Saturday, July 31, 2004


Title: Rhymes with Switch


Answer: Glitch


Observation: "Regard Fame as a

fickle mistress; she will dance with

you for a time...then disappear as

quickly as she joined you."


Saturday, 31 July, 2004


It pondres me not that my Counters

have been compromised. This is a

pretty old jernal. Creaking along

like the green=ghost on 8.0 and

updialing like a lumbering buffalo,

she was bound to feel the stress of

frequent Visitation. As a filosofer,

i have only two theories---

(1) The slack=site was truly visited

by about one million peoples around

the werld, and thus reset...OR

(2) A person or persons unknown

accidentally or purposely changed the

random numbres for reasons unknown.

In the first case, i would reply:

"Glad 2 Meet You All! I am whelmed

over. Love & smooches, werld!"

In the second case, i would reply:

"Mathematics is a strange & beautiful

thing. Quod erat Demonstrandum.

Now, try a better Way which doesn't

bump or shun ordinary people."

Either way, no sweat off my Glow.

Less=the=never, i won't dwell on it

because it is a minor thing.


{Explanation 3: Hane droppt something

off the Server which struck the snakes

of the fone=lines~~she just admitted that.}

AND speaking of shunkies, i had a full day

at werk...but it was too hot for the cuddies

to go ape=crasy. Five bins full. Cold gift

sodas were plentiful. And i did manage

to bring three bags of my own.

Is tomorro Sunday already? You'll catch me,

maybe, doing even more yard=werk after

the puzzle, or catching up on sea=bag

laundry. PLUS+ i have a ham hock to steep

and beans to soak for soop~like right now.

[my ham bean soop takes two or three days

to get just right.] OH! Yeah! If i haven't put

you 2 sleep by now---Go visit my girls & the

Anniversary sites! They rock!

{i post pretentiously only to allay my brief

Celebrity} A singular Slack^


Post=script: my favourite # is zero

Friday, July 30, 2004


So~what does the #3 PentaGlower

do on his day off in the middle of the

Anniversary Celebraxn?

Yard=werk! Of gourse. A lawnboy's

werk is never done. The Widow's

grass is dense & moist; plus there

are many weeds to pull before the

electric Mower can be schtarted.

Never mind--i was paid well to do

my regular job. And then @ home

i tore into the clinging ivy which

loves to rise high in my Rose of

Sharon bushes. Three bags of crud

for me to take 2 werk tomorro--and

my garden is still a mess. But i do

have a dozen ripe cherry tomatoes.

[Insert vague gardening reference

here:] Lots 2 do~and my own yard

is a micro=environment of bugs &

bees which only a fotoglower could

love. OR maybe a paradigm of the

convention season. Now, if only the

weather people would posit an honest

assessment of future weathre.

{Rain is coming}

Friday, July 30, 2004

Have i shouted out 2 all my peeps?

Who made me big in many ways?

AND, who was 7500?~~that person

deserves a painting of a flowre.

{It enters me as a thot=after}

Advise of thus! The slackster shuns

no=one! And welcomes all the far

flung Glowers...especial. I won't be

bumpt 4 this^ more on the morro

becos i require a warm bath,

#3 with a wooden stake

Thursday, July 29, 2004


Title: Bronze on Bronze


Mood: Celebratory


Music: of the Glows, echoing


Theme, apparent: Eclectic souls

who trod the universe, toward their

own best message...


Thot: "They could not have picked a

better day to Glow; these humble five

are Anniverseral."


Text: And when the Rain subsided,

they stood on a high place gazing at

the Rain=Bow. Well joined, well met

and especially's a Party.

Happy happy Joy joy. One year along<

Honour falls on me & i shrug~it's a

thing, a big thing, but just a thing.

{filosofy tells us: Ideas become important

thru Repetition & reiteration OR by the

preternatural force of the people who

espouse them.} Glow on!

Kayy pondres me if i would sell out.

OH! Carly Pope! I have not yet sold in!

[how to explain a man who rarely links

popping up in the top five?] THAT

won't change the slack, by any name.

Read me & exceed me~that's how i

bounce with my crew.


tomorro, i may return to my beta=roots.

But~in the mean=time i send my thanks

to Evybody who droppt by & made me what

i am. {which is what?} Happy Anniversary!

We Glow! change nothing.

* the Wide Knight

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Title: A Break in the Rain...


Mood: i am whelmed over, perhaps


Noise: Wheel of Fortune


Thot: "There's a Convention? And

people are Glowing about it?"


Far flung readers! Spurious Xclamation

Points! Here's the Up: Altho i finisht a

distant 3rd in the bombastic category...

And i was out=gunned @ all turns...

The EDITORS have once again sent me

the letter. This [that?] is the third time

i have been considered for the Penta=Glows.

(Top 5 Aol Journals...where Glows are

journals & penta means five~obvious to

some) Be still, my Heart! I know, I know,

it is sometimes difficult to discern the modes

and methods of the choices they make but

i still believe the Editors have noble intent,

often. And i personally have found some

great Glows thru the Penta=process.

Congratulate me if it happens; it pondres me

what theme will include me. OR them.


Don't you just love sleeping late when it

rains all day? I walkt very little yesterday and

my shoes are still damp. Let other people

curse the steady falling water from heaven;

i revel in a day=long downpour. I also enjoy

blizzards~~the Wide Knight is perverse in

regards to climatology. Ask any=one.


Yes~i have been following the DNC.

Some=how, i managed to catch both of the

Clinton speeches. Which one of them is

Running? Hillary's bright yellow suit was

less than Presidential---and when did she

manage to swipe Mama Bush's pearls?

Never mind, i'm not political. Edward

Kennedy had another good speech but

he tripped over some of the werds like

the person he pretends to despise. How

many ways are there to mis=pronounce

suburbs? Still~it's all a good show for the

country and the delegates. GET ME NOT

WRONG! I love the democrats. And i

will continue to follow the process because,

I Vote! November is not far away.


Enuf of that^. Controversy does not cling

to me. Especially on rainy days. Plus+

I've got to think of an entry for tomorrow

which might keep me in the PentaGlows.

OR, better still, posit with gentle skill and

eloquence on immediate matters which

will entertain my fan=base. OH! you know~

All the gorgeous feminine up=grown

creatures who insist i remain Honest, Humble

and spicy Hot. With occasional pictures and

discardable wisdom. Thereafter & Today,

it's a fair burden/bargain. Trade me but

don't fade me~ aspiringly pentabulous,

the slack


Sunday, July 25, 2004


Title: Distillation


Mood: relaxed


Music: my own


Thot: "Bounce well & fully, because it

is rarely known where you might end up."


Professor Hawking's old fone=book has

just poppt out of a black hole. Alas, all

the entries are in Reverse order. And

some other stuff. Physics is funny...


Super=shout! Congrats to all the writers

who took prizes in the Annual Blog Awards.

Deservata & appreciata! And if i haven't

read you once yet---i'll get there. AND if

i have found you, well, thanks for tolerating

my scatter=shot comments! Delete me

at will~today, tomorro & eventual^


Another Cucumber! Two more hot peppers!

My cherry tomatoes are turning---soon i won't

have to buy any at the Farmers' Market. Yet,

the garden is still a mess of weeds and poison

competing with the comestibles. Fortunately

the season is but midway~~August will find

me tearing crud out at a frantic pace. And

trimming bushes to the point of Xhaustion...

[insert soft=porn Gardening joke here^]

That is, my one neighbor to the South told

me that i am 'contributing Good Oxygen to

the environment.' How optimistic!

Meanwhile~yesterday at the Yard was less

than crasy; i told my regulars that i suspected

the entire township was half done with their

projects. I'll take the sunny breezy easy

traffic on a Saturday any=time. Gives me a

chance to catch up on NPR. And i get less

dirty that way.


Distillation! Hane insists that her oxygen

bubbler be filled with rainwater; she thinks

the local calcified tap=water is bad for the

brain. Far be it from me to disagree while

the Three Stooges are on and i'm finishing

the New York Times crosswerd puzzle

perfectly. {i am always using this local

H20 & my brain keeps getting exceptionally

larger and more perfect} Filter & Distill!


Sunday entries are my bête noir. I'd rather

be reclining...OR painting. slackadaisy

Sunday, 25 July, 2004^

Friday, July 23, 2004


Title: i'll take the Bronze


Mood: shunny & bumpy


Music: Aerosmith


Thot: "it is an honour to be considered.

Winning is just gravy."


It effaces/ephases me Especial that the

contest proceeds apace, according to a

certain wish i made that megalomania

should tie itself up into a dead heat.

We are all winners...not whiners.

Mean=while, i must stop buying the brass

lamps @ the garage sales.


The day was drippy. The car travelled

roundly & admirably. I hear that Toni &

Todd are hobbling around well and fully.

They are nobly approaching the midpoint

of Recovery. And, there is no bad news

in any other sector. {It is an old Greek

filosofy to wake in the werld believing

that one awful thing may happen.}

Altho~i sincerely mourn the passing of

Jerry Goldsmith; his musical talent is

a thematic back=ground 2 many lives.


Goshen! There's a lot of traffic all over

the Glow=land. Kayy was bumpt & shunned

again---and i posited her brief comfort.

It's not like she won't werk around all the

block=roads thrown up against her!

Would that i had the talent 2 post the

especial drama & concatenations of real

life. Evybody else [mumsy, vince, ayn,

my thousand cathies, et alia ad infinitae]

is running the Anniverserality to the Very

limits of Postable Pro=scription!

Amazement all=to! It is a good thing.

Well=begun^ this Party that may very well

end up on Jay's lawn. {OR in confluences

None of us have foreseen.} Thereyago


Captain Wide promises a wild ride...

[read the deep] IMP me but don't Pimp me.

I embrace the 3rd place finish in this

Elexn year. Readya as i bounce~slack

Tuesday, July 20, 2004




Mood: feeling bombastic


Hearing: old movies


Thot: "Narcissism & Egomania are

pathetic; megalomania is Sublime."


Where was i? Not speaking out of

turn or out of school, i hope.

AH! Beauty. Matt was kind enuf to

send along a passel of pictures from

that extraordinary May wedding in

the Albany environs. Some of them

appear above^. To repeat again that

everyone had a great time would be

bombastic. And redundant. I do hope

my older brother's check=book has

fully recovered. Nonetheless, the

fotoes well reflect the Beauty i have

been speaking of. It's a habit in my

fambly to adhere to gorgeousness and

there=after Bless the werld with handsome

child specimens. This is a wild compliment

to all my natural relatives. And a partial

Reason why i paint so good, sometimes.

I am especially surrounded by pulcritude!


Perhaps the BEASTIE BOYS said,

"You gotta fight~for your right~to Party"

Did they have a crystal ball Regarding the

Glow=wars of 20 And 4? Maybe.

As for me, i'll stick with my observation that

all good things come out of journaling for

fun & excitement. OH, sure, there will often

be skirmishes about Potery, Art, apparent

OR inadvertent Comedy, Language Or lack

there=of...and on and on, including but not

limited to the line=on personalities of the

many glowers. Still~the brightness of it all

exceeds occasional banality & spoofery.

{I wouldn't trade a single hand=off Comment

for the slight burns and Bumps we have

suffered in this Venue.} Where was i?

Improvement by increments and everyone

is Well met, i think. Now if only i could learn

to write in complete sentences. Advise!

Advise, especial Visitories---the filosofy is

plain enough. It's just a thing.


And there you have.

I would werk on my mind but it is too sharp

to touch. [<joke] GLOW! GLOW! GO~DO!

Captain Wide has got 2 bounce and put out

the fires his TORCH has set the off.

And don't admire the apparent Eloquence

until werld peace is closer to hand...


Monday, July 19, 2004


There she is^ little Annie Bananie.

As Beautiful in this picture as today or on the day she was born.  I'll post some more of the pictures tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in glow=land, there are especial skirmishes breaking out regarding several electif offices.  People! People!  Love the love~~it's a party not a contest/brawl.  You heard it from Captain Wide [chekme but don't elekme].

Nevertheless, i am effaced with humbleness of all the congratulations regarding my nomination in the most grandiose category.  Appreciata!

Still it pondres me~~i never thot of myself as grandiose.  More like a megalomaniac.  OH, well, i'll take what i can get.  Bounce my torch to Australia and i'll get back to you.  Thanks again...

I will post a proper entry[?] tomorrow~~this one is just on the fly.  Smooches all=round, slack

Friday, July 16, 2004


Title: Cucumbre!


Mood: breezy, not tornadic


Sound: street noise


Thot: "My garden is not as good

as many others..."


Of a fact~my garden is a mess.

It's a blessing that the vegetables

i planted can survive amidst the

weeds. The green=hot pepper

plant is producing...and there was

one good sized cucumbre among

the mess. The cherry tomatoes

are beginning to sprout greenly.

Perhaps, in future, i will develop a

system for doing right by my

pocket=yard. On such a day, next

year, you might also notice porkers

floating on air. It is a mildly facetious

prediction. [end: garden report^]


National News: Our friends in Iraq

and Afghanistan are stepping up to

the plate---by telling the well=armed

bullies in both countries 2 cut the crap!

Democracy & Free Elections are the

steam=rollers of civic liberty. And you

can tell the true enemies of G by their

reliance on kidnapping & beheading.

These^ are not political statements...

they are Acts of hoodlum Desperation.

If you dispatch Innocents by the razor

sharpness of your bloody not

surprised when You arrive at a well

constructed guillotine. It's a simple

warning, rarely considered. Still, i would

rather notice Dialog abof Death OR

Reconciliation before Vengeance...perhaps

it is too much to hope for.


Local News: Nature does a devastating

dance on the Eastern seaboard~~with

Floods & Tornadoes. Americans some=how

recovre, at length. Wild=fires consume

acres of Land~~volunteers and specialists

respond to the challenge. These are the

Conditions which Prevail^ Crime & Cruelty

rear their ugly heads & natural heroes

somehow pacify the madness...

Twas ever Thus.


Imagine a werld where such things did not

occur naturally. It's not a place i would

choose to live in. WE have choices~let's use

them Wisely. Let us Glow not only inthe

celebration of our uniqueness, but also

Toward the Transformation of All things.

[end: editorial^] soapy=slack

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Title: deluge


Mood: less soggy than yesterday


Noise: tapping fingres


Thot: "The Inter=Web is a place

where you can go to get IMPed

while trying to concentrate on

other schtuff."


To say that it rained yesterday

would be understatement. It

was a frog=choker! The Slack

shack was drippy~my shoes and

sox never did dry out. Customers

stayed away in droves. {?}

I mean it was wet, man.

[end of weather report]


The Torch i painted Sunday

has turned up on at least three

sites. [and that's becos i e=mailed

it to like 8 Glowers.] My torch is

especial of the fact that i included

an arm holding it. Adds a human

dimension to the process of making

art for the Anniversary. Other torches

are circling the globe @ breakneck

speed. If only Peace, Love &

Understanding travelled just as fast.

[end of Editorial]


The more i ride the bus, the better my

car behaves. NO! It's true! I think the

green=ghost is developing a complex

regarding my occasional use of public

transportation. She actually runs farther

and better knowing that, on any given

day, her pilot could elect to simply jump

on a people=mover and interact with

real humans. [this is going somewhere]

AND she also gets the periodic rest from

someone who drives like Jim Rockford.

That is, and as well, Nothing sweet=talks

an old automobile like sitting in a garage

for 36 hours. Tap, tap, VROOM!

[end of consumer report: "How to Get

Your Classic Boat to Act like a SUV"]


Who in the Hash of Hudson Leick is

Jim Rockford? And what will Sherman

Hemsley do now that Isabel Sanford is

gone? Blessings on the actress who was

Louise Jefferson---i already miss her.


And that's nearly all the news that's fit

to Slack. [filosofical ponderance: how long

did it take me to arrife @ that line?]

Never mind, it be yust a jernal...


Friday, July 9, 2004


Title: Tempis Fugit


Mood: Shy


Listening to: my inner Donna



Thot: "there is a profound

difference between Nobility &



Friday, 09 July, 2004 Already!?

I must begin again to give extra

precedence to my entries over

other Web-Bouncing. Difficult

tho it may be. Like the T=shirt

says,"It is all about me".


I am caught up, however, on my

'ku & my 'kat & my flo=nuggets~

OH! And the long & arduous life

of the never-shunned Kayy...

[and if you can't get to those

sites from here, you are even more

dopplic than myself] The only

thing i am not of total apprisal is

the multifluous ANNIVERSERAL

proliferati. OR, in english,

"Holy Crud! They sho is a mess of

Glowers posting they hearts out on

this here one=year thang!"

Pardon the vernacular invectif.


Meanwhile & else, Vince has been

kind enuf 2 send me much schtuff

over the e=mail, including firewerks

and a handwritten page of the late

Anthony Burgess. [he wrote


other things---in fact, he wrote five

novels in five years becos his doctor

told him he had a brain tumour and

had that much time to live. Turned

out the doctor was wrong.] The

Fence=Man is anothre story. Either

his entire haus is under construction

or He has truly begun writing the next

Great Novel. Perhaps both.

Less=the=Never, this papal chihuahua

misses the allegorical animals which

populate the mind of Hans. But we

love him still, even if that pizza eating

monster hangs around his Glow for

another month. Tell him i said 'so'.


Blighters' Rock? Not me---often i

write jernals so well & so long that i

just repeat myself over & over like

F. Scott Fitzgerald. Saving the good

schtuff so much for the next day that

i just repeat myself over & over like...

CRUD! Didn't i just say that?

I am just so glad i have Editors like

Flo & Mumsy & Kat & Kayy & Vince &

Hans & Muse & such that i just repeat

myself over and over like~~hmm

Must be Anniversaral déja-vu.

Still, {be still}, for a REAL PARTY just

hit my 'bonks 2 this entry' for long and

internecine Commentary [which nearly

always exceeds the TEXT]. *Sigh*

My burden, my yoke, my Cross~

Let the unrelenting belovedness begin>

that crasy Slack, our only Captain Wide

* ~Author~

Monday, July 5, 2004


Title: My car is a Star


Mood: patriotical


Noise: Air=conditioner


Thot: "If i weren't already doing this

particular entry, my mind would be



There was anothre Holiday?

After the Saterday of up=filling all

the bins to capacity I nearly forgot.

Plus i've been very busy on the Sunday

catching up on edited flip wilson

shows. They were especially funny

and addictif in marathon form. It's

difficult to fathom that most of his

guests with the large lapels and the

lack of bras are...well, if not passed on

Then very much the older. Ahhh, the

golden age of Variety shows! Thank

goodness i was a baby when that

show first aired.


OH! Merciful blessings and a complete

surprise~Maria Sharapova went all the

way @ Wimbledon! Such a wisp of a

repatriated Siberian to overtake the

remaining Williams sister [Serena is

just 22]. Now~i will have to challenge

Maria to a game of Chess. When i

next meet her. OR something like that.


The engineer brot his fambly over for

a visit last night [sunday] and went to

the firewerks @ the Terrace. We traded

all the good fambly schtories before they

ambled there. {fambly/ramble/amble

fambly/tramble: a certain Captain Wide

needs the poetical spell=check^}

Regardless of that, i declined to join

their perambulation and took just enuf

of a nap to be Awakened by the firewerks

long positing out=side my Southern

window. Brief & Beautiful, yet perfectly

placed, the boomers. Lotsa the good

noise 2 celebrate Especial freedoms...


Today, Monday, 05 July, 2004

I went to werk becos nobody told me to

take the day off. Fortunately, none of

the 9 cuddies who visited found it

strange that i would be at my Shack on

such a Hot & Happenstance day...

{Independence in America is much like

Liberty anywhere~~it's more the force

of Freedom than a date=set=certain by

the powers of History} Meanwhile, the

green ghost is beside herself with the

Behaving well from the Famousness...

[thanx Ayn] Id Est, the true beauty of

drifing an old car is that when some part

falls off, you know @ last Exactly which

part to replace. Now, if only the rest of

life presented so well.


I have said too much & not made a

single point~~with too much right handed

margin as well. OF this, i will be @ length

Advised by all my Fans...OR not.

'Twas ever Thus. This week, i promise 2

catch my ephemeral Brain with one

thumb. OH! Happy Independence Day!

And flip would add,"What you see is

What you get." smooches on the morro,

catching=the=up @ length in Moments,


Friday, July 2, 2004


Title: Beneficial Bounces


Mood: surprisingly flabbergasted


Noise: all the Good noise...


Heck & High=Water! This

Anniversary of the Glow=Land is

burning up the fone=lines;

Captain Wide can barely catch

his own adipose with both palms.

I would mention every=body by

name & by link, Yet i'd still come

out far behind the crest of this

tsunami. What a werk=load of

appreciation just to stay current!

{In lieu of all that, i simply

recommend that the werker-bees

keep werking & that the Amazed

contributories read & send all the

good schtuff they can muster.}


Would that it were not Especial

beautiful to behold^

It's a Glow, a jernal, a Confluence

of like=minds~~all that and a

distraction from reality television.

{Bouncing is its own Reward}


Did i already thank my fan=base?

Never mind~~i'll just date up this

thing as i go along. Thereyago>

It was the hottest ding=dang day

of the Year. And the green ghost

got its new muffler. THEN, the

widow's lawn was cut cleanly.

All these were accomplisht in the

natural course of events. {there

are no unnatural courses of said

Events~~filosofy^} Toni & Todd

continue to recover from their

injuries at home---and the whole

entire Slack=Fambly encourages the

Blessings which surround them as

they travel the long road. WE are

grateful for the progress. In a

peculiar way, that^ is what the 4th

of July [Independence Day] means

to improvement of all

natural conditions throughout the

Werld. Id est, I suffer the pain of

every=one who is werse off than

myself. Is that selfish, or simply an

empathetic response to far=off

troubles? [Marlon Brando is dead;

Saddam Hussein has had one day

in Court...] Never=mind, the truth

will come to us @ last.


Angels! Devils! Humanity!


We Glow, we live, we change the

werld...twas ever thus. It's a good

thing. Quote me but don't denote me.

All good werk is thus begun.

OR something like that^

Party on Especial Glowers all=to!

i am only just, the Slack


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