Wednesday, December 31, 2003


TITLE:  if this werks, i'll send myself an e=mail.

Amnesia is a funny thing~~well not that funny.  The pictures abof^ represent an end-of-year compendium.  Hey, it's just a thing...HNY, abstractedslack

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


TITLE: so many readers...

So i was thinking, what if Captain Kirk [or Picard] had dyslexia?  The line would read,"Set your phasers for NUTS!"  Think about it, i haven't.  And that's what i get for listening 2 my own music.

Mean=while, i have 2 retro=actively thank my feminine cousines for passing along their Holiday lettres [karen & anne, smooches] And i will never forget the grand time we had cruising Lake Skeneatles on kay's 50th b'day.  [Kay is so not that old.]

  Is anybody following this?  It's a down day if you know what i mean.  And what about all the new Glowers who just found Awol=jernals?  Run away! Run away!  Hold onto your day job---the Kodiak will eat you just as you save your best picture.  More=over, you'll never finish your screen=play once you begin schlogging thru the Glows...the trap has caught me and i can't Remember Why??!  Skip that, you'll have a good time.  Trust me--i was very young also when I started this.  And i've got hundreds of readers. [i think~~altho i believe my hit=counter is out to get me.] And there you have it.  Marshall McCluhan was right about almost every=thing, but seeing that he's no longer breathing... Welcome 1&All 2 the and4---more & better tomorro.  Warp factor nada, MR. SULU

Monday, December 29, 2003


Holy cow!  My neighbor just brot me a Xmas present.  And i didn't get him nearly anything.  I am truly blesst.

TITLE: A NEW BEGINNING...[star wars, episode 10?]  Hey there's a goofy picture up^ there...wonder how it would look coming out of my Packard [the printer, not the car].  In the spirit, or gloam, of tossing out the old & bringing in the new...{like, year, dudes} I, personally, the Slack shall apologise at this time for any way=ward & un=toward Comments i have made on infrequent occasions [to AOL, Programmers/Computerists, fellow Glow=bloggers, et alia]---I resolve to be a tad less ex temporaneous in coming days.  It'll build character.  And be less boring & confusing, as if that Promise will hold!? Further=more, and in a Reciprocal fashion, i grant full pardon and Amnesty 2 all my present and future audience members [readers, commenters, lurkers & goofs] for at least the coming And4.  It's all about the love people.  Oh, YEAH! and i'll be funnier too [he swears on a stack of CD=ROMS], not strange=funny but laughingly so. {that won't last long either, i'm afraid}

  So for auld lang syne, i am the new improved Resolute & yet sweetly squishy, nearly all=forgiving SlackBackMack 04

Saturday, December 27, 2003


TITLE:  fair & warmer...

This is a thankful entry to my small & brilliant coterie of reader/advisers~~thanks. [wait! it's redundant]  i especially appreciate the holiday e=cards that have been sent to me; i knew this inter=web communication thing was good for something. meanwhile merry mystical Chica should try to hook up with the Dancer while they're both in AZ.  As like a meeting of the minds~~i'll hang here in the Balmy east waiting [with beaded breadth] for news of just such a conjunction...

hey--it could happen!  mean=while, i noticed a curious thing while reading some of my own old favorites. Namely that some of them have taken long breaks from the jernal experience.  I know it's the holidays & lots of them have moved on to personal web=sites... irregardless i would encourage many of those interesting Glowers to keep going into the NEW YEAR. More=over, you could still make the top 5 any day now.  Plus, i need stuff 2 read when i'm not enlightening [up=lightening?] my own gang.  And now, i'm off to posit or troll 4 deep Comments or possibly both.

            Rockster=slack 8.88

Friday, December 26, 2003


Santa brings ink & paper for the printer---yaaaay.  Thanks jim!  And it sounds from all over like most every=body had a good holiday too.  Rose and the gang called Twice from the left coast yesterday [i feel so special] and they were alltogether at once...altho' that's not unusual for them.  Also sounds like the itinerant Maisie had a whirlwind set of visits with her 2 grandbabies.

Lizard, as usual, managed to be at two places at once!  It is a mystery i will some=day solve.  Meanwhile on the home=front: Hane & i ate our five pound 'netted' Breast of turkey with fixins. ['cranberry sauce! cranberry sauce--i must have sauce from a cran can!']  Later i caught up on some strange holiday movies on the tube...Happy Gilmore, Door to Door, Lucky Numbers.  I recommend all 3, except for very different reasons. Which i won't reveal at this time--hmm.  In the meantime, keep enjoying the season [Hanukkah & Kwanzaa included]...  Oh, yeah~~John has a lot of good stuff on his glow including the very funny werld's most boring jernal.  Try it in small doses.  Checkya all lata as we move toward And4, a joyfully printerly ink=stained smooch & festiveslack.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003




{portion deleted in spirit of season}

Regards in the spirit of light coming into the werld, and i hope i don't get banished forever from the Glow=werld.  Merry Christmas 2 all & to all a good night.

Sunday, December 21, 2003


Title: Clearing the decks before they are bowed/boughed/buffed with Holly...

  First: my personal condolences to Mary, a fellow traveller who lost her house & two cats in a fire---our collectif loss is a sad reminder of Impermanence in this werld.  I pray that blessings fall upon you as you mourn & regroup. [No man is alone who has friends]

Second: i pray that the Peace of a child=king should fall gently all over the werld in troubled times & that hardened hearts will turn away from bad purposes.  The Maccabees experienced not only a military victory but also a Miracle of redemption from their loving god, who chose to shed light on a barbaric land and presage the Salvation of all.  Praise Him of many Names for He is with us.

Third & finally:  Love the love & stay firm in Faith, there=after Arises true joy...regard your children and you will SEE it.  A certain man said,"Allow the little children to Come unto me."  Those ones received a Very great Gift & they KNEW it.

  Happy Holidays~~and in the werds of Tiny Tim,"God Bless us...EVERYONE."

Friday, December 19, 2003


TITLE: Amnesia Returning!

  Many Glowers agree [hi Pam]!  Awerld 9 & Windy~exposed do not play nice together.  Obvious question: how do they get these programmes to fight like virtual pit-bulls?  Good thing i didn't abso=purge my Awol 8... [next obvious question: why does the Slakster keep so many annoying Kibbies on his ding=dang dell?] Ah~the poetry of a pack=rat.  Maybe the bishop of Smyrna will bring me something better than up=dial in six, hmm, sanity!  Until then i can only light candles and enjoy the spirit of the Season--as all of you should as well.  [it's just a suggestion] Now, if only i could remembre what it was that Tim tiny said at the end of that story...

  Oh, well--it'll come to me eventually.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


title: Was Lost but Now am Found.

{hearing also the opening and closing of Visitory doors}  is Visitory a werd yet?


   It's too easy 2 get lost out here--my sincere apologies to the people who couldn't help me find myself.  Thanks in advance.  Bramwell Collins & Xena helped me much at first--such a strange house I myself live in where old ladies are vacant watching black & white Movies from the 30s.  And a certain classic automobile drives better in the wet and cold without gasoline than filled up for bread & milk runs.  {It's a lot less foggy now~~like my mind}

  A philosophy of Weather: the snow overcame us, the ice crystalised our Hesitations, the cold Rain washed our warm futilities Away.  Sleepy cozy dreams posed soft Reminders.  This was the world I encountered as a weary ReAwakener.  There is no poetry here; only fierce UpSparkling Re-Encumberance.  But like the butterfly in such Reveries, I am still somewhat confused---the man who Dreamt he was a Butterfly, or the butterfly who dreams Grandly?  Perhaps tomorrow I would see more clearly... Thanks 4 the Mammaries.        Slaknesiac~And3

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


TITLE: who am i? where am i?

Oh yeah, the crispy shiny icy thing that made every=thing schlippy yesterday.  I did my part getting the local girls off to werk & instilling them with driving confidence.  But macho me preferred 2 walk!  Such frozen irony.  All my girls will forgive.

  Except of course, Rocky, who thinks i should spell Naavidaadd correctly on the web. [i'd like to buy an a Pat... ok--there are 19 a's in Navidad!]  And who are these wing=ding translators anyway? Wingdingians?  Who speak wingdingish?  i could make up a better code in my sleep, maybe, if i knew who i was...

  Which brings me to the filosofy of Amnesia.  That is, forget Every=thing i just said as well as my last 5 entries!  Who's a crasy uncle? i don't remember!  Send me stuff 2 remind, really--i wasn't in my right mind when i commented or visited all those Glows.  More importantly, what's a darn Glow?  Forget it, i have. Are these my pants?

  And what exactly is a Mack Back Slacks?  Pants as well??

Sunday, December 14, 2003


Title: the day was Crunchy.

A really good day in Tikrit, if not as snowy as embarrassing 4 the dictator to be caught in a small hole under a rug and some styrofoam!  Check me in ten years as to whether Iraq is a better place all=together.  And except for pouring large prayers over those in harm's way--that's as political as i'll get for now.

    Nice day for a walk.  Snowy, crispy, windy, coldish grey & Wintry but who's complaining??!  i like the weather thing, especially when i've got home=made chicken soop 2 slurp.  {i CAN Imp while i Glow---amazing}  Seasonal Cheer, mumsy And 4 my South=Western fans...

Feliz Nvidad!  me

Saturday, December 13, 2003


Title:  Accept No Substitutes!

Hey--is every=body ready for the next big storm?  Probly not...but i laid in my extra bread & tomato juice.  And plenty of home=made chicken soop~~yum.  Mean=while in Glow-land, there's lots of holiday spirit.  I'll wait a week until Hanukkah starts for real. ['Are there no prisons?  And the workhouses, do they not continue operating?']  Ho-ho-ho, i can be an impish elf around this time of year!

  HEY GOOF! Whatcha doin' posing on the chats with part of my name?  Santa's gonna bring you a lump of coal...there's only 1 Slack & i am He.  My peeps know who i am, all 10 lettres of my nomenclature.  And if they wanted 2 really open a chat, i'd be notified.  'Nuf said.

  Dancer, you especial rein=dear: hope your show is going well.  Awol 9.zilch really is feminine becos of her complexity.  Here's a ponderance 4 you: what if Dorothy had met Peter Pan?  [would Oz & Neverland blend in some strange new way?] It wonders me some.

   Other fans~~chek me but don't elek me.  Effusif notoriety is my absolute Nemesis! {pondre, discuss, post}      the slaCbaC real...

Friday, December 12, 2003



    Apologies again to all the visitors who think i link---i can barely read my own werds without running over the 2500 limit. [trust me, it'll be worse in February; i might not read other Glows @ all, dancer, viv, muse, et alia]  Meanst=while, the 9.aaaghh does not find me ordinal enuf~~what's up with that?  i think she also distrusts my modem.  OR maybe i just have too many stolen pix on my hard=on drive. [did i just say that??]  i am just so busy buying YAMS for hane and prepping the green=ghost 4 her next inspection.  Plus i do haf 2 walk in my neighborhood noticing furtive cats, cook chicken=gravy grits & dreme fanciful dremes that i am in control of this balky monstrosity! [the 'putre]  YES! only in dremes can i mouse the correct back=slashes.  Maybe if i got up early in the morning, before Dark Shadows...even before that first cup of Moka, i could whip this animal into the shape i desire.       Naaaah!

   i must depart before i am over=run with IMPS & multiple comments!!   [the true filosofer laughs @ himself 1st & fore=most]  No, really, i don't expect any comments!>

Thursday, December 11, 2003


Kodiak blew off my captions... briefly, hmmmmm^

TITLE: MAYBE SOMETHING BAD, maybe something good... [Ren the asthma-hound chihuahua]         What was i thinking?  I graded=up to AWOL 9.0 Optimistic and was not surprised that they added a layer or 2 of complexity.  [must buy more memory...]

  Yet, they will not dampen my hopeful mood, gang.  I've been getting around this stuff for almost six months--and barely learning the eight step cures for a bad out=come!  One could easily lose one's mind if it weren't questionably lost in the real werld.  Already.

  Never mind: the pooters will probly be much more co=operatif by the time Wyatt goes 2 high=school.  Hold breath Not, young Wyatt!  your grandish uncle must pondre the pentaGlows...

         upgraded smooches

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

MAISIE walking

Title: Onward the grand Nephews

    Sadness is not long on this Inter=net thingy.  Poignant and striking, yes...Eternally tragic, never.  Blessings there=for to all forgers of the Way. The picture of Maisie walking the stroller Reminds me of the carriage we rolled around the Circle, way back when!  What a summer we had.  And Capsizer such a big and sloppy baby---don't tell Tania [his wife] or anyone else for that matter.  The guilty will be proved by their pictures---or like the efficiency expert heard about Employees approaching retirement age:

  "There ain't nobody going in the Other direction!"   lata

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

brief grief

Title: Every man's Death diminishes me.

    i cannot mourn well a man who whined better.  I only read Frank a few times but i understood where he was coming from.

   Which comes back to how new i am to all of this Glowing & Flowing...the reading and the commenting are Immediate, special & personal; and so is the winking out of life.  We fear nothing but the darkness which comes upon us as we log off, boot down & promise ourselves that tommorro we will connect with far=flung friends.  What else is there in a hopeful space?  I repeat that i did not connect to franjfla as well as many of you---yet there is a Remnant of him in me, however small.  As small & ignominius as i am there=for to him, i bless him on his journey.  And great sympathy to all those who surround him in fond remembrance.  We are not diminished by a Grand Absence but reinforced through a shared & Awesome presence.  Frank will strengthen our efforts @ length

            salty smooches, the slack

Saturday, December 6, 2003


Title: 2nd attempt.

Today we may be forgiven if we glow about snow.  It would also have been my last day of werk, but i suspect no=one is doing yard werk today!  More=over, i kind of like it when it blizzes like this.

Some 'rents will say,"Hey, Slack--it's not a snow day if it falls on Saturday."  Now ask me why i don't own a 4x4.  {Because i'm enough of a menace with the car i do drive}  Enjoy the season while i dig out my garage,

     Bound yet boundless...

Monday, December 1, 2003

Music=Mush Monday

Title:  i'd rather make Music without an Over=Large set of controls.

  The Piano~forte was the first hybrid instrument.  Made to sound like every other Voice in composition, it became its own best expression of unavailable players.  Never mind, the percussif/string/legato bastard became the instrument of my choice even after i beat it [Everett upright] with a real hammer!  {a fambly member can add a fond recollection of E. Worst, here...our collectif piano teacher}

   Wait a minute! the Slacker=Backer has spent his young life writing Musique?  Avec various degrees of control...?

  Yes, it's true--Art & Writing come first but i am not ashamed 2 admit that i haf some talent 4 the emotif power of noise.  And if i could figger out how 'pooters are supposed to enable musicians, i would be all over it!

   Too much of the up=load & down=load i suspect...  @ least the Muse has heard one of my 'songs'.   probly more lata on the self=same subject-- 

     one whimsical lyrical poetic slack


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