Saturday, May 28, 2005



It's all about the Numbers.

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exempli gratia: I'm beginning

to think i should add a hit

countre that records the

number of times my other

hit countre has been reset.

Who's with me?


Among the Missing and

missed: Eddie Albert,

Fred Flintstone and Tony

the Tiger. They were

greeaaaatt! Condolences.

[N.B.: the man who voiced

the stone=aged kegler

 cleaned up the swear

werds of Jackie Gleason

in the Smokey & The Bandit

movies; the voice of the Tiger

also sang the Grinch song.]


Must be 7 o'clock...i hear

bells. Saturday, May 28, 2005:

One of my bosses @ werk

called me "Bob" the other day.

I was not offended in the

least because after five years

of Service i do my job(s) so

well that he can't even amember

my real name! I'm like a cat that

way...i never come when i'm

called any=way but i am ever

underfoot. Speaking of Cats,

bounce to my girls [top right]

for they exceed me especial in

all regards. Their names and

numbers are etched on my

felicitous Heart. *Gush*


Kiss a Veteran this weekend.

And listen to the schtory they

tell. It'll blow your mind, and

it will soften the pain they

carry about friends lost on

foreign shores. That is my

Memorial Day message for

this year. Simple and True.


Which points to the fact that

i probly won't post Amorro or

Monday. ["this is News?"]

Ever=How~the slackman

shall entertain Comments,

e=mails, & fone=calls real on

both days. I may be stealthy

and quick but i am fervently

cognizant of pressing matters.

OR some such filosofy^

Once again: disregard the

counter and hearing the voice

of Aimee Mann carry into the

remaining dusk...'Til Tuesday,



Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Tuesday, May 24, 2005...

All the baby animals...

Last week i frightened a baby

rabbit with the widow's weed

wacker. Later the same day,

we saw a hawk on the roots of

a tree near the bank. Such

piercing yellow eyes and such

a sharp beak! This week i

found a dead baby squirrel

behind one of my roll=offs. It

wounded me to have to throw

it out with the trash. Today,

Monica & i bore witness in the

PD to Bambi in a box. Such a

small brown thing with white had probably lost

its mother to a vehicle on the

Northerly high=way. Detective

Mark was busy finding a venue

to rescue the soft orphan.

OH! And yesterday, a young

sparrow perched on the top of

my gate so close we could have

traded spit. I know, i know~i

shoulda had a diji-cama-what

to chronicle the encounters.

[just my luck, that'll be the next

Assign from some=body.] But

their vernal youth & beauty is

fresh in my mind's eye.


Speaking of which, one of my

lady customers brot a double

bag of potent grass to the Parish

and told me, off=handedly, that

it,"smelled like a carcass."

Which pondered me thus:

How does she know what a

carcass smells like? After which

i clued her in on not wrapping up

the cuttings so quick that they

schtart to ferment. Breathe!

A sparrow to the marrow, a Fawn

long past dawn, a bunny when it's

sunny And a hawk when you're not

on your walk...or a dead baby squirl

to make your hair curl. These are

observable things in spring.

{pardon the potery^}

*maisy2> Boo,

It's Maisy. I'm getting ready to go to bed.

Did you see my e-mail?

AUTHOR~just reading now

AUTHOR~what's up?

*maisy2>Nothing. I just wanted to say., Hi!".

AUTHOR~two imps^^

AUTHOR~cat & maisie!


AUTHOR~thereyago--i had extra werk today

AUTHOR~i'll read it forthwith

AUTHOR~*and bed me own self

*maisy2>Good night.

AUTHOR~rest well good & faithful


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Title: Late Night...

Weathre: dreary

Mood: cranky like a pin=schtart

Music: what's all inside my Head...

Thot: "If i can't break my own rules about

publishing IMPs, what good is the Glow?"


Never mind~i's all about the Love

not the Format^ Pix Amorro, Vince!

05/25/05^ slac

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Saturday, May 21, 2005...

Today, aside from being a very busy day

at the Yard Centre, was also Armed Forces

Day. Would that we lived in a werld that

celebrated Unarmed Forces Day. OR~a place

where winning the Nobel Peace prize meant

that you had to try even harder that year to

finally End the suffering of all Humanity.

It's a scant prayer in troubling times.


What i meant to say is that my Fambly has

offered up many strong individuals into the

Service of Freedom...and we have nearly

never lost a One to anything but old age.

{My perfect blessings and condolences on

those families who have Paid much more.}

We have a particular propensity of sending

Boys out on est, into the Navy and

the Marines, and occasionally to the Guard

service [Coasty Cap=sizer] & the Merchants

[Uncle Malcolm at his best]. Only now, in my

middling age do i Appreciate what my male

relatives underwent to protect the life i lead

as a piddling Pacifist. And, more=over, what

the wives & sisters endure in the Shadow of

their Dedication. It's the job your own mother

wishes you wouldn't take. THEY did.


Sunday, May 22, 2005...

Run, run, run. Paper products! Instant Coffee!

Gasoline! It's a good thing i'm back at werk

and occasionally able to pay for such things.

{It's all on paper, or mostly so; real money

gives me a Rash.} Thereyago.


Amid all the hub=bub about this new Star

Wars installment, Regard The Sith, we have

lost the two remaining franchises of the Trek

continuum--Enterprise & Andromeda. I am

bereft. Where will i go now to catch sight of

the delightful Jolene Blalock & Laura Bertram?

Not that i caught every episode as they played

because who has that kind of Time? Does my

nerdy rhetoric exceed me? [don't answer that.]


The Riddler will be missed...altho, for a long

time i think Mr. Gorshin was just filling in

Spaces for head=liners in Vegas. That is, he

really was a big star in the 60s...and more than

a competent impressionist. Gone too soon,

we'll miss that we missed Frank. Heaven!


Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Title: Bindles, Bundles & Beauty

Mood: deliberatifly Archival

Music: Johnny Cash...from the

cassette of the Colonel

Weathre: near perfect, mostly sunny

Food: chicken grits & chicken soop

Thot: "i would be a better minimalist

if i weren't inundated with Crud."

Politics: To Vote in the Primary is an

edge on the eventual out=come.

Unfortunately, it is a cumbersome

burden to the ancillary Parties and

their adherents. GLASNOST!


Tuesday, May 17, 2005...

If there is a well=put picture abof^,

it could be that i made an InterWeb

Assign. *gasp* I have been to so many

graduations [and Proms for that matter]

that i cannot choose a favourite moment

NOR an especial Fambly member who

passed thru the educational System

more perfectly than another. Suffice the

Suffice that all of us follow the Scotch

proverb which says: "Ya learn something

new every=day." Schkool! Grammar!

Gilmore Girls...

- - - - - - - - - -pause- - - - - - - - - -

Wednesday, May 18, 2005...

Anothre beautiful day at the Parish yard.

And a busy one too, for the middle of a

week. I am having to watch my good

neighbors because they are also doing

the schpring=cleaning and the haus

outs. Which means a few customers are

sneaking contraband into the Toters &

Roll=Offs. There is precious little room

at my recycling facility for such wayward

trash...besides which, with a bit of time

and effort, that schtuff can also be

recycled in other venues. OR~given to

the charities which employ people to just

such a purpose. [reusable items really

ought to go to new homes if possible...

it's the First Law of recycling.] Attempt!


Susan got her cake pan back. The shunky

and the walker are going back to the

English widow tomorro. Here's hoping she

never has to use them as well & as fully

as Victor and Hane. Twas a mercy that

they did i suppose. Live that Long i mean.

Me? I've got to cop some egg=noodles

for my chicken soop. And entertain the

Fambly with embarrassing ancestral

fotoes! It's a GLOW thing.

- - - - - - - - - end - - - - - - -

Friday, May 13, 2005


Your Friday the Thirteenth Potery


Slack=sheep, slack=sheep,

Have you any crud?

Yes Ma'am, Yes ma'am,

Three bags~thud.


I think that one is in the eminent

domain...hmm. Anyway~it was

the gorgeous day to walk to the

banks & the convenience store

AND the Thrift Shop. I didn't get

anything at the discount place;

that would be counter=productif.

But i did see a pair of Mac's old

seer=sucker trousers on the two

dollar table out front. Glance!

To think i coulda gotten a bus

ticket outta those blue & white

cast=offs! Never mind, they are

better off somewhere else.


And then i made a circuitous

route home, checking out local

properties...seeing both my pal

Fran [whose husband was a

great artist who went blind and

died too soon] and Brook [who

used to be a bar=maid at one of

the nearby taverns]. OH! And

former bingo-lady Dottie who was

driving a coupla her friends

around. I am confluent even when

i am not line=the=on! Veritas.


Decontruxionism? I am all up on

in that bad boy. By way of finding

the Cathedral front door open, i

schtepped lightly inside to check

out the ongoing werk project...

There is plastic all over the pews

and scaffolding from corner to apse.

The boom+box inside my baptismal

chambre was playing Rebel Yell by

billy idol. Seemed appropriate in a

very strange way...for i was a punk

when i first lived here, and they

buried a Bishop on the property

only Fourteen (14) years ago.

[Wonder what he makes of all the

asbestos flying around.] Rock!


Friday, 13 May, 2005...

Regardless of that & all=togethre,

We have to VOTE again Tuesday!

A primary for the next newest

Mayor and his City Council to pull

this municipality out of the doldrums.

{This will be important if we all just

don't want to become a suburb of

Atlantic City.} Don't get me started

on Inaction 72.


Read & Ring, it's just a Thing...


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Wednesday, already?


But a nice one at that.


Too bad i spent most of it in

the Slack=shack hand shredding

a big ol' box of Mac detritus

from the sun=porch. Rip!

{There is something uniquely

strange about tearing up checks

from dead people to other dead

people.} My customers did not

suffer from my divided attention.


If i am here=after not as current

on the news, it is for good reason.

I cancelled the weekly paper.

[except, of course, Sunday which

has the puxxle & the classifieds.]

It will focus my feeble mind to

have more folios going out than

coming in. Besides, i get most of

my News from Jon Stewart

anyway. And the Watchtower.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005...


And speaking of dumpster-diving:

One middling gentleman stopped

by my boof today to ask if he

could,"take a branch away."

I am so much more used to

turning schtuff Away than having

tree=limbs asked for. But i saw

no natural reason to refuse his

request. After all, recycling is

a malleable process which does

not inherently preclude a small

amount of tangential innocent

scavenging. Which~i do not

endorse on a larger nor malevolent

scale! I am trusted as the watcher

to guarantee that Everything which

is discarded under my eyes makes

it finally into the Great Loop of

destruction/recreation. It's my job,

and after five (5) years, i still take

it seriously. [ ponders me

what kind of schtick that guy just

had to have.] Never a dull moment.


And every=thing else that happened.


Amember~like the Pup=Man used to

say during the bingo days:

"Money takes up less space."

- - - - -disregard-the-counter- - - - - -


Sunday, May 8, 2005


~diemus matriarchus~


The trick to loving one's own

Mother is to love her before

you are born and even more

so after she is gone.


The advantage of loving all

your other relatives is to

realise that they also Love

their mother(s) Exactly as

much. Becos it's true.


Sunday, May 08, 2005...

This was the near=perfect

weekend for the engineer

to visit His home with his

favourite sister & brother=

in=law. Plus+, we had to

hold a party for Maisy on

the double event of her

day of borning and of

bearing! No, really it often

happens that way. Such a

good girl to have arrived so

boo'ful near the Feast of the

Ascension. [i am not the one

to keep track of such things,

yet it doesn't cause much

harm to my catholic origin.]

Anyway~the main purpose

of this Day was to travel to

the bone=yard with flowers

and to make sure that Lady

Hane is comfortable in her

new surroundings. Which i

think she is. The Schtone is

set and the new grass is

shooting up. Her lefthand

neighbor, Julie is also now

in possession of a good rock,

which was more than a year

in coming. And that is a good

enuf proof of Love for me.

As well as Maisy admonishing

Hane to,"Be good." [What

trouble could Mom cause with

such good companions?]


And then, after all those

Blessings, we went back to

werk on a whole bunch of

othre crud. There sure is

enuf of that^.

Life! Math! Ponderifics!

And perfect action.


Happy Moms' Day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005


Mowing the Mint...


...and running to the Recycle

with a box of periodicals

older than myself.


Genealogy? Geneticism?

i am also sometimes running

over fotografs from before

Moses at the burning bush.

No, really. He's in some of

them! Historiography...


Mac was the executor of his

Mother's estate and he did

a pretty good job. I know

becos Pop's entire life is

completely remaindered in

his library/office. [In this

regard, Hane's collectivity

seems quite austere.] These

are the conditions which

prevail. ÆGEAN stables.


{It can be dangerous to save

some things; just ask that

war=lord in Afghanistan.}


Yesterday, which woulda

been Monday, i was bit or

Schtung on the neck by a

yellow=jacket. Of course i

killed it. [i am therefor NOT

the perfect Buddhist.] It

hurt for a few minutes...

thank goodness i have a

natural immunity to bug

bites. Which probly accrued

to me when Boogerag had

the year of ten million fleas.

Ornery tabbies are good for

some things. And there is

nary a poison which can

defatigue the parish yard

master. Ask anybody.


Tuesday, May 3rd, And5^



Mood: empathetic

Musiq: [background]

Weathre: sunny but cool


So~i come to find out on

my morning constitutional

that we lost anothre great

person...Wilbur the Notary.

I commisserated with his

widow a block from home.

They helped me with a

great many transactions in

my life, most notably the

registrations of no less than

four cars. My older brother's

Nova, my neighbor's Granada,

my younger brother's Mazda

And, of course, the Green

Ghost which has passed thru

three generations. They tried

to help me with Pop's PofA

but i screwed that up royal.

[it was my first time & like

othre projects i have under=

taken in same circumstance,

Totally unnecessary.]

Wilbur had the Alzheimer's

and so, had a troubling end,

even at home. Yet, in his

prime, he was a courageous

person~a city policeman

before he did the Notary

thing so well with his wife.

He is well joined from all

the Angels i now pray to!

Then, i blessed his widow

and walked on. Steps.


Werk was easy enuf...yet

not the perfect spring day

for Yardening on a grand

scale. It'll pick up right

after the next frost. And

tomorro i must clip anothre

lawn belonging to anothre

Widow; yipes! i am acircled

by signal women! Perhaps

i should open a group home

to advance their cause and

care for them better than

the current establishments.

Hmm~nope. I have more

werk to do keeping my own

sisters off the crutch & shunky.

Read that lightly for i am

honestly facetious^

- - -fontmebutdon'twontme- - -


Sunday, May 1, 2005


May 01, 2005...[or 1938...]

* *

I am reminded of the Frank Capra film

that swept the Oscars that year. It was

about a runaway bride. I am not going to

dwell on the current true rendition of

that classic, save to say: It struck me odd

how that girl got so far from home

without her personal effects. I hope they

go easy on her becos for nearly three

days she was wearing *gasp* her sweats.

Some stories look funny prima facie.


Same with that tale of the fingre food a

short while ago. We still do not know

whose fingre it was. What seemed odd

about that one is that no=one in the fast

food bidness could reconcile the digit's

origin either. That lady should be forced

to provide the information so lacking

AND apologise to the aggrieved party,

namely that person who can currently

count no higher than Nine (9). Truth.


I am slightly disappointed with Katie

Holmes for choosing Tom Cruise over

me. But it's really not her fault...she

hasn't even met me. Plus+, her alter

ego on Dawson's Creek also chose the

wrong boy. Ask anybody who thot it

weird that a series set in New England

would have perfect Carolina weathre.

[N.B.: i josh that i am pining for Tom's

ex=girlfriends & ex=wives...slac is a

talker and a walker, Not a stalker.]

Never mind, Kate's too cute for me to

remain disenchanted for long.


All that aside^...i am remiss of the days!

I have totally blown off EARTH DAY &

Secretaries' Day [i have been such a

personal representatif in the past] AND

even The Passover! How could i be

less than a mensch about such things?!

The mind of my mind must be fully

pre-occupied of othre things! Dremes &

dreadnaughts, i suppose. Any=way, the

Second Coming of the second Maisy will

set things right. She means to visit me

on her birfday And on Mother's Day.

{i sincerely Hope that Hane's rock is

laid flat by Sun=Day} Less=the=Never,

here's my take on the diemus matriarchus:

All the children should call their mothers

on their birthday and say,"Happy Mother's

Day." AND on so-called Mother's Day,

each naturally conceived child ought get

a shout from their Mom saying,"Hey!

Boopchik! For this i spread my legs two

times and Schtill you pisht in my eye?!"

Or something like that^

[secret: Hane woulda loved that joke.]


~~non=communistical slac~~


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