Wednesday, May 2, 2007


«it must be May if we mean to Motor...»  May=Day, two thousand and seven, new Epoch. Mary: it's the name which begins with mu...  A nomenclature that makes me want to hum, and to make a Yummy sound. The syllable satisfies.  Such beauties have carried the noise Forward!  My grand=Mothre, my seester matriarchal, my magnificent cousin who is eminently marriagable, AND the widow whose lawn i mow, meandering.  The lettre even ends my own natural Calling=Out!  mmm~that is enuf of mere momentum~mmm  ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

May Second, New Epoch...presently, and soon, BLADE, the turtle and i shall travel South, again. On a happy occasion to be sure, the nuptials of our COUSIN MAISY---and it's gonna be a grand Party in the schtyle of my Mother's side of the Fambly. {we're building up to it...} There'll be more to tell after it happens. Motoring into the Mid=land. Hey~HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. It'll take about that much Time to recovre of it. A Blessed Event, soon.   ~anticipatorialSlac~

Baba=Loo packed and ready to go?

Slak youbetcha

Baba=Loo any idea what the dress code is?

Slak cherch/theatre

Baba=Loo tie?

Slak what's a tie?

Baba=Loo noose

Slak ha! dress 4 nice

Baba=Loo ook

Slak and be ready to party [fambly] schtyle

Baba=Loo ahhh need a nap

Baba=Loo good thing we have a house to ourselves

Baba=Loo see you there

Baba=Loo drive carefully

Baba=Loo /smiley/

Slak we'll drag you to the good schtuff

Baba=Loo k

Slak yes-always the drive careful amorroish


Baba=Loo k bye

Slak ta

^IMP edited for Smileys... :)^

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