Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Novembre 29th or there=abouts.[reposited material...salient]  Happy happy Joy joy 2 the name=sake, Lizzer Hane! ['Beth`hani?]  Twould be indelicate of me to indicate her natural age--it might be between consent & concern.  {She is better than me @ many things...} Arching Beauty!  Emma is two & there ain't nobody coursing in the opposite direxn.  Birfday smooches on my girls.

Secret: the Matriarch was born & died a Capricorn, but one could rarely 'get her goat'. Astrology~feh. 

Content? Here i've spent countless minutes editing out the brand=names on this Glow and my Hosts throw up these banner ads on top of my page. If they had asked me what products i might like to advertise, that woulda been a differently coloured Horse. Truly.  But to put one of my four=letter Titles on it: CASH  --$$$$--Blessings beget blessings like Horrors beget horrors. It's up to US to choose the nobler Path. Just Saying.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Giving=the=Thanx, 2000 and Six...PROLOGUE: Maizy is on the Cape with WYATT and his progenitors.  {there is anothre impending grand=child} Blessings!  Kay is coming state=side & gall=less unto my Ramparts with residual furniture, most notably a Pooter=Desk so i no longer have to write entries on my Austere haunches... The Left-Coasters are probably chowing down on hummus.  The Engineer is schtill on assignment in Mississipi but he will be dining with friends in GEORGIA. G bless us all!  [the hovel has forty=one new Windows & a Price to match] 

CAT's dad is tolerating his physical Therapy well @ the nursery which MACK schtayed at so long ago...WE will cook a Turkey for the entire CAT=CLAN as methods Improve.  {The year of changes is Yet proceeding, Apace^} 

TITLE: Make a Good Wish...

MOOD: gratefully humble & humbly grateful

MUSIK: the schwisch of the Dish=Warsher?

WIDEO: catching up with EUREKA, perhaps

THOT: "black friday? You won't catch me camping out in the cool=wind @ the mall for a Video*console; there is more Good in life than to die for technology!"

TEXT: it is possible that this is the petit ThanksGiving as there is, in some Years, a petit Xmas. And that's a good thing. It is in no=place written that Gigantic feasts are preferable to simple gatherings. Last year, i cookt a chicken with all the fixings & had just as much wonderful soop to hold me over.  [the PILGRIMS probly dined on wild duck.] And~as i have learned in my many confluences, it's not so much the COOKING as the Company! WE are also blesst of that. (FLO, KAT, VINCE and myriad Othres^^) So, have your=self a simple and grateful Holiday Season all=to; it is pleasing to Our great benefactor. OH! And don't shop too hard, either. It's only money, and...things. 

Happy Holidays~that*bird=saving*slac~

Friday, November 17, 2006


Tuesday, November 15, 2005...Pre=cursif & Prologous Political schtatement:  OH! They're scrambling now. I think that Elexn thing put some fear into their unctious adiposes.  I'm speaking collectively, of gourse, nation=wide.  {Democracy is like Sex; it's only dirty if you're doing it right.} Rest Not! Constituents are now obligated to keep the entrenchants off=balance until the next cycle of Rebellion/Revolution. Both parties should continue to be largely nervous...---------^instigatorium^---------

November 20, 2005....epipause...AND speaking of BIRDS, i am too bright currently to acquire an eleven (11) pound Gobbler for a singular person!  Perhaps--i will schtuff a chicken instead. And mourn the absence of Maternal kvetching. 

Thursday, November 16th, And6...there^ is your politicle reposit for the week. Circumflectif.  Which is why i was surprised by the President's press conference in which he took an 'aw shucks' Attitude about the recent 'thumping'. It was in the wind for almost a Year! Never mind~the party of NANCY & HILLARY is front and centre for the moment...they should concentrate on the centre=part. Verily. [i.e.: No gloating]  Friday, November 17th...No, i have not seen ugly betty yet. And that is because i'm schtill watching the telenovella upon which it is based, La Fea màs Bella. [the Spanish serials are far more interesting than their English versions.]  When i watch the horrible box @ all^^  Meanwhile~my Various media players are fighting it out over which One has priority over my piddling=middling Liberry of Music! Such a problem to have when the werld is raving crasy And i'd rather listen to vinyl and tapes than answer a Load of programming questions. There should be an 'Open with Every=Thing' button. Really.

OR werds to that effect... ~slac~


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tuesday, November 14th, And6...the ham soop is almost all.  I visited CAT's dad & mom at the local nursery. He is doing rehabilitation for his spindly legs.  But he looks real good all=to.  CAT's mom told me a few secrets but i've already forgotten them.  {this^is why people trust me so much; even children & animals can schpeak freely with me}Earlier, i travelled to the schtore for bogos and the muzak was entirely Songs i could sing!  ["car wash"..."helen wheels"] The othre customers must have thot me quite mad. I sing the good. Now~i am warshing Whites & thinking of watching gilmore girls. Hey, it's a jernal and i can write what i want. Amorro!peripatetic with parapets,   ~slac~

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Up=Follow...Middling Election 2006...i must have that kind of Face. This is what i brot to my new precinct: My VOTING identification card. [it followed me from the hovel to the APT.] My driver's license.  [it's not that ugly but it does not have my scraggly beard on it.] A utility bill. [which proves that i get my Inter=Web inches from my current Ramparts.] My passport.  {this is the most Valuable document i own; the engineer Wanted me to have it and he's already talking about more travel.} My angelic face and my Electoral demeanour.  The Poll=werkers didn't nearly need any of those^ things! And they found myimprimatur almost Immediately. It was that easy. Let the electronicle chads fall where they may. DIEBOLD? i'd rather Live Large in the AMERICAN land=scape. And i'll bet that DOOGIE HOWSER didn't Vote a straight ticket either...Wednesday, November 8th...Wow! That was a potent election. Enuf to make the President accept the Resign of the Secretary of Defence. Personally, i always lookt forward to MR. Rumsfeld's press conferences; they had bite. I wish him the best. Elsewhere, the senate is schtill in Play altho here in PENNSY we sent a clear message to Honorable RICK SANTORUM that we want a Senator who's a little left of Reactionary politix. Again, i think Rick is a very nice guy...just not as good as ARLEN.  We'll have to really hold BOB CASEY's feet to the fire, day after tomorro. Enuf of enuf, i'm schtill anal=yzing the results. What? BRITNEY is thinking of breaking up with the KEVIN?! Who's gonna feed those two (2) babies? It boggles me much.  My new umbrella served me well, today.  Thereyago^ """slac"""

Monday, November 6, 2006


November 05, 2006...Random Electional Thots:

VOTE if you're Registered & Register if you want to VOTE the next time. There is absolutely no good Xcuse for not participating in this amazing Xercise. It takes about twelve minutes to Register & less than five minutes to VOTE, if you do it correctly. In fact, it's easier to VOTE to=day in AMERICA than it's ever been. HAVA! If i went to cherch as often as i've Voted in the last ten or twelve Years, i, too would be on track for Saint=hood. [pay no Attention^, that's an establishment clause joke]  Assuming you are an informed voter, as i some=times am...You might take a gram of salt Advice from how i approach the machine. Just remembre, the slac has cast more ballots for losers than he cares to count, re=count.

>Vote in the Primaries. Try that even if you normally vote 3rd, 4th or 5th Party candidates. Eventually, the judges of Election will ask their party Bosses why there isn't an initiatif/referendum allowing Independents to make their voices heard in the off=seasons.

>Vote the Ballot Questions. More often than not, this is your only chance to speak outside the actual Election.  It forms the politicle discourse to know what actual constituents believe about certain topics. Over=more, it frightens the Politicians that their constituents are actually paying Attention to proposals.

>Vote against bad incumbents. Follow the 80%/20%rule in this regard. Four out of Five elected officials are no longer doing what you originally wanted them to.  Don't worry, they have other jobs lined up anyway.

>Vote in favour of Women. Only one (1) in five (5) women will be bad representatifs. [see that 80/20 rule?] My mother was a woman and i would have resoundingly Elected her to any Position on the ticket. They run the werld regardless & deserve their true Power.

>Vote your own Will, your best conscience. There are no reliable guides within the Soul, except its own fair schtriving. WE only get the Representation we Truly crave because we want it so desperately. And there is no greater satisfaction than to know that your honest Voice has made its mark on the fallible body=politick. VOTE.

My name is slac and i was thinking of endorsing this message, until i realised it was half=way a load of crud.  Never mind~Commentors can Advise me That they voted, just don't tell me how... electoralSmooches^^


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