolies. {i am one & one is all} The yard waste & recycling Universe begins and ends within me, and there are no Others without." But~it wouldn't serve my good customers well to thus blow they minds!Plus+, i am not generally inclined toward egoistic delusionment. Ask any=body. Have i used up my Quota of quotation marks yet? I thot as much. §§§§§§§§§§§§

This Wednesday, there is a catafalque to view

and Attend; next Saturday, there will be Tara's

marriage ceremony. [my Neighbor's dafter^]

From point 2 point always the auspicious and

regular travels...with bugs yet. Wonderful!



Monday, October 17, 2005

CHARLES in Charge...

Alas--the fambly has lost anothre

Hero from the Northern estate.

Uncle Charles spent this past Saturday

at the big hospital in the Valley while

i was at werk. The doctors & nurses

in the Illustrious Care Unit wanted to

extend his 70th year on the planet,

but He was afflicted too much of

long=bourne sufferings. Of which i

could rarely remind myself of his

Complaining. Such a brave mensch,

with such lovely attenders from his

beautiful Cousins & concerns...He

shall encounter a multitude of

Ladies in Waiting. My mother was

always asking after him, with her

scant breath of daily thoughtfulness.

We, men who are Uncles, grand or

great, Form our=selves to be as Good

and attentif as Charles was. Always

entertaining the Children at the

best of our abilities. And never ever

trusting the werld @ large to Care for

our Charges as we do...Permanent

eyes & arms, even from Heaven.

G bless and take Charles--He is also

my Uncle. {your Dad's an old man

but your uncle is a best buddy.}


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Monday, October 10, 2005... the Local news: PowerBall is over 200 million dollars ($200m). Holy Crud! One could schtart a small country for that amount.[and i have, but that's neither here nor in Slaclandia.] Annuity!  And speaking of gambling, i mean, Gaming...the county Executif who is up for re-election is now no longer in favour of slut machines for this Area. Good for her! I hope she gets back in office on that by itself; it might send a message to the higher ups that We, the people, would prefer real Tax reform, even if it hurts a little. Mean=while, the same=self VOTERS have a chance this year to send their own response to the Capitol of Pennsy about that unconstitutional raise=pay...Two justices [Nigro & Newman] are up for "retention". (That's a little like confidence voting in communist countries.) We won't know the ilk of the next two Judges until we collectively un=retain the persons who quietly signed on to the last & worst Pay raise bill. BUT~it might spook the Party bosses if we succeed in terminating certain Toadies on this go-around. Vote often & early.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Yes---the Ham Soop is almost gone. Wouldn't be proper to have it lingering in the fridge on Yom Kippur. Pareve! OR even during Ramadan for that matter...

I am anxiously awaiting news from the CapSizer about his next arrival, my third nepoter. [id est, the Bright Noah will soon have a sibling.] Siblings are Good! Just ask my brothers & sisters! Pray for the good werld which they might Inherit. I do.

^ ^ ^11-Oct-05^ ^ ^

The anagram for Karl Rove is 'Lark Over'. But, of course, he knows That. Puxxle! Wednesday, 12 October, 2005...such it is and thus it was. Suddenly, it is more like autumn than it aut't'be. Seasonable. OH! And there's ball=base 2 follo! Hurrah!

* * *slammin'slac* * *

Saturday, October 8, 2005


Thanks, Tammy...that's quite

enuf rain for these parts.

Saturday, October 08, 2005...

What looks like a boat, moves

like a boat but doesn't like the

Wet? The green ghost. She

is spoilt that way---what with

having to rest in so many dry

garages these many years.

Pretty soon, i'm gonna stop

posting about weathre all=to;

there's a modicum of bad

prophecy in it. *float*

[N. B.: the name of the girl

who last cut my hair was...

Tammy. Whoooooo]

Is it my imagination or has the

entire original cast of er

disappeared? I think it would

make a really good new spooky

hour=long show about how

they attrited. WAIT! They could

come outta that bunkre on Lost!

i kid becos i love---and who has

time to Watch that much TV?

Irregardless of that, we should

Advance fully into the holy days.

There is much to accomplish

before the little costumed Ones

come begging for Candy. Truly.

- - -Octoberalshearedslac- - -

Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Bolton, Brown & bolsheviks,

i am behind the National News!

And i was so Awaiting that Call for

my Ascendence to the COURT...

Never Mind~Harriet should move

more freely thru the process. The

boys @ CIA didn't take kindly to

my early resignment. [secret]

Less=the=never, i am heartened

that Peter Pace has risen in the

Ranks. If you are gonna run a GOOD

War, you might as well have a

devil=dog in the Top spot. (i'm Not

being older Brother

probly took classes with him.)


Title: Bulbs, Boox & Boxes...

Mood/Music: i was singing Band on

the Run @ the schtore; hey, if they're

gonna play the track=sound of my life

while i'm shopping, i'm gonna Sing!

THOT: "Speaking of which, What does

Kentucky Fried Chicken have to do

with Sweet Home Alabama?"

Tuesday, Octobre Fourth, 2005...

I am behind of my e=mail and my Glow

perusals. But i have a really, really,

really GOOD excuse. Namely, i try to

go line=on when there is a minimal

chance of IMPterruption. NOT that i

mind talking to people by typing...some

of my best werk has appeared in

Instant Massages. It's the loss of focus

AND the re=direction of cranial activity

which fleegle my Purposes. Enough on

that subject Already.^ {and yes~i know

the differences among M-E-S-S-A-G-E,

M-A-S-S-A-G-E & M-E-S-S-U-A-G-E.}

When i "say" that i quit the CIA, i mean

the Culinary Institute of America,

of gourse. Don Adams and Simon

Wiesenthal would back me up on that

one, in spite of their Angelism.

Friday, September 30, 2005


Monday, September 26, 2005...

Of the fambly news, i am caught the up.

mirabile dictu! Groper & Jay=Jay are

sharing an apartment! It must truly be

a new Century and Epoch for sure. I can

scarcely remembre them sharing anything

as striplings! Meanwhile, Capsizer & Annie

Bananie are within swearing distance of

each other to the Left of the Beltway.

Don't scare the many horses on the Farms

in=between with weekly visits! NEIGH...

Cat & the Engineer are back from their

tertiary honey=moon to Maizy's cozy

cottage [altho~They had good sense to Rent

their own.] It's difficult to reconnect Romantic

Wise with four (4) cats under=foot. MEOW...

{It is the Advancement of Anniversaries and

Attainments thru this Generation^} For my

Part, i am evolved some=where between a

vole [4 furtifness] and an elefant [4 memory].

Picture one of those Albino japanese monkeys

clambering over Schnowy outcrops of rock to

soak in a Schteaming hot=spring. If only i had a

noise to go with that image. SSS?AAAH?!


MOOD: connected

TITLE: Nary a Drip...

WEATHRE: bright & sunny, again

THOT: "I was moving so fast, i mailed a late

birfday card before i even paid for it."

FUNCTION: trustee/fixer/launderer

SOOP: adding the onions & tomatoes...

The Legacy for my Nephew is on its way. And

none too soon from what i hear from Kay. The

green=ghost required attention from Tim;

for repairing a line leak quickly, i am indebted

to him. I recycled seven hard=covre books at

the City place...with only like six hundred (600)

more, i am scant on my pace. I warshed them

old crochèted cloths; my ham hock & beans

are producing much froth. Schtill~all the VERSE

aside, i have to takethree (3) bags of crud to

the Yard, Amorro. Such a good life to have!

Connected @ all the interstices resolute...

^Tuesday, 27 September, 2005^

Wednesday, 28 September, 2005...So, i

schtepped outta the slack shack to mind

the Yard and i lean in the windo to tune from

Terry Gross to my good friend Phil who hosts

a little radidio show called WALLEY MUSIC

SCENE...and Holy Crud! He's playing my mini

CD=R on his Program! [ i sent it to him last

week.] At last i can tell people i've been played

on the air=waves in a country othre than

Norway! Namely, college radidio in my own

corner of the werld. I coulda plotzed. And here

i thot this ding=dang dell wasn't gonna be

good for anything...shows to go ya. {For those

Glowers who may have a copy of my music,

it was the instrumental titled "Sedina's Back"}

Never Mind~Phil always plays the good stuff

on his show & for many years now. XLV

every Wednesday. Musical Appreciata 4 sure!

- - -theBroad=Cast-slac- - -

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Strange Day...09/23/2005>

On my way to werk with Monica,

i was diverted by an accident outside

the Liberry. Turns out, it was our

cleaning Trainee who was T=boned

at that intersection. Holy Crud! Her

Jeep was totalled but she came to

werk any=way. She [Cathy] must

have been suffering shock while

she cleaned the Offices...G bless

her, i hope she has some Peace

over the week=end. It was only the

second day and she seems a good

fit for the job. Such things to have

happen on sunny Autumnal days!

{i drife like a cautious old man during

skool afternoons...Exactly becos there

is so much sheet going on.}

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Of the Yester=day @ the Market,

i carried home coffee and chocolate

powder, soop beans & a ham hock.

That's right---it is Time again for me

to Concoct a blood=rich ham and bean

Broth in the style of my absent Pater.

IT will be a simmered & stable Comfort

to the Suffering masses and Attending

angels who require such a Bone Balm.

[i apologise 2 my vegetarian Friends for

the complicit porcine Sacrifice which is

Required 2 complete this endeavour.]

Yet~as i pay Attention to the days which

come, What better method to calm the

Soul than to cook for All & schmell that

well=directed Aroma! Heaven in a stock

pot...OR something like it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

September 24, 2005...Conservation and

Conversation...To=day was the talking

day. I spoke with both my neighbors on

the way 2 werk and many of my regular

customers at the Yard. Carl talked about

cruises, Mike about selling his Honda.

All the girls said hello & almost all the

Parish police waved. Heck~i even palavered

with Our funeral directrix, early, at the

Market! Such a cool day to Converse and

make human contact. Pleasantries with

Deep subjects too...[incomplete sentences]

It made the busy day go good. Veritas.

Meanwhile & else, NPR devoted its time

to the coverage of Rita and the turnings

in TEXAS. There is such a thing as being

too prepared. Many, many people made

too many unnecessary Movements this

time around, and probly squandered a

fair amount of Resources all=to. I only

hope my far=flung relatifs down there

have Endured the fluxes well & easily.

[Watch out for the Maisy mileage!]

Of LOUISIANA and the othre Coastals,

WE must still Pray and act according...

becos they have but started their trips

upon a long Road. Rest well, O Windy

soldiers of the Season! G is holding all

of us fast 2 a fine result. Who authors the

Rain & Fire but that Grand designer?

[rhetorical yet no less true^]

It is the Sun=Day soop which i offer up.

- - -conversationalslac- - -

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Monday, September 19, 2005...

Glow on Web=Glowers! Brian the Love Train has

seen fit to nominate me as a virtuoso...And for

that i am grateful. Altho~i prefer to think of

myself as an impresario. Fortunately, i have a

big=ace dictionary Toward which i can attempt

to look up both them werds. It's a joke, son.

Mean=while, one of my favourite regular Glow

gals made guest editor recently. That would be

the JERSEY GIRL her=own=self. [She's on my

list of faves 2 the right...and, Yes, i should add to

my List.] Anyway---it could not have happened

to a better all=round Glower, if i do say so. And

the wonderful Irony of it all is I keep making their

lists in spite of my redounding austerity. That's

the impresario Part, i reckon. Id est, i sincerely

endorse a BOUNCE to her site/cite/sight becos she

has Fotoes & Links & Schtories & Evything. And

leave effusif comments well into Autumn...i'd like

nothing more than to see Her break 100 on a

singular entry! I kid, i love and i am too Widely

considered my=self to curry favour with my circle

of Friends. THEY smack me regular when & if i

show Any partiality^^ Appreciata!

LOCAL political RANT date=up: The keystone cabal is concatenating in ever more various directions--both parties are pretending (again) to be just as upset as their CONSTITUENTS. They have no idear how much. Even the personages who voted against the 'raise'/expenses/piracy are finding their cloddy feet in shunkified Water. The Governor would like to hold a "special session" on Property taxes. Yet, i suspect, that he should also put the Question of highway robbery at the Top of that self=same page. It won't get fixt by corruptible diversion any=more. [wrong me not get--i've shaken Hands with the Administrator, but there are only so many wrong turns one can take in so short a Term.] It's time, now, for the actual constituents to posit their displeasure with Harrisburg. Today, Novembre 05, 06, 07 & 2008 UNTIL the house is Cleaned...if it's good enuf 4 Afghanistan & Iraq, it's well the Moment for Us. ~end of rant~

- - -VOTE- - -register- - -clean~the~haus- - -slac- - -

Nationally, the boy HURRICANES are not making

much of a show. BUT~the girls are schtill in it

i can tell you. Even Donald Rumsfeld had to admit

that the American Typhoons are gumming up his

plans for military Transformation. OR werds to that

effect. What amazes me, is that after Killer KATRINA,

weathre=persons & news=folk are still going out

in the battering Winds and the surging Surfs...Are

they really that stupidly masochistic? STAY AWAY

from the High Water, already! Evybody, hunker in

the bunker--them girls are gonna knock some=body

on their adipose while they try to take the "During"

pixtures. Truly. {Faint respite: Zigfield is bound to

be a Boy...} Tuesday, September 20, 2005^


Saturday, September 17, 2005


September 15, 2005...

Ah, Yes, that very underused Staccato script! Would that i could read it without Squinting. Something about the handwritteness that shchtrikes my Fancy. Secret~ it's only for the most meticulous of Authors who Amember what it's like to schpill Fountain-Pen Ink on white shirt pockets! Enuf of that^  - - -schmear/blot- - -Mode~cryptic

TITLE~the spider killer

Weathre~wanting to rain

Thot~the Insurgents are

desperate...and despicable.

Feeling~Sad 4 the werld...

Salutation~Arise O Angels!

Superific text~

It is a Sorrow, truly, that this New epoch is beset with cataclysm...And, by extension, all the natural creatures which dwell within it. Altho~it is not wholly unexpected nor surprising. {Every Age has witnessed upheavals} That old nuclear adage seems to be  holding steady...that the Living might envy the passed ones. Yet, as a person of Faith, i scarcely believe we have reached that Tipping Point! Heck no. Where in the name of Carla Gugino was i going with this? Amind me, dear Visitories, to schtay on topic. Focus! I do not ordinarily drown Arachnids in my kitchen sink. Buddha would not approve. Schtill, i have accidentally murdered more Spiders in recent days than normally Possible. Pradma, i Hope i don't come back as one in Twenty=One Fifty (2150)! Such a burden to revisit one's karma with Eight legs when the present double set comports me middling. {This^ is mildly false: my big feet serve well the walking, running, kicking & tapping more than many of my contempos.}Less=the=Never, i abhor extinguishing Children of the CRAB--they Hunt and eat all the othre useless bugs...

- - -randomised~slac- - -

Saturday, September 17, 2005...

Indeed, i rescued anothre puppy

today. A female shepherd husky mix with piercing blue eyes--such a honey. She liked me more than the policemen and didn't take to the Humane officer at all, at all. In fact, she escaped from him alltogethre! Yet, it ended well when i saw her going home with her owners in a mini=van much later. Nice way to break up the werk day.  Also, i avoided Squashing a squirl on my way home from the Parish; the green ghost swerved slightly toward the shoulder instead of into coming=on traffic. How do those critters run BETWEEN the wheels??? ~lata


Tuesday, September 13, 2005


desgates variegae...

[bits & peaces]

DATE: the day after the day

afore. 24 little hours...

One of my grand=nephews

turned three. Happy Joy.

One of my nephews turned

twenty-one. I have to send

him a check for Legacy. All

i need is an address.

One of my customers laid a

new radio on the Shack; it's a

little bettre than the current

solid=state modulator.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I took three (3) bags of yard

waste from the manor to werk

today. It's a late schtart of my

fallow pocket=garden, but it is

a good effort. More other people

have much less all=togethre!

The engineer is Back in Town,

looking after his fiefdom. He has

enuf of a Respite from his endeavours

to put the schnap into my steps.

Altho~he has never had Cause

afore 2 find my course untoward.

Historically, i have had inclines to

toss him into the Creek. We have

rarely been that contentious.

{id est, I would rather have him in

service to our purposes than to even

consider Apositional Alternatifs!}

Regardless of that^there is no

Sub=Text 4 One who is full of

spicecake & London Broil.

- - -pause- - -

Tuesday: my one time=card says

"Administration". It's fancy talk for

sweeping out the Prison cells and

the Parish offices. I'm a wizard

with a vacuum wand...but only

filling in until Monica finds yet

anothre deputy. Later, i took the

green=ghost grocery shopping.

It's funny to shop @ nine o'clock

in the evening. The grox store

is nearly deserted yet fully

functional---placid & navigable.

{i know what you're thinking:

How is it possible for a single

Wide Knight to run out of Eggs,

butter, lettuce, milk & broccoli

on a Tuesday?? It ponders me

much as well.} Plus+, i am

honing my Night Driving skills!

The green=ghost does all the

werk now that she's full of the

gas and oil. I just have to be keen

on Seeing those dark=suited

pedestrians. *YAWN* Amorro

the Yard, and ever on=ward.


- - -swingshiftslac- - -

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Friday, September 09, 2005...

TITLE: A cornucopia of conundra

MOOD: mildly cheerful yet concerned

WEATHRE: astoundingly faer

MUSIC: humming & whistling when i

werk in Administration--a vast catalog of

derifatif Pop & Classical tunes

NATIONAL NEWS: It's nothing near

Normal down on the Coast...But the

residents are not suffering as much as

when there were NO federal/state agencies

to ameliorate the Conditions which prevail.

Id est, the Humanitarian aid is approaching

a good middle, may=haps. LOCAL NEWS:

The PENNSY legislators [betwixt Sessions]

are running in place & pedaling backwise to

put cover on their most recent Failures of

leadership, resolutely. Reminds me of a badly

orchestrated CLOWN circus without any

scripted or coherent plot or action. You'd

think that persons who would dare to Raid

the Till under the guise of professionalism

would, at least, Begin to act like elected

statesmen & women. OH well~if one really

does get the Representation one "pays" for,

i'd rather get a simple Tax rebate from the

bunch of them. (You could carry this model

to the Top of the rusty chain...) SLUSH!

- - - - - -Novembre-is-soon- - - - - -

THE BUG REPORT: see abof^...there are

the many Crickets & Grass=Hoppers as well

as flagrant Moths. Must schtill be a good

Growing Season for our insect Adherents!

Fruit, Black & Green Flies are holding their

own against an apparent Decline in Roaches.

MOSQUITOES continue to suck. Obviously,

bacteria [not true bugs, really] have enjoyed

a Resurgence in the South=Land. Take care

as you travel, not to upset the fragile systems

of the more Northerly States & Venues.

Regard the Much & Act in perfect faith;

Strike not the Hand offered in friendship as

the Day progresses. We are Joined and Well

Met. All togethre in the same soggy boat.

~slac~ Saturday, September 10, 2005...

Trux & Trailers--we couldn't get anothre

schtick on! The Parish residents have taken

advantage of the good Weathre to Trim,

Trim, Trim. And they brot it all to=day.

Plus the occasionally misapplied items. But

such a byooteefull day to direct such traffic.

Opened early, stayed late. OH! And Susan

brang me a spice=cake. Yum. Such a nice

group of customers i have all=to. Truly.

Also~i aided some travellers in finding

their Way to their destinations. {i am the

Man of both Methods & Means} Sunday, i

will do the puxxle perfect and Rest lightly

toward the next week's well as PRAY

for good things to happen on the Coast. Will

that i would & Would that i do. ~Thus~

Bob Denver? HE was My 'little buddy' too.


Tuesday, September 6, 2005



This^: Is Werth re=positing...

Septembre 4th 2004>

when the werld folds in on

you, recognise it...

'cause you might not see that

crease again.


[filosofical state=ment]


SunFlowers propigate! Very

much like Septembre cukes

and lake=side confluences.

OR trailers & trux on the last

best day of the Parish Yard.

{I was a ride within a ride}

Do i not thus posit by foot and

feature to the blue blank

summer=sky? /point/

Of course~but the impending

Hurricane is far from us...

Nearly. [Hane is following the

disaster from the comfort of her

arm=chair.] Diversion!

09/04/2004^ Edited all=to...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday: Hane is talking back

to the meteorologists, some of

whom don't have enuf sense to

come in from the Hurricane.

The Matriarch is already up to

looking after [name]---even though

{name} still has a whole day

to go. /deleted/


Sometimes, the freakshow is

outside the Midway. Not that

i've noticed as i walk round the

Town... By Tuesday the whole

she=bang will be broken down.

Fair & cooler~Gypsies on the

road til anothre day. /deleted/

* Tommoro, there will be hot

dogs with [condiments] AND a

chance 2 reflect on werk without

actually werking. Which is a good

thing considering the conditions

that prevailed halfway through the

last Epoch. {Long Essay} Our

grands sure had the rough life,

short and brutish. /point/

Happy Labour Day and batten

down the hatches. Advise of else

as time passes~~~it is Quiet within

the Eye. cloudyslac

- - -end-of-reposit^- - -

Tuesday, September 06, 2005...

In a way, i'm thankful my Parents did

not have to see the American Tsunami.

Their hearts were already too large

from the previous Epoch's terrible

happenings. {Dad would have been

expecially pisht off by what occured

on September 11th, 2001.}

Any=way~this week i cultivate an

Attitude of Gratitude...I have a bed &

bread & potable water, a little more

werk & money than i deserve to pay

attention to. AND! Fambly members

who, altho' scattered geografically,

are not scraping & scratching to

create fresh existence from nearly

Nothing. Fortunately, i also have

Angels which are aiding the Folks

who are currently thus for=bourne!

[Their Wings are large and ever

Welcoming] Each day that passes

will become Brighter than the days

presented aforehand...until the next

terrible thing occurs. Be ready!

Prepare yourself! The Werld belongs

to G & J--We are only Tenants on

that fair ground. ~slacAttentif~

Monday, September 5, 2005


Monday, September 05, 2005...


The TRAGEDY is too large for my

mind to encompass.


Yet, i am glad that the good Lord

has called Doctor Rehnquist

Home to adjudicate the Matters

before the Hosts of Heaven.


To=day, i pray that all souls

achieve Recovery...not of things,

but of familiar connections. For

there is no greater relief than to

know that your closest relatives

Endured the trial. A home is a

home & things are just things;

but Love and Life are eternally

connected through the Hope of

finding that the family is intact.

Would that all persons achieve

it! Yet~if it falls upon some that

individuals were lost alltogether,

Take comfort to know that G is

holding them Now in those

perfect hands. Truly^

Saturday, September 3, 2005


Friday, 02 September, 2005...

It is nigh Impossible to consider the

devastation which has Visited the Gulf.

On=going, interminable, unfathomable.

KATRINA, in her Cruelty, has opened a

third front on the War. We'll probably

remember this as the American Tsunami.

It is hoped that the Werld will come to

our Assistance, in our time of Need.

Which is already happening...


In spite of our Prides & prejudices, we

have now entered the human Century.

The salvation of lives shall become our

touch=stone as we press through.

Nationalism, Survivalism and other small

filosofies are departing our scant minds.

This is a single Planet with a single

PEOPLE. We are them & They are us.

Each & Every one of us requires rescue

at one time or another...And this is the

AGE of our Age when the Heroes and

Angels will put down the limited & limiting

devilments of our former Nature. Such a

bright day is Coming! I dreme of it often.

And rise in the morning, on G's own dawn,

believing it Perfectly possible...


Then~as now~i pray constantly for the

Children of suffering...These little ones will

Preserve all of us, in their Turn, and in spite

of our former Failings. With Truth & Unity...

It is to be hoped for Good and all.

- - -slac- - -

Saturday, September 03, 2005...

And this is the American diaspora. Some

have taken exception to calling displaced

Southerners "REFUGEES". News flash~

WE are all refugees in one form or another.

We either come from a long line of

displaced persons OR we continually move

around this great land like nomads. It is

a preternatural Condition of the Nation to

'be from some=place else." And to yearn

to travel somewhere better. Veritas

The essential difference in the current

situation is whether Movement is forced

or voluntary. Mostly, by necessity, it is

forced. Still~i pray the Majority of these

desperate Peoples find true Shelter from

the Storm...Today, tomorro & however

long they require it.


Thursday, September 1, 2005


Thursday, September 01, 2005...


It seems a cruel trick of Nature that the

weather up here is so beautiful, when so

many people in the Gulf are suffering

utter devastation. God bless them in

their travails; WE must now, again,

PRAY for their comfort and relief...And

ACT within our means to Aid them as

well. It is a Sacred duty. Also~as hard as

it is to Believe for them or us, some Good

will come of it at last.

Faith & Courage---slac

Monday, August 29, 2005


"For it was Mary, Mary...

plain as any name could be"

--Yankee Doodle Dandy


Many are confused by the

Immaculate Conception and

the Virgin Birth. These are

not interchangeable! The

latter refers to the deific

circumstances under which

J, the Saviour was delivered

to a 'Maiden who had not

known Man.' The Greeks call

this parthenogenesis. Of which

there are many examples in

Nature. Spontaneous concept!


Immaculate Conception refers

to the condition of Mary's own

Rising in the werld; She was

birthed & bourne without the

Sins of Adam & Eve. Which

must have been troublesome to

her Hebrew parents. It was G

who made her the perfect vessel

for Emanuel, the Hope of their

Nation. (There is some argument

whether Jesus was also born

without sins...coming perfectly

from G OR sharing the faults of

the first Adam. Theologians are

vaguely distributed in many

directions.) I hope this jibes with

the Baltimore catechism.


Irregardless of that^, WHAT do

you call a naturally born 'Mary'?

May? Mare? Mairy, like a Faery?

Emm & Maired, we are Amazed?

Maisy, like a Daisy...Mazy Or

Mazie, like it puxxles us to speak

the Name?? Ma or Mom, as

matriarchal to our Fetid faults?

OR, better yet~MAY, like the month

which Wakens the Wintre werld!

Such fervent Flowres accrue to

such a maternal Nomenclature^

mmm~a natural taste of Mother.

- - - - - -enuf of that^- - - -

And what of Catharine, the

doctor of the Cherch? It is spelled

so many Ways! K or C? A or E?

Y or I? With or without silent E?

To say nothing of diminuition!

Kay, Kit, Cat, Katie, Cathy/Kathy,

Cath, 'Trinny, 'Rinnie...& so on.

Monday, August 29, 2005...

Susan, one of my customers,

is acutely Aware of my Actions.

She brot me a folder from

Rutgers about veggies available

for picking in New Jersey.

circa 1979! She is obviously also

doing a haus=cleaning. Such

things 2 have lying around for

many years! Anothre cuddie

told me a tale of a fambly that

went thru a Widow's dwelling

and found 3,000 dollars...some

of it under the mattress. They

would have patronised a rich

junk=man if they had left it

all to him. To sort & sift, i mean.

Fortunately, my folks either had

treasure in Heaven, or in the

Bank(s). More=over, they had

a natural tendency to give out

Valuable objects to those persons

who held an interest in them.

Which still holds true, i suppose.

Legacies! They are watchful but

not Wanting! OR some=such.

Now~can someone lend me a

Moog Synthesizer, so i can

compose a proper REQUIEM for

Bob? --justifiableSlac--

Friday, August 26, 2005


August 25, 2005...


The Matriarch was devoted to the Sacred

Heart of J--a darn good thing considering

her own heart was a bad performer her

entire Life. Age 10 (ten) on=ward...


The Patriarch was devoted to Engineering,

Management & Art--he sired three (3) sons

who augmented his passions, altho back=wise

and inside=to. His daughters moved in more

direct Lines completely! Good girls...


Cat was good enuf to bring her kids the othre

day, mostly 2 exhaust my supplies of diet

soda. And othre essential things...

ELLIPSES~~i must have more ELLIPSES!


Rocky visited the bone=yard all of her Own.

She had only slight perturbance of finding

Hane's b'ful schtone AND tried to call me from

that location for advisement. Alas~i was at

werk when she foned & she found her best

friend Any=way. WE teach our kids & grands

to travel Perfect unto their destinations.

'Twas Ever Thus! Adults are no less busy of

such Werks than their buried Ancestors.

Yet~Always, i mean, ALWAYS--write some

information on the bax of FOTOGRAFS!!

And more the Blessing that none of my

Nephews & Nieces drife like me...i set a

surely terrible Xample in my Grandmother's

green ghost. And, yet more=so=the=much,

i have never lost a Passenger excluding

Myself. [1986] The car, like its antecedents,

looks very good when it is sitting schtill.


UnkaLou [19 the Engineer says hi

slac> hey Engineer

UnkaLou he's watching TV

slac> of gourse

UnkaLou ok

slac> 1 good on ya

UnkaLou 1 8-)

slac> 1 got the check

UnkaLou 2 don't cash it tho

slac> 2 natch not!

UnkaLou 2 2 months

slac> 2 thy poverty precedes you

UnkaLou ha

UnkaLou gotta go

UnkaLou see ya

slac> lata

^IMP edited 4 nomenclature...

Friday, 26 August, 2005...OOPs! There's

anothre spurious IMP from a Friend^

It comes & it goes--often when i am trying

to date up my Page. Thereyago.


UnkaLou might be impresst that i followed

his Advice & added Memory to the ding dang

dell. Easily done, and now i scan historical

fotoes @ a blazing schpeed. Perhaps. Altho,

i am thinking of switching to postcards on

account of there are many less of them!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Never mind~i have always posited that a good

Engineer can take mechanical devices apart

and then put them back togethre again.

BUT an Excellent Engineer has the uncanny

ability to take a broken Machine, play with it

a=while, and Then--Fix it better than its

natural design EverMore! Not only have i seen

this happen but also i have caused such austere

miracles. It points up the artist in me. Maybe.


Regardless of all that~i am still behind the

Bounces on my Inter=Web...and i would rather

have more ellipses than declentions. Advise me

of the Advise & Comment freely>>>>






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